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Annia Lionstead
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IconSmall Human Female.gif Human
Lordaeron-symbol-blue.png Lordaeranian


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Classicon paladin.png Paladin


Crusader Strike
Guardian of Ancient Kings
Wake of Ashes


Belore; Church of the Holy Light
Scarlet Doctrine


Neutral Good


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Titles & Monikers:

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David Lionstead (Father)
Jennifer Lionstead (Mother)
Katsa Lionstead (Sister)

Friends & Allies:

Fethaes Ravenbreeze



Military Service


Alliance.png Grand Alliance


Silver Hand Icon.png Silver Hand

Years of Service

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610 K.C. - Ongoing. Scarlet Crusade
619 K.C-620 K.C. Scarlet Onslaught
620 K.C-620 K.C Scarlet Renegades
622 K.C.- Ongoing Grand Alliance
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Commander of the 7th Legion
Knight of the Silver Hand


Scarlet War on the Scourge

  • Summertide Assaults

Alliance-Horde War

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Physical Description

Annia Lionstead looks young for her age of thirty-three. Her skin is slightly tanned, and she has black raven like hair. Her eyes are golden and wolfish, which has gotten her the nickname 'Wolf of Lordaeron' amongst her friends.

She has three scars on her face and one on the lower half of her body on her chest. She has a scar on the left side on her neck which was caused by a ghoul when she was only nineteen.

The other two scars on her face were caused after she joined the Scarlet Crusade. During the Summertide Assaults, she fought a cultist that got her above her left eye but when she was healed, it was barely seeable. The other one was on her right cheek and was made when she was in the Onslaught. An officer of the Crusade attacked her as she left New Heathglen. It required stitches.

The last scar goes across her chest and belly. Although it was deep, it was able to be healed

Annia has a Holy rune of her right arm, which glows golden. It is bound to her and the rune has been cut out of her skin, but it reformed when Annia channeled the light once more.

Personality Traits

Annias attitude has taken a sharp turn after her separation with her ex. She has become more careful and hostile towards people who use dark magic but if they are response-able, she wouldn't react to his.  She doesn't care about trained warlocks and death knights walking around with their undead and demons out.

Because of recent events she completely hates blood magic. But she isn't a fool and won't attack them within the city.

Demons and Fel irritates her and this new alliance with the Illidari had her on edge. She waited to see if they were noble and found them to be just and loyal. She saw the strength of a paladin within them.


Annia was born three years after the Second War, she is the second child to her mother Jennifer and David Lionstead,  her parents moved into Stratholme in an attempt to settle down after their service in the First and Second War. Annia's father was one of the newly trained paladins and her mother was a priest. But their skills weren't used often in the city, David took up hunting and fishing and would often make family trips to Southshore and other docks within Lordaeron.

Annia enjoyed her life within the big city but preferred doing things outside the city, she would often go on hunting trips with her father and a friend. Annia had a dream to become a powerful paladin like her father and fight the evil orcs, her father wanted her to train like he did and helped her.

The Culling of Stratholme

Nineteen years passed, and all seemed well until a grain shipment came in. People began to get ill but not Annia or her family. They have only just returned to Straholme and their mother tried to heal people but her magic didn't work. When Arthas walked into the city and began to butcher people, their father took them in the house and blocked off the door. Undead began to smash into the door trying to get in, David rushed Jennifer and the children to the cellar and locked it and pushed a bookshelf against it. All they heard was the sound of glass smashing and the sounds of zombies and a sword smashing into them.

Aftermath of the Culling.

When the Purge was over a paladin discovered the min the cellar and helped them out. He had to help the paladins recover all the bodies but since he thought beside Annias mother. He escorted them to Lordaeron City. When they arrived they were poor since they had no money as they did in Stratholme.

Jennifer who was still in mourning over her now deceased husband took up a job as a healer to make ends mean. Katsa and Annia took comfort in the presence of each other since their mother was barely home to the small house they were able to get.

A month later a farmer offered them a room if they helped them with that month's harvest. Jennifer agreed and they went. The father was a married man and they had a son. Annia soon fell for him and they went off into the forest one night before they heard a scream coming from the farming stead. They both ran back to see the barn on fire and undead crawling all over the farm. Three of the undead noticed Annia and the son. Annia almost froze in place as she remembered the bodies from Stratholme.

