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Annabele Silverwing (Late Wife)
Calaelis Val'cari (Fiancée)
Christian Alderian Grayson (Son)
Jasmine Velori Grayson (Daughter)
Veronika Grayson (Sister)
Vincent Bailey Grayson (Brother) Undead
Dalric Fletcher (Adoptive Father)
Malisa Fletcher (Adoptive Mother)

Early Life Edit

Alexander was born to a lowborn family with an older sister and a little brother, no last name, no heraldry, just a pair of peasant farmers within the rural lands of Lordaeron. Originally baring the name of Edward, such was lost with to the ages in the wake of tragedy.

Despite his humble upbringing life wasn't easy for his family, heavily indebted, loan sharks baring down on the farmers, it was just a matter of time until mercenaries were sent out to collect their dues.

Not even a year into this world, Alexander was robbed of his parents as mercenaries came to their farmstead to collect dues long past, being no more than common thugs, things quickly escalated that left the mother and father of the small child void of life with a bullet through the heart and a dagger through the throat.

Not having the heart to commit such a cruel act, the mercenaries left the three children to die, sparing them the blade at their hands and leaving them to fate. And as fate would have it, a hunter within the nearby wilds heard the commotion, opting to investigate the farmstead, he was left with the grizzly sight of the two farmers dead within their homes. A then two year old Veronika and four month old Vincent crying, Alexander left in the corner in silence, confused.

Whether it was a pity for the younglings, an act of compassion, or the Light's bidding, the hunter took the children back to his and his wive's home where they were raised as their own. Having not known of the family the children were left nameless until at long last it was settled upon Alexander, Veronika, and Vincent.

At the age of five, Alexander, his sister Veronika, and his brother Vincent were sent to the Church of the Holy Light to train in the ways of the Light, initially as to be nothing more than simple priests. While this destiny was fit for his brother and sister, fate did not have such in store him.

Throughout his schooling, the young Alexander was in self-imposed isolated, didn't make friends, and never spoke. This all changed when he encountered a pair of bullies picking on a fellow classmate. Mocking her for her elven heritage, pulling at her ears, and eventually, smashing her glasses. Having none of it, Alexander moved to intervene where a fight broke out. The kid easily, and ruthlessly being beaten up to a pulp by their superior, size, strength, age, and numbers. But this wasn't the end of it... he continued fighting back against the bullies, receiving numerous disciplinarians for fighting until one day, a Knight took note of him. Sparking a new path that would change his whole world upside down.

The Squireship Edit

He was only eight when a Knight of the Silver Hand took notice of Alexander, taking the child under his wing after his display of "heroism, bravery, and desire to protect the weak." whatever that meant.

While initially not finding him worthy, or even physically capable, his mentor never gave up on him. Pushing him to new limits each year. Only growing in strength and skill but never realizing it.

At the age of twelve, he received his first horse. At the behest of his mentor as he saw it necessary for training to continue for him to have a mount of sorts. A simple stallion that was falling to illness, a creature the breeders deemed a lost cause and wanted to just get rid of it. Through the graces of the Light however, and his mentors gift in the Light, the foal recovered. Being dubbed "Vigilance" by the young squire, he took her on as his own, a deep bond forming between man and animal for the rest of his squireship. The two never leaving each others side since that day.

As his squireship carried on, he grew to fancy the woman he once defended so long ago in Sunday School. As puberty finally hit him he found an interest in women and his eyes set on the girl he defended so long ago. While nervous in the beginning, he eventually took the first step and asked her out. The elven lady first apprehensive but agreeing to a date, at which point it all went uphill from there. The two eloping after years of dating and marrying at the ripe age of 16, their first child being born shortly after his 17th birthday. The young couple naming his Christian.

As Lordaeron prospered in their times of peace, so too did young Alexander flourish. Years and years of training culminating into a man molded from a young age to be a weapon of righteousness and justice. He was barely seventeen when he passed his final trials and was given the ritual all Paladins undertook to fully be welcomed by the brotherhood. His mighty pauldrons hoisted and strapped to his shoulders, the stole placed about his neck, his title of the Lightbearer being bestowed upon him and at long last, his warhammer, Oathbearer. Kneeling as a child, a squire, a nobody. But rising a Knight of the Silver Hand, a man.

