Queen Alytheria Bloodmoon
Queen of the Bloodmoon Dominion


IconSmall Darkfallen Female San'layn
Blood elf female icon Sin'dorei (Formerly)




3707 (At time of death)


Dominion trans Bloodmoon Dominion
Scourgetempicon Undead Scourge (Formerly)
Icon of Blood Kingdom of Quel'thalas (Formerly)

Horde Crest New Horde (Formerly)



Solyth Lunarlance (Great-Grandmother)
Taliel Solflame † (Grandmother)
Aurelyth Solflame † (Mother)
Amorlor Rosenvale † (Husband)
Zyanel Solflame (Daughter)
Estel Solflame (Daughter)
Valytheta Solflame (Daughter)
Astriel Bloodmoon (Daughter)
Aldaras Solflame (Son)
Casziel Solflame † (Daughter)
Valtis Solflame † (Son)
Elythas Solflame (Son)
Salrin Bloodmoon(Son)
Elasa Solflame (Daughter)
Raitaus Solflame(Son-in-Law)
Valythra Bloodmoon(Granddaughter)
Sylvia Solflame (Great-Granddaughter)

Faranel Sunjoy (Great-Granddaughter, Presumed)


Lawful Evil



"What do you take me for? Some power hungry weakling who kissed the Lich King's boot hoping for a scrap of significance in his rotting empire? I died. That is my crime, Death Knight. I did what others could not, I followed my prince to the ends of the earth, and I died a loyal daughter of Quel'thalas."

Queen Alytheria Taliel Bloodmoon (née Solflame) is a San'layn Blood Mage, sovereign of the Bloodmoon Dominion, and the former matriarch of House Solflame. Originally a Magister, Alytheria's unwavering loyalty to the throne led her to follow Kael'thas Sunstrider to the fateful invasion that would lead to her death and subsequent raising. After achieving freedom from the Scourge, Alytheria turned her attention to her new people - the San'layn.

During the Third Burning Legion Invasion of Azeroth, Alytheria began to unify San'layn under her banner, and soon founded the Bloodmoon Dominion, which was named in her honor. She began to initiate a revival of the crippled House Solflame in the form of the Bloodmoon Dynasty, however her priorities changed when the Ashen Knights successfully invaded Thedo'thalas, and killed two of her grandchildren.

Out of fury and mourning for her deceased progeny, Alytheria proclaimed herself queen of the San'layn to invite any who sought a part in her power to strengthen her, and challenge anyone who sought to claim it. She now expands her Dominion, bracing not only for the war she feels rest at her doorstep, but also for vengeance for her fallen children.


Daashdor MedorEdit

Alytheria was born to the matriarch of House Solflame, Aurelyth Solflame. As a girl Alytheria was considered an intellectual prodigy and prized by the noble house. Unfortunately, while Alytheria was brilliant, her intellect caused her to feel distant from others and unable to truly connect with anyone. She took her life and what she had been given for granted, unable to find the value of her family due to her inability to truly connect with them, and failing to develop any attachments. Even ambitions differed; where the Solflames were combatants or priests in their history, Alytheria saw politics in her future.

When Silvermoon came to the aid of humanity during the Troll Wars, there was a moment of calamity when Aurelyth was among the Wars' many casualties. As many come to realize something's value only when it is lost, Alytheria realized how much she had valued her mother even while failing to realize or express it. Grieving as she became the new matriarch of House Solflame, Alytheria resolved to protect the family she knew was important to her, rather than let it pass her by.

After the Wars, Alytheria married Amorlor Rosenvale, of the House of Rosenvale. She became a mother early in her years, but enjoyed the experience of doting upon her family, and protecting and securing her bloodline. They conceived several children over the years, despite the oddity of Alytheria's broadening list of descendants, including her eldest daughter Zyanel Solflame. Zyanel had a penchant for exploration and inquiry that Alytheria admired, and she did everything in her power to further Zyanel's ambition to become a member of the Farstriders. When Zyanel desired to marry one of the guardian servants of the House, Raitaus, Alytheria had her reservations but felt a respect for Raitaus' sense of duty and rigid principles.

With Alytheria's leadership, the House of Solflame prospered. The Solflame family had expanded significantly, and Alytheria's position as a Magister lent her political strength as well as noble strength. With what power she possessed she dedicated the House of Solflame to the protection of their nation, as a family of patriots. What military might they held was strengthened, and Alytheria began what the Solflames remember as the Daashdor Medor - the "Age of Might", a term for Alytheria's reign.

