Dame Anrayne "Ruby" Sunderstar



Year of Birth

October 4, 599 K.C.

Place of Birth





Ambassador of Dalaran Senator for the Magus Senate
Stormwind Royal Guard (Formerly)


The Grand Alliance
Magus Senate of Dalaran






Neutral Good



Dame Anrayne Sunderstar is a human mage, a Senior Senator for the Magus Senate of Dalaran, and the Ambassador of the Kirin Tor to Stormwind. Coming from her roots as a hedge mage, she works tirelessly to ensure the continued safety and prosperity of The Grand Alliance.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The deepest of dreams buried within the darkest recesses of the subconscious could not have turned out a more haunting, alluring beauty than Anrayne. Such is the vibrancy of her skin, the ebb and flow of her crimson red hair, and the spark of life within her that it almost appears supernatural and, given her obvious profession as a magi, it is very likely that her beauty is, at least at some level, magically enhanced.

She is taller than average, standing among her peers of equal measure and stature at around six feet tall. What some might find more odd is the obvious amount of intense focus and discipline she carries with her, even at times when she appears at ease. The way she moves; with every calculated, quiet step, and the motions of her hands, whether to dance as she so frequently does, or cast the mysteries of magic that she can bend to her will, one can see the great attention to detail she puts into her efforts, and the restrained power she reigns in, allowing no energy to be wasted.


Dame Anrayne Sunderstar has a lively and storied history, despite her relatively young age of thirty years or so. From soldier to detective to royal guard to ambassador, she has been active in the Kingdom of Stormwind and its surrounding territories for majority of her adult life.

Early Life Edit

Anrayne was born and raised during the age of chaos, being born during the Second War to a family of farmhands in Stromgarde. However, her time with them was brief. At the age of 11, her family was massacred when the third war began. Her memories of this period are scarce. She remembers little due to the trauma that was inflicted upon her, nor does she truly know the circumstances that lead to the death of her family.

She was found by circumstance by a Quel'dorei named Harabec Weatharian. It was some time before she felt gratitude for her salvation at his hands, and it wasn't until his passing during the Scourge Invasion of Quel'thalas that she decided to carry on his ideal of becoming a hero. She took his sword, Anaraisairaien, and traveled south, away from the war and strife that overtook both of her homelands.

Eldritch Knight

Anrayne Sunderstar, age 19. Featuring Anaraisairaien.

Striving to be an idealEdit

Anrayne arrived in the Kingdom of Stormwind in 616 K.C., at the age of 17, during the regency of Bolvar Fordragon. She worked as a mercenary for the kingdom, acting as a sellsword and practicing her techniques for swordsmanship. Having never truly given up being an adventurer, though fully realizing that it was not sufficient to further her training in the magical arts nor enough to pay the bills, Anrayne's early career in the Alliance Military began as an enlisted magi during the Outland Campaign at the age of 19. This was shortly after the Scourge were defeated in the Plaguelands and Naxxramas retreated from its first assault.

There, she served with the Stormwind Army, advancing through the ranks until she attained the rank of Master Sergeant at the end of the campaign.

Her career continued during the Northrend Campaign, where she served across many battlefields but was primarily stationed at Valiance Keep. It was there that she was promoted to her current rank of Knight-Captain, earning a variety of medals for her ingenuity on the battlefield and bravery against the skyborn menace of the Scourge's Gargoyle Assault, and the ongoing provoking attacks from the Horde.

Following the conclusion of the Northrend Campaign, Anrayne chose not to re-enlist in the Alliance Military, and rather chose to continue her adventuring career. However, once again realizing that it was not sufficient to pay the bills, she began to work as a consultant for the guard and then, finally, as a private detective. In that position, she attained a small notoriety for the weeding out of Twilight Cultists and Horde Spies.

Anrayne remained as a private detective for the Kingdom of Stormwind for the majority of her remaining career, though she did actively participate as an adventurer during the Pandaria and New Draenor campaigns, mostly on the hunt for ancient artefacts of Titan origin.

It was not until recently that she opted to re-enlist into the Alliance Military, being selected for the prestigious and renowned Stormwind Royal Honor Guard. However, this position was short lived. The disappearance of her commanding officer left her without a chain of command, and she put her position on hold until the return of her commander.

In recent times, she has joined the ranks of the Kirin Tor, joining as a junior senator of the senate. A few short weeks later, she was promoted to Senator and then again to the rank of Senior Senator within the Kirin Tor and appointed as the Ambassador of the Kirin Tor to Stormwind.


Anrayne is loud, proud, and knows how to please a crowd. Always living her life to the fullest, and never holding anything back in anything she does. She laughs the heartiest, drinks the deepest, and rages much longer than her contemporaries. She has but one simple ideal: to become a hero. She will seek out justice wherever it can be found, and will make the world a place where no little girl should live in fear. She never forgives a slight, and often sees insults at every turn. She's hot tempered, and loves to fight. The shame of arrogance and pride fuel her, and she's possessed by an avarice that could be compared to a dragon.

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