With his Knighting, his Mentor, Teldric Stratford, saw it fit to finally retire, age having finally caught up with the now seventy year old Paladin. The man Barony of Oakhearth was left to Alexander in his will for him to take up and carry on his legacy upon his death. Having no heir of his own, he found it fitting that the man, now paladin, he raised since he was a young boy as his own child would take up his legacy. The young Alexander naturally accepting the offer, though he was faced with a choice of which name he should choose, now being a lower class noble, he was faced with coming up with a house name. After several hours of consideration and deep thought, he at long last settled, Lord Alexander Corlaine Grayson.

While initially, he was showered with praise for his accomplishment, it was short lived as rumors of a mysterious plague began to make way through the lands, one that claimed the lives of his brother and sisters and brought them back in the former of an undead abomination. Initially underestimating the potency of such a plague, he barely made the attempt to combat it until his very first real encounter with the undead.

By the call of Lord Uther the Lightbringer, he with the rest of his brothers and sisters set out for Andorhal in an attempt to relieve the crown prince Arthas of the Scourge Onslaught he faced. Only then did he realize just how quickly things had escalated and how far his future was hanging in the balance.

The Third War Edit

The Third War, the death of his nation, and arguably a part of himself as well. Freshly Knighted into the Silver Hand here was there for the struggle and fought through the harshest of it. Witnessing battle after battle and death after death.

He stuck close with his brother and sister, Priests of the Holy Order they served. Together they seemed unstoppable, and then the unthinkable happened. They were overwhelmed. They fought to their last breath until at long last, his little brother Vincent drew his last. Falling to the undead ranks, never to be seen again. It crushed their defenses and they were forced to flee from the conflict. Lest they face the same fate.

With the death of High King Terenas, all hope was lost, in a last ditch effort to save his friends and family, he gathered them up in a small convoy and headed north-east for the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, the one place they believe to be their last chance for survival.

His adoptive mother, father, sister, wife, child and his and their close friends hunted for an abandoned cart. Fortune finding them as they encountered the former smithy, now nothing more than a mindless ghoul within his workshop, the group stealing his cart and hooking it up to Vigilance, his ever faithful steed and setting out.

All seemed to go well until their cart was attacked by a mindless Horde. The Paladin and his family forced to fend for their very lives against the Undead Horde. Their numbers, unending as they tried their hardest to escape their cold grasps. However by the graces of the Light, they made it to Quel'lithen Lodge. Arrows pelting the ground as the Elven Rangers stationed there rained down a hail of fire, breaking their lines just long enough for Lord Alexander to call upon the power of the Light and fully break their onslaught, sending the undead running to the cesspit they crawled out from.

It took time.. but Alexander managed to work out a deal with the High Elves to allow his friends and family into Quel'thalas, on the condition that he stayed at the Lodge to support the elves and the injured who might come their way where he naturally agreed.

With finally goodbyes said, he remained at the lodge, aiding in the healing efforts of the magi and rangers stationed there whom were weathered by the onslaught of undead. His friends and family gone behind the safety of the elf gates until the situation blew over he hoped.

The Invasion of Quel'thalas Edit

When the undead first marched upon Quel'thalas, they stood no chance, the Rangers of Quel'thalas with the aid of Alexander supporting them easily dispatching the first several waves. Until at long last, the elf gates fell. It seemed impossible they were said to be impenetrable but here they were, breached with ease. With the call of the Ranger General, the few survivors high tailed it to the next gate, the men quickly trying to set up what defenses they could until the undead arrived once more.

A slaughter ensued as the Elves of Quel'thalas were cut down with ease. One by one they fell until all whom remained were Alexander and the Elven Lieutenant who first enlisted the young man into their ranks. Together they held off one final wave until at long last, the Lieutenant fell. With his dying words, he sent the young Paladin into a full retreat. Asking him but one request; to return his sword to his family so that his legacy might live on.

Sword in hand, Alexander ran, he ran hard and fast. Arriving at the final gate, the last stand was made. And still it was not enough. As the final gate fell, so too did the mans resolve, forced to retreat with the refugees and survivors, he stood out like a sore thumb, a man amongst elves, gold and silver plates gleaming amidst a sea of blue and gold. The horrors of the invasion striking fear into everyone.

He turned his attention to finding that of his companions. Searching far and wide and running off what leads he could, he set off, Elven steel in hand. He was lead through the forests of Quel'thalas and down a path of plagued lands, the ground withering beneath their very feet. The bodies of the dead lining the ground until a tiny tower made itself visible. Hope soaring through his very being, he ran for it.

