Alyserah Helstrom
Alys Lori



Birth Information

Born: May 17th, 7 L.C. (Age 30)

Place of Birth

Outskirts of Andorhal


The Helflare


Paladin of the Holy Light
Scarlet Crusader (Formerly)
Scarlet Inquisitor (Failed)


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Lordaeron
Scarlet Crusade (Formerly)


Church of the Holy Light


Andor Helstrom (Father)
Isalda Helstrom (Mother)
Lorillesa Gresham (Lover)


Lawful Good



Alyserah Helstrom is the last known living heir to her small house, Helstrom, and a stark worshiper of the Church of the Holy Light. Despite having spent the past few years in hiding, she intends to make amends, and serve both the Grand Alliance and faith once more, without hesitance and failure.

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Alyserah was a stoic woman from the start. Even as a child, she held herself with pride and confidence. When Lordaeron fell, however, that confidence turned into anger. It's not uncommon to catch this woman with a faint scowl on her face, and a stern look in her eyes. She stands at 6'1", taller than a portion of her female kin. Semi-dark blonde hair frames her strong face, almost always tied up into a messy bun. Her pale figure has gained many scars over the years, most notably the long scar going over her left eye, and her right arm, which was cut off during the Blood Maul Conflict. Lorillesa Gresham took up the task of making her a replacement. She's built like a soldier, with the endurance and stamina to match. The only other notable thing on her form, is the crimson flame tattooed on the back of her neck, a dead giveaway to her former affiliation with the Scarlet Crusade.


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