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Sir Aetyleus Ardalan
The Elder of Sunnyglade
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"The Archmagi represent the pinnacle of magical power. Weaving their intricate enchantments, these crotchety old wizards are called upon to defend humanity with all the magical powers at their disposal. Mounted atop their trusty steeds, the Archmagi brandish ancient staves that serve to channel their fierce energies in battle. Though gruff and slightly aloof, these experienced wizards are a heartening sight upon any battlefield where the fate of humanity lies in peril." - Warcraft III


IconSmall Human Male.gif Human
Stormwind Banner.png Stormwindian


Sunnyglade, Brightwood
(Status: Alive)

Titles & Positions

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The Great House of Ardalan

Coat of Arms

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Military Service


Dalaran Tabard.jpg Magocracy of Dalaran


Dalaran Tabard.jpg The Violet Eye


Chronicle logo.png Gnoll War

  • Defense of Sunnyglade

Chronicle logo.png Gurubashi War

  • Defense of Westfall
  • Siege of Stormwind City

WCOaH.png First War

  • Battle for Grand Hamlet
  • Battle for Sunnyglade
  • Skirmish at Goldsmith's Street

WC2BnE logo 16x42.png Second War

  • Siege of Dalaran
  • Battle of the Great Portal
  • Battle for Nethergarde
  • Battle of Hellfire Peninsula
  • Siege of Vanguard (Honor Hold)
  • Assault on Hellfire Citadel

Bc icon.gif Invasion of Outland

  • Battle of the Dark Portal

Wrath-Logo-Small-0.png Nexus War

  • Battle for the Coldarra
  • Assault on the Eye of Eternity

Wrath-Logo-Small-0.png War against the Lich King

  • Scourge Invasion of Stormwind
  • Scourge Invasion of Theramore
  • Expedition into Ulduar
  • Assault on Icecrown Citadel

Mists-Logo-Small-0.png Alliance-Horde War

  • Purge of Dalaran
  • Invasion of the Isle of Thunder

WoD-Logo-Small.png War against the Iron Horde

  • Assault on the Dark Portal
  • Expedition into Talador
  • Assault on Hellfire Citadel

Legion-Logo-Small-0.png Third Legion Invasion

  • Battle for the Broken Shore
  • Battle of Deadwind Pass
  • The Nightfall Rebellion
  • Battle for the Violet Hold

Gameicon BFA.png Fourth War

Gameicon Shadowlands.png Shadowlands

  • In Amber Clad
  • Shadows Over Stormwind
  • Battle of the Bones
  • Darkest Before Dawn
  • Azrighor's End


Expand Awards

  • Kirin Tor Sash of Supreme Acumen
  • Mantle of the Grand Alliance
  • Medallion of the Grand Alliance
  • Grand Alliance Magical Service Ribbon
  • Order of the Brotherhood of the Horse
  • Brotherhood Knight’s Sash
  • Mantle of Stormwind
  • Stormwind Wizard’s Hat
  • Lion Horn of Stormwind
  • Signet of Stormwind
  • Arcane Accolade of Azora
  • Explorer’s League Commendation
  • Khaz Modan Medallion of Merit
  • Khaz Modan Civic Commendation
  • Silvermoon Reliquary Commendation

(Adapted from Waracraft Conquest awards)

General Introduction

Venerable and ancient, Sir Aetyleus the Elder (Born Aetyleus of the House of Ardalan) is an Archmage of the Kirin Tor and former Conjurer of Stormwind. Renowned as a brilliant scholar within the magical and alchemical community, Aetyleus' wisdom, guidance, and counsel is often sought by the leaders and magi of the Grand Alliance and the Magocracy of Dalaran.

The Archmage is typically adorned in the formal and traditional wears of the older generations of magi, which consists of long flowing robes and a conical hat accented with a shirt, tie, dress pants, and polished shoes crafted from the finest colored fabrics and leathers Stormwindian artisans can acquire. Aetyleus keeps many of his personal keepsakes, trinkets, and other reagents stowed away on his person for if their need should ever arise. It would be an incredibly rare sight to witness the veteran wizard without his signature conical hat as it was one of his most prized articles of clothing. On his left ring finger, where one would normally wear a wedding band, instead rested an old bronze Kirin Tor Signet Ring, a parted gift from a dear friend and Magocracy Senator from times since passed.

