Lady Akirie Starfall-Emberspark
Velf Akirie Purple by Shokoto
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Lawful Good


Dalaran Senator
Magus of the Silverguard
Enchanting Tailor

Marital Status

Married to Sevalen Emberspark


Custodian of the Astral Plane


Kirin Tor
The Silverguard
Magus Senate of Dalaran
House Starfall
House of Dawnsorrow
House of Dawnblade
The Highguard (Former)


Nora and Rayne Starfall (Birth Parents)
Aeriyth Dawnsorrow and Binor Dungalion (Adopted Parents)
Kisara Starfall (Twin Sister)
Sevalen Emberspark (Husband)

Akirie Starfall-Emberspark is a renowned senator of the Magus Senate of Dalaran and Star Augur of the city of Dal'thalas. Since her reinstatement into the Kirin Tor following her extensive recovery from amnesia, Akirie has actively sought to rejoin House Starfall and help her father, Rayne Starfall, oversee the city of Dal'thalas.

Backstory Edit

Akirie is a Dalaran-born citizen and for the better majority of her life she has been a Kirin Tor Mage. With her father, Kirin Tor Mage himself, as one of her mentors, Akirie’s magical talent grew swiftly. Naturally, Akirie was good at empowering items with a different magic, making her an exceptional enchantress. Through her study of astromancy, a subject that is passed down from generation to generation through the Starfall family bloodline, she learned about Divination and for many years specifically studied that particular school so that she could achieve advanced forms of scrying, therefore helping her with her astronomical studies.

She would go on to take these skills with her into the Kirin Tor military once she became of age. Akirie would spend most of her time studying when she wasn’t actively training for becoming a battle-mage. Her weapons would be enchanted with potent spells and tricks that made up for her, not as practiced evocation school.  The mage would serve Dalaran through the Second and Third War, and the Nexus War.

In the Second War, Akirie would join Dalaran’s support to the Alliance of Lordaeron. She would be stationed in Nethergarde Keep to watch over the remaining rift between worlds for a small time, being summoned back to Dalaran after the theft of the Eye of Dalaran. Her more advanced divination magic would be called upon for investigations and the assistance in improving Dalaran security.

The Third War would be the beginning of struggling times for Akirie and her family. As the threat of the scourge encroached upon Dalaran, she actively assisted in the evacuation of the city’s people- including her twin sister Kisara. Her parents, however, both part of the defenses, stayed behind with Akirie as the undead came. Countless undead was slain by the Kirin Tor battle mages, but the efforts were futile. Akirie and her father would be among the last standing, not hesitating a moment when the retreating orders were given. They would relocate to Theramore, but her mother never returned.

She returned later to assist with Dalaran’s reconstruction and eventual re’ launch’ into the air as the Dalaran we all know and love: the floating city of magic. Wounded from the Third War, her father would retire, leaving Akirie behind in the military. She would be promoted to captain of a small group of battle magi for her demonstration of leadership skills during the war against the scourge. It was an unexpected, but pleasant, promotion.

Dalaran moved to Northrend and was met with the furious Blue Dragonflight. The Aspect had gone insane and unity between the Alliance and Horde was important. Her team would act as peacekeepers in Dalaran for the start of the Nexus War. They heard the word of other teams walking into the icy world of Northrend and never returning or would be rediscovered as traitors working for Malygos. Akirie’s team would be assigned to trace down some of their former members and bring them in for questioning. During this mission, Akirie made the terrifying discovery that their own supervisor had become a mage-hunter himself and had sent them to their deaths. Amidst their confrontation, it was discovered that he was not just a mage hunter, but a dragon of the Azure Dragonflight. Alongside a few other teams, Akirie and her battle mages would fight against the dragon. They successfully felled them but nearly everyone had been slain. Survivors succumbed to their wounds in the snow, and Akirie was no exception among the terribly injured. She would be found, however, still alive, and returned to Dalaran safely.

She suffered severe head trauma, a piece of her frontal lobe was removed and was left with severe amnesia. Her family stood by her, though, supporting her through the re-learning process. Her past was a mystery to her, however until recently. After Mr. and Mrs. Bloodsun freed tortured Highborne spirits from the void, a spectral inquisitor used special magic to help recover Akirie’s memories. 

Now that her memories have been returned, Akirie has decided to join the Kirin Tor once again as a member of research and development. Astromancy has once again become her main focus and contribution to the Kirin Tor apart from any additional responsibilities they decide to give her and her team. 