The son had never seen undead and yelled at them. Annia tried to tell him to run but she couldn't speak. It was as if something had her around the neck. a giest jumped onto him and began rip him apart. there were only two other ghouls. they began to at Annia. one got her onto the ground and dug its claws into her neck before Annia noticed a bright light being reflected in its eyes. it felt like she was on the ground for hours looking into its dead eyes at the light that light

A Hammer smashed into the ghouls skull killing it. Annia turned her head to see bearded man wielding a Silverhand Hammer like Uther. But he had black hair. He reached from what seemed the heavens and picked her up putting her over her shoulder. The second ghoul tried to attack but the paladin bashed the hammer into the skull of it letting it fall to the ground. He moved Annia into both of his hands running into the forest.

The Lionstead House before the purge of Stratholme, Market Row beside the gate to Kings Square

The Tygar and the Cub.

Annia awoke in a camp. It was dawn and an orange aura was in the sky. Was it fire or the sun. She felt her felt to feel it was healed but there was a scar on the left side on her neck from where the main claw enter. She found out it was a man named Freddy Tygar that saved her. He told her he had also heard the screaming and that there were only dead bodies there and it was covered in undead so it was next to impossible to find out who was head.

Annia explained her family were back there and Freddy returned there with her to investigate the area, they found no bodys expect the undead and the farm and his son. Annia was atlease glad Katsa and her mother were somewhere out there. Freddy and her went around Lordaeron for a while looking for survivors and her family, they came up mostly empty-handed but when they heard of the 'Scarlet Crusade' they thought it would be the best place to take shelter, so they went to the Scarlet Monastery to regroup with people.

Joining the Scarlet Crusade

Annia and Freddy join them and they later became members of The Scarlet Crusader. They were able to skip the 30-day trial to see if they were infected due to them being paladins within the Monsastary before it was transformed.

The Summertide Assaults

Annias home after the Culling.

When the Summertide Assaults crashed over the Monastery it was the first true test of Annia and all of the Scarlet Crusade's might. With blood curling battle cries and an unbridled sea of fanatical blades, the war was brutal on both sides. The Scarlet Crusade lost many during the conflicts, including the High Abbott of the Monastery itself. But once they had discovered Diodor the Damned's plan they gained a massive advantage and pushed the Scourge back. Eventually, it climaxed with the High Wizard of the crusade entering eternal conflict with the necromancer.

Annia and Freddy displayed their commanding skills greatly during and battle and were named Knights of the Crimson Legion. Annia didn't go to stratholme as her scars from the place still haunted her but Freddy had gone there to get a mission which would lead him into Silverpine forest.


Annia and her unit of Scarlets thought the undead relentlessly and joined up with Tyrs Hand and joined in with High General Abbendis's truce with the Argent Dawn, she disliked the Dawn but didn't harm them during the truce but when the Argent Dawn showed there were more interested in fighting The Scarlet Crusade rather than the undead menace; she broke off from the truce and her troops would hunt the Argent Dawn without mercy, giving them a reason to fight them still. Annia would torture the argents and leave them stop against trees to be mauled by undead.

Annia would be commanded to stop her actions and report back to Tyrs's Hand but she refused, the scarlets within her unit were loyal to her and stayed by her side. When word had gotten back to her that Renault was murdered by his father's ghost she returned to the monastery quickly as possible, She was punished for her crimes as she disobeyed the Scarlet Crusade, she was locked away and given to Elevia Verna Highblade , who was known as 'The Scarlet Bloodhound' to find any impurity within her.

Months passed until Annia was released and allowed to work under the banner once more but now her mind was changed, she would fight without question and follow the crusades will to the letter.

Vengeance Upon the Legion

When Bal'nazzar was revealed to have been the true leader of the crusade under the guise of Saiden Dathrohan, Annia swore vengeance upon the Legion for the manipulation and facade they had done to her brothers and sisters. Though none of this ever drove her as far to question the Scarlet Crusade's goals and intentions. 

In the time of Bal'nazzars defeat, Freddy had gone missing in Silverpine. Annia by this time had been 'forgiven' for her actions and was able to command a small task force into Silverpine, they brought back a captured worgen to be experimented to see if they could be controlled by the scarlets to fight undead. 

