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An Archmage, also known by the archaic form Archmagus (pl. Archmagi) is a Mage who has demonstrated high levels of ability and knowledge of the arcane arts beyond what could be expected for a more average mage. Archmages typically serve as teachers, mentors, and powerful leaders of their own magical organizations. Within organizations such as the Kirin Tor, these people are often ranking citizens and in charge of sub-groups and blocs.

Becoming an Archmage

To become an Archmage, the mage must demonstrate mastery over two of the schools of Arcane Magic (Illusion, Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Transmutation) and proficiency in all the rest. While Necromancy is classified as a School of Arcane Magic, such practices are declared taboo and forbidden by the Kirin Tor.

Once sufficient mastery has been demonstrated, the soon to be archmage must demonstrate that they have created their own spell. An archmage is expected to add to the current total of magical knowledge. Once that spell has been demonstrated, authorization will come down from above (either the Council of Six in Dalaran or the High Magus of Stormwind for example) and the person will be elevated. This is true in theory, though each magical sect and sub-organization will often have their own rituals and exams for elevating their archmages.

Other uses of the Term

Sometimes a person will became an 'archmage' not through elevation by peers but by simple means of achieving power or teaching other people magic. This title is often self anointed and holds little meaning within magical circles.

Known Archmages

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