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Alea Stala Dawnsinger
Spymaster of Quel'Aranal

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16px-IconSmall HighElf Female Quel'dorei
IconSmall Snow Elf Female Dawnish

Combat Skills:

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Holy Weapon Weapons

  • Inv sword 05 Swords (Legendary)
  • Inv weapon bow 02 Bows (Legendary)
  • Dagger Daggers (Master)
  • Fireball 1 Fire (Adept)
  • Spell holy magicalsentry Arcane (Adept)


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Kidney Shot
Blood Bolt
Drain Life
Arcane Barrage
Arcane Shot
Hunter's Mark
Dirty Fighting
Rapid Fire
Fire Bolt


Belore; Church of the Holy Light

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Untitled-0 Aniah Dawnsinger (Wife)
Serana Dawnsinger (Sister)
Azaviah Dawnsinger (Daughter)
Ulric Dawnsinger (Brother)
Screenshot (4015) (1) Teran Dawnsinger (Father)
Screenshot (3447) Kiraun Sunwing (Mother)
Screenshot (3553) Vera Dawnsinger (Cousin)
K5NYjeo (1) Arla Dawnsinger (Aunt)
Screenshot (4104) Aurin Dawnsinger (Brother)
Screenshot (3840) Aela Dawnsinger (Aunt)
Screenshot (4026) Velora (Ancestor)
Screenshot (3559) Stala (Ancestor)
Screenshot (3275)-0 (1) Dakaire (Ancestor)


Screenshot (4004) (1) Velarin Sunwing (Half Brother)




Military Service


Alliance Grand Alliance


Silver Covenant Icon The Silver Covenant

Years of Service

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4 ADP - 6 ADP Alliance of Lordaeron
8 ADP - 33 ADP Sons of Lothar
33 ADP - Present ADP G.A.A.
33 ADP - Present ADP Silver Covenant
33 ADP - Present ADP The 501st Legion




70 Special Ops

Commands Held

Spymaster of the Dawnish



"This is war. Survival is your responsibility."

Alea Stala Dawnsinger (Born July 10 -39 BDP, Dalaran) is the official spymaster of Quel'Damor and an heir of House Dawnsinger.

Over the course of Alea's lifetime she has proven herself a capable soldier, spy and assassin that pushes her forces to the absolute limit to complete a mission successfully. Due to effectiveness in her field Alea has been granted numerous prestigious commands such as lieutenant of the Sons of Lothar and Spymaster of the Dawnish.

Now a ruthless enforcer of the Alliance's grip over Quel'Aranal, Alea continues to provoke fear and admiration in her enemies and allies.

History (Subject to retcon & WIP) Edit

Youth Edit

Alea was born in the summer of July, thirty nine years before the Dark Portal opened. Alea was granted a luxurious childhood by her two noble

Second War Edit

Once the Second War began Alea was sent for mentorship in the art of war alongside Serana. Berwyn Lightstrider taught Alea sword and bow skills alongside stealth abilities. Unlike her sister she was not trained in leadership, simply because Berwyn stated that she was a 'natural born leader.'

Alea participated in several battles in the Second War, although she remained away from the action. Her job focused on picking off external and vulnerable Horde forces.

She befriended Donnavin 'Wildfire' Merdin, a Wildhammer dwarf that rescued her from several blackrock orcs in Aerie Peak.

Peace Times Edit

After the Second War Alea was notified about the passing of her father. As a result she distanced herself from most people and dealt with her grief via revenge, namely revenge against any orc or forest troll. She named this process 'the grand vendetta.'

Alea left and resented the Kirin Tor after Serana was exiled.

Beyond the Dark Portal Edit

To further fuel her vendetta, Alea joined Berwyn beyond the dark portal (accompanied by Donnavin and her younger brother Aerin). While in Outland she participated in any assassination mission offered to her.

During a skirmish in Shadowmoon Valley, Aerin gave his life to save Alea from an orchish warlock - unlike with the death of her father, Alea sought out comfort in the arms of her friends. Berwyn, Donnavin and Alea created a tombstone for Aerin.

During Outland's collapse, Alea was one of the Sons of Lothar left on the broken world. For several years she sought out a way back to Azeroth until finally, she came to terms with her whereabouts. To help herself cope, she maintained hope that her family was alive and living in a world of peace. She spent her time hunting down orcs of the Dragonmaw Clan.

By the time the Dark Portal opened, Alea was so adjusted to her life on Outland that she did not wish to return home for several reasons. She still felt as if she had a duty to fulfill on Outland, she wasn't prepared to face a completely changed Azeroth and she did not believe she could cope if she learned her family was deceased or now members of the Sin'dorei and the Horde.

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Quotes Edit

"Frankly I do not care if you call me a bitch, so long as I'm an effective bitch."

"I assure you that when I'm around your life is in very capable hands."

"Nobody has made it out of Velora's Rest alive? Pft, that just means there needs to be a first time."

"Serana and Aniah must be flattered to hear that I'd drop my targets for them any day."

"If you came to me expecting remorse, you are twenty years too late."

"Part of me hopes that those I send to the light find some kind of solace... for while I may not forgive them or their crimes, the light always finds a way to steer a soul away from darkness."

"You'd be surprised how cuddly I am after work hours."

Personality Traits and General Habits Edit

Alea from an outside perspective is seen as a indomitable, heroic and relentless soldier best known for her variety of successes in the Sons of Lothar and later the Dawnish Army. By those in her service however, Alea is perceived as a heartless, calculated, arrogant and shrew without a single sense of morals.

In reality Alea is well and truly a family woman. Caring, understanding and honest towards her kin, Alea has displayed her warmest and well-hidden affectionate tendencies towards members or house of Highblade, Dawnsinger, Sunrose and Silverglory. While she is everything her soldiers and the Alliance view her as, she cares more for her family than the entire Alliance or even her own life.

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Trivia Edit

  • Alea is a devout worshiper of the holy light regardless of her occupation and blood magic use.
  • She gathers poison from her pet spider 'Tel'zarn.'
  • Her character was inspired by Lelianna from Dragon Age and Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.
  • Alea's class is a hybrid of rogue, hunter and mage.
  • She believes rogues and spies that just wear leather armor are stupid.
  • Alea prefers swords over daggers because she feels safer with a sword on hand.
  • Alea LOVES wreaths with a burning passion.
  • Alea learned to speak Thalassian in Outland under the guidance of Velari Autumnstride.

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