Stephanie 'Stevie' McQueen
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December 1st, 596 K.C. (32)


Mother (Deceased)


Rogue crestRogue



"Don't be in such a hurry to condemn a person because they don't do what you do, or think as you think. There was a time when you didn't know what you know today."

-Sir Malcolm the 10th

Description Edit

Too tall, too thin, scarred, broken, and used, the woman currently going by the alias of Stephanie 'Stevie' McQueen, thinks she really is nothing much to look at. Of course, how we see ourselves is rarely a true reflection on who we are. Almost six feet tall, Áine is tall and lanky. When one drinks as much as she does, food tends to be a low priority and she is thin, too thin. However, she is far from ugly.

When she looks in the mirror, it is hard to see the silverly blonde hair that cascades against her features or the stunning and serious stare of her steely blue eye. Áine considers the scar that runs down the right side of her face disfiguring, but most claim that it adds a sense of reserved mystery to the woman and her nature is alluring in the way she holds herself.

Most never notice the missing finger, and those that do are never given the same answer about how she lost it. Same with the eye. At this point, Áine herself may not even remember what happened and when. This is who she's become and there was no going back. The striking tattoo down her left arm is one of a kind. A black forest of trees ascend her arm, birds breaking from the treetops and flying off into a purplish sunset; one that extends into the cosmos that take over her upper arm.

Áine has a sharp tongue and rarely takes anything seriously. She can often be found wandering the streets adorned with inappropriate clothing showing too much to too many and not really caring either way. Most of the time, her choice in clothing remains with leathers, and the rare occasions she is found with actual armor, her gear is poorly made and her weapons are dull. She has a bit of work to do.

History Edit

  • Not Available.

Occupations Edit

Áine has always, and will always be a whore at heart. It is who she is and she will never be able to shake her true nature. However, she does strive to become more, and hopefully leave that part of her in the past, even though she will never be rid of it.

After the fall of the Gilnean wall, there was a brief period of time that Áine spent in the service of the SI:7. Having been recruited for her stealthy abilities and tendency to keep her mouth shut, she spent a few years deployed through the lands doing the bidding of this secret organization. The rest of this information is classified but it can be noted that her experience did not end well.

It was not until she made her way back to Stormwind that she began trying to be more than just a whore and a failed spy and took up an apprenticeship with a local merchant in an attempt to learn the craft of leather working. Having spent the last few years living off the land, hunting and gathering, she already had a knack for skinning and began crafting her own clothing quickly. However, she soon discovered that leather working was not her calling, showing no aptitude for advancing past basic mending of armor and simply items like bags or sheathes.

Mediocre at all things sans whoring, Áine still searching for a purpose.

Skills Edit

Áine is a woman not good at many things. She has tried a lot, and failed a lot. Leather working was a failed experiment, and she is only able to produced the most basic of potions. Don't leave her alone in a forest because she might eat something she isn't supposed to. Her daggers are dull and her armor is poorly made. Worst of all, she is an absolutely terrible guard. If you were to be arrested, you would want it to be by Sergeant Duffy.

There are three things that Áine excels at: drinking/drugging, smoking, and fucking.

Relationships Edit

For the most part, Áine doesn't do relationships. They cause more trouble than they are worth and she doesn't quite understand the point of them any way. She specializes in bedding men. Being that her entire life has revolved around the pleasuring of men and eventually the getting and using of drugs and alcohol, it could be said that she really doesn't have any idea what to do with someone outside of the bedroom. When it does come to relationships, Áine prefers women. While she will sleep with men any day of the week and throw them out the next, she does not sleep around with women. She only sleeps with those she love.

One of her first relationships was with a strapping Gilnean man. He took care of her, he seemed to care. And for that, she kept by him. In a time when she was trying to change her ways, this man seemed like her way out. After a brief relationship with him and then a third party, a young woman with a strange secret, they parted ways and Áine wandered off out of Stormwind for sometime.

Quotes Edit


"Calm your titties."

"Sweet baby Thrall...."

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite weapons are daggers.
  • She is proficient with a long range rifle.
  • Often she can be found prowling the city either stealthed or flying in her bird form.
  • She is a sub-par fighter.
  • Unsure if monogamy is for her, she rarely sticks with one person.

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Art by Cher-ro.

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