Alwynen Dawnwrath
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Chapter Master of the Thalassian Silver Hand




Weeping Angel of the Gates
Defender of Theramore
Knight of the Silver Hand
Honour Guard of Conclave

Relatives Abridged

Jonathan Lightcrest (Husband, deceased)
Ami Lightcrest (Daughter, deceased)
Nora Lightcrest (Daughter, deceased)

Current Affiliations

The Silver Hand
The Highguard (High Elf)
The Holy See of Quel'Thalas
The Holy See of Lordaeron
Clergy of the Holy Light
Diocese of Quel'Danas


"We are none of us alone."



Armour-clad, by Ramavatarama.

Physical Description

The woman before you is indeed of the noble Quel'dorei race, yet always with her features hidden. The aura about her is a friendly one, yet with an air of ferocity that resonated in the pulsating glow of her armour. There would be no introduction made on the high elf's part, a name seldom known that tethered to the corporeal form that walked with clanking power, helm-clad chin tucked high and the uniform flail and aegis adding even more bulk.

So very rare is it to have her pale countenance revealed, and for good reason. Under the lavish, winged helm resides a once-beautiful face, marred by warfare and cruelty of life; four harsh, clawed scars of pink flesh stretched across her visage, accompanied by a jagged length of scar tissue about her neck as if it has been slit, but not mercifully enough to end the woman's life. Her slender, elven ears were hardly that, instead one was lopped off about mid-way, and the other was chipped and gnawed with bits missing. Alwynen's eyes bore crawling, blue veins from the sockets that boasted the staple blue eyes, yet with an aurora of purple mixed in, and upon her Silver Hand tabard was pinned a blackened, tarnished Theramore medallion.

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