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Andrew Lyons

Faction Alliance.png Grand Alliance



Human male icon.png Human
Lordaeron Icon.png Lordaeronian

Year of Birth

September 29th, 15 L.C. (23 years)

Place of Birth

(Stratholme, Lordaeron)


Lawful Neutral


(Chief Medical Officer)


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance
Stormwind Icon.png Kingdom of Stormwind
Lordaeron Icon.png Kingdom of Lordaeron
RemnantLordaeronSymbol.png Remnant of Lordaeron
Church Icon.png Church of the Holy Light
Silver Hand Icon.png Order of the Silver Hand
Argent Crusade Icon.png Argent Crusade
Brotherhoodicon.png Argent Dawn


(Current Occupation)
(Current Occupation)
(Former Occupation) (Formerly)


SWA Field Marshal.png Field Marshal (Army)
SWG O-8.png Marshal (Guard)






Andrew is a rambunctious and a complex character that is often the source of entertainment among his comrades and is always the life of the party. he is very blunt and upfront about most things he is very open and honest. you can always count on him to boost morale no matter the situation. In retrospect to his military background through many adversaries, Andrew has proven himself to be an Exemplar of Gallantry. Andrew's love for the Alliance and his comrades knows no bound. He is also known for being a man who keeps true to his word without fail, even if it would disadvantage him.

His beliefs and his devotion to his faith cultivated him to appear as an intimidating force of nature to the Horde. Andrew is capable of asserting dominance to his enemies and those whom he isn’t fond of by feeding fear in them, enough to force them into submission. Despite many years of serving on the battlefield it hasn’t dulled Andrew’s exuberant personality. He is known to be a kind and determined man with a sense of humor to match his kindness to those he knows and loves. He may pose as an intimidating individual because of his rugged appearance and his prideful attitude as expected of A Crusader Of The Church Of The Holy Light. Even though he bears a prideful personality and constantly boasting his distinguished swordplay and his monstrous strength, he cares deeply for his comrades and the loved ones.he will outright refuse to act if the actions do not align with his beliefs or his personality. Ever since he walks within the Light once more he has proven to be merciful and withhold honors, however, he can be quite zealous sometimes. Andrew hopes too possibly one day being able to return to Lordaeron, or at the least, aid with its restoration and reclamation from the Forsaken.



Andrew stands at about 5'7" and 210 Ibs, bearing an athletic build and youthful physique. His skin is fair toned, though marred with several scars across his body, from slash wounds to burn marks; some of which appear to be have been rather painful to have obtained. While these marks typically lay beneath his armor, they are a testament to the lifestyle the Paladin has put himself in pursuit of; and a sign of his will to survive. His face could be considered fair by most, marked with Blue colored eyes and dirty blonde hair that occasionally runs messily atop his head. He keeps his face clean shaven and well groomed, with the occasional stubble present. He possesses a rather average appearance otherwise, with nose and lips well suited to his facial structure; free of the scars that line the rest of his body. His demeanor is typically friendly and inviting, always welcome to new faces that he meets upon his travels. Coupled with his demeanor, Andrew gives off a youthful charisma that carries him through his travels. Though he remains a staunch defender of his faith, he is open minded to new comers; even those that may be outside of his own beliefs, unlike some of his kind. He can usually be seen dawning his judgement armor set.


Andrew wields the Royal Crest of Lordaeron Shield in his off hand And the Venerable Mass of McGowan in his main hand,




Childhood Teenage years and Adulthood

Andrew was born in Stratholme, Lordaeron. after the Second War, he is the second child to his mother WIP and WIP Lyons, his parents moved into Stratholme in an attempt to settle down after their service in the First and Second War. Andrew's father was one of the newly trained soldiers and her mother was a priest. But their skills weren't used often in the city, David took up hunting and fishing and would often make family trips to Southshore and other docks within Lordaeron.

Andrew enjoyed his life within the big city but preferred doing things outside the city, he would often go on hunting trips with his father and a friend. Andrew had a dream to become a powerful paladin and fight the evil orcs, his father wanted him to train like he did and helped him.

The Culling of Stratholme

and all seemed well until a grain shipment came in. People began to get ill but not Andrew or his family. They have only just returned to Straholme and their mother tried to heal people but her magic didn't work. When Arthas walked into the city and began to butcher people, their father took them in the house and blocked off the door. Undead began to smash into the door trying to get in, (father) rushed (mother) and the children to the cellar and locked it and pushed a bookshelf against it. All they heard was the sound of glass smashing and the sounds of mindless ghouls and a sword smashing into them.