Post-Nexus War Edit

Akirie was treated and eventually released back home to Dalaran. Suffering retrograde amnesia, Akirie was uncertain and felt in danger around her locations. Despite being guarded heavily, the woman would run away in false fear for her life and left her sister, who had been watching over her, behind unknowingly.

Back to the Basics Edit

In the years of recovery, Akirie received tutoring to reignite her fiery passion for pyromancy. She went on to rejoin the Kirin Tor working alongside mages of the Magus Senate of Dalaran and also attempted to be a part of Vestige of the Phoenix, a growing kingdom of High Elves. In her time with the Vestige, Akirie had assisted the order with the takedown of a banshee, her contribution being her firepower and a single slice of smoldering cake that she used to melt the banshee's face off. Akirie found it rather humorous. Shortly after this, however, Akirie left the Vestige to join the Magus Senate of Dalaran for a better chance in expanding on her magic education.

Magus Senate of Dalaran Edit

Akirie would return to Dalaran and the Kirin Tor after her very short tenure with Vestige of the Phoenix. In the Senate, Akirie was established as a senator and rejoined the battle-mages once again for a taste of what it was like prior to her amnesia. Unfortunately, it did not grow on her and she was prone to switching her plans in the Kirin Tor frequently to match with her interests. She worked closely with the ministers namely Arranax DeVin and Vanidicus Alexander for both intelligence and battle-mage duties. In the midst of her work she met and recruited engineer Matiff Durthan whom she later fell in love with and even became engaged to him. Together they were to have a child, but sudden stress from the war in Draenor separated them and Akirie miscarried their child in his absence. The engagement was annulled and since then Akirie had been considered a fringe member of the Senate; she was a part of them, but mostly cooperating with her family's order, the Highguard.

New Family Edit

Her amnesia left her a shell of a person trapped in the mindset of a young, childish elf who was always getting into some trouble. She was discharged from active service as a battle mage and was held in intensive care for many months. A close friend of hers named Shorai had temporarily taken her into his care as his own child, though the man was not an elf. Ranger Lady Aeriyth Dawnsorrow, who had met Akirie when she was a part of Vestige of the Phoenix, would later alleviate the stress that was Akirie's unfortunate demise as her former self and felt that Akirie would fair much better being raised (again) by a family of elves. Aeriyth would officially adopt Akirie as her daughter, changing Akirie's false surname she had given herself (Frostheart) to Dawnsorrow as an official member of the family. She would later be set into an arranged marriage with Faoln Dawnblade who died only two years after their marriage. Akirie has been heartbroken and not as open to relationships after his passing.

The Highguard Edit

Aeriyth, being the Ranger Lady of the Highguard, naturally influenced Akirie to be apart of the order as well. She served as the head of the Magi Circle and Mage Division for a time prior to the death of a close friend and ally in Draenor. When her friend was killed by a raid of orcs that overwhelmed them on a mission, Akirie took the full blame on herself and became very detached from her leadership position. She later deemed herself too emotional and ruined from the experience which resulted in her stepping down.

Akirie went on her own after relieving herself of being a leader and mostly focused on official Kirin Tor business that had her supposedly missing for months. Dal'itha, the Warmagus of the Highguard and friend of Akirie, found her by chance in Azuna by chance just sitting in the middle of a patch of flowers and meditating. The reunion was excitable and resulted in Akirie's return to the Highguard to which she rejoined the battle magi.

Akirie continued her studies of Astromancy in the Highguard, but found a true outlet for it when they befriended the Shal'dorei. She found it unfortunate that their alliance was short-lived, and once again found her in a slump when access to years and years of lost texts on the subject was severed. Her education was at a halt so she took more action on Argus where she assisted the Highguard with the slaying of demons among other advances. She was still determined to learn, however, and as the Ren'dorei were introduced as members of the Alliance, Akirie felt that because of her occupation, her knowledge could better help with bridging the gap between some of the wary High Elves and the Ren'dorei. Confident in her abilities, Akirie departed from the Highguard to avoid the possibility of harm coming to any from the order, and thus went on her own for her studies.

Against the Legion Edit

Years after her amnesia, Akirie relearned and took on the studies of an astromancer. There was very little information on the spells and potential that the study offered, and some of it was hidden by druids of balance. The rediscovery of the Broken Isles had her interested and her new occupation as a researcher offered opportunities to venture there. This did not go without fighting the Legion, however, as the magus fought alongside the Illidari and other allies throughout the turmoil of the war.

