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Alonso Kallifur

the Heretic

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Alonso Kallifur, as drawn by Hesper.


IconSmall Human Male.gif Human

Date of Birth

18th of February, 544 K.C.
Stormwind City, Elwynn Forest


Master and Shepherd of the Lamb Grandmaster of the Raven Circle
Vassal of House Clegane


Grand Alliance


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Alonso Kallifur is an elderly practitioner of the Dark Arts who has lived beneath Azeroth's skies for more than eighty years. Shrouded in mystery, this decrepit Darkcaster is often seen hobbling through the streets of Stormwind or reading in the underhalls of the Slaughtered Lamb Tavern. Within various circles of influence, Alonso is regarded as a master that other masters turn to, offering his nigh unparalleled mystical knowledge to any who seek him out.


Standing at a relatively average height, Alonso is an old man with long, unkempt hair accompanied by an equally unorganized beard. His skin is and thin and pallid, sporting copious amounts of wrinkles and other signs of old age. His eyes are gray and clouded, usually looking out into the distance at something that isn't there. Though once he may have been seen wearing the whimsical robes and cone-shaped hats of the wizards, he now wears darker, hooded robes that compliment his mysterious and illicit practices.



Born on the 18th of February, 544 K.C., Alonso was the oldest of seven siblings. His parents, Hector and Alice Kallifur, lived neither in luxury nor poverty, but raised their children with what resources and care they had. At a very young age, Alonso showcased a penchant for being adventurous, and often convinced his siblings to go on make-believe quests to either "slay dragons" or save a "damsel in distress." Hector was not overly fond of his eldest son's frequent escapades, and would sit him down at least once a month to talk about the future of the family, which was - much to Alonso's chagrin - entirely up to the boy. Alonso rarely listened to his father's words during these talks, and would instead let his mind wander to one of two things: his next adventure or the girl that he fancied, Maria. Even as a child, the two were inseparable in all their dealings, with Alonso going so far as to assign her the role of the maiden which needed to be saved in all of his stories. When the two could be alone with each other, they periodically discussed the coincidence of being born on the same day as well as their collective desire to study Arcane Magic.


A young Alonso sits near Stormwind's Cathedral.

As Alonso transitioned into his teenage years, he realized that his father's words to him during his childhood carried great importance. When he turned 15, Alonso realized that his parents were struggling to support their seven children by themselves, and he started working as a bus boy at a local inn. Although much of his money went to his parents to help keep the family from becoming homeless, he saved up a decent sum of it for another purpose: to attend the Stormwind Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences. He knew that his parents could never afford to put him in this Academy without his own help, so he kept working as hard as he could within this quaint little inn. Unbeknownst to his parents, however, Alonso had another motive for wanting to attend the Academy aside from magical mastery: both him and Maria, his childhood friend, had struck up a secretive romance, and desperately wanted to go to the school together. It would've been much easier for Maria to attend the school due to her family's wealth and prominence in the region (due to her father's famed smithing business), but much harder for Alonso due to his current standing. However, after three long years of hard work and secretive affection, the two were able to both apply and be admitted (through some miracle on Alonso's part) into the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences.

Young Adulthood

During his first year within the classrooms of Stormwind's Academy, Alonso found it very difficult to adjust to life away from home. He adamantly missed both his siblings and his parents, having only his romantic interest, Maria, to keep him grounded to the world. However, while he spent the next few years there, he grew to get used to a more isolated lifestyle, spending time almost exclusively with his romantic interest. Determined to both provide for Maria and prove his skills with magic to her family, he tried significantly harder with his studies, and became one of the most versatile and skilled students in his class. Much to the young magi's surprise, one of his teachers sent a letter of recommendation to an experienced teacher within Dalaran, and accepted him not long after the letter was sent. Alonso was even happier when the teacher decided to take on Maria as his apprentice alongside Alonso, further strengthening their romantic relationship. Upon their arrival to the magical city of Dalaran, Alonso and Maria met their new teacher, Kaerus Ortigan, and began their advanced training shortly after introductions.

Alonso having just been put under the tutelage of Kaerus Ortigan.

