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Template:Personal Character TemplateAlurius Brightsong is a quel'dorei adventurer primarily residing in the Eastern Kingdoms. A former member of the Argent Dawn and expatriate of Quel'Thalas, Alurius travels the breadth of Azeroth in an effort to do what good he can.

Brief History

Quel'Thalas to Stromgarde to Stormwind.

Stormwind to Monster Hunting to War of the Three Hammers to Crystallization.

Crystallization to First, Second, and Third Wars.

World of Warcraft history (briefly).

Recent History

Fighting the Legion while the Heroes of Azeroth fought on Argus.

Returning to Stormwind on the news of Alleria's return. Disappointment.


Alurius Brightsong is a humanist optimist tempered by roughly 2,000 years of pragmatic experiences. Awkward and quiet in broad or populated social circumstances, Alurius opens up in more personal and private encounters to show himself as a genuinely kind and warm individual. His expressions using the Light instead of the Sun and Sunwell are telling reminders of his personal faith, as well as the disconnect from the remainder of elven culture.

Gear and Equipment

Armor, weapons, and alchemical/toxicological equipment brief overview. Primarily for the sake of ushering people into the big wide world of forensics.


All that blue-and-gold mithril armor, complete with fine leather straps and soft padding underneath.


Hefty truesilver blades, sturdy enchanted thorium shield, and a number of either bows or crossbows depending on the circumstance.


Alchemy and poison-making equipment. Aludel (for condensation), Moor's Head (for distilling), various vessels, glass alembic (for more distilling), retort (for dry distilling), various mortars of various substances, various crucibles of various substances.


Alurius Brightsong is a recreation of the original Alurius Brightsong, "The Plaguesinger." A Death Knight character created on the morning of Wrath of the Lich King's release, The Plaguesinger persevered for years until ultimately falling prey to a powerful lich and being put to final rest by his colleagues. Short of a few instances with weapons and a certain minor boss encounter, there are no actual references to the vorpal quality of a weapon in any form on Azeroth. Alurius was named and created before the introduction of Marshal Jacob Alerius, the Grand Champion of Stormwind.


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