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Alliance Grand Cross of Service
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Awarded by the Alliance Military


Service Medal


All Alliance Military personnel

Awarded For

Commendable services to the Grand Alliance cause




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High Command Distinguished Service Medal

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The Alliance Grand Cross of Service is a military award granted to Grand Alliance Military personnel for a variety of reasons including courage, upholding of values, financial (or related) support for the Grand Alliance cause and others.

The Cross is the fourth highest military honours that can be attained within the Grand Alliance Military as a whole, discounting senior faction-specific awards.

The medal comes in the form of a grand cross, with the post-nominal of GCS.

Recipients of the Grand Cross

  • Thorgerd Dorgain - To be awarded for countless acts of honour and duty as well as his long service to the Grand Alliance cause.
  • Jackel Stenmard - Awarded for acts of honor serving the Grand Alliance and Gilnean Navy prior to the Kingdom of Gilneas rejoining the Grand Alliance.
  • Lord-Commander Elmar Kraine - Awarded for courage of the highest echelon while in the face of foes during the Alliance-Horde War.
  • Master Sergeant Skott Braggs - Awarded for his courageous charge to clear the skies of frost wyrms to save two Alliance gunships in the Campaign Against the Lich King.
  • Hulfrim Ironblood - Awarded in defense of Cartres Portiave and Garen Lionblood while critically injured.
  • Abigail Potter - Awarded for steadfast devotion to duty and unwavering courage while assisting the members of Alliance High Command.
  • Grilem "Bulldog" Silverlight - Awarded for exemplary service amongst medical personnel.
  • Thaddeus Locke - Awarded for exemplary service and valor in the campaign on Zandalar.
  • Lavernius Jur - Awarded for outstanding dedication, exemplary service, and countless acts of bravery and heroism in protecting both Alliance civilian and soldier alike without end continuously for years.
  • Commander Latios Greyfox - Awarded for exemplary leadership on and off the battlefield and representing the core values of the 7th Legion.
  • Vicas Aubron - Awarded for persistence and acting as a leader to his peers.
  • Valrik the Exalted - Awarded for inspiring his troops and valiance.
  • Tilliea I. Dryden - Awarded for stepping up as an outstanding officer, and spearheading a prisoner rescue.
  • Joseph Turock - Awarded for inspiration and devotion to his men.
  • Caelen Haraford - Awarded for expert guidance of artillery on Shatterstone Harbor and turning the tide of battle.
  • Malithanore Vanyali - Awarded for exceptional skill and bravery on the battlefield.
  • Duke Nathul Furlbrow - Awarded for the destruction of several Horde ships by using an ingenious magical weapons system.
  • Commodore Godwyn Ladekahn - Awarded for exceptional courage and naval command during the Alliance invasion of Zandalar.
  • General Serana Dawnsinger - Awarded for exceptionally long service, consistent financial support & donations to the Alliance cause, bravery in battle and unwavering conviction for the Alliance's cause.