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The Age of Ascension is a human term used commonly to refer to the event of one transitioning from twelve years of age to thirteen. It is considered a time of celebration as the child makes their first steps towards adulthood and in many human cultures is the point where one begins to take on additional responsibilities to prepare for their later lives.

It is noted that within the kingdoms, the heir apparent is not recognized as the "Crown Prince/Princess" by the King until they have reached the age of ascension. Once reached they are given some minor responsibilities to prepare them for their seat of office as well as being expected to sit in on hearings along with the monarch. It is common for celebrations for the age of ascension to be grander than that of a normal birth day, though amongst the nobility it is seen as a grand event to celebrate.


The Age of Ascension should not be confused with coming to age. In most kingdoms, one cannot marry until sixteen to eighteen. In addition, reaching the age of ascension does not mean that one has reached the age of consent in most societies.