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"My soul bears the burden of my misjudgement, but I have been waiting. I have been patient. And when the time is right, the Betrayer will become the betrayed."

Akama is a Broken who was formerly a guardian and priest of the Temple of Karabor, as one of the Draenei. When the Orcish Horde attacked the Temple, Akama guided those he could to safety, and helped lead the Draenei into Zangarmarsh to escape the Horde. As the Burning Legion came to infest what had become Outland, Akama learned of the presence of Illidan Stormrage, who was apparently an enemy of the Legion. Akama pledged the assistance of the Broken to Illidan, joining Illidan's Forces as they dismantled Magtheridon, the ruling demon of Outland, who held control of the Temple of Karabor, now the Black Temple.

Despite Akama's wishes, the Temple, even after Magtheridon's defeat and imprisonment, was not freed. Illidan took the Temple for himself, proclaiming himself the Lord of Outland as his forces secured themselves on the corrupted world. Akama saw the evil intent within Illidan and planned a method to strike back and retake the Temple for his people. Eventually, Akama brought the battle to Illidan, and was assisted by Maiev Shadowsong in the battle, eventually defeating Illidan.

At that point, the Temple was freed from the hold of demons and Illidan, and Akama and his people took the Temple back for themselves in order to rebuild.