Alendein the Voyager
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Alendein with his lover, Elura


Night Elf

Character class



Sailor, Explorer


?? (At Death)

Place of Birth

Ancient Kalimdor


Kaldorei Resistance




Alendein the Voyager was a legendary sailor and the first of the Kaldorei to explore the lands of Azeroth following The Sundering. Putting his skills as a navigator as well as a charismatic leader to good use, he would command a small fleet of vessels across the newly expanded great sea, mapping many of Azeroth's modern landmasses before ultimately perishing in a storm off the coast of Darkshore.


Alendein was tall and lean, with black hair, a notably rare feature among night elves. A long scar ran alongside the right side of his attractive face following a drunken brawl with a satyr. On his left side, he held an enchanted rapier used during the War of the Ancients.

To accompany his naval lifestyle and love for dueling, Alendein dressed light, choosing embroidered leather that was blessed by druids prior to his initial departure from Kalimdor.



Warcraft 3- Reign of Chaos Soundtrack - Night Elf Defeat

The Lament of Alendein, an ancient Kaldorei song reportedly written by his lover following his tragic demise. In modern night elven culture, this song is associated with times of great loss.

Alendein was born into the life of a meager ferryman, spending his early years transporting the various noble houses of highborne across the various lakes and rivers that permeated Ancient Kalimdor. This left him skilled at survival and navigating, and he would put those to good use in the strife to come. His ties to the Highborne were minimal, and thus during the War of the Ancients he would Kaldorei Resistance, smuggling weapons and prisoners across enemy lines. After The Sundering, Alendein evacuated hundreds from the ruined continent to safety across the sea. He would follow the majority of night elves into the forests of Ashenvale surrounding Mount Hyjal, and remain there for a number of years.

The time would come, however, that some would grow curious about the what became of the land outside of their new home, and Alendein was chief among them. He petitioned Tyrande Whisperwind to build a small fleet as well as a port city to the northeast of Hyjal, the latter of which becoming known as Auberdine.

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