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Captain Auric Sunchaser


Eastern Terokkar Forest

"Your men were right. Not only does it have strategic value, but this is the only place we have seen thus far on this planet that was not red and lifeless. This forest, at least, is still very much alive. If we some day return to these woods and complete what was begun here today, we shall name it the Allerian Stronghold. It is fitting - the orcs destroyed much of Quel'Thalas, and so in return we will claim this, the one green region left upon this forsaken world. And if not, these posts will stand as a reminder that the Alliance entered this forest and claimed it as their own."

~ Talthressar

Allerian Stronghold is an Alliance town in Terokkar Forest. It is named is in honor of Alleria Windrunner, although there is no hard evidence she ever truly resided here. The town is however notable for being the home of the remnants of Ranger-Captain Windrunner's High Elven cadre that crossed the Dark Portal during the Alliance expedition into Draenor, and remains one of the largest surviving populations of High Elves on Azeroth or Outland.

During the Alliance's expedition into Draenor, Danath Trollbane headed up the company that hunted Ner'zhul. In Terokkar Forest, the force was eventually exhausted by the constant travel, and camp was set up for a night of rest. Alleria's Lieutenant Talthressar and the Human Herrick both agreed to honor the sacrifices of the High Elves and Wildhammer Clan by laying the foundations of what would one day become the Allerian Stronghold, becoming its founders by doing so. Talthressar symbolically claimed the greenest forest of the Orc homeward in equal payback for the damage that the Horde had done to Quel'thalas, and said that it would stand as a symbol of the alliance between Elves, Men and Dwarves.

Allerian is quite notable for the uniqueness of its design. Both High Elven and Human architecture have been utilized in the town's construction, resulting in a unique blend of architectures that has endured the two decades of isolation on a hostile world.

On DraenorEdit

The Allerians - a group of high elves dedicated to finding their lost hero - scoured Draenor for any clues to Alleria Windrunner's where-abouts. One of the theories proposed was that a clue would be found where Terokkar's Stronghold matches on Draenor Prime's map, but with topographical changes from the two 'continents', Gordal Fortress was all that was found in that area. The CIC within the Silver Covenant outpost dubbed Silver Redoubt was named Allerian Stronghold as a result, so that their hero may be honoured throughout timelines.

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