Alterac City
Ruins of Alterac


Mug'thol (Crushridge)
Aiden Perenolde (Former)


Western Alterac Mountains


Alliance of Lordaeron (Formerly)
Kingdom of Alterac (Formerly)
Orcish Horde (Formerly)
Alterac Syndicate (Formerly)
Crushridge Clan



Alterac City was the capital of the old Kingdom of Alterac, home to the Alterac Keep, the seat of the House of Perenolde, and any other King that may have taken up the throne. Once a bastion and area of trade for the people of Alterac, after the fall of the Kingdom it was soon taken by the Alterac Syndicate in its state of great disrepair. However, after aiding Sylvanas Windrunner, the Crushridge Clan of Ogres swept the city and ousted the Syndicate.

Alterac City is currently a shadow of its former self, the Crushridge Ogres claiming the land for themselves, creating from themselves a slum with their leavings left on the floor, as well as old bones from the corpses of their victims.

The City lies near a cliff facing Lordamere Lake, and it is said that Alterac also controlled the coast. On the outskirts of the City lie the holdings of the Crushridge Clan, and south of the city lies a Yeti cave.

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