The Duke of Anchorfell,
Abraham Glendale II
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IconSmall Human Male.gif Human
Kul Tiras Flag.png Kul Tiran

Date of Birth

February 28th, -14 L.C. (Age 54) Harrington Hold, Dalewood City, Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras


The Stalwart
The Reverent
The Bull Moose
The Betrayer of His Class


The Duke of Anchorfell
Admiral of the Sixth Fleet
Lord of House Glendale
Professor of Maritime Law at the Proudmoore Naval Academy
Captain of the L.A.S. Behemoth
Lord Justice General of Anchorfell
Earl of Dalewood (Formerly)


Kul Tiras Flag.png Kingdom of Kul Tiras

Glendale-icon.png House of Glendale
Grand Alliance Icon.png The Grand Alliance
Lordaeron Icon.png Alliance of Lordaeron (formerly)




Eleanor Glendale (Wife)
George Glendale (Son)
Robert Glendale (Son)
Rosalynn Glendale (Daughter)
Lena Glendale (Daughter)
Theodore Glendale (Son)
Quentin Glendale (Son)

Lawrence Glendale V(Father)
Mary Glendale (Mother)
Donwald Glendale (Brother)
Abraham Glendale I (Grandfather)


Proudmoore Naval Academy -
Ph.D. & J.D.


Lawful Good

Political Philosophy

Left-wing Progressivism

Military Service


Lordaeron Icon.png Alliance of Lordaeron (formerly)
Grand Alliance Icon.png The Grand Alliance
Kul Tiras Icon.png Kul Tiras


Years of Service

4 L.C. - Present


Kul Tiras Navy O-12.png Admiral


The Sixth Fleet

Commands Held

Admiral of the Sixth Fleet
Captain of the L.A.S. Behemoth
CDR of the Dalewood Marines


Always ensure your adversary regrets their every victory.

–- Abraham Glendale II

Abraham Glendale II (Born Abraham Theobald Woodrow Glendale II) is the Duke of Anchorfell, Admiral of the Sixth Fleet of the Kul Tiran Navy, Head of the House of Glendale, a Professor of Maritime Law at the Proudmoore Academy and the Lord Justice General of Anchorfell.

Known for his sharp intellect and genial personality, Abraham Glendale has been able to command the respect of superiors, friends and adversaries. Abraham was able to create a name for himself, beyond his nobility, through acts of valor during his service in Second War and exposing corruption within the Kul Tiran navy through persistent, gritty law practices.

Upon becoming the Duke of Anchorfell, Abraham built his reputation as loud and unyielding, yet effective and persuasive, politician. He has advocated for improved conditions at lumber yards, shipbuilding yards, and mining operations throughout Kul Tiras. His main goal is to empower the working people of Kul Tiras, and help them achieve financial stability.

History (WIP)

Early Life

On February 28th, -14 L.C., Abraham Theobald Woodrow Glendale II, named for his grandfather, was born into a noble Kul Tiran family with an impressive naval lineage. His mother, Mary, succumbed to complications during childbirth, so his father, Lawrence, took the necessary steps to keep his only child and eventual successor safe. However, a couple years after his wife's untimely death, Lawrence remarried and bore a child with another noblewoman. Nevertheless, Lawrence intended to focus on grooming his eldest son to be a worthy successor while unintentionally ignoring his youngest, Donwald, who was unfortunately seen as merely the spare. The status disparity fueled Abraham's stepmother resentment of him and eventually morphed into his brother's source of resentment.

On top of being a child growing up with a hostile stepmother, Abraham was a sickly child, with a plethora of health conditions, including severe asthma. But he managed to overcome them through daily outings with his father, whether it was horseback riding or taking a rowboat on the sound. Lawrence helped his son build endurance and stamina through running, hiking, and swimming. Lawrence subjected the young Abraham to rigorous exercises so that the boy wouldn’t succumb to his childhood diseases, and it proved to be effective. By the age of seven, Abraham was able to overcome most of his ailments, but the asthma persisted until the age of nine.

From the start, Abraham developed a distaste for his younger brother, mostly because of the hostility from his father’s second wife. She would always pry Lawrence away from spending valuable bonding time with his eldest, to spend time with Donwald. From Abraham’s perspective, it was always his father favoring Donwald when in reality it was the other way around, this realization would not occur to Abraham until his later life. As the two got older their rivalry intensified. Lawrence began to bring Donwald to the excursions that were once exclusive to Abraham and Lawrence. Donwald taunted Abraham for lagging behind, even though Abraham was older, Donwald was the menace who constantly pestered his brother.


At the age of eight, Abraham met his life long partner, Eleanor Donovan. Their meeting occurred during their first day of school, while during recess a group of boys led by Donwald were bullying Eleanor by playing keep away with her doll. Abraham was the only student who tried to intervene and cease the bullying of Eleanor. Abraham, who would normally try to avoid his brother’s annoying ire and harassment, was empathetic towards the young girl and grabbed the attention of his devilish brother. With the focus on Abraham, Eleanor was able to retrieve her doll and hide from the young Donwald. After the traumatic incident, the young Abraham would console Eleanor, telling her that he related to her experience of being harassed by Donwald, and told her that he’d step in if things got like that again. It was this action that created the foundation of a relationship that would last for many years.

Eleanor was the daughter of a blue blood family in Boralus, so after the incident with Donwald, Eleanor pulled Abraham aside and presented him a jewel encrusted butterfly brooch which she stole from her mother’s vanity because she was perplexed by the wonderful colors of the various jewels on the trinket. She gave it to Abraham as a token of appreciation but made him promise to wear that brooch over his heart for as long as he lived. It was to represent the promise Abraham made and ultimately their relationship for years to come. Abraham agreed to the promise and wore the trinket from that point on and he’d be rarely seen without it. It was also in this moment where he decided that he will no longer permit Donwald’s bullying towards anyone, not just for his sake, but his friends and Eleanor’s sake as well. From that point on he strived to earn the respect of his peers not just in his grade but the entire school’s respect.

Growing Confidence

By sixteen, Abraham now commanded the respect of his peers and could casually brush aside Donwald’s jabs. With his strong confidence, Abraham constantly participated in athletics, from swimming to track to boxing, Abraham welcomed the thrill of competition. He was humble when it came to victories and respectful when faced with defeats. One of his early accomplishments was participating in one of Boralus’ Local Boxing tournaments, and he signed up just for the fun of it. His passion for boxing carried him all the way to the final match where he would be squared off two time winner Dusty “Jawbreaker” Callahan. The seventeen year old Abraham was not shaken by his experienced adversary, and ultimately came out on top while suffering a mild concussion. From that point he’d participated in the boxing tournament for one more season before hanging up his gloves following the relentless demands from Eleanor to devote more time to his studies. As much as Abraham enjoyed the thrill of athletics, he saw it more as a hobby where as he valued academics over physical skill.

Abraham was known for his fierce love of athletics and his endless quest for knowledge. When he wasn’t participating in sports he’d be in the library with Eleanor and the debate team. As vicious of a competitor he was in the ring, Abraham was an extremely fierce competitor when it came to debate tournaments. Abraham would read on vast topics, from the arts to the sciences of engineering, to the point where he would be nearly proficient when discussing them. Abraham was willing to learn everything about specific subjects just to get an upper hand on his opponent. For the most part of his teenage schooling, Abraham was extremely dominant on the debate stage, until his senior year where he was bested by Quentin Armstrong. Impressed by Quentin’s strategy, Abraham personally sought Quentin to learn his techniques. From there the two would become best friends. Abraham then completed secondary school at the top of his class, and was the school’s valedictorian.