What awaited him was a carnage, at the doorway laid his dear friend Balric, laying in a pool of his own blood, sword in hand as he laid amongst the decomposing bodies of the scourge strewn about, the remaining companions and family members strewn along the floor. His heart aching with each step he took, delving deeper and deeper into the dungeon until the sound of crying drew his attention. Slowly ascending the stairs, he pushed open the door to see both his son and daughter cradled within the arms of his wife. Flintlock at her side with dagger layn on the floor. Acompanied by the body of his brother and the undead. At the gates of death itself, no manner of healing would save her from her fate. Blood loss setting in and dooming the elven woman to death. Leaving him and his children there to grieve in silence, for no amount of tears would escape eyes that had been dripped dry in the passing days.

The Scarlet Crusade Edit

With the death of his mother, father, wife, brother, and presumably sisters. Alexander saw nothing left. Sending his son and daughter with a Caravan headed for Southshore, he bid his children farewell and that he would return for them.

Joining up with the Scarlet Crusade, Alexander saw them as Lordaeron's last hope. The death and betrayal of Garithos not falling upon death ears at the monastery, the action only fueling his hatred for the undead. For months he fought among those he called brother and sister, Knights of the Silver Hand, military remnants, even some villagers who had the guts to fight for their nation.

He became zealous and blind to their actions, never truly seeing their corruption, not even when Lord Maxwell Tyrosus himself proclaimed it in front of all to see. Dismissing his claims at first, he fought on, only then thinking back slowly on everything they had done, the atrocities they had begun to commit, and how yet through all of this, the Light yet heeded their command.

His mind was left a blur and confused as he began to question his own alignment, his mind was set straight one fatal night where they happened upon a farm trying to reclaim lost land and they encountered the inhabitants, still alive and well. At least until his fellow members slaughtered them like animals. The memory and screams haunting him to this very day.

Now disillusioned with the Crusade, Alexander sought out an escape. Faking his own death on a patrol by shedding his plates and tabard and fastening them onto a recently raised Forsaken. Where he then took his hammer and sword and made his way for Southshore, to his kids.

The Aftermath Edit

His connection to the Light now severed from the atrocities he's taken apart in, Alexander retreated to Southshore, paying a trader to take him and his son south to Stormwind for the safety of the high walls and military.

Seeking to start a new life, Alexander took his children to Westfall, selling what little possessions he had and taking out Loans to buy a small swath of land to try and begin the life of a farmer. Hoping, praying, that such a humble, simple life would do him good at repressing the horrifying memories of Lordaeron.

Fate however had a different plan in mind for Alex, falling upon hard times, Alex saw no other way but the military life. He made his way for Stormwind with his kids and placed them in a daycare for the time being. Choosing to re-enlist to provide for his family once more. Nearly right off the bat being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant after the discovery of his military past as a Knight of Lordaeron and Nobility was made known.

He would continue on his path as a simple warrior for years to come, fighting against the Horde for every last inch, just to provide for his family. So that they could live safely, and comfortably.

Rediscovering his Light Edit

With the opening of the Dark Portal once more, Alexander was sent forward with a small platoon as an expeditionary force to scout out the new land. Discovering far more than what he bargained for. Met with all sorts of Demons, it was a miracle he and his soldiers made it out. Only by working side by side with the odd goat-like people called Draenei who knew the landscape did they survive.

Journeying to the city of Shattrath. He was met with an odd sensation, one he hadn't felt in years nearly. It was the Light, comforting him and his soldiers and seemingly washing away all theirs fears, worries, and even to some degree, stress. For once in a long time. They were safe.

Being visitors, he and his men were given a small tour around the city before eventually, he was met with the Aldor, masters, or at least in his eyes, of the Light and all it's teachings. Quickly choosing to align with them rather than the Sin'dorei that were his allies previously.

While with the Aldor, he befriended a Vindicator by the name of Asiora, the pair becoming quite close. She would help console him and help him become at peace with himself and all the wrong he had done in his life, while he educated her in human lifestyles, telling stories, laws, and to an extent how they functioned.

Over the two years he was stationed on Outlands, he quickly drafted her into his Platoon as an Auxiliary Soldier, where she would help him reconnect with the Light once more and finally, manage to call upon it once again where it heeded his command. To an extent starting his squireship all over again. His own power and faith in the Light growing as the days went on as they pondered the existence, and nature of the Light and offered each other "comfort" at nights when they grew cold and lonesome.

