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Alleari Starweaver
Alleari by Sierra Tanuki










Lawful Good


Spellbow of the Silverguard

Marital Status





The Silverguard
Silver Covenant
Kirin Tor
House Starweaver
House Dawnrunner


Fayonia Dawnrunner-Starweaver (Mother)
Blaire Starweaver (Father)
Lucera Dawnrunner (Aunt)
Winren Starweaver (Uncle)
Fennaryu Starweaver (Brother)
Beliegh Starweaver (Sister)
Numerous adopted siblings

Past Times with Good Company

Growing up among a large, loving family, the young red-haired Quel'dorei Alleari made a peaceful life in a household that was along the border of Lordaeron and the enchanted forests of Quel'thalas. The Starweaver family had been married to ally themselves to House Dawnrunner and produced two children five years apart.

Alleari was the younger to her brother Fennaryu, and for that reason, he had been very protective over her, and their other siblings. It was a common sight for Alleari to follow Fennaryu wherever he went if she could, and due to how small she was, often hitch-hiked on his back as he climbed the trees. As evening turned to night, the two would often watch the sunset and examine the changing colors of the nature around them. Her focus always seemed to set up into the sky, watching the twinkling stars against the black night. On rare occasions would she ever feel as though she focused so much on a single star that she could faintly imagine zooming in up close to it and stare wondrously at its glowing mass.

It was a night after one of these occasions had occurred when she discovered she could summon fire for warmth in her hands. She did it by accident, she was sure, and because she didn't understand, she decided to study it. She would run off to a barren place and attempt again and again but the glow of fire would not come back. Alleari was shy and unsure of who to go to about the incident with the fire, so she had let Fennaryu aware of the situation, which in turn got her to family members who would embrace her gift of magic and help her receive the tools she needed to embrace this magical talent. Time became constrained with her effortless tutoring, but Alleari did her best to keep close to her brother through other communications.

It occurred to herself, early on, that there was an opportunity to travel to Dalaran to further her studies, and she would agree to this at the age of ten. Alleari mostly kept to herself, studying arcane and its schools heavily with the help of the endless books in the libraries. She frequented there daily, finding a nook in the shelves that would sustain her incredibly lightweight and read in them. It was then that she often felt she could study the best, and truly, undisturbed.


Fennaryu left home when Alleari was at the age of seventeen. While she was confident wherever he was going would be nothing but good, she felt herself grow lonely, and her only company becoming a journal that she would write her days musings within. It wasn't too long after this that the city would be under siege. Alleari fled through a portal with some family members and arrived in Dalaran where they would find very limited time to rest as the scourge attacked very soon after. They would not find home to return to anywhere, and many, as well as Alleari, went off on their own. Theramore was her place to go, as she followed many magi including her teachers to the city to continue her studies as Dalaran would be rebuilt.

The Silver Covenant

Upon the founding of the Silver Covenant, Alleari as quick to join the ranks as one of the aspirant magi. Upon joining she noticed the former Silvermoon farstriders and other rangers joining the group. It made her recall the times her and her brother went hunting through the forest and his training with the bow. She was rusty, but privately she started to work up her skills, sharpening enough to qualify for an entrance exam. Her practice and study with how she could enchant her arrows set her down the path of becoming a spellbow. She was accepted after she scored high for the exam and to this day she serves the Covenant as one of their talented arcane archers.


The first most notice about Alleari is her blazing white hair, which shimmers with the violet hue of the arcane. The length falls to her rear, most often braided down to her waist with her bangs often groomed to curl around the front of her face. Elven blood defines her features with elegant angles upon her nose and cheeks, and soft, pale skin. Her eyes glow the pink-violet of the arcane, and are most defined during darker hours.

The woman is of average height and often adorning dark-colored chain or leather armor. Over her garb is the Silver Covenant tabard she wears to represent her faction. This armor is modified to assist with her magic casting, some aspects of it made from special materials susceptible to magic enchantments. For her weapon, Alleari uses an arcane long-bow: the blue bow looks almost as though it were made out of an ethereal material. It radiates arcane energies.