Kaerus, Alonso and Maria soon discovered, was uncompromising, stubborn, and blunt. He was never the type of man to accept any type of excuse, and almost never took "no" for an answer. Although Alonso did not care to admit it at the time, Kaerus' abrasive nature was one of the things that made Alonso truly skilled in the art of Arcane Magic. Alonso managed to excel under Kaerus' teaching, whereas Maria did not. She was too sensitive to criticism and bluntness, and decided to terminate her training and settle as an employee of one of Dalaran's restaurants. Regardless of Maria's decision, Alonso still pressed forward, and was eventually given his master's Battlestaff as a gift come his time to become a fully fledged wizard, which he still keeps to this day. By the start of the First War, Alonso was regarded by his peers as an exceptionally skilled Evoker and Abjurer. As an homage to his time in Dalaran, Alonso can be seen wearing a purple and gold hat accompanied with matching robes, which happen to be the very set of vestments which he wore all those years ago.

During Alonso's continued training from Kaerus Ortigan, he felt that he had become self-sufficient and financially stable enough to support Maria. And so, on the 13th of June, the two were bound together in holy matrimony. To this day, Alonso stills wears his simply, golden wedding ring on his finger as a reminder of the woman whom he devoted his life to.

The First War

Alonso and Maria continued to enjoy a peaceful, semi-scholarly life in Dalaran during the first few months of the First War. However, within a year, he felt called to aid his countrymen with their fight against the orcs. On the battlefield, he witnessed the great and terrible power of the first orcish Necrolytes. Both frightened and fascinated, Alonso decided to do something rather daring: search a nearby orcish camp for any possible ways to study. With his mind set upon this rash plan, he managed to sneak into an orcish camp and come across a handwritten scroll of spells written in Orcish. Although Alonso could not understand the crude language, he decided that this would be his best chance, and smuggled it back to Dalaran after his fighting business had concluded.

Alonso Kallifur in his wizardly garb. Drawn by takacukasa.

Back in Dalaran, Alonso began studying and translating the Orcish scroll as quick as he possibly could, sometimes locking himself in his personal study for days at a time, which worried Maria greatly. Alonso was determined to figure out the secrets to the orc's awesome magic, and would not stop until he found out everything he possibly could about this mysterious, emerald fire. Finally, after several months of attempting to read a crude language, he was able to decipher and understand the basic rituals of Fel. Much to his shock, the majority of the spells required a sacrifice - mainly of an animal - to complete. Now feeling like he owed it to himself to learn this power after months of grueling work, he set out into a secluded forest, where he found and injured some of the wildlife. He read his own translations very carefully, making sure no detail went unnoticed. Even after all that time of re-reading the same words over and over again, he was still slightly unsettled at the prospect of having to kill living beings for the acquisition of power. After mentally preparing himself, Alonso mustered all of his willpower and focus while he slowly siphoned the life from an animal. Using this siphoned life, he summoned his first flicker of Fel fire.

Alonso was both overjoyed at the breakthrough and extremely prideful of himself, feeling as if he had just become one of the pioneers of a new school of magic. However, in his pride and happiness, he failed to acknowledge what is now regarded as one of the most important concepts when dealing with the Fel: control. Thus, he accidentally burned himself with Fel fire, almost dying from that which cannot be extinguished by natural means, and he only managed to survive due to his speed and mastery of the Arcane. It was for this reason that he decided to not experiment with that scroll for at least a week while he recovered somewhat. Unfortunately, the accident left a great scar on his body, attracting the curiosity of both his colleagues and his spouse, who was greatly concerned for both his mental and physical health. She questioned him on this much later, and he revealed to her the scroll which he stole from the orc's encampment. Interestingly enough, she decided to study this strange art alongside him, despite having given up her magical training long ago.

Alonso and Maria studied and manipulated the Fel with as much secrecy as they could muster during the First War, however found themselves being adversely affected by it both physically and mentally. Thus, during the final months of the War, the couple decided to relinquish any ties to Dalaran and go out in search of other tomes and manuscripts.

The Second War

During the beginnings of the Second War, Alonso and Maria continued to seek out and translate the original tomes of the Necrolytes. During this time, Alonso managed to encounter one of the original Necrolytes during the First War, who's name was Kraz'dor. Although originally intent on killing the two meddling magi, Kraz'dor took a slight fondness of their curiosity towards the growing presence towards the Dark Arts. Thus, after several awkward attempts at translation, Kraz'dor decided to instruct the two more thoroughly in Dark Magic. The experience was almost identical to their training in Dalaran: Kraz'dor was blunt and harsh, forcing the two adepts to do things which they considered unthinkable. Once again, Maria decided to discontinue her training, but respected her husband's decision to go on with it, agreeing with him that it could be an effective tool for fighting against the many evils of the world. Alonso continued under Kraz'dor's tutelage, eventually becoming a very gifted wielder of the Fel.

