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Alliance High Command Distinguished Service Medal
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Awarded by the Kingdom of Stormwind


Joint-service Decoration


All senior officers

Awarded For

Commendable commanding service to the Alliance High Command.


Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

Medallion of the Alliance

Next (lower)

Commendation for Leadership

The Alliance High Command Distinguished Service Medal (also known informally as the High Command Service Medal) is a senior Grand Alliance Military decoration which is awarded to members of the Alliance High Command, the multinational Alliance council of military commanders.

The High Command Service Medal can be awarded for a variety of reasons including dutiful conduct, continual success in battle as well as effective command during either (or both) peace or war time in a joint-campaign between two or more Alliance states.

The award may only be granted to those of a senior rank grade and who hold a position within the Alliance High Command.

Though the medal has been awarded to countless commanders throughout the Grand Alliance's extensive history, the award is still favored highly amongst the ranks.


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