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Alexander Marogos, also known as Talon, is an Agent of the Crown, a former Lieutenant Commander of the 177th Legion (Shadowtalon Company), and a senior operative of SI:7, his designation being 004.

His military training leading up to the current day has allowed the strom to climb his way through the ranks of the Grand Alliance Military. It was a few years after his enlistment that he found the SI:7, and several years after that where he found the 177th. Alexander's transfer from Stormwind's military to Shadowtalon's ranks forced the strom to ascend through ranks once more. Bad habits caused a few bumps in the road with Galmone Wolfgang Smith before he ultimately proved himself to not only Smith, but his direct superior, Damian Blackbourne, as well as their Field Marshal, Vincent Ravenwing.

Alexander is currently working as a freelance acquisition specialist.


Standing at an above-average six-foot-three-inches, Alexander has not only height, but size to go along with it. He's muscular all over from years of training, exercise, and battles. All of these factors have kept his body in peak physical condition, even at his current age. Despite his large frame, there's an odd grace to him. His moves are calculated, each step he takes careful, and each strike he makes even moreso.

Agility has always been his friend, and it's been proven that flexibility has been there as well, along with speed and endurance. All of these qualities have been rightfully earned through hard work, and they are what make the "rogue" you see. Because of this, his frame has a lithe look to it.

A word to describe this man would definitely have to be "nonchalant." He walks with an almost casual swagger and seems to be rather care-free when out in the open, though it doesn't necessarily mean he's careless. With this in mind, nonchalant is definitely a word to describe him, though it is not the only one. Alexander's been known to be quite the hard-ass, depending on the situation. Due to his status as a soldier, particularly one who has had to lead in the past, he often states how much he disagrees with "children", or those who try to act foolish in a time of seriousness, such as war or meetings within the SI:7, or other military companies. Despite this, he can be relaxed and laid-back when in a casual environment. A young spirit still clings to this "old" man. 

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