Proudmoore Naval Academy

Following his graduation, Lawrence enlisted Abraham to continue his education at the Proudmoore Naval Academy. It was customary for the heir to the Duke to begin their service at the Proudmoore Naval Academy. At the academy Abraham wanted to earn a four year degree in Government and Political Theory along with enrolling in the Pre-Maritime Law program that they offered. The program automatically put those who participated on the path to become an officer in the Kul Tiran Navy. 

In preparation of the shift he would study naval regulations and tactics used by the greatest Kul Tiran captains and admirals, from battles between the Irontide Raiders to the Bloodsail Buccaneers. The aspiring officer read journal after journal to get an understanding of the concept of naval engagement. Abraham’s good friend Quentin was also accepted into the Law program and the two got to work as partners. With the aid of his father’s position, Abraham and Quentin were appointed to the staff of Sixth Fleet’s Vice Admiral, Maynard Garfield. Garfield, who served the Proudmoore Admiralty for a stunning two decades thanks to his valorous poise, was the perfect mentor for the prodigy Abraham.

Pursuit of Higher Education and Marriage Life

During his first year at the naval academy, Abraham proposed to his longtime friend and sweetheart at the age of eighteen. Eleanor who moved on to upper education as well, began making plans towards establishing an organization focused on combating the intense wealth gap Kul Tiras was experiencing. The engaged couple purchased a home in the Upton Borough in Boralus so that Abraham could be closer to the Naval Academey. During their time there, Eleanor showed why she was determined to help the poor, the undignified conditions people were living in infuriated Abraham. Abraham absolutely supported Eleanor’s dream and helped generating support for their organization. Unfortunately, his academics and duties at the Naval academy also required his attention.

At the Academy, he would earn the respect of many of his superiors through his mannerisms and quick wit which paved the way to him becoming a Lieutenant within the Kul Tiran Navy. Abraham, when he was not organizing, spent many of his daylight hours in the library studying for his government and law courses and brushing up on naval protocols as suggested by the Vice Admiral.  Eleanor questioned Abraham’s workload, fearing that her husband had too many responsibilities and that the pressure might crush him. Nevertheless, Abraham assured his wife that the challenge of all the positions he maintained was a worthy challenge. Abraham completed his first year of studies, but his success was not achieved without long hours of studying. Abraham would have aspirations to continue his education at the academy and eventually pursue a law degree, but fate would have other plans for Abraham.

The Second War

News began to spread that invaders from another world decimated the Kingdom of Stormwind, and that war might be on the horizon for the seafaring nation. Soon the orcish Horde was on the doorstep of the Kingdoms of Lordaeron and Kul Tiras joined the coalition to combat the savage invaders. With this news of the creation of the Alliance of Lordaeron, the Kul Tiran Fleet mobilized. The news came and Vice Admiral Garfield tasked Abraham to man the helm of a Seascraper Class Transport, one of the smaller ships the Kul Tiran Navy had to offer. Abraham told his father and wife of his deployment and requested that there would be no deployment celebration. Abraham wanted to be treated no different than a sailor who came from a working class home when being sent to war. Abraham said his farewells to his wife and father, and he set off to the unforgiving seas.

Heroics on the High Seas

Though Abraham did not sail on a regular basis, he welcomed the challenge of putting the naval tactics and protocols he read about and studied to use. Eager to deal with the navy’s new adversaries, Vice Admiral Garfield pulled Abraham aside and provided some very valuable advice that would stick with Abraham going forward. The legendary officer told the young officer that he must be ready for anything, and not be afraid to put his own life on the line even for the sake of one man. Abraham would keep the wiseman’s words in the back of his mind. But hubris enveloped Abraham and his crew since they did not expect the Horde to put up a fight put against them on the High Seas, the reason being that no one in the world had a grander navy than Kul Tiras. They would soon find out that this was false. It was a warm night on the sea, it was midsummer and the young Lieutenant Glendale and his First Mate, Quentin Armstrong, were out on the deck observing the night sky. Their ship was well away from the mainland and Kul Tiras, however there were a few islands in the distance that he saw earlier in the day. His crew of nine sailors were either asleep or drinking the night away, most of them were asleep though. The waters they sailed in were shark infested, one misstep by a sailor would turn them into fish food. One moment the night was calm, the next Lieutenant Glendale’s ship was split into two. 

Abraham was thrown off the deck into the water, after a few moments of the men struggling the sounds of their screams polluted the once silent midsummer night. One of the sailors cried out that they were in shark infested waters, Abraham knew that struggling would draw the attention of the sharks. He hollered into the moonlit night calling for his crewmen to swim to him and find and piece of debris they could float on. Most of the men followed these orders, while two sailors perished, the first one drowning from exhaustion and consumption of salt water and the other was killed on impact of the ship. As the men grouped together, First Mate Quentin let out a blood curdling scream, fearing the worst, Abraham’s worst fear was realized. The outline of a shark was clasped firmly around the pained Quentin, using his quick wit, Abraham would punch the beast in the nose and it would release the First Mate. Abraham placed Quentin in the middle of the makeshift raft and along with two men would slowly paddle in the direction of the island they saw earlier. Before Lieutenant Glendale mobilized his shipwrecked crew he wanted to find what could’ve destroyed his ship. Initially he thought it was a whale shark, but he saw a faint silhouette of a ship none that he had ever seen. Later he found out it was a Horde Juggernaut.

Abraham would paddle the makeshift raft, with the help of the remaining crew who would alternate after long intervals of time. Abraham elected to keep paddling, despite suffering from fatigue, he would rather have a shark come and attack him than one of the remaining crew members. As he kept paddling, he would periodically check on Quentin, who would let out a groan of pain to indicate that he was fighting for his life. After several hours paddling they weary shipwrecked crew finally made it to land. Of the nine crew members of the vessel, seven survived, and would eventually become six. After trying to tend to his wounds, Quentin Armstrong passed away as a result of an infection that spread as a result of the untended shark bite.

For Lieutenant Glendale, there was going to be time to mourn the loss of his close friend, but the pressing matter was signalling an allied vessel to save him and his marooned band. The sea-locked prison featured white sand beaches and a lone palm tree. With resources limited and his crew suffering from fatigue and starvation, Lieutenant Glendale took it upon himself to take down the lone tree and start a fire. The only tool he possessed was a knife that was attached to his belt. For several hours the Lieutenant finally managed to cut the tree down, to his advantage the trunk was not too thick. In the dark hours of the night, Glendale was successful and started a signal fire, but the real battle was making sure the flame survived the cold and deathly silent night.

Soon fatigue gripped the young Lieutenant as he drifted off into a slumber, with his last conscious thought belonging to his beloved Eleanor. The next time he awoke he thought he was dreaming, for a small row boat full of Stormwind Sailors had come to save the stranded Kul Tiran crew. The rescue was a product of the Stormwind Vessel that was returning from Lordaeron, and they saw the signal flame as they passed the island. At last, this hellish experience came to a conclusion, however, the damage had been done. Not only did Glendale suffer from broken ribs and a sprained wrist, but he had lost good friends.


As Lieutenant Glendale and his crew returned to Boralus, the word got out about his heroics on the high seas. Before Lieutenant Glendale met with superiors to share his tale, he went straight to the home of Quentin Armstrong's family and the families of the other sailors who lost their lives to deliver the news of their passing. He expressed his sorrow and guilt for not doing enough to save the other members of his crew, and he still thinks about it to this day.

The Armstrongs held a service for Quentin and Abraham gave a powerful eulogy that made attendees laugh and weep. As the Tidesage put the torch to Quentin's pyre, Abraham was finally able to shed the tears that had been building up since the death of his friend.