Zyanel and Raitaus would later conceive a son, Castus. Though Castus was dutiful and quick to make progress, he eloped with a woman of the Cinderwood family, and abandoned the Solflames. After the son's departure Alytheria began to pay close attention to her children's progeny, especially when Zyanel gave birth to a daughter, who would be named Valythra. Unfortunately, Valythra was born underweight and sickly, and struggled to keep up with her father's overbearing expectations. When Valythra nearly died, her training was cancelled and her father began to neglect her.

Alytheria urged Raitaus and Zyanel not to abandon Valythra and to properly care for her, and did her best to help Valythra, enrolling her in Falthrien Academy on Sunstrider Isle and assisting with her education. She was delighted to see that Valythra possessed an unrecognized genius, and connected to her granddaughter in a way she could not with anyone else. She saw the same lonely disconnect in Valythra that she experienced in her own youth, and came to cherish Valythra above all of her progeny.

As a magister, Alytheria rarely ever left the realm of Quel'thalas save for diplomatic affairs. When the Scourge invaded Quel'thalas, Alytheria survived by prioritizing the safety of the Solflame Enclave and its people over Silvermoon itself. Not only was she more committed to her family's safety, but she also predicted the Scourge's path would be focused on carving its way north rather than simply assault Quel'thalas in its entirety. From the Solflame Enclave, Alytheria attempted to summon her family, but to no avail.

House Solflame was scattered and weakened after the Fall, and even Alytheria was weakened by the destruction of the Sunwell. Nevertheless, she attempted to remain strong and uphold House Solflame's unyielding image. She and Raitaus joined Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider in Lordaeron under the command of Othmar Garithos, which pushed them to Outland to join Illidan's Forces. Their service under Kael'thas and Illidan ultimately brought them to Icecrown to assault the Frozen Throne.

Near ExtinctionEdit

The assault failed, and where Raitaus managed to survive, Alytheria was ultimately cornered in battle and slain. She fell and was raised as one of the San'layn, and went on to serve the Scourge as an infiltrator and a spy, feeding information from within the ranks of the Alliance to the Scourge. She formed a close partnership with two fellow San'layn, Inkorkast and Sinar, and the three would survive together following the end of the War against the Lich King. Alytheria herself survived the war by hiding away within the ruined city of Azjol-Nerub among her Nerubian allies. While the Nerubians hosted her, Alytheria was granted access to the Library of Sitat'izar.

In the years following the fall of the Lich King, the three vampyr struggled to survive with their newfound free will. They survived within the Borean Tundra, using the Library as a home away from prying eyes while occasionally venturing into the world to feed on the wildlife. Though they survived, a crippling emptiness haunted them. Even Alytheria, who remained the optimist of the group, felt a lack of meaning to her existence.

Within the Library, Alytheria met with the Nerubian Curator, Nu'araknara. Nu'araknara showed the vampyr many of the Library's contents. They grew curious, wondering why the Lich King had raised them as undead cursed with a thirst for blood, rather than creating Death Knights from the dead Blood Elves. They sought to understand their curse, and learned of the existence of vampyr, and a hunger that predated the Scourge by centuries, possibly millennia. The revelation fascinated them, driving them to learn more.

They learned of many vampyr secrets, including the ability to shapeshift. Feeling a kinship with the Nerubians and desiring to expand her access the Library, Alytheria learned to assume the form of a venomous spider. Learning more and more about vampyr, eventually Alytheria and the others discovered a vampyr legend known as Arbitian, and the tombs in which he slept.

Alytheria and Inkorkast were awed by Arbitian's accomplishments, especially his creation of the Mortraust, an ancient vampyr society. The San'layn saw potential in the idea of the Mortraust, a potential cure for their loneliness and a replacement of the Scourge. Furthermore, Alytheria herself was excited by the prospect of beating Arbitian's record, creating an improved Mortraust that could survive even longer.

For the first time, the trio separated. With the Burning Legion's invasion, Alytheria saw a desperation within the Horde that would permit her to join their ranks, especially after Sylvanas Windrunner arose to the position of Warchief.

Masking her vampiric identity, Alytheria rose in influence among the Horde until she could organize and lead a clandestine network of spies, gathering individuals capable of carrying out illicit activities in the name of the Warchief, forming an organization known as Division M. Despite her work in amassing her power base, she could not help but wonder what condition her family was in. When she was alive, she had been the matriarch of House Solflame, and the house's current status was an unknown.

Alytheria returned under her illusion, but was immediately dismissed. Raitaus, now the patriarch, knew full well that Alytheria had died in Icecrown, and he had informed others of this reality as well. However, one who did not reject the San'layn was Valythra, who remained unaware of what her grandmother had become. Valythra remained dutifully reverent towards her ancestors and was still loyal to Alytheria.

