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The Peak of Light


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Hereditary Triumvirate


Lady Ansarrie of Dawngale, Wardens of The Rising
Lady Vendae of Highwind, Wardens of The Crossing
(Head) Lord Lor'Seyn of Aeraloth, Wardens of The Fall

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The Wrath of Vendae Highwind

The Sanguine Fury

The reds and yellows of dusk bled across the sky and embossed the bannister of the balcony.

Vendae stood with her hands atop the railings, curled and golden like filigree, attempting to admire the sight of the sun drowning into the river of Alah'Danil. As a child, and as a Quel'dorei, seeing the sun set always offered the solace of the knowledge that the morrow would come with it new beginnings.

But that solace was long lost.

Time had set the sun upon her friendships with Dame Dawngale and Dame Aeraloth, and that sun was never to rise again.

Her ears flicked, and with the sound of unsure footing and dainty hands fumbling to keep a tray of sweets still, Vendae realized it to be her simpering and nervous handmaiden De'Lare. Vendae's mother was reputed for her benign and kind treatment of her handmaidens and all that served the Highwind dynasty, particularly those who like De'Lare, seemed fragile and would break if one so much as looked at them wrong. But Vendae was not her mother. Her chest came high with her shoulders, a breath of attempted stilness that expelled softly from her nose as a smile bore dimples to her cheeks. "Who bid you to deliver these?" She wondered, guising her ire with a sing-song tone and glancing to the cakes with the smile still worn.

It delighted the handmaiden, whom smiled at the idea of having pleased Vendae.

--More to come!--

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