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(Abner Knaz, the Dragonsworn)





Place of Birth



Caverns of Time
Gnomeregan (Formerly)


the First Knaz


Dragonsworn of Nakdormu



Known Family

Niselle Knaz (Wife)
Niselle Knaz (Descendant)
Brommet Knaz (Son)
Poscre Knaz (Son)
Twiddink Knaz (Son)
Cragger Knaz (Descendant)
Crinah Knaz (Descendant)
Zoscar Knaz (Descendant)
Nakah Knaz (Descendant)
Slazlo Knaz (Descendant)
Teo Knaz (Descendant)
Glugus Knaz (Descendant)
Totin Knaz (Descendant)
Zubber Knaz (Descendant)
Fazlem Knaz (Descendant)
Poscre Knaz II (Descendant)
Adora Knaz (Descendant)


Neutral Good



Abner Knaz was the Progenitor of the Knaz Bloodline and was said to be a magician and warrior of great power, entering the battlefield with both his bronze hammer and arcane abilities. Rather than picking a surname to suit his identity like most gnomes do, Abner used the name of his deceased older brother, one that his children passed on after him and still lives on today after thousands of years. Abner's magical brilliance passed on strongly through his genes and the modern Knaz Gnomes still contain a natural skill with various assortments of magic, especially the arcane.

Abner was chosen by the Bronze Dragonflight, Nakdormu, to be his chosen Dragonsworn. The title of a Dragonsworn would mean devoting his life to aid his chosen dragon mentor and in return be promised great power and knowledge. Abner spent the entireity of his life assisting Nakdormu in battle, researching and governing the timelines.

By the end of his life, Abner had already married and had children with the mage Niselle Knaz and was given a giant key from the War of the Ancients, a legendary artifact blessed by the Bronze Dragonflight which would hold a fraction of the Dragonsworn's power and memories to be passed down through future generations after his death.

Abner died defending Nakdormu, who transferred the gnome's spirit into the key and held onto it for years, before eventually handing it down to Abner's eldest son, Brommet who continued the tradition of passing it on to his eldest son.

Abner dying on the burning sands of Tanaris.

The Knaz family claim that if the Caverns of Time in Tanaris are visited by one holding the Knaz Key, Abner's spirit would release itself from the artifact and greet its carrier in the form of a Bronze Dragon spirit.