The pair returning to Stormwind together as best friends when their tour of duty was complete. His son instantly warming up to the Vindicator where she was eventually made the God-Mother of him. Taking on the title of Auntie Asi

The Northrend CampaignEdit

Now a Paladin once more, Alexander was recently promoted to the rank of Knight-Captain in the Grand Alliance Military. His company was sent out to the frozen wastes of Northrend to do more reconnaissance and scout out potential areas for an encampment. Headed for Dragonblight to try and set up a potential base of operations. While successful in their mission, their company suffered heavy casualties in attempting to clear out a spot for their encampment, losing a full platoon and a half to the undead wastes.

His platoon served with distinction and honor as they met out victories across the wastes, setting up small forward base's of operation and push further than most would be willing. The vast majority being fueled only by their faith in the Light and dedication to seeing the scourge fall until at long last, him and his top squadron were transferred to Cedar Company. A company with a questionable leader who willingly would sacrifice his troops if it meant victory. While each of them had their own reservations about his transfer, Alexander stood as a voice of reason and gave them the confidence needed to carry on.

With that, they were sent to the heart of the Scourge itself, Icecrown. They were met with nothing but hostility and skepticism from their fellow soldier and officers. Only to prove to them that they weren't just another run of the mill rag-tag group of wanna-be heroes. They were involved in numerous assaults on the Citadel itself until at long last, Intel came in that they were to set out and flank the undead army and set up a forward base to operate out of. An operation lead by the company commander himself, a man who wanted to claim the glory for himself.

They set out. Several hours of hiking through the high rising snow and blizzard. Fighting off undead as they came. All seemed to be going well until they were ambushed by the horde. Fighting tooth and nail, they succeeded in repelling them, however at a great cost. For every two they slayed, one of their own fell. The platoon of forty-three soon dwindled down to thirty-one, and then again to twenty-eight. It seemed by the minute that their odds of survival were dwindling.

And then it happened. Off in the distance a long figure stood. The survivors of the platoon began to encircle the person not knowing if they were friend or foe. They didn't appear to be of the horde, but they didn't bear Alliance colors, they feared the worse until they saw it. Lichfire poured from the mans helmet and illuminated him in the middle of the blizzard. With a guttural cry, he plunged his demonic runeblade into the ground and all at once, the deceased they brought with them for proper burial began to rise. Undead ghouls clawed their way through the slow. Nerrubians bursting from the icy depth. They were surrounded.

Alexander called for a full retreat only for his order to be belayed by the Commander himself. Ordered to fight them back and that they would succeed no matter the cost. They charged. Meeting the undead head first. Numerous fell to their blade, but whenever one of their own fell, so too did one of their own, only for them to be brought back to fight back against their own brothers and sisters.

The fighting continued for what felt like a lifetime, their commander opting to fight the Death Knight head on only to meet his end at the end of the vampiric runeblade. With the last of the undead minions slayed, there were only three of them, Alexander, Private Omalee, and Sergeant Richards. All readied to take on the Death Knight. Richards charged, trading blow for blow until their blades connected, his own shattering into a million shards where his life was quickly ended with a cleave.

Omalee and Alexander charged forward, seeking to take them on as a team. They held the upper-hand, and while only by one, outnumbered him. They fought tooth and nail nearly defeating the dark knight until the inevitable came. A dark cry escaped his throat and all at once he began to seeth necrotic energies. Piercing Alexander straight through the leg and a swift cut to the throat that just barely missed his artery. He collapsed in the snow. Omalee being the last standing. Alexander forced himself to rise, fighting through the pain.

Unable to wield his hammer, he grabbed the blade of their fallen commander and made ready for battle once more. The Light fueling his strength as he went to her aid. But he was too late, her life was cut short with a blade to the throat, ending her life. He was crushed, witnessing the last of his friends fall in battle emotionally destroyed him. It was at that moment something within him snapped. In a moment of pure emotional pain and torment, he reached out for the Light's aid, and to his surprise, it heeded his call. He charged at the undead knight and the pair traded blow for blow until at long last his blade shattered that of the Death Knights and he was victorious, striking the knight down in cold blood.