Abraham was summoned by the Admiralty Board where the were going to award him four honors for his deeds upon the High Seas, most notably the Kul Tiran Medal of Valor. His mentor, Vice Admiral Garfield, was the officer to pin the medals to his uniform.

Between the funeral of Quentin and meeting with his superiors, Abraham didn't even get the chance to see his wife or father in all the excitement. At last, he was reunited with his family, and they told him that the people of Anchorfell were just as excited to welcome home their heroic son. Before the Glendales would return to Anchorfell, Vice Admiral Garfield called in Abraham to inform him that he would be receiving a promotion after exhibiting the necessary leadership required for a captain in the Kul Tiran Navy. Abraham left Boralus as a Captain with no ship.

As expected, the response to his return to Anchorfell was received by a euphoric celebration. People lined the streets as Abraham, brandishing his new medals and arm sling, made his way back to Harrington Hold where he would spend his recovery and a well earned break.

Family Life

Shortly after Abraham returned from war, Eleanor and Abraham were finally able to embark on a honeymoon. The young couple left for Lordaeron for a month, and by the time they came back, Eleanor discovered she was pregnant. The couple were elated when they made the discovery, Abraham and Eleanor planned to start a family earlier but the war got in the way.  

Nine months later, George Charles Glendale was born, however the pregnancy took its toll Eleanor. The first time mother got really sick during labor, and she almost didn’t make it. This event had a lasting impact on Abraham to the point where he didn’t want to put his wife in that situation again, his wife on the other hand wanted many children and Abraham knew he couldn’t talk her out of it. But when it was all said and done, Abraham was happy that his wife recovered easily and their son was healthy as could be. And then shortly after they welcomed their second son, Robert Bernard Glendale, this time there were no complications, much to the young couple’s relief. 

After he completed his duties in the Navy in the daytime Abraham would return home to his young family, and would tell stories and sing lullabies to his children. Abraham wanted to replicate the activities of his childhood with his own children. He took them on numerous outdoor excursions where he shared ancient Kul Tiran folktales and the occasional ghost stories told by Eleanor who excelled at telling such tales. Abraham was overjoyed when he saw his two sons get along, something that he personally lacked during his upbringing. For a long time did Abraham wish he had a sibling he could also call his friend, alas his relationship with his only brother reeks in animosity. 

Abraham and Eleanor saw their little family grow once more after Eleanor gave birth to their first daughter, Rosalynn Mary Glendale. As if being a father and an officer in the Navy was enough, Abraham was determined to earn his bachelor’s degree and work towards a law degree. Once again, Abraham put himself in a position that required him to juggle many important responsibilities. 

Renewed Pursuit of Higher Education

One of the motivating factors of his return to higher education was the looming obligation in the form of the position of Duke. Although no formal training was required to be the Duke of Anchorfell, to have great knowledge of politics and its various institutions could only make a leader more effective. Abraham also began to understand why his father had him participate in the Pre-Maritime Law program. The Duke serves as the Chief Magistrate of the Anchorfell Tribunal on top of being the chief executive of Anchorfell. Not only did Abraham want to understand the law of the sea, but he wanted to understand the judicial system in which the people of Anchorfell and, in a greater sense, the system which Kul Tiran people lived under. 

During his journey Abraham met Geoffrey Norton who was self taught and never went to school until secondary school. Geoffrey Norton, much like Abraham, was inquisitive and was notorious for being a know-it all. Norton flaunted his self accumulated knowledge, Abraham initially found it arrogant and annoying. However, over time he came to find it extremely hilarious especially when Norton debated various professors to the point where the lecture time expired. Much like Abraham, Norton had aspirations for law school. 

Abraham began the journey of earning his bachelor’s degree shortly after the birth of his first child and completed it three years later. Like he was in secondary school, Abraham finished at the top of his class and earned the title ‘The Questioner’ among the faculty due to his inquisitive nature.

Duty to Law

Abraham, for the first time in a long while, was able relax while performing his duties as Captain in the Navy, the heir to the Duchy, and most importantly being a good father. While shadowing his father and observing the day to day activities of the Duke, the Judicial responsibilities the Duke had intrigued Abraham since always found Anchorfell law and Kul Tiran law fascinating. However, it was not mandatory for the Duke to have formal law experience, Abraham took it upon himself to endow himself with the wisdom required for effective and meaningful rulings.

Prior to enrolling in Proudmoore Academy's Law program, that mainly focused on Maritime law, the law of the Sea, Abraham and Eleanor proudly brought three more children into the family. Twins, Lena and Theodore, and lastly Orion bringing the grand total to six children. So once more Abraham had to juggle the duties of being a good and present father with being a determined and focused student.

It was a difficult adjustment for Abraham, since he usually the one asking questions and given answers. In law school, it was the other way around for the professors asked the questions and expecting the students to give the correct answer. Abraham prepared more for these classes than any other class he took before. He worked extremely hard and eventually found himself with a law degree after graduating as one of the top legal prospects. His good friend, Geoffrey Norton was close behind him in the rankings.

Steward of the Law

Being an officer of the navy, as well as a lawyer, meant that Abraham's responsibilities expanded once more. On top of having to monitor the crew and the ship and make them presentable for inspection, Abraham was requested to join various Maritime cases by Admirals or Vice Admirals of other Kul Tiran Fleets. One of the first major cases Abraham was associated with was exposure of Duke Falravere and his criminal dealings with pirates. Though Abraham's role on the prosecution was small, watching the lawyers construct a compelling case was gripping to him.

Following his association with the case, he started to work more in the civil areas of the law dealing with restraining orders and injunctions primarily. Eventually he started working cases in Anchorfell and getting properly associated with Anchorfell's law.

Many cases that were brought to the firm Abraham worked at involved issues between workers and their employers. Some of the claims made by shipyard workers about conditions at the Kettleman Shipyards sounded so grim that he decided to go under cover and see it for himself. Abraham always knew Kul Trias had trouble with poverty and inequality. Eleanor showed him the plight of the poor and the struggles they must endure on a daily basis moved Abraham in the direction of being an advocate for a reduced economic divide.

Abraham went to the shipyards disguised as a worker. The worker's treatment at the shipyards were astounding due to the taskmasters being relentless, the lack of adequate working conditions, along with hearing from the workers themselves. The stories they had about the cruelty of upper management and poor wages, wages that were constantly trending downward, disgusted Abraham. The abhorrent lack of empathy by the shipyard owners drove Abraham to confront his father about it. It was in this moment where Abraham realized how truly corrupt the legislature in Anchorfell was. The workers inability to form unions and establish fair wages was restricted by the two elitist legislature that feature only those who had the resources to win the elections.

Abraham found the case, out of many compelling cases, that he knew was so horrible that not even the corrupt owners of the shipyards can beat back. There was a father and his young son, not even a teenager, who worked that the Kettleman Shipyards. The father was injured by piece of lumber crushing his leg and the son then reported it to the taskmaster. In turn the taskmaster beat both of them under the belief that both of them were conspiring to leave work early. Then the shipyard promptly fired the father and informed the son he would have to work one month without pay. Upon the end of the month the son's hours would be increased at reduced pay due to the offense.

The case made its way all the way to Anchorfell Tribunal. There Abraham viciously advocated for better treatment of the working people of Anchorfell. Presenting evidence of the poor treatment of the father and son along with anonymous testimonies that Abraham collected from other workers about similar incidents. The poor treatment of these workers was in violation of the Workers Protection Act, which was passed by a Anchorfell legislature that was not enthralled by corruption a generation before. However the case was made by the lawyers of the Kettleman Shipyards that Abraham's whole case, the incident with the father and son and testimonies by other workers were fabricated. The defense's argument did not work, since the language in the WPA explicitly stated. "...Workers shall not be subjected to unreasonable acts of labor." The court determined that requiring a worker, let alone a child, that working a month without pay and suffering from an increase of working hours at a reduced pay violated the WPA's mandate. Abraham was victorious. The court ordered the shipyard to restore the hours of the child at the original wage, nulled the one month with out pay, and the reinstatement of the father and that his medical expenses shall be paid for by the company since the accident occurred on company property.