Aszuna Edit

Azuna became a favored place of hers. She enjoyed the many secrets hidden in the enchanted land and took many pleasures in exploring the various crypts and caves despite many of the monsters. Fearlessly the magus would wander with a flame in hand that would guide her path down the ancient chambers. She took many logs and detailed sketches of what appeared to be runes and even tools for a font of ley energy. It wasn't long until she finally ran into one of the Nightfallen who happened to be present during her struggle against some Fal'dorei. In return Akirie, and others from either faction assisted their efforts to reclaim the city.

Astromancy Edit


Akirie Starfall by The DawnsHeart

Otherwise operating solo for the time, Akirie took advantage of her ability to use a mask as an illusion through the streets of Suramar. There was much to do in terms of helping others who were starving of their thirst, and so Akirie often wandered the streets to offer something to sate them for the day. One such individual she had befriended from these visits offered knowledge in return to which the elf could not refuse.

More potent spells offered new abilities she had not even imagined. Her enthusiasm led to constant practice and perfection, and eventually, she had amplified her ability to be unseen for a longer amount of time. She shifted away from her fire practices and began to take on the arcane. Akirie adapted well to its casting and once she felt ready, she prepared herself to get her hands on what she really wanted to know: astromancy. Using her augmented spells, the elf managed to stealthily enter a library and feasted her eyes upon powerful spell tomes full of secrets to the art. She was no thief, though, and so Akirie would be forced to make this trip as often as her heart desired to- with a large share of close calls for being exposed.

Often the elf would return her notes to her friend to share with him what she learned from her hours of study, but not long after they met, the Nightborne was slain for insubordination. Shortly after witnessing the beheading of her new friend, her heavy heart found herself within his home, collecting books, journals, and anything he had mentioned to her to not let the guards get their hands on. In the process of this, Akirie was nearly exposed, and only by a timely distraction from an explosion escaped the city unscathed.

Not wanting to risk a faulty spell in her home, Akirie found a secluded area within Azuna to practice the various spells she acquired from the knowledge in the Suramar Library. Akirie made herself a safe house in an abandoned underground cave not far from her practice site and hid it well with wards.

Akirie remained infatuated with the cosmic powers. Although she traveled to the other regions in the Broken Isles, it was mostly for the purpose of thwarting the demonic presence in the area or mapping the stars. With some Nightborne technology she was gifted, Akirie learned how to archive her maps in an interactive projection, allowing her to model more accurate representations of her maps.

This newfound skill was used many times in Argus, especially as she assisted in finding the best placement for rifts from world to world on Argus. Although she could not open the portals herself, her expertise in divination assisted her in spotting the best vantage point against the demons, rapidly expediting Illidari and Legionfall efforts against the enemy forces.

Corruption Edit

Unfortunately, this use of magic attracted the denizens of the void. Although Akirie was no stranger to neutralizing void threats in her many journeys through Titanic chambers and pocket dimensions, she was caught off guard by the Void Ethereals. The astromancer was forced to fight her way out of a group of them, fending the small group off with relative ease. However, the twisted void of their forms consolidated into one entity she struggled to destroy. Finding no other way to defeat it, Akirie attempted to absorb the entity into a trinket, but the spell backfired. The void collided with the elf's form in the middle of her arcane ritual. The blast destroyed the entity and twisted Akirie, changing her snow-white skin to a cobalt blue and her once red-wine curly hair now was colored from the nebulas she studied so closely- teal, azure, and magenta swirled in her hair, and her eyes were like shining mirrors, reflecting a twinkling night sky. Additionally, her magic was enhanced; her connection to the void extending her farseeing and empowering her nethermancy.

The voices did not invoke any fear response from Akirie as fear was no longer something she felt since her injury in the Nexus War. She found that it's tendencies of telling half-truths strangled her ability to differentiate memories she was recovering from her past from the visions the darkness imposed on her. She sought help from the Ren'dorei to contain her newfound void connection to which she was welcomed with open arms. Akirie established a bond with the void elves and even some members of the Consortium. With this partnership, she has been granted access to the Consortium's marketplace, assisting her in obtaining unique instruments to assist her in her astronomical studies.