Aftermath of the Culling

When the Purge was over a paladin discovered the min the cellar and helped them out. He had to help the paladins recover all the bodies but since he thought beside Andrew's mother. He escorted them to Lordaeron City. When they arrived they were poor since they had no money as they did in Stratholme.

(mother) who was still in mourning over her now deceased husband took up a job as a healer to make ends mean. Andrew took comfort in what little he had to keep himself occupied since their mother was barely home to the small house they were able to get.

A month later a farmer offered them a room if they helped them with that month's harvest. (mother) agreed and they went. The father was a married man and they had a son. Andrew soon fell for him and they went off into the forest one night before they heard a scream coming from the farming stead. They both ran back to see the barn on fire and undead crawling all over the farm. Three of the undead noticed Andrew and the son. Andrew almost froze in place as she remembered the bodies from Stratholme.

The son had never seen undead and yelled at them. Andrew tried to tell him to run but he couldn't speak. It was as if something had him around the neck. a giest jumped onto him and began rip him apart. there were only two other ghouls. they began to the same thing and zone in on Andrew. one got him onto the ground and dug its claws into his neck before Andrew noticed a bright light being reflected in its eyes. it felt like he was on the ground for hours looking into its dead eyes at the light that light

A Hammer smashed into the ghouls skull killing it. Andrew turned his head to see bearded man wielding a Silverhand Hammer like Uther. But he had black hair. He reached from what seemed the heavens and picked him up putting him over his shoulder. The second ghoul tried to attack but the paladin bashed the hammer into the skull of it letting it fall to the ground. He moved Andrew into both of his hands running into the forest.

Andrew awoke in a camp. It was dawn and an orange aura was in the sky. Andrew explained his family were back there and need to returned there to investigate the area, he found no bodys except the undead and the farmer and his son. he went around Lordaeron for a while looking for survivors and his family, he came up mostly empty-handed but when they heard of 'Stormwind' he thought it would be the best place to take shelter, so he went to to Stormwind by Gryphon with the little gold he had to regroup with people.

Arrival in stormwind

After arriving in stormind life improved drastically, even though he had lost everything and was still struggling with that  now experiencing more of a normal childhood, going to the Lakeshire public schooling and teachings, a slightly above average student, and raised in Stormwind in the orphanage with heavy emphasis of the teachings of the faith in the Church of the Holy Light.

As Andrew grew up and began to be molded into a young teenage boy he took a particular heavy shift of focus. he had always valued his faith in the Church of the Holy Light though one day for some unmentioned reason he devoted heavily into the faith. he found himself in his free time reading tomes, any he could get his hands on. This all sparked the path that would shape the rest of his life, though his big choice wouldn't come for another few years when he would leave to follow the path of the Light.

Path of a Paladin

At fifteen years he packed what personal belongings and clothes he could fit into a simple knapsack and set out, leaving behind the Stormwind orphanage

Finally, to lead in and conclude his early years, he arrived at the Cathedral of Light and was taken in under its wing. he was offered the chance to grow, train, study, and learn to have a firm grip on his faith in the Light. Over the years he would devote himself fully, all of his free time and his entire life devoted to the teachings and faith in the Light.

It would be many, many years of this hard work and devotion, but into his late teens he would begin to display the powers of the Light, aligning himself and his training Upon reaching the age of nineteen and graduating from the academy he was attending, he immediately enlisted within the paramiliary group known as the League of Lordaeron. He would achieve the ranks of Sergeant, ,Chief Medical Officer, and the title of Knight-Paladin after undergoing the Paladin trials as supervised by the Knights within the League. He would depart from the League and go on to join the civilian order Remnant of Lordaeron, where he would take the mantle as Chapter Master of the Remnant's Holy Order sect dedicated to those affiliated with the Church of the Holy Light and its various branches and affiliates.

For The Alliance!

Military Service: The Gathering Storm

Four years later, Andrew finds himself deployed by grand marshals in stormwind after King Varian Wrynn is kidnapped. Although a pretty new paladin at this time, his skills and expertise make him the perfect candidate to assist in the assault on Blackwing Lair.

Military Service: The Burning Crusade

Barely a year later, the Dark Portal is rebuilt and reopened by Lord Kazzak. Andrew makes his way to the Outlands where he engages with the Burning Legion in a quest to return order to Azeroth.

