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Archbishop Alonsus Faol


His Holiness
Archbishop of the Holy Light (formerly)
Bishop of Secrets


Head of the Church of the Holy Light (formerly)
Leading member of the Conclave


Church of the Holy Light, Grand Alliance (formerly), Clerics of Northshire (formerly), Order of the Silver Hand, The Conclave


Alive, undead.


Netherlight Temple


Benedictus, Uther the Lightbringer

Venerated by

Church of the Holy Light, College of Canons


Priests, the Archbishop, Council of Bishops

Archbishop Alonsus Faol (originally "Farol"), called Alonsus Primus by his contemporaries, was the head of the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics prior to the First War. Following the terrible attrition suffered by the clerics during the war, as well as the destruction of Northshire Abbey, the aged Faol fled with the surviving citizens of the Kingdom of Azeroth to the Kingdom of Lordaeron.

Aided by his apprentice, Uther the Lightbringer, Faol refounded the Holy Order of Clerics as the Order of the Silver Hand, this time equipping the followers of the Light in the heavy armaments of war. Alonsus Chapel, in Stratholme, was the site where he anointed Uther as the first of the paladins within the Order.

Alonsus in life.

Faol died of old age some time prior to the coming of the Scourge to Lordaeron and the Third War. His final resting place was Faol's Rest, a small graveyard located within the Forsaken occupied lands of the Tirisfal Glades. His body, however, was missing for quite some time after the rise of the Scourge.

A statue and fountain in front of the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City honored all the hard work done by Faol in the aftermath of the Second War, including the raising funds to help rebuild the city and reestablishing the Brotherhood of Northshire. This fountain was destroyed during the rise of Deathwing and was instead replaced by a statue of Uther.

Alonsus Faol was the first Archbishop in history not only retain his name, but to alter his surname as well.

Alonsus was eventually raised into undeath by the Undead Scourge during the ransacking of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Shambling among the undead masses for a time, Alonsus came to his senses when the Lich King's grasp was weakened over the Scourge by Illidan Stormrage by use of the Skull of Gul'dan. Once freed, Alonsus did not join with the masses of men and women that flocked to the banner of Sylvanas Windrunner, instead, he took to the shadows and began creation of a small grouping of men and women of the light. Among those he saved was Crown Princess Calia Menethil, who was spared her demise by the Archbishop's intervention. Taking her as his ward and right hand, Calia and Alonsus sowed the seeds for the Conclave's rise, eventually recruiting priests from across Azeroth.

He has returned from the shadows after the return of the Burning Legion, seeking once more to bring the glory of the Light to his foes, under the leadership of the High Priest of the Conclave.

Preceded by
Sebastian III
Alonsus Faol Succeeded by

Archbishop Landgren (antipapa)
Seryl I (Gilnean antipapa)

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