Ravenwood Edit

Akire guild commission2

Akirie Emberspark in Ravenwood Attire by Ai Saunar

During her time outside of her usual role, Akirie came across a group of independents known as Ravenwood. This group of adventurers won Akirie's heart over for the thrill of adventure and the satisfaction of aiding Azeroth at the same time. Fiendras Rav'sial, organization head and friend to Akirie, was supportive of Akirie's research into the cosmos and lent his assistance in the form of information. Through him, Akirie would go on to discover more about the Titans and her spellblade, Dal'zaram.

Starstruck Edit

Not long into her tenure within Ravenwood Akirie would cross paths with another Ren'dorei named Sevalen Emberspark. Upon her first meeting with the elf her heart was easy to surrender to the calm, friendly mage. Together they shared theories and discoveries together- but also personal time. After years of being in an official position, some sort of military or organization, Akirie finally had someone to spend uneventful personal time with. The pair ventured to many different places in Azeroth together simply for the satisfaction of appreciating its life. With his support, Akirie would finally recover from her amnesia and become whole once again.

Akirie and Sev Wonderlight Ball by Ai Saunar

Akirie and Sev Wonderlight Ball by Ai Saunar

As a symbol of their friendship, the magus made both of them a pair of friendship bracelets of blue, purple, and black threads, a single moonstone bead hanging from it. The bracelet allows them to communicate telepathically and find each other even in some more restricting situations.

Though they had shared this time together, love was a word both of them held off from saying. The Tournament of Ages came and they helped run the Ravenwood booth together. Akirie provided attendees with tarot card reading and enchantments when she worked the booth but otherwise, she conversed with friends, family, and visitors of the booth. At the end of the Tournament, the Wonderlight ball commenced and at the final couple's dance Sevalen gifted Akirie with the glittering starlight rose she wears in her hair to this day, and his heart. The two officially declared their love for one another under the fireworks at the end of the night.

Sevalen and Akirie were married a year later, Akirie adopting his last name Emberspark. They are still together to present date.

Appearance Edit

Compassionate, striving and disciplined. These few words described the woman in her nature. The aspects of which created her sense of being. Akirie was a refined woman, noble grace was a simplicity to her, and it followed to the gentle sways of her steps or the wave of a hand. She was home to soft features, welcoming and warm to view, and often falling to the generosity of a smile despite the strife that lied before her. All the while it was the compassion glimmering in her eyes that told this even more. The mother-like concern for her friends and family, and yet there was

123244 Akirie

Akirie Emberspark Portrait by Nocturyn

the underlying strive to protect them. Where even the soft of the heart can steel, becoming furious as any primal mother would to anything endangering her kin. Rare as it may be. Even for her stature, the woman could be seen as delicate, for she stood a degree under the average height of her people, and her curvature was one just as astonishing. While many of her people were built athletically slender or fit with the musculature of a warrior - Akirie was paramount to her femininity. She was cushioned, to say the least, blessed by her genealogy to bear wide hips, an equally defined backside, and her bosom was much the same - ample. At her crown, where once rosaline red tresses cascaded to frame her face and cape down the curve of her back, now had been twisted dramatically and their hues were polar in color. Akirie had soft cerulean locks and sprinkled throughout was the trace few touches of magenta and even dusk purple. Her skin once pale ivory had even been distorted in color - now a soft baby blue. All the while it was her eyes that sought one’s attention. Their former crystalline blue had paled to a nigh silver, gentle glints of blue speckled through her visage, a sight that lured and captured. As well to the warmth of her full lips, adorned with a cupid’s arc upon the upper lip, was often pulled at their corners into a kind smile.

Starry Akirie by Elzdraw

Starry Akirie by Elzdraw

Lastly what beckoned attention was the woman’s sense of style. Akirie delighted herself in the tastes of higher society.

Often draping herself in materials that gathered a hefty sum of glittering gold. Yet, the woman’s attire wasn’t something you would so easily catch wrapped around the silhouette of a mannequin, all because she fared to design her own wardrobe. Talented fingers to a talented mind. Her clothing was refined further, however, the sweet unveiling of magic laced through the threads so carefully woven, giving way to not only sparking radiance from embedded gems but the security she found herself desiring for the common day to day routine. Her clothing was crafted to be elegant and functional. The enchantments that resided were wards, woven into place just as the threads were pulled taut. It gave just a taste to unbridled experience the woman held when it came to the techniques of magic.

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