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The Alterac Syndicate


Lady Beve Perenolde (Presumed)

Secondary Leader

Lord Falconcrest (Formerly, deceased)

Base of operations

Strahnbrad, Alterac Mountains

Theater of operations

Alterac Mountains

Arathi Highlands

Hillsbrad (Formerly)

Former Leaders

Lord Aiden Perenolde (Founder, deceased)
Lord Aliden Perenolde (Formerly, deceased)

Known Allies

The Argus Wake



The Alterac Syndicate is a criminal organization led by some of the more villainous nobles of the defunct Kingdom of Alterac. They are based within the town of Strahnbrad and operate within the mountains as well as the Arathi Highlands, and used to have several encampments within the region of the Hillsbrad Foothills.


The Syndicate's history goes back to the Second War, during which the seven human kingdoms of Azeroth, Lordaeron, Stromgarde, Dalaran, Kul Tiras, Gilneas and Alterac formed the Alliance of Lordaeron to fight back the hordes of invading orcs. However, Lord Aiden Perenolde of Alterac, along with many nobles of the kingdom, thought the orcs would win the war, and secretly worked against the other kingdoms.

But when the Alliance won, Alterac's treachery was discovered, and Stromgarde sent its army to destroy Alterac, and Perenolde and his followers were exiled. The few orcs that survived being put in internment camps did not wish to help them, and so they were forced to steal in order to survive. The former nobles banded together, and led by Perenolde, started calling themselves the Syndicate. In time, other thieves and bandits joined them. One of Aiden's most brilliant strokes of genius was breaking up the bandit gangs who joined up so as to prevent them to conspire against them.

While their original goal was to spread chaos and disorder, the Third War made the leaders see that they had a chance to regain Alterac. They've captured several outposts, including the town of Strahnbrad and the fortress of Durnholde Keep, along with large sections of the city of Stromgarde. With their allies in the Argus Wake, the Syndicate dreamed of a nation of its own in the northlands of the Eastern Kingdoms.

When Aiden was captured, his son Aliden took over in his stead, leading the Syndicate from his mansion at Dandred's Fold along the coast of the Lordamere Lake. Aiden would eventually die in captivity, leading Aliden to lead the Syndicate until his death at the hands of agents of the Warchief, Thrall.

Following the Cataclysm, the Syndicate began losing ground. The Forsaken took the ruins of Durnholde Keep from the Syndicate while the Stormpike Clan forced them out of the cliffs overlooking the foothills. Syndicate presence at Dandred's Fold vanished almost completely following the death of Prince Aliden. Following this, Stromgarde Keep actually became a stronger foothold in Arathi Highlands for the Syndicate than their own native lands in Alterac, as the death of Prince Galen Trollbane and subsequent resurrection by the Forsaken weakened the Human presence within the city.

Galen Trollbane would prove to be too much for even the Forsaken to handle, however. With the Forsaken's resources, but the ambition to carry out his own plans, Trollbane led an army of undead Stromic citizens to retake Stromgarde city, entirely pushing out the Syndicate from Stromgarde's occupied keep and displacing the living Soldiers. The Syndicate lost Stromgarde Keep in its entirety that day, and were displaced into the Arathi Highlands.

The Fourth War cost the Syndicate even more territory. The Alliance moved upon Stromgarde Keep, purging it entirely of Ogres, Undead, and what few Syndicate personnel still remained within the ruined city, taking the keep entirely for the Alliance. Meanwhile, the Horde would conquer one of the Syndicate's few remaining holdings in Arathi, demolishing Northfold Manor and constructing their own base atop its remains. The Syndicate's only recourse during this time was to spill out into the Arathi Countryside, pillaging whatever farmsteads the Alliance or Horde were using to supply their war efforts at the time. Eventually, the Battle for Stromgarde was won by the Alliance, securing the Kingdom and sending the remains of the Syndicate slinking back to the Alterac Mountains.

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