The Alliance and Reunion

Annia was sent to Stormwind as an embassy and to her own disbleaf she reunited with Katsa and her mother. She found out Katsa and Jennifer had survived as she suspected. She wasn't sure what to feel after all this time of searching. She had used that arger and fear to fight undead but she wasn't sure what to do but she wasn't planing on stoping. She remained in Stormwind for some time after that point with her family, recruiting for The Scarlet Crsaude. When the Dark Portal reopened she was invited to fight beside a group called 'The Gilded Blade', Annia accepted as a Scarlet ward if it was required to talk to them.

She returned to Azeroth at the request of their Guild Master. They were being sent up north to check out the undead that was acting up. She and a Kaldorei by the name of Fethaes found out the undead were preparing for something and preparing in the Plaguelands..

Fethaes returned to Stormwind and got the remaining members of The Gilded Blade and headed to Northrend while Annia went back to the Scarlets to report her findings. She traveled to the Scarlet Monastery and was sent to fight the undead that were invading Azeroth once more.

The Scourge War.

Annia's Onslaught Armor.

Annia watched the Scarlet Enclave fall as she within the Scarlet Fleet while it sailed the waters heading north to Northrend. The Crusade was renamed t othe Scarlet Onslaught and alot changed within it ranks. They started to bring in Death Knights, but Annia wasn't sure if they were from the scourge or made within the Onslaught.

Annia had been within New Hearthglen for months fighting off undead and being sent out to fight them, she had heard the Alliance had set up a base just north of them and was sure they would still be a great ally until the 7th Legion seemingly decided to attack the Onslaught from what Annia had heard, even after this she made no attempts to attack them.

Annia had often gone of long missions to fight undead all over Northrend in the name of the Onslaught.

After what Annia believes was forsaken assault on New Hearthglen, Brigitte Abbendis was killed and her corpse desecrate, Annia was angered and seeked to make the Forsaken of the Horde pay but her revenge was cut short as news of the events at the 'Wrathgate' caught her ears.

Siege of the Undercity.

Annia quickly took the small force she had to aid the Alliance in healing the week, this was seen as an insult to the Scarlet Onslaught and her title was removed, her man willingly followed her as they believed it was the lights will, not many escaped the wrathgate but Annia's people were there to heal them, Alliance and Horde alike.

Soon after she had aided the Alliance, she heard the incident at the wrath gate was planed by 'Varimathras' a dreadlord that was still loyal to the Legion, he had been aiding the Forsaken and was the one to kill Garithos within Lordaeron.

Annia quickly promised to aid The Alliance in fighting this foe and they were an offer to join the 7th Legion due to her previous war experience. Annia declined but some of her man accepted it with her blessing.

Awhile had passed and the Alliance and Horde had surrounded the two known entrances to the Undercity, to Annia it felt odd being home after her months in Northrend, Annia took by the Alliance as they charged into the city and she killed Horde loyal and Varimathras Forsaken alike. It didn't matter what they were. Annia made it out safely with the Alliance.

The Eternal War with the Damned

The Assault on the Undercity was like a breath of 'fresh' air to Annia as she returned to the true war in the north, her armor had become damaged after the battle in Lordaeron and she seeked something new, she had heard of a strong and nearly unbreakable metal found within the frozen wastes and went to find it.

The lone crusader came to a mind that was swarming with what seemed to be skeleton minders, the scarlet made quick work of them, cutting each down with her blade. Annia found the metal she seeked, she minded as much ore as she could and started making a makeshift anvil, she used her connection to the light to attempt to craft a set that would suit her, undead wandered inside the mine seeking to kill the seemingly defenceless crusade but weren't successful.

Deathwings return and the Renegades

After the fall of the Lich King. Annia returned to Lordaeron to find the monastery was in chaos and divided in two. Annia took the side of the Renegades and helped take the base. She and the Scarlets began to strengthen their defences, she left to finally find out if Katsa nd her mother had died, she found out Katsa was seen dying, her body wasn't recorved, but her mother wasn't seen dying. 

