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Allan O'Siaghail


IconSmall Human Male.gif Human


Owner of Allsbrad Farmstead


Kingdomoflighticon.png Kingdom of the Light
Scarletnewfire.png Scarlet Crusade

Former Affiliations

Alterac Icon.png Kingdom of Alterac
Alteracbordericonfull.png Syndicate
AlliancefactionIconnew.png Grand Alliance



Allan O'Siaghail is the leader of the Allsbrad Militia, and owner of the Allsbrad fields. After Saxon Paige's retinue ingratiated themselves and liberated Allan's land and people, he's since become a firm believer in Truth.


The O'Siaghail family was originally from Hillsbrad, all of whom were practically raised on the fields, tilling before they could even walk. Their great drive lead them to expand further and further into the hills. Allan wished to train himself to till and harvest in much harsher conditions. He founded the farmstead of Allsbrad in the Uplands, a far colder environment than the relatively temperate lands just south. The challenge did not daunt Allan, however, as he prided himself on his knowledge of nature, and prided himself on cultivating a successful fields time and again.

O'Siaghail indeed managed to provide ample yield against the odds, and thus he earned favor among the denizens of the Kingdom of Alterac, who had initially doubted his settlement, and were even suspicious of Allan himself. He was rewarded handsomely for his ability to supply native crops for the wintry nation, reducing the need to import as many goods as they were. Nobles and commoners alike grew to respect the man for what value his agricultural verve provided, becoming a local legend throughout the Uplands. A friendly rivalry would grow between Allsbrad and Dandred's Fold, and the healthy competition was nothing but a boon for the kingdom's food supply.