Amastriel Silverglory
Harbinger of the Stars
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Amastriel Ishanna Thal'tari
October 28th, -24,237 B.S.
Shalloril, Suramar


Highborne-1.png Highborne


Harbinger of the Stars
Court Arcanist
Sychophant of Queen Azshara
Founding Matriarch of the House of Silverglory
The First Host of Ishular


Highborne-1.png Highborne Empire

KaldoreiSymbol.png Kaldorei (briefly)


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Tanrius Thal'tari (father)
Dynanra Thal'tari† (mother)


Thal'rios Silverglory(husband)
Sylren Silverglory(son)
Daavos Silverglory(son)
Thorendil Silverglory(grandson)


Faith of Elune


Chaotic Neutral





"Successful deceit is the truest form of eloquence."
- Amastriel Silverglory

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In ancient Elven times, namely during the beginning of the Highborne Empire, landholding and financial abundance were two invaluable tools to securing a position among the courts of Queen Azshara. This resulted in many noblehouses provoking long-winded conflicts with one another over wealth and property, in order to establish strong roots within the social hierarchy of the Highborne. Each bloody victory brought with it more opportunities to not only prosper in the favor of the Queen, but practically unhindered access to the immense magical powers of the Well of Eternity itself. Such promises of power seemed irresistibly tempting for most, and countless family names drove one another to extinction for these socioeconomic benefits.

The House of Thal'tari was one of these zealous clans. Known for their exceptional vitality and stamina, as well as their unrivaled knowledge over the arts of summoning and sealing magic, the Thal'tari name was known and feared far and wide. They had bested many prominent and powerful lines of nobility in the past, including the Dal'shara, the Fireglow, and the Dor'ethil. However, their success was not destined to last, as the steady growth of the Highborne Empire brought with it a particularly formidable enemy: the House of Kaldromyr, lead by the Lord Alothil Kaldromyr.

Subsequent wars - both physical and political - were waged, and while the Thal'tari initially managed to resist, the power and barbarism of the Highborne warlord proved too great. The once magnificent Thal'tari clan had lost nearly half of its members to death and defection from their long-winded strife with the Kaldromyr. Eventually, the constant in-fighting between the families garnered the interest of Queen Azshara herself, who dispatched one of her own assistants to investigate: Thalessi Kin'vahyr.

Upon arrival within Shalloril, the Magistrix found the Thal'tari in shambles. Utterly displeased with what was transpiring, the Kaldromyr were reined in with the threat of execution upon all possible heirs, though the Thal'tari were more difficult to contain as they did not show the initial fear and respect that was appropriate for their position. It wasn't until the threat of bringing the Thal'tari before the Queen that they begrudgingly complied. Upon forcing a meeting between Thal'tari and Kaldromyr, Thalessi eventually brokered a peace treaty between the houses by arranging a marriage between a child of Thal'tari blood and an heir of the Kaldromyr. Amastriel would marry Thal'rios Silverglory, the nephew of the Patriarch of the Kaldromyr house, Alothil Kaldromyr.

The pride of the Silverglory bloodline: glorious white hair.
(by aditya777)


Positions of Power

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