Shortly after that, Annia got word that Freddy had returned and Annia had found out he had turned into a worgen and was feral for the longest time. He also told her Balnazzar was in Stratholme once again, he said she may not get the chance to strike him down but she should aid the forces invading Stratholme, even if it meant helping the Brotherhood of Light.

Annia had to put side her hatred for the Brotherhood and aided them, and they saw her as usefull, but they knew they had to kill her after the task was done.

A Will of Steel and Conviction.

It was discovered that the Renegades had taken over the farmstead Annia lived at for all them years. the place had not been looted after all that time since it was once a 'breeding' ground for the undead to dwell before the Renegades took it.

Annia's Onslaught Armor but with Conviction over her back.

Annia and Freddy went there and as Annia looked around in her mother's room, she found her father's sword tucked away. It was called Lionsheart, and it had been in their family for a long time. It was meant for Katsa as she was the oldest out of the two but to Annia's knowledge Katsa was dead and she hadn't heard from her mother in a while.

Freddy took her back to the Scarlet Monastery with the blade to be reforged. It took three days at the Forge but Freddy and a blood mage walked out of the Blacksmith with a golden blade with a skull in the middle of the opened area on it. The Blood Mage made a comment about it maybe even being the Ashbringer of demons.

When Annia took hold of the blade, she felt as if it had always meant to be hers but in the way the blade was still meant for Katsa. If she would return she would have every right to take up the blade. Not that Annia would tell her. Or would she, she wondered.

Returning Home and Renewed Scars.

The Sky outside Stratholme smelt like burning flesh and wood. Freddy and Annia walked to the gate to see a member of the Brotherhood of Light baring their way. Freddy and her agreed to help them take Stratholme in the Brotherhood's name and they both agreed. Annia only had one goal, and that was to kill Balnazzar. No matter if she lived or not.

Annia and Freddy and Knights from the brotherhood carved their way to the Enclave but before Annia could enter she heard a whisper. She looked behind her to see her old out and something inside it. She froze as she recalled She the screams from Stratholme that she heard from the cellar of her house. A zombie saw this and foolishly attempted to attack her from the side. Without notice she raised her hand grabbing it by the neck and snapping it. 

Her eyes were emotionless at this point as she looked at the zombie and saw a necklace stuck in its skin, she reached down to the body to rip it out of the flesh it was stuck in; It had the symbol of the Silver Hand on it; she stared at it for a complete minute before looking over at her house, that was still in her eyesight.

Fighting Balnazzar and most likely dying wouldn't bring anyone back, she kicked the door to her house down and walked inside to see the charred furniture and shelves; the place seemed looted by the living, most likely the Cult of the Damned, she signed as she looked upstairs a burned book was sitting on it, the very book she was reading before being rushed to the cellar, Annia saw the shadow of a little girl, she blinked as it faded away, The armored paladin walked upstairs, each step she took up them echoed, most likely attracting the dead if they weren't attacking the place already.

As she reached the stop of the stairs, she heard a voice calling out to her, she looked to where the voice was coming from, it was coming from her room. The voice sounded familar; she tried to figure out who it was. Her heard fell when she saw a little girl with the same facial features as her sister Katsa, It wasn't a ghost as Katsa wasn't a child when she died. She was sitting on her bed playing with her teddy bear.

Annia took one step into the room and the little girl looked at her with a smile. She called out to Annia running over giving her a hug; she wasn't a threat, she moved her hand to Annias as she  held it; it was warm, or atlease it seemed to be, she told Annia that mother had bought them both teddy bears. Annia remembered this day, she came home from training and Katsa and her mother had gone to Lordaeron for the day and brought from twin teddy bears.

A tear dripped out of Annias eye and down her cheek as she sat on the bed with Katsa, the image of Katsa handed her and said as long as we both have our teddy bears, they would always be together forever, even if they are on the moons. Katsa said giggling, she had forgotten she said that but now the memory was brought back. She took a deep breath as she was in tears already; she went to hug Katsa but the little girl was gone; she fell onto the bed crying.

It felt like about ten minutes since Annia stopped crying; she looked around for their bears but couldn't find hers, but she found Katsa, she held it gently has it were rip marks in it and it needed to be fixed. She placed it on her waist as she left Stratholme without even seeing Freddy.