Abraham emerging as a voice of the working people ginned up support of the Glendale family. The elite of Anchorfell were furious by the ruling demanding audiences with Lawrence who recused himself from presiding the case since Abraham was his son. The elite were worried about the implications of the ruling since their companies were guilty of similar instances. They flooded the newspapers with propaganda saying the court was biased since Lawrence was the Earl, nepotism was in play in the decision of the case. The campaign against Abraham and the expansion of labor rights brought Abraham joy, since he knew that his political enemies were squirming. However Abraham understood that the fight for labor rights was far from over.

Indictment of Admiral Xando Seabane

After a couple years working in Anchorfell furthering labor rights, the Kul Tiran Navy took note of his legal skill and grit. Oliver Harlan Brennan, vice admiral of the Second Fleet requested Abraham's presence to discuss potential corruption within the Navy, particularly with the Admiral of the Second Fleet, Alexando 'Xando' Seabane.

Brennan was concerned of certain cargo logs being redacted and multiple reports that precious cargo, which was escorted by the Second Fleet, was not being delivered to allied nations. Wanting to avoid a potential international crisis, Brennan wanted to investigate Admiral Seabane since this has not been the first instances of this. A small lead that Abraham discovered was that Admiral Seabane the last Admiral to vote for Admiral Falravere's expulsion from the Admiralty Board. It may have been a coincidence but it was something Abraham was willing to look into. Being familiar with Abraham's tactics when it came to acquiring evidence, Brennan knew that he was the right lawyer to go to.

The first thing Abraham needed to do before acquiring the evidence was to assemble the best legal team. He first tapped his good friend, Geoffrey Norton, now a maritime lawyer who worked in Boralus since obtaining his legal degree. Then requested one of his biggest rivals from law school and the one person who edged him for top legal prospect, Cynthia Mason. Mason was the best lawyer when it came to criminal cases, however decided to work on smaller cases primarily due to the simplicity of them. She was reluctant to join, but yielded due to the seriousness of the accusations.

With his legal team assembled Abraham was ready to move forward with obtaining the evidence.

The Third War

After an unprecedented extended period of peace throughout the world, the forces of evil were able to construct their plans to throw the world into a massive conflict. Abraham, after his decisive legal victory against Admiral Xando Seabane, was entrusted with more duties including representing the Duke in the Kul Tiran House of Nobles. During his weekly visit in the stead of his father, the House was debating about the potential invasion of orcs following their escape from the internment camp. Calls for immediate action against the orcs, who were indeed unarmed, were made by several prominent nobles. Abraham, who staunchly objected to the internment, explained that attacking the orcs who were sailing across the seas would be a violation of the code of honor. The fact the orcs were unarmed and traveling with children, laying siege upon them would, as Abraham emphasized, be greater than a violation, but an outright betrayal of their nation's honor. The calls for actions ceased and the orcs fled west.

As time went on, whispers of a plague spreading through Lordaeron reached the ears of the nobles of Kul Tiras. The initial concern was seemingly quelled after the Kul Tiran ambassador to Lordaeron assured the House of Nobles that the situation was under control. But more rumors in regard to hordes of undeath amassing in the Lordaeron truly disturbed Abraham which prompted him to demand some sort of reconnaissance but was swiftly overruled. With the weeks following, the assurance given by the Ambassador was in fact false, and the Culling of Stratholme was completed. The horrors of learning that all those within the city were purged left Abraham and his fellow Kul Tirans speechless. The plague spread like wildfire, concerns within Anchorfell began to rise, and Lawrence who was still recovering was unable to give an calming address to his people. Abraham was entrusted with the duty of addressing his people of the crisis in Lordaeron.

The Admiralty received word that Prince Arthas was going to lead an expedition to Northrend to confront the source that led to the spread of the plague. While many nobles wanted to aid Prince Arthas, the Lord Admiral led the fleet back to Lordaeron to chaperone the remaining unaffiliated survivors to Stormwind. The pillars of smoke rising above ravaged villages paired with the distant screeches of banishes and groans of ghouls was etched firmly into Abraham's mind. He never spoke of his experience to anyone, even his wife, for the sight was too demoralizing.

The murder of King Teranas Menethil by perpetrated his own son signled that the Kingdom of Lordaeron had fallen. The Scourge was a truly formidable and terrifying threat to the safety of the world.

The Fall of Daelin

With the Scourge having ravaged Lordaeron and Quel'thalas, led by the Prince of the Damned, fears of Arthas attacking Kul Tiras with his seemingly invincible fighting force gripped politicians and military officials. Lady Jaina Proudmoore then made the call to join her in fleeing to the west, and along with the remaining Lordaeronian survivors, many Kul Tirans joined her exodus. The Glendales were not as nervous as many others, however there was a level of concern that prompted the family to strengthen the defenses around Anchorfell. Upon hearing the news of Arthas returning to Northrend, Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore summoned all fleets to aid him in finding his daughter. Abraham maned the helm of the Seaheart, following the lead of his immediate officer, Vice Admiral Maynard Garfield, who was leading the Sixth Fleet in place of Lawrence Glendale.

Abraham silently objected against the Lord Admiral's order to attack the orc settlements along the coast of Kalimdor, but followed the lead of Daelin nonetheless. It was his lack of speaking out and participation in these attacks which remains one of Abraham's greatest regrets. Upon landing in Theramore, Abraham witnessed Lord Daelin's prejudice treatment of Lady Jaina's new allies, who were allies of the Horde as well. Abraham then expressed his concerns about the Lord Admiral's behavior and actions with Vice Admiral Garfield, which the elder officer agreed that the instigation of war was not ideal, especially after the destruction of the kingdoms in the north. Being sailors of the Admiralty meant standing with the Lord Admiral, and so they did as they supported his usurpation of Theramore Isle and forming the naval blockade around the isle.

Shortly after the armies of the Horde were bearing down upon the isle and fierce combat in the streets began. Abraham was able to hold his own against several orcs, but there was one instance where one of his sailors had his pistol pointed at a wounded orc. Abraham rushed over to prevent the sailor from murdering the orc and directed them to another area of the fight. The orc acknowledge this act with a nod and retreated into the marsh. Abraham saw the Vice Admiral engage with several orcs and rushed to his defense but Garfield was overwhelmed and was struck down. In a fit of rage, Abraham rushed to face the orc group. Picking up a discarded sword, Abraham cut through his orcish enemies and was present for the Vice Admiral's final moments.

Seeing the carnage of that was brought upon by the situation, Abraham called for a retreat to the docks. Abraham carried the body of his mentor to the docks and placed him down in a small row boat where the remaining crewman would haul their commanding officer's remains back to his ship. Abraham remained on the docks waiting for more assailants, but for some reason the fighting had ceased. And there he saw that the Lord Admiral had been slain, with his daughter by his side.

The Kul Tirans fled Theramore Isle vanquished and without their leader. Abraham returned home at the helm of the Behemoth, the flagship of the Sixth Fleet. His father awaited the return of his son and fleet, but was sadden to learn of the great casualties that were procured by the brief campaign. Abraham gave a eulogy to Vice Admiral Garfield in a private funeral ceremony. Abraham also delivered a powerful speech to the people of Anchorfell about what he witnessed and proclaimed that the bravery of the many sailors, including Vice Admiral Garfield, epitomized the will of the Kul Tiran people. With the Vice Admiral position vacant, Abraham was nominated and confirmed by the Admiralty Board to be the new Vice Admiral of the Sixth Fleet.

