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Mother Ahnca DeBray Elric


Alteraci Human




Ordained Priestess
Chief Steward of the Lightwardens
Bishop of Alterac


The Grand Alliance
Church of the Holy Light


House of Debray


Ephraim DeBray (Father) †
Tyne DeBray (Mother) †
Marcus DeBray (Brother)
Ritchard Elric (Husband)


The Holy Light; Church of the Holy Light


  • Tutored
  • Orthodox Teachings


Neutral Good



Bishop-Emeritus Ahnca DeBray is the former Bishop for the Diocese of Alterac. Born to the Alterac Noble House of Kent, Ahnca has recently been seeking out to reclaim and restore the birth home of her family, Kent, and Sloperise Keep

History Abridged.

Ahnca DeBray was born in Kent, in the northeast of Alterac city. Although Alterac is known for its snowy, mountainous geography, Kent brought this element to the extreme. The village is nestled high on the side of a mountain; a strategic move that left them without many natural resources or farming land.

Ahnca’s home, Sloperise Keep, could be seen for miles, as it stood on the highest peak. She was born the second child of Ephraim, Earl of Kent and his first wife, Tyne (formerly Dennor). Their coat of arms features the profile of their home coupled with the family adage, "Break against us."

Ahnca had access to many tutors befitting her family’s rank and did incredibly well in most subjects. Although much of her time was spent alone, studying in the family’s library or riding her horse, she did not have a fair childhood.

Kent remained loyal to their king during the Second War, and joined in the efforts to defeat the Alliance. Ahnca, upset by the betrayal of her people, left during the chaos in the middle of the night and joined a group of traveling healers called the Mercy Givers.

It was after many years of this, that she decided to move to Stormwind. This is where she met Bishop Melchiz. The bishop, sensing something in her, convinced her to take up the Priesthood and that is when she began her training. Ahnca thrived under the strict, orthodox teachings of the bishop, and after many months of study was ordained as a priestess of Lights Dawn Cathedral.

Ahnca now remains as a priestess, and has grown to become one of the bishop’s most invaluable assistants. She is incredibly appreciative of the chance she was given by the bishop. She is fiercely loyal to him, convinced that he is one of the greatest priests to have ever lived.

She has since been granted Bishop Emeritus, and her successor as Bishop of Alterac has yet to be fully determined.