The Brotherhood of Light.

A week after the events at Stratholme, Annia had traveled south, she didn't know where Freedy was but suspected he returned to the base. Annia was in Arathi making camp under a free, as she fell to sleep she heard food steps and kept her eyes closes before jumping backwards to feel a trip of a sword barely missing her face, cutting the middle of her left eyebrow barely, She opened her eyes and looked at her opponent.

A Brotherhood paladin stood just where she was laying, she felt blood drip down her face as she grabbed her sword and swung back at him, Her sword smashed into his shoulder plate but his mission was to kill her at any cost, He had jabbed his sword forward and in Annias anger she didn't realise was attacking. the assassin's blade entered her stomach and went out the other end of her body. The paladin mocked her as he ripped let go of his blade allowing her to fall onto the ground. Annia tried to use the light to strike him but his blade has been enchanted to drain the person mana, the paladin spat on her and took Conviction, walking away into the night.

Annia could feel herself drifting off into a long sleep.

The Watchful Eye of Tyr.

Annia's weak eyes opened inside of a tent and the smell of something being cooked, she placed her hand on her gut to fel that her skin had been stitched up by someone, and it was one rather well, but the thing she was wondering was why she was only wearing a bra, she assumed it was because it couldn't of been healed without there. She looked outside carefully before seeing a hooded figure cooking food; she went to grab conviction to realise it was gone; the paladin had stolen it.

Annia took a shot in the dark and walked out, now female human looked up at her with her face covered. She nodded at her and said she was making food for Annia then leaving. Her voice instantly sounded familiar. She walked closer questioning the figure; she said who she was would be revealed in time, her voice became more dark as she was trying to hide it.

Annia touched her chest once more and asked why she saved her. The female shrugged and said it was her turn to save her, before Annia could ask her what she meant the female pointed at Annias bag and said she fixed the teddy bear she had in it. Annia was annoyed she went through her personal belonging but if she hadn't found her, she would most likely be death.

The female saw the food was done and invited herself out of the camp rather quickly. Annia was at a lost for words, this was a random act to her, and the fact a death knight helped her while she was wearing her scarlet tabard, she looked down at the fire to see something red burning. She then realised the female had put her Crimson Legion tabard on the fire to kindle it.

Holy Rune


After her sword was stolen, Annia felt like she had lost herself as the swords first form was her family sword, she began to hunt relentlessly for the paladin which had stole it, but she herself knew the blades power could over power her so she contacted a friend that makes runes. 

Jaesa was a warlock but Annia trusted her as she was Freddys niece, Jaesa placed a holy rune on

The Darkness and Retribution

On Annias leave when she was off duty for the light she was called to the castle of Stormwind and requested to board an airship to help in the search for the kings' son, Anduin Wrynn. She couldn't refuse, the trip was long but they entered a dense mist and found the Horde on the other side. They were able to push them back but while doing that they found the small essences of the Sha of Hatred. As they traveled inland they met the Jinyu, fish like people who evolved from murlocs. They swore their lives to the Alliance and Annia even befriended one of them.

Sha of Hatred

While Annia was in The Jade Forest she saw the Sha of Hatred be released. the thing she hated began to manifest around her. The Jinya that had begun to travel with her expected it to be The Horde but to his surprise, it wasn't. It was The Scourge, the Jinyu hadn't ever seen anything like it. An endless army was charging towards them, the Jinyu tried to hold them off but started to get stuck in place as Annia had started too.

But in an instant, an Orc covered in plate armor jumped from out of nowhere and began to attack the undead. Annia looked at him and thought of attacking him but she couldn't she charged forward and cut down a ghoul that was running up behind them.

The Jinyu but a pure water barrier around them what stopped any of the sha visions from coming through. Suddenly the visions began to fade as the sky became blue once more. Annia laid down her weapon and began to breathe heavily. She and her friend spoke to the orc for what seemed hours. There was no hostile tone in her voice. That day she understood what the orcs had been through. She may have not purged her hatred for undead but the Orcs in her eyes weren't bloodthirsty like they were in the First and Second War. The Jinyu told Annia he had to part ways and return home to make sure his family was safe.