Entering the Political Arena

Following the failed campaign against the Horde, the people of Kul Tiras wanted retribution for what happened to Daelin and many Kul Tirans at Theramore. Tales spread that Lady Jaina stood aside and allowed the Horde to slaughter Daelin, and the resentment of her was fueled by the harsh rhetoric of Lady Ashvane. Abraham was noticing the anti-Alliance sentiment that was stirring among the people of Anchorfell as well and knew that he needed to act. Abraham went to his father to advocate on remaining apart of the Alliance.

The Duke of Anchorfell

Since birth, Abraham was preordained to be come the Duke of Anchorfell. Lawrence V and his advisors desired Abraham to rule as a figurehead since the perception that the Duke does not answer to the people but to the tides, for the tides choose the one to lead Anchorfell. However, Abraham was never one to follow traditions or rules directly. As dearly as he loved his father, Abraham understood that his rule was not aggressive enough when it came to addressing the needs of the people of Anchorfell. Abraham and Lawrence rarely disagreed over policy and politics, but Lawrence believed it was a system that he could not fix since the power of the Duke has been weakened by the Chamber of the Elite. Abraham was one who was idealistic and believed that the powers of the Duke could be used more effectively.

When it was clear that the health of Lawrence V was deteriorating, Lawrence vested more political duties to his son and that his idealistic approach is exactly what Anchorfell needed. As for leadership for the Sixth Fleet, Lawrence placed it in the command of the recently appointed Vice Admiral, George Funston, until Abraham was made Duke. However, it would not be long before the death of the Duke.

Death of Lawrence V

One morning during waning days of October, Lawrence Glendale V had passed away peacefully in his sleep. While his death was still anticipated among the servants and advisors, the shock was still great. Advisors and servants were running around the residential section of Harrington Hold. A secret emissary was sent to inform the Lord Admiral and the House of Nobles of the death of Lawrence V. Journalists from all over Kul Tiras were crammed into the courtyard of Harrington Hold waiting for the official announcement. Whispers spread through Anchorfell of the news, their knowledge of the Duke's health was controlled greatly to maintain an image of strength. The wails of people not wanting to believe the news could be heard. Even the critics of Lawrence shed tears of grief. Lawrence V was such a venerated figure, his loss reverberated across Kul Tiras.

In an unusual twist of fate, Abraham changed his normal riding path to one that he and his father traversed when he was a sickly child. Abraham stopped at a cliff overlooking the bay, a rest stop where he and his father would talk for many hours. As the news of Lawrence's death was discovered shortly after Abraham left, Eleanor took the duty of informing Abraham of what transpired. Being a decent tracker, she found Abraham and informed him of what happened. Abraham let out a great wail and cried as if he was a young child. This time however, his father was not there to console him.

The two returned to Harrington Hold and Abraham hurried to his father's bedside. Abraham knew that his father's ailments caused the former Earl great pain but to see a peaceful expression gracing his older face brought solace to Abraham. The advisors and the servants left Abraham, Eleanor and their children alone in the room to grieve. To lighten the moods of his children, who were distraught of losing their loving grandfather, Abraham told them of fun adventures that he and his father went on during his youth. As the tears of sadness disappeared and glum expressions were replaced with a look of wonder and awe, Abraham himself was starting to feel better himself. As a tribute to his father, Abraham uncovered the gold trimmed, ivory keyed piano that belong to Abraham's mother and played the Tide Sonata which was a favorite of Lawrence.

Following Anchorfell customs the morning after the death of the Duke the successor shall be anointed. Abraham Glendale II was anointed Duke of Anchorfell in private ceremony with Abraham's family, the Head Tidesage of Anchorfell and the deceased Duke's Cabinet. Following the anointment, the Duke is supposed to privately address both houses of the Legislature. Upon becoming the Duke, Abraham also became the Admiral of the Sixth Fleet and in accordance with tradition the new Admiral must review the Anchorfell Armed Forces.

After lying in repose for a week, Lawrence V's remains, draped in the colors of Anchorfell, would be placed on a barge that sails into Lake Victoria where his cremation will conclude his funeral. Abraham was the one who lit the funeral pyre with the fire from the Eternal Flame which resides in the Glendale Mausoleum. Following the funeral the ashes were placed in an ornate urn which would be interred at the base of Lawrence V's statue in the Glendale Mausoleum.


The preparation of the new Duke's enthronement ceremony occurs after one month mourning. There is a two week grace period between the month of grieving and the enthronement ceremony that allows the legislature to prepare for the new Duke and gives time for the decorations to be strung up. During this grace period, Abraham planned to establish the kind of politician he was going to be when he delivered his first speech to the Kul Tiran House of Nobles. While he name was known due to his family, Abraham wanted the people of Kul Tiras to know that he was not going to be a talking head, he was going to be a vocal advocate for the working people of Kul Tiras. His proclamation earned jeers and boos by the older establishment members of the House of Nobles, which was the precise reaction Abraham was hoping for.

Following the two week grace period, on the 18th of December, the public enthronement ceremony of Abraham II had arrived. Civilians lined the streets from Harrington Hold to the Tidesage Temple where Abraham would be enthroned. The procession to the temple included a carriage ride where Abraham, Eleanor and their six children were visible to all who lined the streets. Abraham wore his full Kul Tiran naval uniform and a bicorn cap.

Early Reign

Loyalty to the Alliance

Campaign Against the Lich King

Siege of Ogrimmar

Iron Horde Invasion

Third Legion Invasion of Azeroth

The Fourth War

The Kettleman Labor Uprising

Duty to Sea



Lady Eleanor Glendale (née Donovan), Duchess of Anchorfell

The Countess, Eleanor, is the spouse of Abraham Glendale II and the Duchess of Anchorfell. Eleanor, unlike previous Duchesses of Anchorfell, has a strong sense of independence and a cunning wit. The position of Duchess was considered more as a cosmetic position rather one with vested power and influence, that is until Eleanor was anointed following her husband's enthronement. She was a vocal activist for more women filling the seats of the Anchorfell Legislature and other positions of power within Anchorfell. Like her husband, she does not fear to speak her mind on matters that are pertinent to her subjects well being.

Born in the Donovan Family, which was one of the wealthiest families in Boralus, Eleanor had access to more resources than the poor had. Considering her upbringing one would think Eleanor would have lacked empathy for the downtrodden. However her empathy, which is one of her stronger qualities developed following the death of one of her companions from her youth. Rosalynn Holmstead was a child who took Eleanor on numerous adventures throughout Boralus and exposed her to the challenges conditions facing the poor, met a unfortunate demise following one of the most taxing cold seasons in Kul Tirian History. Rosalynn's death was attributed her parents unstable economic situation. The young Eleanor even tried to get her family to intervene and try to save her friend, unfortunately the attempt was futile. The loss of Rosalynn would be Eleanor's driving force of advocating for higher wages for workers and affordable access to healthcare services.

Eleanor and Abraham's relationship is one that was considered to be one out of a fairy-tale. They new each other because they were sent to the same boarding school in Boralus. Their relationship began after Abraham's younger brother, Donwald, would not stop stealing her doll, which was a gift from her late friend Rosalynn. Abraham, who was always hesitant to stand up to Donwald did so to protect Eleanor. That act was so compelling to Eleanor that she rewarded Abraham with a broach she stole from her mother's vanity. She gave it to him as a reminder of their friendship and trust. And to this day Abraham still wears the broach on his lapel.