Suddenly, Alytheria saw an avenue for potential. Despite how much she wanted to help Valythra succeed, after watching her struggle under her father's neglect, she now knew of methods by which she could grant her unfortunate granddaughter an avenue to succeed, for the Scourge had fulfilled such a dream for many lost souls once before. Earning Valythra's trust, Alytheria later revealed herself as San'layn to Valythra. Dangling a metaphorical carrot before Valythra, the young Sin'dorei saw a chance to escape her cursed existence and finally achieve something great.

Though Alytheria yearned to give Valythra what she craved, she knew that her affinity for spiders came at a cost, turning her bite into one that was unconditionally lethal. The venom her body produced would interfere with her ability to turn another. Unable to turn Valythra into a San'layn, she had to instead ensure that Valythra would find another.

She discovered a particular rewarding option, however, in the form of Tyrinade Moonsong. Curious as to what effect Tyrinade's blood royalty would do to Valythra, she monitored the fellow San'layn in order to direct Valythra to her when the time was right. Valythra herself went on to join Alytheria's agency, eager to prove herself for the gift that would not yet come. Alytheria placed a rune on each agent's body, a spider that would guard the secrets of the network.

First ContactEdit

In the months nearing the end of the Blood War, Alytheria finally made her return. She began to spy on the lands of the Cinderwood family for unknown purposes. Confronted by Sylaise Cinderwood, the two engaged in an invisible duel of wits disguised as little more than friendly banter. The two disagreed on the subject of Alytheria's granddaughter, Valythra, as Sylaise believed she would find happiness with her living family. Alytheria believed that Valythra would be driven mad by the living and would be happier with her own people.

Sylaise proposed a binding agreement as a "bet" of sorts, to watch Valythra's development without direct intervention. If Sylaise was proven correct, Alytheria would need to live with the Cinderwood family. If Alytheria was correct, Sylaise owed her soul to Alytheria. Alytheria agreed to the deal, though Sylaise's soul was inconsequential to her.

Sylaise then offered her home to Alytheria, providing her hospitality within an abandoned temple. Alytheria made herself a home of webbing while she prepared to take full advantage of what she had been given. She sent Inkorkast to retrieve Sylvia Solflame in order to communicate with her about the possible revival of House Solflame. To her mild surprise, Sylvia appeared herself alongside Valythra.

Not risking invoking her pact with Sylaise, Alytheria did not speak to Valythra and instead addressed Sylvia. Contrary to the expectations that she would be intimidating, Alytheria was instead loving towards her progeny before finally giving both of them a loving hug. Sylvia expressed interest in reviving House Solflame, to Alytheria's delight. However, due to Sylaise's absence, powers were stirring within the Cinderwood and an elderly witch arrived at the temple to visit the three.

The witch commented on Valythra's aura, to which Alytheria revealed the presence of Void Magic within her granddaughter. This prompted the witch to lead Valythra out of the temple to the deep wood while Sylvia and Alytheria remained. Soon after, however, Lyraeni Sorrowsong arrived at the request of Sylaise's familiar, Pan. After sending Sylvia away from the coming battle to Thedo'thalas, Alytheria and Lyraeni engaged in a duel with one another.

Battle ensured between the two, with Alytheria using webbing and magic, wielding the environment against the Death Knight who drew not only her own powers, but powers gifted to her as well. Against all probability, the Death Knight drew the Solar Spire, and wielded it alongside a blade that housed the souls of Alytheria's ancestry, including her mother Aurelyth. Alytheria and Lyraeni traded words against one another, specifically intended to glean information as to why Lyraeni had come to seek her death.

After Lyraeni promised justice for the harm Valythra had caused, and by extension justice against Alytheria as well, the battle reached a head as Lyraeni soon overpowered the San'layn, who shifted into a spider form and contacted Inkorkast to retrieve her. As she fled into the woods, Lyraeni impaled Alytheria upon the Solar Spire, and fired Void magic upon it to explode the weapon and kill the San'layn. Inkorkast arrived in a mist, taking the brunt of the damage as he shielded Alytheria and spirited her and the weapon away, soon dropping the Spire into the lake nearby.

Grievously wounded, Alytheria returned to Thedo'thalas to assess Sylvia's condition, and soon returned to Banu Batora to recuperate. Though she had survived, the ashen wound left behind would not mend, and the queen was forced to remain crippled until she could recover. To her great frustration, her son, Salrin Bloodmoon, took advantage of her momentary weakness when she was in no position to wage a battle or take action against the disobedient.

