Magna Aegwynn
TCG Aegwynn




Guardian of Tirisfal


Former Guardian of Tirisfal
Jaina Proudmoore's chamberlain


Theramore Isle
KirintorNew Council of Tirisfal
Kirin Tor Kirin Tor (Formerly)


Nielas Aran (Lover)
Medivh (Son)
Med'an (Grandson)


Magna Scavell


Scavell (Pet Thunder Lizard)


Presumed Dead

Aegwynn (sometimes known as Magna Aegwynn; sometimes spelled Aegwyn), Matriarch of Tirisfal, was the penultimate Guardian of Tirisfal and is recognized as one of the greatest Guardians. She is also the mother of the sorcerer and last Guardian Medivh.

The Council of Tirisfal was originally forged to protect the world from demonic corruption of magic (namely by the Burning Legion) — and these Guardians were given considerable power and longevity. The Order was kept as a secret amongst only the greatest magi. But over time, the Guardian became a puppet of the Order, and the focus was lost. When Aegwynn became the Guardian, however, she refused to be manipulated. She remained focused on the matter at hand — the demonic powers at play in Azeroth. The same hubris that led to the Guardian's diminishing caused their downfall.

Aegwynn served as the Guardian of Tirisfal for almost 500 years. Following the end of her reign, she would eventually serve as Jaina Proudmoore's chamberlain for a time near the end of her life. Aegwynn is recognized as one of the greatest sorcerers of all time.

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