During their young adult years, their friendship bloomed into a romance and fierce partnership. She would always steer Abraham from slacking off with his friends to study. Her influence over Abraham was so great that she convinced him to cease engaging with an amateur boxing league that Abraham enjoyed participating in. Following the start of the Second War, Abraham and Eleanor married quickly in a private ceremony that consisted of only Abraham's father, Lawrence V, and Eleanor's parents. Once Abraham returned from the war there would be a massive ceremony in Anchorfell, since she was marrying the heir of the Duchy of Anchorfell. While Abraham was off fighting the war, Eleanor was getting to know her future subjects. Her intelligence and wit, captured the awe of the people of Anchorfell. They knew she was involved in a relationship with Abraham and they hoped that she was the one he picked to marry.

Following Abraham's return, to the people's delight, they were in fact married. Their marriage in the following years would produce six children. Which Eleanor and Abraham would dedicate much time to so they turned out to be greater individuals than them. Eleanor seemed stern with her children, but much like Abraham was of the belief that punishment was not the preferred parenting technique. Abraham and Eleanor's relationship transcended their excellent political partnership, their loyalty to each other and their children would serve as the ideal familial relationship that the people of Anchorfell could strive for.


George Alexander Lawrence Glendale - Aged 34 - the eldest child of Abraham II and Eleanor and the heir of the Duchy of Anchorfell. Following in the footsteps of his forefathers, George rose through the ranks to become a Captain in the Kul Tiran Navy. He was initially assigned to work with his father in the Sixth Fleet, but was assigned to Tandred Proudmoore's convoy. The disappearance of the fleet caused a great distress on George's parents. After the Siege of Boralus, George finally was able to return to his home and family after being trapped in the inescapable storm.

  • Alice Glendale (née Bayard) - Aged 33 - the spouse of George Glendale and mother of George "Georgie" Glendale Jr. Prior to her marriage into the Glendale Family, Alice was an aspiring economist who crossed path with George frequently through the halls of the Proudmoore Academy. Being well versed in economics prompted George's father to recruit her to be an economic advisor. With her help, she and the Duke were able to create fair labor regulations that was agreed upon by both the workers and their employers. During the period between her husband's disappearance and return she became a symbol of poise and strength in Anchorfell. The faith she had, that her husband and the fleet were going to return, provided solace to the families of the lost sailors.

Robert Bernard Glendale - Aged 33 -the second child of Abraham II and Eleanor, he is engaged to a Proudmoore Academy Professor, Ella Rowand. He served in the Boralus Guard, upon completion of his service he took up becoming a steward of the law, working for the courts of Boralus. Following his brother's confirmed disappearance, he was requested by his father to assume some, not all, of the duties his elder brother possessed so that in the event that George was confirmed to be deceased and Abraham suddenly passes that Robert would be ready to assume the duties of being the Duke.

Rosalynn Mary Glendale - Aged 32 - the third child of Abraham II and Eleanor. She is currently the Captain of the Elite Guard of Anchorfell. She is in a relationship with Captain Aurora Flanagan of the Sixth Fleet. She loathes conversations with her father that involves politics due to their never ending, labyrinth like nature. However, any other topic Rosalynn can keep up with her knowledgeable parents.

Lena Rory Glendale - Aged 27 - the fourth child of Abraham II and Eleanor, and the older fraternal twin of Theodore Glendale. She, much like her brother, were identified by the Kirin Tor for having a strong affinity for magic. At a young age they were taught in Anchorfell, but when they were old enough they were sent to complete their studies in Dalaran. She is not currently in a relationship.

Theodore John Glendale - Aged 27 -the fifth child of Abraham II and Eleanor, and the younger fraternal twin of Lena Glendale. Like his sister, Teddy was identified at a young to have a strong affinity for the magical arts. Teddy and his sister were taught in Anchorfell for the entirety of their youth, when they were old enough, they were sent to Dalaran to complete their studies. He is currently in a relationship with a Kirin Tor battle mage, Myra Rosen.

Quentin Orion Glendale - Aged 26 - the sixth and final child of Abraham II and Eleanor, much like his father, Quentin suffered from many childhood ailments and required a lot of medical attention. For that Abraham was able to bond with his son on another level. Quentin much like his father is a fierce politician and spends most of his time working with the labor unions of Anchorfell and working the Assembly of the People. His relationship status is ambiguous.

Titles and Styles

  • February 28th, -14 L.C. - February 27th, 7 L.C. : Abraham Glendale II of Anchorfell
  • February 28th, 7 L.C. - October 27th, 24 L.C. : Abraham Glendale II, Earl of Dalewood
  • October 28th, 24 L.C. - Present : His Grace, The Duke of Anchorfell, Admiral of the Sixth Fleet

The full title Abraham was bestowed up following his enthronement, seldom used on request:

His Grace, The Duke of Anchorfell, Abraham Theobald Woodrow Glendale II, Chosen by the Seas, The Earl of Dalewood, Admiral of the Sixth Fleet, Lord Justice General of Anchorfell, Defender of Anchorfell and Her Territories, Head of the House of Glendale, Son of Kul Tiras

Should someone, outside of Anchorfell, come across him, Abraham would generally introduce himself as Professor Glendale or as Admiral Glendale (if he is conversing with military personnel). Those who reside within Anchorfell must initially address him as 'Your Grace' and thereafter 'Sir'.

Following Abraham's enthronement, one of the responsibilities that falls upon the shoulders of the Earl is becoming the chief Magistrate on Anchorfell's tribunal. When the court is in session and Abraham his presiding, members of the court must refer to him as 'Lord Magistrate'.

Politics and Philosophy


Positions on Labor

Following his time in the Navy Abraham decided he was pro-working class. After listening to the various stories told by his fellow sailors that grew up in lower working class homes, Abraham reevaluated his biased perspective on the working class. He came to the conclusion that sometimes even hard work does not equal financial success. Upon the conclusion of the Second War, Abraham wanted to see what he could do for the people of his Earldom, and conducted inspections of various business and storefronts while in disguise. Much to his displeasure he found that most of the business of Dalewood City were owned by one of three richest families. The wages were too little and the conditions were atrocious, and they all stem from the inaction of the Chamber of the Elite, the unicameral system which was run solely by the wealthiest individuals of Anchorfell.  

Abraham organized a petition to increase the wages of the workers of the various businesses of Dalewood City. The petition failed for the Magistrate of Anchorfell deemed the request a violation of a Dalewood City ordinance that permitted such a request due to it's "labor union type qualities". Abraham decided to investigate further the meaning behind Anchorfell's anti-labor union laws and found that they were approved by his grandfather several decades earlier due to strikes conducted by the Anchorfell Lumber Union. The Union's negotiating powers were reduced by the Chamber of the Elite. Abraham was not willing to let this issue die on the desk of the Magistrate, so he went straight his father and demanded that he authorize a wage increase. His father was skeptical, but Abraham used the noblesse oblige argument and outlined the potential chaos that could ensue if wage increase was not implemented. Abraham's reluctant father gave way to his son's reasoning.  

This victory for the working people of Dalewood City was the first action that revitalized the faith in the Glendale family's leadership. And with Abraham's father's health declining, the soon to be Duke of Anchorfell set off to leave his mark on improving the lives of the working people. He began the creation of task forces that would review the various business of all of Anchorfell. And these task forces would be headed by those elected by the workers, in essence, the re-foundation of the labor unions.  

Positions on Peerage

Following his findings at the Kettleman Shipyards, Abraham wanted to move away from the power from being tied to his title and the Chamber of Elite. 