His pale complexion could probably be used as a mirror to those who got close enough, his eyes laid sunken within their sockets and dull in appearance. The elder stood a measly five-foot seven-inches with a slight hunch. His forehead was decorated with deep wrinkles when he spoke and gestured, rising and falling like the tide of the sea. The man carried no obvious weaponry other than his staff which doubled primarily as a walking aid that the Archmage came to rely upon greatly for quick mobility due to an old injury leaving him with a noticeable limp in his left leg; when without, his arms were often crossed in his robes concealing both hands.

A veteran of some of humanity's greatest conflicts, Aetyleus was no stranger to horrors of warfare having helped defend both Stormwind and Dalaran for the better part of his life. He was confident, but often reserved, and always seemed to know where best to strike his opponents for maximum effect. Upon engaging in combat, the Archmage's first action is to summon the aid of his Arcane familiar, Granius the Watcher, to intercept foes and keep them occupied and therefore allow himself to cast spells or use other abilities without interference. If the Archmage appears to be winning the engagement after the first few exchanges in combat, he will press the advantage with devastating area-effect spells. If he thought he was losing, however, Aetyleus would not hesitate to teleport hastily back to safety to fight another day.

Conscripted as a footman shortly after his Age of Ascension by His Majesty Barathen Wrynn, King of Stormwind during the Gnoll War, Aetyleus is remarkably old and surpasses even the most liberal of standards for humanity’s otherwise short documented lifespan. Having noted some powerful magi are capable of extending their lives through the use of Arcane Magic, it is suspected that the Archmage has spent considerable portions of his life researching and understanding the young field of research and phenomena known as Chronomancy.

While it has been confirmed that the mortal Archmage bears no relationship to the Bronze Dragonflight, his colleagues remain unsure on how he came in possession of a few grains of the Sands of Time from the Northrend shrine; a secret one has never cared to share to even his most trusted friends and apprentices. These sands, as white as undriven snow, allow the Archmage the remarkable and most extraordinary ability to scry enigmatic glimpses of the past and future, and even alternate timelines, and may hold the secret to his otherwise unorthodox age.

Random Facts and Trivia

1. Aetyleus has co-authored several publications regarding magic: (1) De Magia Volume I, (2) Transmutation: Key within the Stone, (3) Arcane Medium: A Study of the Spell Focus, (4) The Violet Grimoire, (5) The Black Grimoire, as well as one pamphlet: Robes and Wardrobes.

2. As a Magocracy Senator, Aetyleus has drafted several bills: (1) The Holiday Act, (2) Controlled Reagents Act, (3) Penal Service Act, (4) Foreign Actor Registration Act, (5) Forbidden Magics Act of 41 L.C., (6) Lesser Species Citizenship and Rights Act, (7) Murloc Emergency Authorization Act, (8) FARA Disclosure Amendment, (9) Magocracy Retirement Act, (10) Governor Authority Resolution Act, (11) MRA Amendment, (12) Duskwood Humanitarian and Maternity Relief Act, (13) Domestic Security Amendment; Citizen's Arrest, (14) Prisoner's Rights Amendment, (15) C.H.E.E.S.E. Act, (16) Voting Rights Act, (17) Styles and Titles Act, (18) Teleportation and Portals Act (Amendment), (19) Trading With the Enemy Act, (20) CRA II Amendment, (21) Guild Commerce Protection and Autonomy Act, (22) CRA III Amendment, (23) Counterfeiting and Forgery Act.

3. Aetyleus voice reference is Grand Maester Pycelle from Game of Thrones.

4. Declared an 'Honorary Dwarf' by Dwarven Vanguard Captain Drarin Thundersteel, Aetyleus has been known to equip and fund many archaeological digs related to Dwarvish lore, as well as the prominent Blacksmith organization known as the Mithril Order. The Archmage fluently reads, writes, and speaks the Dwarvish language as well as the various dialects. Two years later, Thane and Field-Marshal Bromas Ebonram reaffirmed the title with full honors.