Military Service: Wrath of the Lich King

Next year, the Wrath of the Lich King bears down on the Alliance and  Andrew picks up arms to defend Stormwind against the scourge. When Tirion Fordring forms the Argent Crusade, the paladin in the Marshal is drawn to the call and he finds himself traveling the Northrend to assist in the battle against the risen Lich King.

Military Service: The Cataclysm

The Cataclysm is a particularly dark time for Andrew Lyons as, with the emergence of Death Wing, he rushes to Stormwind and is dispatched to the many regions in turmoil following the wake of destruction from the renegade dragon. he charges forward and fought on as Deathwing is killed and the Age of Mortals begins.

Military Service: Worlds Collide

after the Opening of the Dark Portal in our timeline, Garrosh Hellscream was sent back in time before the main events of Rise of the Horde by the bronze dragon Kairoz at the behest of Wrathion. The overthrown warchief was tasked to prevent the Blood Curse from coming to pass within this parallel universe in order to create an uncorrupted orcish Horde for Kairoz's own machinations.

Military Service: The Invasion of Pandaria

Two years later, the annihilation of Theramore throws the world of Azeroth back into war and the continent of Pandaria is discovered. Field Marshal Lyons is sent to Lion's Landing as one of the paladins in charge of overseeing the Alliance's presence in the war against the Sha and the Horde.

Military Service: An Ancient Evil Returns! LEGION

when the Burning Legion launched its third invasion upon the world of Azeroth, destruction and death were what was found in the early days. During the Battle of the Broken Shore.

Military Service: Somethings Never Change, The Fourth War

The tensions between the two superpowers rose and led to the War of the Thorns, where the Horde destroyed Teldrassil, one of the Alliance's major capitals. In return, the Alliance launched the Siege of Lordaeron, resulting in the ruination of the Undercity. Both factions now seek the destruction of the other in a war spanning the entire world, and recruit new allies to bolster their depleted ranks.

Military Career

Alliance legion of valor ribbon.png Medallion of the Alliance Ribbon.png
Alliance Commendation for Leadership Ribbon.png SLSM 35.png Prisoner of War Medal Ribbon.png
KGCRibbon 7.png Meritorious Conduct Medal Ribbon.png AnduinCoronationMedalRibbon.png
Royal Unit Citation.png Alliance Unit Citation.png Varian Reign Ribbon.png Fourth War Campaign Ribbon.png
Alliance-HordeRibbon.png DraenorCampaignRibbon.png NorthrendCampaignRibbon.png
OutlandCampaignRibbon.png ThirdWarRibbon.png SecondWarRibbon.png

1st Row Alliance Legion of Valor Medallion of the Alliance
2nd Row Alliance High Command Distinguished Service Medal Alliance Commendation for Leadership Alliance Grand Cross of Service
3rd Row King's Cross w/ 2 silver stars Meritorious Conduct Medal King Anduin Coronation Medal
4th Row King Varian Reign Medal Blood War Campaign Medal Fourth War Campaign Medal
5th Row Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal War of the Lich Campaign Medal War in Outland Campaign Medal
6th Row Alliance-Horde War Campaign Medal
Unit Citations Stormwind Royal Unit Citation Grand Alliance Unit Citation

Awards and Honors


Andrew is first and foremost a paladin, He takes his duties very seriously. Living up to the title of his profession of being a Paladin he wishes only to keep order and peace within the realm.  Andrew thinks of the Light as a path of compassion, courage, and nobility - three qualities he is firmly committed to, and this commitment is the wellspring of his power. Of course, his virtue only extends so far. he hates his enemies with every fiber of his being. Orcs, demons and the undead - at his best, he is bitterly spiteful toward them, and at his worst he is brutally violent. Sometimes he isn’t sure whether his inner drive is stoked more by his faith or his fury. Andrew is a good-natured has respect for all. Rarely is he seen without an upbeat or at least hopeful attitude It’s very hard to break Andrew’s Spirits and good mood. With all of the bad happening in the world, he makes an attempt to be a bastion of happiness. he makes an effort to meet new people when he can, and greets them with a smile. Andrew thinks Strategically and meticulously plays out every possiblle scenario in his head before he decides to strike, as well as staking out any encounter should he still have the opportunity. In terms of friends, he’s willing to give any a chance, as long as they are pleasant to his back! His trust could prove to be a negative trait, however, as he can become too trusting of people that should be considered the opposite of that. Ambition,Dedication and Devotion are large driving factors for Andrew. he likes to think of himself doing great things in the future, and that’s a big drive for her to do well in life.