Chief Administrator
Al Roe Wright
New Al Art
(Formal Portrait)




Date of Birth Unknown
Born in Tirisfal Glades


Sargent Major of the Icewing Brigade

Chief Administrator of Citrine Medical


Knight-0 The Grand Alliance
Alterac Flag The Citrine Eagle


The Wright Family

Rosa Grace Wright (Mother) †
Albert Kingsport Wright (Father) †
Zaria Blackmoore (Surrogate Mother)


Teachings of Aviana



"Huh, even been to the Tree-Lands? Cause there... This is child's play"
~ Al Roe Wright

Al Roe Wright (Born Allia Rose Wright) is presently the rank of Sargent Major in the Icewing Brigade and the Chief Administrator of Citrine Medical for The Citrine Eagle. With no mother or father to guide them, Al has connected with the Matriarch of the order, Zaria R. Blackmoore in a bid to forge a connection with a motherly figure. Al seeks to become a formal Knight outside of the Silver Hand.

History Edit

Al was born as the second child to Albert Kingsport Wright, a Lordaeronian Shipwright, and Rosa Grace Wright, a small village thread-weaver. The Wright's first born child, Alistar Eglle Wright, died in his second winter due to illness, leaving Al as their sole heir.

Al was originally named Allia Rose Wright by their mother, Rosa Grace Wright. Rosa had fallen sick shortly after giving birth to Al, which soon led to her early passing, leaving Albert as Al's only living family. With the death of Alistar and Rosa, Albert's mind broke, spiralling him into an unspoken insanity. Albert had always wanted a son, and was graced with Alistar. When Alistar succumbed to illness in his second winter, it took a toll on Albert, for he had now lost his much loved, and highly wanted male heir.

With the loss of Alistar, and the loss of the only person who would stop him, Rosa, Albert forced his ideal image of a male heir upon is only living child Allia. Albert would only refer to Allia as "Al", the nickname he had given to Alistar as a toddler. (WIP)

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