As the Earl of Anchorfell he expanded powers to the people of Anchorfell by creating a second legislative body, The Assembly of the People. Through the votes of the Assembly of the People and the aid of Abraham, they were able to establish a term limit for the Magistrate of Anchorfell. Prior to the change, the Magistrate of Anchorfell was put into power by the Chamber of the Elite, but soon it became a matter of the people choosing and they would have to run every six years. The same was to be done with the Chamber of the Elite, but they were able to negotiate being able to keep their power for life, but once they passed their seat was up for election. This change in power prompted the elites of Anchorfell and later Boralus to label Abraham the ‘Betrayer of his Class’. 

Aristocrats in the Kul Tiran House of Peers found themselves in constant heated debates with Abraham over various policies. Abraham valued very progressive and pro-working class policies and would argue in favor of them until he was blue in the face. He was also a strong critic of Kul Tiras’ decision of becoming isolated with their sister kingdoms to the east. As much as he despised the decision, he was still one of the most staunch defenders of the Proudmoore Admiralty even when support was waning. He was an outspoken critic of Lady Ashvane due to her use of child laborers and Abraham definitely did not agree with the treatment of Lady Jaina following her return to Boralus, especially with the accusations and conclusions Lady Ashvane used to sway the Lord Admiral’s mind. 

Position on the Horde

Abraham was not as hostile against the Horde as many were, he was willing to take up arms against them following the First War. His opinion on the Horde would not change until the attack on civilians in Stormsong Valley. The wickedness of the attack prompted him to send some of his best forces to fight the Horde back. Following the events at Ogrimmar, Abraham lessened his perspective on the Horde, except for the undead since their existence was unnatural he believed that they were likely to perform wicked and heinous acts against the living.



Abraham labeled himself a progressive, his actions can attest to that. One of Abraham's first actions as Earl of Anchorfell was minimize the power the Chamber of Elite had over the people of Anchorfell and founded a chamber that comprised of representatives elected by the people themselves. Abraham's goal was to create a fairer legislative body, one that worked towards satisfying the interests of the people. Abraham invited gnomish engineers to modernize some of the shops of Anchorfell, with the consent of the people of course, along with rebuilding Anchorfell's infrastructure. He also unilaterally established a minimum wage in Anchorfell that was determined on the profits of the companies/businesses. And he personally funded the construction of new neighborhoods to eradicate homelessness in Anchorfell.


Abraham was raised in Tidesage faith household, which was necessary for a member of Glendale family due to their seafaring origins and their impressive Naval history. Like most people, Abraham did not appreciate his faith until he became a sailor in the Kul Tiran Navy. After his brush with death during the Second War, Abraham made sure that his children were raised to be of the Tidesage faith so whenever they crossed the seas, they would be safe.

Abraham believes that anyone is entitled to practice what they believed in and that no one should be forced to practice any religion they did not consent to.

Personality and Physical Descriptions


Abraham has different aspects of his personality that take hold of him giving the situation. Abraham, as Earl, has proven to be a wise, benevolent, and decisive leader given his experiences prior to his enthronement. His ability to devote the necessary time to each issue allows him to enact a proper judgement that is meant to benefit as many people as possible.

As an Admiral, Abraham's instincts are a product of his experience as well. As a former student of following naval regulations, Abraham over time relied more on his instincts rather than regulations and encouraged such practice to his students much to the chagrin of their other professors. In battle, Abraham is not shaken, even if the odds are against him. Abraham was gifted with the ability to rally his crew by the mere ferocity of his precise words. His competitive nature allowed him to become one of the most respected figures in the Kul Tiran Navy.

Abraham the lawyer and politician shows the extent of Abraham's will and determination. Abraham as a lawyer saw it as a game, constantly analyzing his counterparts in the courtroom. The minute they stumbled, like a shark smelling blood in the water, Abraham devoured them. Abraham managed to carry this over to the political world. When his at war with fellow Kul Tiran nobles, Abraham pounces on them should they by lying or perpetuating a false narrative. He would get blue in the face, gobs of spit flying out of his mouth, and pounding his fist on his desk if there was ever a corrupt policy. His unwillingness to yield ultimately leads to his victory over the various nobles in policy debates.

In general, when Abraham is socializing and not worrying about his many duties, he is the nicest man anyone could meet. He loves trading stories with anyone who is willing to do so. Abraham is often known to give advice to those who seek it. He is also known to be willing to learn new things and he is sure to ask as many questions as possible. He also has a very good sense of humor, laughing is one of Abraham's favorite pastimes. Abraham is also known to be very charitable, funding the constructions of homes for the people of Anchorfell so that homelessness is an after thought there. And generally pays for all the drinks in taverns whenever he lumbers to one.

As a family man, Abraham is basically how he acts when he is socializing. Abraham adores his wife and children, and deep down, even though he will not admit it, he does loves his half brother, Donwald. Abraham is an active father, doing many activities with his children when time permitted him. Sometimes he would blow off obligations like important meetings and briefings just to spend the most amount of time with his family. Abraham is a very accepting father. When his third child, Rosalynn, told him of her relationship with another woman, Abraham was elated for his daughter. The connection between Abraham and his children is unbreakable. If Abraham ever got ill, all six of his children would be at his bedside tending to him. Even as adults, all the children would come to their father's side. But when Abraham should be resting he would regale them with an animated performance of one of his many stories. Out of all the duties Abraham has and had, being a family man was the most important one.

Physical Descriptions

Abraham is six feet tall, with a massive gut. Up until his forties Abraham managed to keep a slim fit, but as he got older he found himself snacking more frequently and not as active as he once was. However, Abraham still has muscled arms which he prides himself in. With black hair, Abraham always makes sure that it is neat and parted to the right. Abraham's mustache, which he proudly sported since he was fifteen years old, is groomed constantly.


Abraham's casual attire consists of him wearing the dark blue navy coat that he had for decades and a dark blue bicorn hat with a green feather on it. On his navy coat, worn out epaulets indicating Abraham's rank as admiral rest on his shoulders. On his belt, he has a compass that bears the anchor of Kul Tiras, a flintlocke with silver handle, and a plain Kul Tiran, standard issue sabre.

For formal occasions, Abraham wears a nice green Navy coat and matching pants that have a black stripe going down the sides. Upon his head is a green bicorn hat with a gold trim and a gold anchor in the middle. On the shoulders of his coat rest a pair of admiral rank epaulets with gold tassels and on the right shoulder, a gold aiguillette. On the left side of his coat, Abraham's medals rest over his heart. Upon his belt is an ornate cutlass that was vested in him upon being appointed Admiral.



With the reunion between the Alliance and Kul Tiras, Abraham found himself conversing with several members of the Explorer's League. Their tales of hunting artifacts to pieces together the history of the past peaked Abraham's interest. The League's presence in Anchorfell revolved around them finding a signet that was found in one of their Gilnean excavations. The signet was the starting point for the Explorer's League and from their they were able to piece together the story of the ring and came to the conclusion that it belonged to an ancient Gilnean lord.

Their story was supported by the Legend of The Baroness Victoria Dale for the signet found in Gilneas was a twin. On an ancient tapestry within the walls of Harrington Hold, the Baroness and her deceased husband, who is the namesake of the Hold, wearing the signets. The fate of the Baroness' ring was lost to the long history of Anchorfell. Legend has it the ring was pawned off by a desperate Governor of Anchorfell or that it was stolen by the rebels of the great Anchorfell Civil War. It was confirmed that the signet belonged to Lord Harrington Dale. And the Explorer's League respectfully returned the signet to Abraham, this act of generosity touched Abraham.