The Third War

During the Reconstruction of the Realm and the beginnings of the Third War, Alonso continued to practice and develop his skills in the Dark Arts. However, not long after its beginnings, word reached him and his wife that a Cult (soon discovered to be the Cult of the Damned) had begun to use the forbidden school of Necromancy as a weapon. Equally as intrigued by Necromancy as he was with Fel magic, Alonso decided to infiltrate one of the Cult's encampments and steal the secrets to their Dark Magic.

During the brief war, Alonso studied Necromancy from the many tomes and manuscripts that he stole, and continued to teach himself in the years afterwards, becoming extremely skilled in the art.

The Ahn'Qiraj War

Alonso found himself fighting against the insectoid minions of C'thun. Allying with the combined forces of the Alliance and the Horde, Alonso aided in sieging the temple of Ahn'Qiraj, secretly looting any artifacts that he believed would bring him closer to mastery. Once the heroes of Azeroth defeated C'thun and secured Silithus, Alonso faded into obscurity, balancing demonic mastery with his personal life.

Many months after the Ahn'Qiraj War, Alonso began searching for places to construct a personal lair. Luck would smile on him, as he came across a sequestered crypt hidden underneath the Eastern Plaguelands. However, this crypt was already inhabited by a powerful Necromancer named Otigas. Otigas was clever and cruel, proving to be one of Alonso's greatest challenges. However, after two months of on-and-off fighting, Alonso was able to outsmart the cunning Necromancer and take the crypt for himself.

The Dark Portal and Outland

The re-opening of the Dark Portal was of great interest to Alonso, who had heard tales from his orcish master about the formation of the Horde and the construction of the portal. Thus, with the approval of his wife, Alonso stepped through the portal and was shocked to see what Draenor had become. Now called Outland, the shattered planet was a wellspring of dark knowledge that drew him ever-nearer to the planet's most dangerous enemies.

Hungry for the power that called his name, Alonso rushed at the chance to obtain anything that would further his power. His greed, however, was shared by many other Warlocks. Alonso had to act fast, often outsmarting his malefic competitors or using the harsh environment to his advantage. The deep desires he held for knowledge and power lead to the deaths of many lesser Warlocks by his hand.

Alonso remembers this period of his life with mixed feelings, believing that his savagery and callousness in Outland were due to the corruption from the powers he enslaved. He has since developed techniques to keep his brutality in check, knowing full well what would happen should he become unhinged. Maria never learned the truth about her husband's actions in Outland.

The War Against the Lich King

Alonso was very active during the campaigns in Northrend, taking advantage of every chance he got to thwart the Scourge forces and obtain knowledge for himself. During this time, his Necromantic powers grew significantly, as he took the time to plunder many forbidden Scourge texts and grimoires. However, Alonso's mental state would soon take a toll when he learned that one of his nephew's died during the Wrath Gate incident. He would mourn the death of his nephew for many months afterwards.

The Great Cataclysm

Disheartened by the death of his nephew in Northrend, Alonso and Maria decided to seclude themselves in Stormwind. However, the events of the Great Cataclysm disrupted their rest, and Alonso felt obligated to aid the Alliance against Deathwing and the Cult of the Twilight's Hammer. Maria's health, however, declined significantly. For unknown reasons, she would eventually find herself on her death bed, uttering her last words to Alonso and passing on into the Shadowlands. The tragedy of Maria's death drove Alonso into a deep depression. During this time he would take out his anger on the Twilight's Hammer Cult and anyone else who pestered him. Alonso remembers this as one of the darkest times in his life.

Magical Prowess

Fel Magic

Widely regarded as a master of Fel Magic, Alonso is often hailed for his prowess in the art. Trained by a former Shadow Council Warlock, Alonso spent years mastering this dark art. Decades of study have certainly payed off, as Alonso is now capable of casting some of the most powerful and destructive forms of Fel known to Azeroth. Perhaps one of his greatest achievements with the art is his use of "Fel Lightning," an immensely powerful spell capable of vaporizing anything in its wake. He is also known to be a masterful curseweaver, weakening the armor of his enemies or subjecting them to unimaginable agony.


Alonso's study of Fel Magic eventually lead him down the path of Demonology. Ever the ambitious spellcaster, Alonso was spellbound by the concept of binding demons to his will. Over the years, he learned how to summon and bind several greater demons to his will, including a Shivarra, a Wrathguard, an Infernal, and a Dreadsteed.