Sha of Doubt

As Annia fought inland against the Hozen she began to doubt that the Light was sending her on the right path. It had always been with her but it caused her to do dark acts. Maybe she shouldn't have left the Scarlet Crusade. Maybe she should have stayed in Stormwind. She was greedy always wanting a fight but she was weak.

Her mind became darker as she looked at her hand it had become a claw. Her vision had become darker than before. She saw a figure in front of her in red armor and a scarlet tabard. He had dark blond her. It then popped into her mind who this person was. It was 'Renault Mograine' he held a mace in his hand and pointed it at Annia.

He told her she had betrayed the Scarlet Crusade and sentenced her to death. She ran forward swinging his mace at her but she blocked it with her sword. He called him out saying she didn't betray them but they betrayed her. Every strike he made caused her to gain fury. She tried to shot a 'Hammer of Light' at him but it did nothing as it was still a claw.

She wasn't feeling weak but his insults hit her. Annia caused her eyes and pictured home. She pictured her mother and Katsa. Her father coming home with a feed. Then she realized something. The Light was always with her, Even when she was traveling down the dark path. Even when she was about to die. There was no reason to doubt herself. She opened her eyes to see Renault was frozen in place. He gave her a smile and say 'For the Crusade, sister." as his form turned black and white as he began turning into ash-like dust and being blown away in the wind. Her hand was a normal hand again.

Sha of Anger and Violence

Annia was sent to Kun-Lai Summit after the battle in the Jade Forest had begun to calm down. She was sent to Westwind Rest. It was recently had and most of the members within it were Pandaren with afew humans and other races.

Annia was sent to deal with the Yaungol tribes in the area that were harassing Horde and Alliance alike. They were also attacking simple traders too. Annia found out most of their patrols and attacks were coming from 'Fire Camo Yongqi' and rallied a small Alliance force to attack the camp. Their attack was bloody and dark.

As the battle neared its end one of them Yaungol begged more mercy and asked for the tribe members that weren't hostile to be able to retreat. Shadows seemed to have surrounded Annia as she raised her blade it went to a crimson red. She cut him down right in front of the defenseless tribesman and ordered her people to kill them. The Pandarens that had joined her refused and said there is no honor and that she was corrupt. They told her to go to the Temple of the White Tiger to seek enlightenment. She looked at what she just did and agreed with them.

As the Pandarens began to help the tribesman, Annia walked off to go to the Temple. As she got to the temple she saw two Pandarens training but they weren't seeking to harm each other. She got to the temple door and a large Pandaren stopped her and bowed. He spoke her name which shocked her side she had not given it.

When she walked in another Pandaren stood in the middle of the hall. She said Annia carried darkness within her and she would help her overcome the darkness that seemed to bind itself to her. Annia accepted her offer and the woman hung a well that drove the darkness out of her. It looked like a sha but dark energy would rip itself out of her and enter it. It continued to do go until the Pandaren rung the bell once more and the sha began to transform into something.

The figure turned into an undead that was eating the corpse of a human. She blinked and it seemed she was taken to a battle. She looked at the walls and realized it was in Lordaeron. She looked down at her armor to see she was wearing a scarlet tabard. Her ears hung loudly as if she was hit in the side of the head and she couldn't hear anything but dim sound in the distance. It got louder until she was pulled around to see Freddy. He asked her where she had been and that she had to help at the front of the battle. She then realized where she was. She was in the Summertide Assualt. By the look of it, it was the first attack.

Annia ran beside Freddy and saw an army cut through a line of Crusaders and as Annia grabbed her sword it burned as hot as lava and her mind went white. She opened her eyes to see herself on the floor of the temple and the Pandaren kneeling over her. She told her she still had fear within herself and that the source of the anger was her fear. The Pandaren told her it was finished but she still would feel Anger and Violence if she held onto her fear.

Sha of Fear

Annia walked back to Westwind Rest and as she returned she felt a slight bit dread in her stomach. She put it in the back on her mind and was sent down south to the Dread Wastes due to the wall being broken and the mantid invading the Valley of the Four Winds. As she entered the Dread Wastes she saw the sky was dark and still bright at the same time.

