Archaic Common is a dialect of Common attested to in parts of the Codex of Flame. It is used by the Army of the Truthful for religious rhetoric.

Background Edit

Archaic Common was first encountered within the Codex of Flame. Initially not understood, it was translated by a collection of scholars and clerics with relative ease due to its similarities with common.

It has become a defining trait of Truthful culture, and is usually associated with piety and faith. While not universal or compulsory, integration of terms into vocabulary is encouraged.

Terms to Proscribe Edit

These terms are used to legitimize extremism and to denigrate ideological opponents.

Term: Description:
Nathyr Nathyr is a term for one who disbelieves in Truth. It is also occasionally and liberally used for those who ought to be termed apostates, or Aranathyr instead.
Aranathyr Aranathyr is a term used to describe apostates.
Lathrimyr A Lathrimyr can be directly translated to "denier", or one who denies. Used for people who otherwise are within the fold of belief, but deny either the authority of the High Cleric or Grand Crusader. Often associated with Abbendites.
Warathyr A term meaning "hypocrite", this term is often branded upon somebody that the Truthful find too lax in their pursuit of religion.

General Phrases and Terms Edit

Term: Description:
Arath'garde Arath'garde is a phrase that translates to "Light willing".
Nirathor’garde Nirathor’garde is a more formal variation on the above, translating to "By the Light's permission".
Tholbyn'garde Tholbyn'garde is an expression of gratitude, translated to "Thanks be the Light".
Ras Garde Ras Garde, which literally means "The Light", has become a battle-cry for the Truthful, often with the response of "Great is the Light".
nir’Valhal The location in Truth where martyrs for the Light arrive after death. Typically described as the "domain of Tyr".
Fyrd nir’Kaelsig Translates to "Army of the Kingdom".
Nathoren Term to describe classical wickedness; most commonly associated with undead and occasionally demons.
Vorath’morde A short phrase that translates to "warrior of death". Used for units sent on suicide missions.
Nathyrgild A sort of tax imposed upon disbelievers of Truth by the Kingdom of the Light.
Forthsador One who claims to hold Truth in their hearts, but truly doubts or schemes against its flock. In other words, a deceiver.
Kaelmir The Kaelmir, more commonly known as Lord Protector, is an appointed leader of a region that governs the populace that have submitted to the law of flame. They are also in charge of the basic duties of a Lord, imposing law as instructed by the Codex of Flame and the Precepts of Dathrohan.
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