5. Aetyleus is also the proud second place winner of the Steamwheedle Cartel Gadgetzan's 37th Annual Sandcastle Competition. He is also recognized as a Grandmaster of the popular strategy board game Hawks and Hares, as well as Chest. His Hearthstone prowess, however, is rather adept at best.

6. The Archmage has a zealous obsession with pointed hats, and very rarely takes his own off giving rise to the rumor he even bathes with it on.

7. Establishing himself as a subject-matter expert of Necromancy following the betrayal of Kel'thuzad and the emergence of the Cult of the Damned, the Archmage sometimes provides lectures and demonstrations under extremely strict guidelines and a watchful eye for the more disciplined and mature magi of the realm, something he believes will help prepare them in their defense against the foul magic should the necessity ever arise in the field.

8. Aetyleus is the co-owner of a deliciously famous restaurant known as Eventide Pizzeria with locations in Dalaran, Stormwind City, Boralus, Ironforge, and Gadgetzan! Additionally, the Archmage also co-owns a small yet successful ranch dedicated to the breeding of only the most capable and pureblood of Barak Tor'ol mountain rams located in Khaz Modan.

9. Aetyleus is credited as being one of the three researches of the Project Bronto-Cat super-weapon, the other two being Nathul Furlbrow and Vanidicus Alexander.

10. Aetyleus fluently speaks Common, Dwarven, Thalassian, and has a proficient understanding of Gnomish, Darnassian, Draenei. The Archmage has an academical understanding of Orcish, Shalassian, Kalimag, Draconic, Titanic, and Shath'Yar.

11. A connoisseur of mushrooms, mosses, and other fine fungi, the Archmage can often be found foraging the nearby woods for delectable treats.

Current Offices

Current year (2022) is 36 ADP / 42 LC / 634 KC / 266 AHK
Vice-Chancellor, Magocracy of Dalaran
Guild: <Magus Senate of Dalaran>

(16 January 35 ADP - Ongoing)

Preceded by
Vorien Dawnstrider
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by
Master of the Inner Circle
Guild: <Order of the Lamb>

(21 April 34 ADP - Ongoing)

Preceded by
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by

Former Offices

Deputy Lord High Mage of Stormwind
Ministry of the Magical Affairs, Stormwind House of Nobles

(06 October 34 ADP - 7 May 35 ADP)

Preceded by
Garion Magnus
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by
Aras Ardalan
Minister of Academics, Magocracy of Dalaran
Guild: <Magus Senate of Dalaran>

(04 January 34 ADP - 18 April 35 ADP)

Preceded by
Fuerel Pyrestaff
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by
Cylus Baultery
Lord High Mage of Stormwind
Ministry of the Magical Affairs, Stormwind House of Nobles

(09 January 34 ADP - 01 May 34 ADP)

Preceded by
Tlayna Rastoke
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by
Wardom Greywell
Ambassador to Dalaran and the Kirin Tor
Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, Stormwind House of Nobles

(26 May 33 ADP - 10 January 34 ADP)

Preceded by
Garion Magnus
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by
An'lyen Rosefeather
Lord's Council of Duchy of Westridge
Guild: <The First Regiment>

(15 April 33 ADP - 06 September 33 ADP)

Preceded by
Vincent Ravenwing
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by
Galmone Wolfgang Smith
Lord High Mage of Stormwind
Ministry of the Magical Affairs, Stormwind House of Nobles

(07 January 33 ADP - 01 May 33 ADP)

Preceded by
Nathul Furlbrow
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by
Tlayna Rastoke
High Provost of Magical Affairs
Ministry of the Magical Affairs, Stormwind House of Nobles

(15 September 32 ADP - 07 January 33 ADP)

Preceded by
Nathul Furlbrow
(De facto)
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by
Avaline Cinderspell
Director of The Royal Arcanum
Guild: <The Royal Arcanum>,
formerly the <Council of Azora>

(21 July 32 ADP - 05 April 33 ADP)

Preceded by
Position Founded
Aetyleus the Elder Succeeded by
Levi Morne