She wondered the wasteland before seeing a small outpost with a handful of Shado-Pan garrisoned there. They were hunting the Sha of Fear so Annia decided to aid them in their hunt. Annia saw this as a sigh and joined them in their hunt. The hunt lasted weeks until they countered a highly infected Mantid. It shot Annia away against a pillar as it drained one of the two other members of her parties life away. The Mantid grew in size and the Sha energy corrupted the very ground it walked. The last member was a monk and he charged and Tiger Kicked the Mantid in the knee breaking it. Annia got up as the Mantid and Pandaren fought her roared and the mantid sliced the throat of the Pandaren as Annia smashed her sword into its body. It exploded as sha energy flowed around it. Annia was knocked out.

Annia opened her eyes and she was in a mist like place. She looked down and almost jumped up as she realized she was on water. Or what seemed like water. She looked at her reflection and looked into her hazel eyes. She then heard a voice and could see a figure in front of her. She looked up to see Katsa, she was taken away as she looked at Katsa in the eyes or what seemed like eyes, Katsa's eyes were pure black. Annia questioned where she was and asked if she had died. Katsa or what seemed to be Katsa laughed and said no. But as she said what a blade cut through Katsa's chest as it took her soul. She was pushed to the floor. The Blade had the same design to Frostmourne. Then she realized it was Frostmourne. The Lich King stood before her. He told her that her Hell has just started as Ghoul like claws grabbed onto her legs and began to pull her down slowly. He told her that Katsa is now his and nothing can change that and death cannot die.

Annia tried to pull herself out of the ghouls' grip but she was being pulled below the water. She felt scared and feared what would happen if she was pulled under. Then she realized what she was going, she was playing into the Shas fear. She simply said 'No' as her eyes began to glow brightly golden, it caused the ghouls to release her legs, Annia smiled and closed her eyes for a moment "My life for Lordaeron." They were the words she shouted as she gripped her hand and flew up with golden wings and with Conviction that had seemed to have appeared in her hand. She shot up smashing the King of Deaths blade into small pieces. Her Aura was pure golden and forged in the light as she shot upwards. The sky flashed and it went dark.

Madien of The Light

Annias body felt warm as she opened her eyes and looked around to see she was in a tent at Sunset Brewgarden. She took a deep breath as she felt her bones were sore. She slowly tried to climb out of the tent but a Pandaren stopped her with tea in hand. She told her she had to rest as she had been out for a few days. Annia asked her what happened and the Pandaren said she saw bright light south-west and went to investigate, she had found Annia next to the corpse of a Mantid that had looked like it was painted gold with dark liquid leaving it. She had carried her back and cared for her. She looked at the Pandaren hand to see a bandage around her hand. She asked what happened and she explained that Annia when she went to pick Annia up and the light it burned her hand by just touching Annia.

Annia got up and forward and the Pandaren gave her tea and she sat down on the sit and soon realized her eyes were golden. Annia almost couldn't believe it. She had no idea why her eyes were golden, then she remembered the events that had just happened. The light was with her all that time. She rested awhile before heading off to return to The Alliance.

Return to the war and Landfall

When Annia returned to the front she heard that the Alliance army had made landfall and made a base called Lion's Landing. She quickly returned and prepared for the war to reach its peak. Horde forces tried to attack the base but fell and Annia had a group of Alliance soldiers attacked Domination Point. They took over a tower and held it until reinforcements arrived. They were pushed back awhile after reinforcements came but it weakened the enemies none the less.

Annia had heard infighting was happening within the Horde and it made her happy as that means the foe would be more weakened and perhaps they would call for peace.

Stand at Zouchin Village (SS)

During Annias time in Pandaria she heard that more Zandalari forces had been attacking Zouchin Village, at the peak of Kun-Lai Summit. She hadn't fought Zandalari before so this was a challenge she couldn't refuse. She took her troops and went to aid the village, why arrived during the process of a paid and help push the troll's back but it costed one of troops lives.

Annia aided them in making barricades to keep them out, it worked and Annia planned in taking as may Pandarens and her people into the troll camp and killing as many as she could. She organized an attack party and set out to take the camp.

When they arrived it seemed the trolls were willing to sacrifice a few of their troops to launch an ambush. It had caught Annia of guard as she didn't suspect the Zandalari to use their brains as she never experienced their kind before. Annias troops were killed, and she was knocked out.