In return for this the Explorer's League were allowed to review the Anchorfell Archives which chronicles the founding of Anchorfell, Kul Tiras, and relations with the other Seven Human Kingdoms prior to the creation of the Alliance of Lordaeron. The persistent research of Explorer's League prompted Abraham to inquire if there was any chance that he can join the Kul Tiran expedition. The Explorer's League welcomed the Earl as the began their journey going around Kul Tiras and uncovering its lost history.

As person who loves the pursuit of knowledge, to help archaeologists piece together Kul Tiras' long and vague history excited Abraham.


Abraham, who was growing out of his childhood ailments, wanted to pursue boxing with the intention of continuing to build his stamina as well as developing his upper body. His father supported his son's interest and turned one of the many rooms of Harrington Hold into Abraham's personal gym.

Boxing provided Abraham a physical outlet to vent his stress and frustration. From the pressure of doing well in his academics to dealing with his pest of a brother, Donwald, Abraham would find himself in the personal gym for hours. Abraham reached the point where he was a champion of a Boralus amateur boxing league for two consecutive years. However, he was forced into early retirement through demands by Eleanor particularly after a match that he was victorious in but sustained a minor concussion. As he got older Abraham found that he could not maintain his desired daily boxing session, but he does try to get one session with the boxing bag in the week.

Sailing and Swimming

When Abraham was a sickly child, he and his father would take rowing trips on the bay that lasted a couple hours. The activity strengthened Abraham's weak lungs. As Abraham got older, Lawrence and Abraham would sail along the coast of Anchorfell where they would talk politics and sailing, which proved to be an advantage for Abraham by the time he was in the Navy and commanding his own vessel. By the time he became the Duke, Abraham would continue his weekend sailing ventures, where he'd be accompanied frequently by his son Quentin and daughter Rosalynn.

Much like boxing, swimming was another outlet for Abraham, he competed in secondary school but he was not the best. One of the few competitive activities he did not excel in, which was attributed to his asthma. So he swims leisurely once a week, and even during that activity Abraham conducted meetings much to the annoyance of his advisors since they feared he wouldn't listen to their counsel.


Abraham was encouraged by his father to play the piano to pay homage to his late mother who was known to be a renowned pianist prodigy and piano instructor in Boralus prior to marrying into the Glendale family. As a gift for his tenth birthday, Abraham received an ornate, gold trimmed, ivory keyed piano that belonged to his mother. Initially, Lawrence made Abraham practice at least one hour a day, but Abraham became so attached to the instrument that he would spend nearly four hours a day sitting at the piano.

As he got older and gained more responsibilities, Abraham saw his time at the piano reduced. But even with his extremely busy schedule, from his duties to his other hobbies, Abraham finds a way to squeeze in playing the piano. Not only does he find it very soothing, but it provides him a connection to the mother he never knew.


Awards and Honors


Kul Tiran Service Awards

Kul Tiran Medal of Valor - Awarded September 15th, 7 L.C. - Issued for courage and gallantry in line with the values of Kul Tiras far beyond the call of duty and selfless risk of one’s own life.

Medallion of Kul Tiras - Awarded September 15th, 7 L.C. - Issued for courage and gallantry in line with the values of the Kingdom of Kul Tiras beyond the call of duty.

Kul Tiran Commendation for Leadership - Awarded September 15th, 7 L.C. - Issued for excellent, decisive leadership of military personnel in line with the values of the Kingdom of Kul Tiras.

Bronze Anchor - Award September 15th, 7 L.C. - Issued for gallantry which saved the lives of civilians or comrades in the face of immediate danger.

Naval Cross of Boralus - Awarded November 22nd, 18 L.C. - Awarded for dedication to the cause of Kul Tiras and excellence in naval combat.

Kul Tiran Constable's Medal - Award June 26th, 20 L.C. - Issued for conducting excellent, decisive law-enforcement service while in active service to the Kingdom of Kul Tiras.

Outrigger's Medallion - Awarded January 4th, 38 L.C. - Issued for slaying a great monster that threatens the people of the Kingdom of Kul Tiras.

Anchorfell Service Awards

The Earl's Cross of Valor - Awarded September 9th, 7 L.C. - Issued for excelling in the face of adversity on the High Seas.

Commoner's Appreciation of Valor Medallion - Awarded September 9th, 7 L.C. - Issued for fighting valiantly in the name of defending Anchorfell and her people while in service of the Kul Tiran Armed Forces.


Kul Tiran Honors

Lord Admiral Daelin Reign Medal - Awarded July 15th, 4 L.C. - Awarded for service to the armed forces of Kul Tiras during the reign of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore.

Lord Admiral Kathrine Coronation Medal - Awarded 21 L.C. - Awarded for service to the armed forces of Kul Tiras during the reign of Lord Admiral Kathrine Proudmoore.

Lord Admiral Kathrine Reign Medal - Awarded 38 L.C. - Awarded for service to the armed forces of Kul Tiras during the reign of Lord Admiral Kathrine Proudmoore.

Lord Admiral Jaina Coronation Medal - Awarded 38 L.C. - Awarded for service to the armed forces of Kul Tiras during the reign of Lord Admiral Jaina Proudmoore.

Anchorfell Honors

The Order of the Noble Elderhorn - Appointed September 9th, 7 L.C. - Appointed for embodying the Anchorfell virtues of Valor, Strength, and Wisdom while in the service of the Kul Trian Armed Forces.

Earl's Service Order - Appointed February 22nd, 14 L.C. - Appointed for bringing impactful and meaningful change for the people of Anchorfell.

The Victorian Order of Merit - Appointed November 9th, 17 L.C. - Appointed for achieving the rank of Captain or above in the Sixth Fleet of the Kul Trian Navy.

Lord Lawrence Glendale V Enthronement Medal - Awarded March 15th -12 L.C. - Awarded as a personal souvenir from the Earl to members of the Glendale Family, Anchorfell government officials, and members Anchorfell Division of the Kul Tiran Armed Forces.

Lord Lawrence Glendale V Silver Jubilee Medal - Awarded March 15th 13 L.C. - Awarded as a personal souvenir from the Earl to members of the Glendale Family, Anchorfell government officials, and members Anchorfell Division of the Kul Tiran Armed Forces to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Lord Lawrence V's enthronment.

Lord Lawrence Glendale V Reign Medal - Awarded October 28th, 24 L.C. - Awarded as a personal souvenir from the Earl to members of the Glendale Family, Anchorfell government officials, and members Anchorfell Division of the Kul Tiran Armed Forces.

Positions and Offices

The Duke of Anchorfell
Preceded by
Lawrence Glendale V
Abraham Glendale II Succeeded by
Admiral of the Sixth Fleet
Preceded by
Lawrence Glendale V
Abraham Glendale II Succeeded by
Head of House Glendale
Preceded by
Lawrence Glendale V
Abraham Glendale II Succeeded by
Lord Magistrate of Anchorfell
Preceded by
Lawrence Glendale V
Abraham Glendale II Succeeded by
Earl of Dalewood
Preceded by
Lawrence Glendale V
Abraham Glendale II Succeeded by
George Alexander Glendale
Seneschal of Dalewood City
Preceded by
Lawrence Glendale V
Abraham Glendale II Succeeded by
George Alexander Glendale


  • Abraham has two corgis, a red furred one named Angus and a brown furred one named Alfie.
  • Abraham always carries a jar of Eleanor's famous chocolate-chip cookies in his satchel.
  • Abraham is named after both his grandfathers, Abraham and Theobald. The name Woodrow comes from his late mother's grandfather on her father's side whom she was very close too.
  • Abraham tries to read a book a day.
  • Abraham's favorite dessert is Chocolate Cake with a glass of milk.
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