Lands that once made up Arevass before its division.


House of Crowley
The Four Marcher Lords, later the the two marcher lords. (Formerly)


Northern Border Gilneas


House of Greymane, Kingdom of Gilneas



Arevass is a territory founded by King Baelic I of the Kingdom of Gilneas in 80 F.A. that dealt solely with the northern borders of Gilneas. Lorded over by four Marcher Lords at its conception, Arevass was made to ensure that aggression from the Kingdom of Lordaeron would not wash over Gilneas as it nearly had during the War of Silverpine. The lords of Arevass were sworn to the crown, an issue that caused their loyalty to be questioned during the Twins War where they declared for the House of Silverlaine and its leader Sammith over Aderic Greymane. Following the end of the Twins War and House Silverlaine's subjugation to his brother's house, Greymane, they swore once more to the victorious crown.

Arevass in modern Gilneas has been split into two regions, with its most prominent known as the Northgate, or Crowley Lands. Following a war that left several of the marcher families dead, the strongest marcher family, the House of Crowley was elevated to dukedom and given dominion over what remained of the shattered marches, which turned into conventional Arevass prior to the Greymane Wall dividing it. In the twenty years following the wall, the lands located outside of the Wall continued to be known as Arevass, though those within were rebranded as Northgate and the Northern Headlands; still retained under Crowley control.

Calling the regions of Northgate Arevass has fallen out of favor especially after Crowley's adoption of the new name with his Northgate Rebellion after the construction of the Greymane Wall.

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