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Crown Prince of Alterac
Lord of the Syndicate


Grand Alliance Icon.png Alliance of Lordaeron (formerly)
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Aiden Perenolde, father
Isolde Perenolde, mother
Beve Perenolde, sister
Isiden Perenolde, cousin

Lord Aliden Perenolde was the son of King Aiden Perenolde and Queen Isolde Perenolde of Alterac. He was the Crown Prince of the fallen nation, and unlike his father remained loyal to the Alliance during the Second War. After the betrayal of Alterac and the end of the war, he was considered by succession law to be next in line for the throne. Two kings at the time however refused to consent to the transfer of leadership. Thoras Trollbane of Stromgarde, who outright disagreed with Aliden becoming the new king of Alterac and Terenas Menethil II of Lordaeron, who saw him as an unfitting leader with no real experience.

As a result of these two kings weighing against Aliden, he was denied his birthright and Alterac remained leaderless, however he worked tirelessly within the Alliance attempting to regain his families honor following the betrayal of Aiden likely through diplomacy and politics rather than military strength. This continued for two years after the conclusion of the Second War, but was completely unravelled by Aiden's theft of the Book of Medivh during a later Horde assault. The destruction of the barracks within Alterac City by Deathwing saw a complete end to any chance that Aliden had of redeeming the Perenolde name as he was forced to join his father in exile.

Angered at both his father for his foolishness and the Alliance for their treatment of him, he joined the Syndicate which formed from the angered citizens of the former kingdom. At some stage during the years that followed he claimed leadership of the outlaw organization, and took up residence in a small area of the Alterac Mountains called Dandred's Fold. As the man in charge of all Syndicate operations within the Alterac region, his head was sought after not only by the Horde who controlled most of the area, but also the forces of Ravenholdt who were bitter enemies with the bandit army.

Aliden was finally slain by the Horde in Dandred's Fold, the man unwilling to surrender the necklace of Taretha Foxton which he had given to his mistress Elysa. The Horde claimed not only the head of Lord Perenolde but also the necklace and returned both to the Horde Outpost of Tarren Mill.

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