Salrin and his Sanguinites used his mother's injury to violate the Dominion's laws that forbade open feeding, now preying upon the people of Westfall and Elwynn Forest despite the efforts of Drael Mastral to rein in the dissent. Against Alytheria's wishes, the underworld of Thedo'thalas was swiftly jeopardized as the people of Stormwind became aware of the vampire threat the loomed over them. Soon, the enigmatic Priesthood of the Beyond contacted Lyraeni and her Ashen Knights, who swiftly put Thedo'thalas and Salrin to the sword.

The death of her son sent Alytheria into a furious rage against Lyraeni. With two of her progeny slain, she began to pull her family ever closer, and vowed to seek revenge against the Death Knight. With this came the proclamation that elevated her from "Magistrix" to Queen, a self-proclaimed successor to Lana'thel. The claim came as a challenge to all Scourge to join her or challenge her reign, and in doing so bolster her might for the conflict to come.

Cry for Vengeance Edit


Appearance Edit

Alytheria is a relatively tall and commanding woman, standing at a height of 6'1", her narrow frame leading down to wide hips. Her straightened raven hair frames her face symmetrically, with bangs concealing her forehead and the rest of her hair drawn up to the back of her head. In life she possessed the features of a typical Quel'dorei, however in undeath her appearance has been significantly changed. Her normally thin ears have widened akin to a bat's, her nose has become flatter, and her nails transitioned into claws. Her once azure eyes have darkened to a crimson hue, and her canines have elongated into vampiric fangs. Since her duel with Lyraeni Sorrowsong, a bloody scar runs down from her left eye across her cheek towards her jawline.

What Alytheria wears generally depends on circumstance. As queen of the Dominion, she will often wears robes that parallel her days as a Magister, consisting of the black and red hues of the Dominion, a mantle, and an elegant high collar. However, when she can afford to be casual, Alytheria tends to a maroon long coat marking her older station in Division M, over little more than a blouse and slacks. Her preference for either style can be attributed to culture, taste, and practicality; while high collars and mantles are common among elven fashion, Alytheria also wears her long coat to better obscure her figure in the shadows, and conceal weapons or tools.

After achieving freedom from the Lich King, Alytheria returned to some of her old sentimental connections in life. She can be seen wearing her wedding band, as well as a pendant representative of House Solflame. Furthermore, she has retained her Verdant Spheres, a reminder of her days as a Blood Mage, along with her wand imbued with fire magic, as was her most constant preference for a weapon.

Spider FormEdit

A capable shapeshifter, Alytheria is able to assume the form of a massive black spider. She appears rather heavy bodied and stout, almost seven feet tall compared to a man. Hairs are scattered across her black form, a pair of jagged scarlet lines running along the back of its bulbous abdomen like gaping wounds, terminating in dangerous points. Fangs protrude from her mandibles, dark and curving downwards, large enough to impale a victim, coupled with another set of fangs, instead curving inwards towards and cross each other.

Alytheria's spider form produces a paralytic venom that induces muscle spasms within the body, and possesses functioning spinnerets.

Personality Edit

Alytheria was once considered to be cold and distant, due to her natural inability to relate to others and connect to what people think and feel. Many regarded Alytheria as a sociopath, believing she could not empathize with others, and it seemed as though Alytheria was incapable of loving another. However, this would be proven wrong as she found love within her nation and her children. She was noted as a dutiful patriot and a loving mother who doted upon her descendants with great affection.

As such, her goals tend to fall back to two main ideals: the protection of her family and the prosperity of her people, two responsibilities she takes close to heart. Her authorization of the Dominion's expansion and conquest is less a matter of furthering her power and instead developing its stability and benefit to remain a positive fixture for those she considers to be her kin. She also desperately wishes to keep her children safe, and will often draw them closer to her protection if she believes they are threatened.

A constantly calculating woman, becoming San'layn made her exploitative of others and capable of manipulation. She is typically far from belligerent, often indulging in social graces and niceties under the guise of friendship if it plays a part in her agenda. She has been known to carry out immoral actions even as her intentions seemed good, which ultimately led to her granddaughter sharing her curse. She experiences great frustration at being isolated or ostracized for her undeath, which is what drove her to convince Valythra to be turned and to establish her vampire kingdom.

After time spent with the Nerubians in Azjol-Nerub following the defeat of the Lich King, Alytheria developed an interest and affinity for spiders that has served as a recurring inspiration for her, with arachnid imagery becoming a brand of sorts for her.

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