Free no more (SS)

The Prisoner Zandalari

Annia awoke in chains and found that she had become a prisoner of the Zandalari, with her protest and attempts to escape she was put into the arena to fight for her freedom. She wasn't able to use the light as it seemed they had found a way to keep it from being used through her. While a prisoner in the Thunder Isles, she met another prisoner within the arena but this was a troll and a Zandalari. He told her that he refused to fight the Horde and attack innocents. It had seemed they cut off his hand to made him nothing more then a brawler with a sword for a hand.

Months had pasted and Annia had learned to spear and had killed many other prisoners to earn her freedom. But in her final battle that would mean her freedom if she won, she was out matched, she was left to bleed out in the arena as the trolls laughed. Annia then let out a loud laugh as her body began to glow and she was transformed into a Valkyr forged in the light, she easily cut her doe in two with her sword, but during that moment the arena come under attack by Horde and Alliance forces, it seemed the Isle of Thunder was being assaulted.

She turned back into her human form and was fully healed, although she had to be teleported back to base due to her Val'kyr form draining her greatly.

Freedom and Striking the Thunder Isle

After Annia was set free she gathered a small sqard and was quick to strike back at the Zandalari, she had found out that the prisoner she had become friends with had managed to escaped and took refuge with the Horde. Annia did fight both the Horde and Zandalari but choose her battles.

The Iron Horde

When Garrison escaped is trail, Annia keep a close ear out for any reports of him reappearing. Months passed and she had heard nothing. During this time she met a Quel'dorei by the name of Zanthi Silverpride. They got along well and soon realised Zanthi knew Freddy Tygar and her friend Fethaes Ravenbreeze.

After a while passed The Dark Portal turned red and the Iron Horde charged into Azeroth. Annia swiftly aided the Alliance and Horde in charging the Gate. Freddy was the only one to stand beside her as Fethaes was called to stay on Azeroth to insure nothing happened on their home turf.

Annia recalled what her father had said about the Orcs from the First and Second War. They hardly seemed like the Orcs she was fighting against,, it made her think upon her action against The Horde for a time.

Annia fought within the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds but wasn't one of the people to strike down Nez'zul, Although she wished she did so she could say she killed The Lich King. Before he came what he is now known as.

When Gul'dan revealed what he was planing and brought the Legion to Draenor. Annia feared seeing Balnazzar within their ranks. But she wasn't sure if it was a bad or good thing that she didn't see him. She wanted to carve her blade in his skull but she settle for lesser Nathrizim.

Weeks turned into Months and the war with The Iron Horde was over. When she took through the portal home her bones hurt. She felt a storm coming.

Annia during her time in the Silverhand in Legion

The Day the Sky Rained Fire

When Annia had returned to Azeroth she had heard that The Legion had returned, so she quickly reached out to her old Scarlet friends who had gone into hiding. They joined her in Stormwind as The Alliance prepared to sail out from Stormwind Docks.

When she arrived on the Broken Shore she saw a new legion, one she hadn't ever laid eyes on, this one seemed more prepared. When the Alliance fleed she was aboard the warship retreating.

Purging Northdale

Annia slicing an undead in two.

During the Blood War with the Horde Annia had heard some of her contacts within The Silverhand seen some undead activities on the plaguelands, Annia traced them to Northdale where a cultist of the damned had started to raise undead in hopes of making an army to attack Lights Hope. Annia was quick to lead an attack against them, during the battle, Annia lost of her of comrades in battle, this angered her and she sliced an undead in half.

The battle was over quickly after that point. Annia left the remains of the undead on the ground, not burning them and head of the necromancer that raised them on a pike in Northdale as a reminder to any necromancer thinking about rasing the dead.

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  • Annia once had a vision of her obtaining the Ashbringer in Legion although that ofcourse never happened.
  • Annia has been by her mother she had a half-sister in the world somewhere as the father had a child in Stormwind months before the Fall of Stormwind.
  • Annia sees Freddy as a father as Freddy sees Annia has his child.
  • Annia dislikes the Argent Crusade/Dawn but when neccesary she will work beside them.
  • A few of the older members of the Silverhand could remember her from the Silverhand Enclave in Stratholme.