Alonso performs a dark ritual.

During his apprenticeship to Kraz'dor, Alonso was also taught how to bend the Shadows to his will. Alonso's control over the Void is nearly unparalleled, as he is able to summon living nightmares and plunge his enemies into horrific visions at will. Oftentimes, Alonso prefers Shadowmancy over Fel Magic, believing that mental manipulation is more effective than brute force.


Alonso has only dabbled lightly in Blood Magic, thinking the school far too primitive and mysterious for him to devote his time to. Although he is able to use blood to create dangerous spells, he does not wield it at the same caliber as a dedicated Hemomancer.


Alonso is undoubtedly one of the most gifted Necromancers of the modern age. Originally learning the art through stolen grimoires, he has studied Necromancy ever since the Third War. Although most Necromancers use Arcane Magic to harness necrotic power, Alonso has discovered a different method. After years of practice, he has learned how to draw power from the Shadowlands itself. As such, his necromantic spells are purer and more effective than other Necromancers, allowing Alonso to distinguish himself as a master of the art.

Arcane Magic

Before his days as a Darkcaster, Alonso studied Evocation and Abjuration (with a basic understanding of other schools) for almost thirty years. When he was in Dalaran, many of his colleagues considered him to be one of the most impressive and talented Undermagi of his generation. However, due to the large amount of corruption that spread across his body, Alonso's ability to harness Arcane has all but vanished.


Alonso is known for being a calm, level-headed presence amidst the chaotic twists and turns of life. Despite being an introvert, Alonso enjoys speaking with most individuals, typically hoping to bring at least a faint smile with either his words or his conservative fashion sense. Even so, Alonso has the tendency to be blunt and honest with either students or novices of the Dark Arts, believing that only the committed should be able to tolerate the hardships of mastering Dark Magic. Unfortunately, even with his kind and wholesome nature, he has long had to struggle with hidden feelings of superiority and hubris, especially when it comes to "lesser" Warlocks. To receive the ire and wrath of Alonso is extremely rare, but a circumstance to be avoided by any means necessary due to his brutal honesty and stubborn mind.


"It is not Fel Magic that is evil. Indeed it is chaos, creation, and insanity, but it is not evil. Rather, it is those who practice it that fall to their own pride and pointless, worldy desires." - Alonso to the members of Astalynn.

"Appearances, appearances..." - Alonso to Malisse Walker.

Alonso and Corbin, done by the fabulous Vitra.

"Some may mistake my choice to wear the wizardly vestments of Dalaran as cowardice, but that could not be farther from the truth. In the days when the Fel first graced our eyes, it was considered forbidden, too dark for our mortal minds to grasp. Thus, we had to practice it in secret, acting as if we had never touched the Fel, and so that tradition has carried into my final years in this world, and is even more effective today. Few will ever take me beyond face value, and they rarely ever assume that a doddering old fool in a hat can hold such great power in his hands. That, my friend, is when they fall into my trap." - Alonso explaining his reasons for concealing himself.

"Of all the deadly vices within the world, pride is the greatest of them all. 'Tis the downfall of kings and empires, gods and goddesses. Pride is, was, and shall be the greatest challenge for anyone who wields the Dark Arts. When one can raze cities and summon armies in the blink of an eye, they become bloated by their vainglory, and are blinded to the truth: they will never be a god, no matter what they do. Even the Archlich Kel'thuzad thought himself mightier than Azeroth's heroes, and yet he is no more. Do not make the same mistake as countless who have come before thee, apprentice: do not fall to your own pride." - Alonso to an apprentice.


  • In their younger years, Alonso and Maria were both avid patrons of the Performing Arts, specifically the various opera houses within the kingdom.
  • Alonso has never been a sedentary individual, and never lives in the same place for more than five years. His most recent dwelling is within the city of Boralus, where he enjoys the cool ocean breeze.
  • Alonso has a secretive laboratory within the Eastern Plaguelands, which is hidden from most adventurers via complex wards and enchantments.
  • Alonso is a pet owner. Dubbed "Corbin," Alonso's rambunctious little corgi has been in the care of his master since the war against the Iron Horde. The dog is named after Alonso's youngest sibling, who died during the Culling of Stratholme.
  • Alonso exhibits symptoms of dementia, an umbrella term for diseases which afflict senior citizens with forgetfulness and cognitive impairment. In order to combat this, he takes prescribed medicine which is meant to reverse the effects of dementia on older brains. This medicine was first given to him by Cardinal Niklos Adamant.