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Alden's Chapel
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Alden's Rise, Arathi Highlands


Father Thomas Karwn (Priest)
Father Alfred Winters (Priest)
Brother Michael (Monk)






Diocese of Stromgarde



Alden's Chapel is the center of worship in the Duchy of Seastone, and is located in the center of the town of Alden's Rise. Unlike many Churches, the clergy of Alden's Chapel have all taken vows of poverty, and most of the Chapel's collections are distrubuted after services to the impoverished citizens of the neighboring villages. A small portion of the collections is reserved for the expenses of feeding, clothing, and sheltering the clergy, including the small order of monks that reside with them.


Built by Father Marcus Alden in 416 K.C. the Chapel stood for centuries as the center of spiritual nourishment for the people of the region. Its contributions to the community can be found from Stonegarde City to the farthest reaches of Silverbrook, and without Alden's Chapel, the most impoverished citizens of the region would surely have perished in starvation.

Father Marcus extoled the virtues of poverty and chastity among clergy, and as a result, all clergy who have followed him have been sworn to both poverty and chastity. They live simple, yet truly meaningful lives, and are well-respected for their many contributions to the communities they serve. Clergy of Alden's Chapel are easily recognizable by their simple, theadbare robes, and the sandles upon their feet. There is no distinction between ranks among the priests, save for the brown robes worn by the neophytes, and the order of monks, whose heads must be kept shaven at all times.

Recent Events

Alden's Chapel was destroyed by fire when Edwyn Harlow invited the Alterac Syndicate to march through Alden's Rise unmolested, and both clergyman and parishoner alike perished in the flames. Of the Chapel that had stood for two centuries as the very center of spiritual growth in the region, only the stone foundation remains.

Recently, the lady Merridyth Marwyn has sworn to rebuild the Chapel at her own expense, to labor alongside the workers during its reconstruction, and to serve its clergy for one year as part of her penance for having slain Harlow in his cell whilst awaiting execution at the hands of Seastone's executioner.