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Stormwind Army
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The 9th Infantry Division of the Stormwind Army was a large and robust division that became well-known between the Burning Crusade and the War against the Lich King. Commonly known as "The" Stormwind Army, it fielded some of the best soldiers the Kingdom of Stormwind had to offer.

Tragically, the 9th Infantry Division met its doom in the months prior to the fall of the Lich King. After General Cryalla Mist was assassinated under mysterious circumstances, the unit fell into disarray and was decimated by the forces of the Undead Scourge. It fell to the command of General Maggey Foster before it suffered its last defeat in Northrend.

Sir Silverarm, a death knight among the few survivors, took command of the division and has sought vengeance against the scourge ever since. Many were transferred to other divisions of the Stormwind Army initially after defeat, though several had their ranks folded into other parts of the 9th Division such as the "Battered Band."


The 9th, prior to it's majoritive demise, was a reputable band of excellent soldiers. Several successful campaigns put them in an admirable position among other parts of the Alliance military as well as general citizens of the Alliance. They had fought against local Gnoll and Murloc threats as well as the hardened Horde forces. Very few Horde settlements South of Lordaeron and North of Nethergarde Keep were exempt from siege by the 9th during their many campaigns.

The 9th was known internally for high standards. Though there were large recruitment efforts by the 9th, many never made the cut. It was important to keep quality a priority with so many yearning to be part of the division.

Known Members