An apple growing on a tree.

Apples are a type of tree-born fruit that are grown and consumed primarily in the Eastern Kingdoms, though variations of them have been found throughout Azeroth. Sweet in taste and crisp and juicy in texture, apples have been used for a wide range of recipes.


While they are typically eaten raw, apples are often incorporated into pies, stews, salads and other desserts. Apples can also be boiled down into sauces or fermented into ciders. Apples can also be crushed to produce apple juice, a sweet drink.

Eastern Kingdoms ApplesEdit

One of the most widely eaten fruits throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, apple trees can be found being grown in any of the kingdoms' temperate areas. Westfall and the Hillsbrad Foothills were both well known as the primary apple producers in the kingdoms, though both lands have since fallen to their own ills. The apple remains a staple food in the Kingdom of Stormwind and apple trees grow in the streets of its Capital City.

Apples in KalimdorEdit

Following the events of the Third War, the apple was brought to the city-state of Theramore by farmers of the fallen Kingdom of Lordaeron. Apples grown in the swamps of Dustwallow Marsh were disseminated throughout the land, eventually making their way into the hands of the Orcs of Durotar and the Night Elves of Darnassus. Orcs now regularly import apples from Goblin traders.

Giant Apples of PandariaEdit

Countless generations ago, the Pandaren of Pandaria discovered massive apples growing on Kypari trees in the Townlong Steppes. Since then, brave Pandaren have risked their lives to harvest the fruit in the unforgiving land, bringing them back to the eastern provinces to brew into exotic ciders.