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Arcadia Weapons System
The arcadia weapon system by laksirvak-d96rbqw.png


Arathi Highlands
The Silver Redoubt, Draenor


Azeroth: 33 LC
Draenor: 35 LC


Height: 45.5 meters
Total Length: 59 meters


Magitech Engineers


Magically-Accelerated Cannon firing kinetic kill vehicles.

Arcadia is a large magi-tech weapons installation. Following the design of the first installation in the Arathi mountains, yet making alterations to suit specific needs, other locations had similar such installations.

Arcadia I

The first system was designed in response to the Voyager, a Ley-Cruiser pioneered by the Dominion of the Sun around the time of the March on the Highlands. Arcadia I was installed, hidden away somewhere within the mountain range that provided a natural border between the Hinterlands, and the Arathi Highlands. It was destroyed during the Legion Invasion of Dalaran, having intentionally drawn the fire of a few Legion ships away from the weakened city floating above Karazhan. It did not go down without a fight.

Arcadia II

The second system was much smaller in its design, and was installed in the Silver Redoubt to provide AA cover over its small port. It was destroyed by an Iron Horde assault prior to the Grand Alliance Invasion of Tanaan, but it ensured the survival of the Highguard's transport ship, the Sprite Darter's Praise, which bore them to the Jungle eventually.

Arcadia III

Much different than its predecessors in design, the Arcadia III installation was of multiple, portable Magitech batteries that all connected to a Leyline for power. They were commissioned specifically to set up and be removed with minimal interference to the structure or building that housed it, and provide anti-air defense throughout a portion of Suramar City where some high elves have settled down.