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An Aiguillette is an ornamented cord that is slung on the shoulder, hanging down on side of arm or chest. They end in gold metal tagged points, and are worn by officers (and in rare cases non-commissioned officers) to distinguish special and senior appointments.

The type of aiguillette worn depends on the rank of the officer and/or the position or appointment they hold. The appointment also dictates which shoulder the item is worn. Most senior officers wear the aiguillette on the right shoulder, while more junior officers wear it on the left. [1]

Many Marshals would also wear an aiguillette on formal events, including inspections and marches.

The Aiguillette in Military Uniform


The King or other Military Monarchs would hold a platinum or silver aiguillette, or sometimes an aiguillette of their nation's colours (such as the King of Gilneas may wear a grey aiguillette).

Marshals (Army)

Marshals within the Army would often accompany their aiguillette with an Officer's sword and/or Marshals Baton, as well as their medals and formal dress.

Admirals (Navy Marshals)

Admirals would accompany their aiguillette with their blue and gold Bicorne or Admiral's Hat, medals as well as their ceremonial sword (Often cutlass) and/or Marshal's Baton.

Air Marshals (Air Force)

Air Marshals would generally have similar Admiral's uniform, but with different medals and honours.

The Honour Guard

All service branches of the Honour Guard wear a gold aiguillette mixed with blue in order to show formality and ceremony in their cause as well as their alignment to the Grand Alliance.

The Stormwind Guard

A Guard may wear an aiguillette in the event of a senior appointment (such as commanding a unit), post or if they are an attaché. The most common attaché is between SI:7 and the Guard, but may also exist between other Constabulary forces such as Night Elf Sentinels, though this is rare.

Major and Minor appointments are distinguished by the type of aiguillette worn. For example, all minor roles will use a single aiguillette, whereas most major positions will use a double edition.

A table of all the aiguillettes currently in service with the 42nd Regiment can be seen below[2].

Minor Appointments
Appointment Constable Recruitment Officer Training Officer Quartermster Archivist Adjutant
Image ConstableAig.PNG ROAig.jpg TOAig.PNG QMAig.PNG Adjutant.PNG
Colour Red Dark blue White Black Green Gold
Shoulder Left Left Left Left Left
Roles Medic Detective Special Forces
Image Medic.jpg DetectiveAig.jpg SpecsAig.jpg
Colour Red and white Orange Light blue
Shoulder Left Left Left
Major Appointments
Appointment Military Attaché Unit Leader Regiment X.O. Regiment C.O. Sergeant Major of the Guard Lord High Constable
Image Unit LeaderAig.png
Colour Nation's Colours Gold Blue Gold and blue Maroon Platinum
Shoulder Right Left Right Right Right Right


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  2. Note that all images are temporary.