Apostolos Xavier Solstice


Senior Enchanter of the Circle of Stormwind
Steward to the Council of Elders
Professor of Thaumaturgy


Henry Gracewood



Date of Birth

588 K.C.


House of Mournhold
Kingdom of Stormwind
Grand Alliance
Stormwind Circle of Magi

Previous Titles

Professor of Enchantment
Chief Archivist of the Wizard's Sanctum



Immediate Relatives

Meorana L. Mournhold (Great Grandmother)
Balverine C. Drakewing (cousin)
Aros J. Drakewing (cousin)
Nathias P. Solstice (Brother)

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Apostolos has long black hair that is graying prematurely. He keeps it styled in the rogue fashion tied back with but a simple leather strap around his ponytail. His bangs hand freely over his face and he is constantly brushing them out of his eyes. His hair is light and holds the consistency of fine silk to the touch. He wears a pair of old square rimmed glasses that constantly fall down his nose. His face is open and serene belying the resolute purpose behind his thoughts. His eyes are a light blue, hard and focused they survey the world before them with a stern and questioning stare. Around his neck is a silver locket with a pattern of a rose on the surface. It is slightly scratched and dingy with age but holds great value to him. Some would consider him tall, courteous and handsome. Some would call him cold and calculating. It is often difficult to say he is truly one or the other. He stands proudly but moves with caution. Apostolos’s typical wardrobe consists of a robe dyed in the royal colors of Stormwind, a cloak and his ever present book. No matter his situation he insists on maintaining a degree of professionalism at all times.

Biographical InformationEdit

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