Alliance Military

The Grand Alliance Military

Alliance Military forces at Victor's Point.

Military Type



Cohesive Grand Alliance




Stormwind City


King Anduin Wrynn

Secondary Leader(s)

Grand Marshal Julianne Tremblade
Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth


War in Outland
War against the Lich King
Alliance-Horde War
War against the Iron Horde
War against the Burning Legion
Azerite War


Grand Alliance Flag



The Grand Alliance Military (GAM) is the military organisation responsible for all military efforts regarding the Grand Alliance coalition. It consists of two major parts; The Grand Alliance Navy (AKA the GAN) and the Grand Alliance Army (AKA the GAA). Additionally, smaller units or bi-service organizations may exist. The GAM is considered to be the largest Military organization around Azeroth, even beating their counterpart, the New Horde (Whose military had been significantly reduced following the end of the Fourth War).

The Alliance Military contains forces from nearly all factions which hold membership within. This is acredited to a contract in which joining members must donate a portion of their military forces into the greater Grand Alliance Military. Some factions (Such as the Silver Covenant) may withhold the majority of their forces for local or private use, but maintain large units within the Alliance Military. Alternatively, many of the larger factions such as the Kingdom of Gilneas or Stormwind, devote nearly their entire military into the war efforts and so, uphold a strong presence in military and political affairs.


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The standard command structure of the Alliance armies is one comprised of a higher echelon of marshals and generals commanding their subordinates, and is based on the more complicated rank structure of the eastern Alliance nations. The more secluded western Alliance nations, the Kal'dorei and Draenei, use a more simplified and condensed rank structure.

Military Awards

Please see the Military Order of Wear (Alliance) for more information.



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