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Aewald after his youngest son was born.

Aewald Bredwardine was the venerable lord of Valdell Key for twenty-two years. Loved and revered by his people, Aewald would often drink at the local tavern with commoners and recount his battle stories. His current status is unknown though he is presumed dead at the hands of pirates in the aftermath of the Cataclysm. His second eldest son, Daenis Bredwardine, currently resides in Stormwind and is planning an expedition back to Valdell Key to discover the true fate of his father.


  • Aewald married a common woman he met at a tavern (much to his father's chagrin) and had four sons, two of which are still alive.
  • A supporter of Theramore, Aewald donated countless troops and supplies to the effort and would sometimes wear a Theramore tabard in support.
  • He was a Lieutenant in the navy and served in active combat for eight years, retiring with various honors and awards.