He stepped back, bringing a hand to his gut where he was stabbed. Blood pouring out at a consistent rate. In one last act of defiance, he took the fallen Death Knights shattered Runeblade as a trophy, wrapping it in a cloth and shoved into his satchel. Then recovering his hammer and sheathing the commanders blade within his belt. Dragging his hammer behind him in the snow as he limped to home base, critically wounded and losing blood by the second.

When he made it back to base, he never received the comfort of a hero's welcome, in fact, the only thing he was greeted with was darkness. The last thing he saw before collapsing in the snow were a pair of soldiers and field medic running to him. He laid there in the snow, s nearly bled out and at death's doorstep where he soon slipped into a coma. Dragged back to home base where he was treated to and eventually sent back to Stormwind for intensive medical care, where he remained until the war in the north ended.

The Aftermath Edit

Two months after the incident, he awoke, confused, disorientated and withered. While appearing to be normal to most, he looked at himself as a mockery of what he once was, having lost all muscle mass and rib cage being visible. The war ended two weeks later as he went through rehabilitation to regain his muscle and get back in the swing of things.

Present for the memorial to pay respects to all those who fell in the war. It tore at his very core as he heard the names of his comrades listed off. Remaining steadfast until the very end. As everyone dispersed, he remained, staring at the monument to their sacrifice where he finally allowed himself a chance to mourn. Snapping a crisp salute before slowly walking off to return to his farmstead.

A Promise Full-filed Edit

(Soon to come!)

The Cataclysm. Edit

Leaving his military career behind, Alexander dedicated himself to the people of Westfall as well as those of his farm. Working in tandem with the People's Militia, he assisted in the defense of numerous farmsteads and that of Sentinel Hill itself. The Paladin working more as a healer and the leader of a small relief force as his days carried on. Tending to the farmers and homeless of Westfall and assisting in the problems that plagued each farmstead.

He carried on this task for over a year until the call of exploration and new lands awaited the Alliance. Seeing this as a prime example, he set forth with his child, seeking to resettle upon these strange lands... a decision that only lead him back to active duty within the Alliance, his son carrying the prestigious title of Page to the acting commander of his assigned battalion where he learned the art of war. The pair managing to stick together throughout it all.

Equipment Edit

Final'dal, The Last Star - Once belonging to the Elven Ranger Kael'rin Sunfire, this elven runeblade has seen decades upon decades of war, once worn as ornament to the ranger, it was recovered by his friend and ally Alexander Grayson upon his death at Quel'lithen Lodge where it saw heavy use for the first time in centuries, the blade being put to the test against both Human and Dwarven steel, the blade only breaking when met with the runeblade of a Death Knight during his time in Icecrown where it was later reforged a new, the Holy Light being channeled into it's very being as it took on it's new shape, fit with a new guard fashioned in the form of a stags head with the the symbol of Lordaeron in the middle. Now carried with the Paladin everywhere he goes.


Relationships Edit

Gaytheil Sunbrook Edit

Gaytheil and Alexander have a... unique relationship to put it lightly. First meeting each other in the aftermath in the War against the Lich King, she was one of the few who refused to give up on him despite him being listed as Code: Black. She gave her all for him and as a result, he was ever grateful for her duty and did everything in his power to thank the woman. Moving from a nuisance to the woman, to eventually a welcomed friend.

Calaelis Val'cari Edit

The unlikely duo, first meeting during their time together in the League of Lordaeron, Calaelis was the first to help Alexander break out of his shell and try and combat his shy nature. Quickly becoming friends with the man over the course of a few months. The two fought together across the fallen lands of Lordaeron where Alex almost always put his life on the line for her. The pair eventually deciding to attempt a relationship together, for better or for worse where they surprisingly hit it off. In recent days now being engaged to one another and living out their life on his farmstead and only parting each other's company when their services are called upon.

Arthur Langley Edit

A man in whom which he formed a deep friendship with upon the field of battle. First meeting during the Conquest of Zandalar and their friendship only strengthening during the war in Blackrock and later, during service together in the Fighting Fifth. The man taking on the role of a Father Figure for Alex whether he wanted it or not, he was grateful and still is, to have such a close friend by his side.

Garen Aldenhart Edit

A bond formed through war, first meeting and befriending each other during the Conquest of Zandalar, the two grew close and eventually close friends. Meeting out battles across the land and serving one last time together in the defense of Stromgarde against the Horde.

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