The Bulwark exists to do two things, firstly to counter evil, wherever it may exist and in whatever form it may take, from Scarlet, to Scourge, Burning Legion or anymore that may show themselves in the coming days, and secondly to assist those in the world who cannot help themselves.

–Lord Commander Lantos Swiftsong

The Argent Bulwark
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  • November 25th, 2012

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Argent Bulwark



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The Argent Bulwark is a sect of the Argent Crusade that is currently based in Light's Hope Chapel of the Eastern Plaguelands. The Bulwark is a military company that deals with threats to the Crusade within their lands and threats to the rest of Azeroth. The company is headed by Lord Commander Lantos Swiftsong.

The Argent Bulwark is seen as one of the most visible units of the Argent Crusade, heavily interacting with the Alliance and Horde and cooperating with both when they can.


Formation And Early Years

The Argent Bulwark, originally named The Light's Bulwark, was founded in the Year 600 K.C. in the village of Verthill. Located a ways southwest of Northdale. The Light's Bulwark was founded to ensure the safety of those who needed it, and help areas effected by different disasters, from natural to man-made, rebuild. The Bulwark was at it's foundation by Lord Commander Rovax Leth composed of soldiers who fought in the Second War, blacksmiths, tailors, skinners, hunters and clerics who wished to make a difference and offer their services to a larger population. The group of races composing the entirety of the Alliance worked around the sub-continent of Lordaeron, working (when possible) for pay, or at many other times for the Will of the Light.

Working Around Lordaeron

Since it's foundation the Bulwark dedicated itself to helping those who couldn't help themselves (for coin and for free.), it helped many villages in Northern Lordaeron, damaged and destroyed by The Second War, rebuild themselves or protect them for periods of time as they rebuilt and recovered. Since the Bulwark was made up of people from all walks of life, cobblers, blacksmiths, carpenters, soldiers, clerics and more, they were well equiped to deal with these problems and helped a number of villages rebuild. Around this time the Bulwark numbered anywhere from three hundred to seven hundred and they led many huge caravans across the land, helping people as far south as Strom rebuild from the destruction that they had faced over a few years, or months, before. 

The First Trek to Northrend

The Light's Bulwark traveled to Northrend sometime around 608 K.C., it was in the year before that rumors were heard of human settlements being destroyed in the Howling Fjord region. Taking these rumors seriously, Lord Commander Rovax Leth took the Bulwark, at this time numbering five hundred, and brought them north to the Howling Fjord. Setting up a fortress in the mountains of the northern Fjord, they helped protect the small settlements left from the Vrykul raiders who were starting to wake up around this time period.

While never witnessing the Scourge first hand, the Bulwark saw the destruction and chaos they brought. Around 610 K.C., they left their mountain fortress to respond to a request for help from some settlements in the  Grizzly Hills. The Argents arrived too late as much of the settlement's population had disappeared in the night. This pattern continued, as more and more settlements were depopulated spontaneously during the night.

As 610 slowly faded away, Lord Commander Rovax Leth passed away from pneumonia and old age. It was in those days that Jayce Sanore was elected as Lord Commander by the membership. By December of 611, Jayce decided to withdraw the Bulwark from Northrend. As they pulled out of Northrend, they left with only two hundred of the original five hundred members, and another four hundred settlers from the Howling Fjord back to Lordaeron. With settlements being sacked by Vrykul during the day, and settlers disappearing at night, only four hundred odd remained. This group of six hundred fled south, back to Lordaeron where they would learn a new threat had been brewing.

The Scourging of Lordaeron

Arriving a month (January, 612 K.C.) later with four hundred settlers and two hundred Bulwark members, now mainly soldiers, they were able to join combat almost immediately against this threat of undead and necromancy that would become the Undead Scourge. While no where seemed safe, the Bulwark took the four hundred settlers to the valley of Verthill where they were settled and integrated into the farming communities there that were one of the few areas that produced its own grain. From the valley of Verthill, the Bulwark fought hard to keep the Scourge out of this valley, and at times acted extremely to root out necromancers from the area. By the destruction of Capital City, they had rooted out the problem of Scourge in their valley and had constructed walls and gates to block the main passes into the valley. It was in the late months of 613 when Jayce Sanore fell in battle against the Scourge.

Joining with the Argent Dawn

As the Scourging continued, the Bulwark joined with the Argent Dawn as they split away from the Scarlet Crusade. While they worked to fight against the Scourge, they worked greatly to hold their valley of Verthill, and this was mostly successful. 

Work in the Plaguelands

With the forests of Darrowmere and Northern Lordaeron in ruin, the Bulwark began working quickly with the Argent Dawn in destroying the Scourge, though vastly outnumbered the Bulwark did what it could to fight off the threats of the Plaguelands. Like many other groups within the Argent Dawn, the Bulwark's ranking structure was kept a secret to only top officials within the Argent Dawn. At the time, the Bulwark was led by Gilmer Niel, having taken over command of the Bulwark after Jayce Sanore was killed in battle.

The fighting of Horde and Alliance did little to help the Dawn and the Bulwark. The Bulwark tried desperately to stop fighting between Horde and Alliance for the various towers in the Plaguelands, but they were unsuccessful and instead worked to make sure the corpses of Alliance and Horde heroes were either shipped back to their respective homelands or burned. As the Bulwark was a sub-unit of the Dawn and saw what the Scourge did to any corpses they could get their hands on, they quickly adapted the policies of the Dawn to burn all the dead where ever they found them to ensure no more corpses were given to the Scourge.

Battle at the Dark Portal

The Bulwark, along with many other units of the Dawn were sent south from the Plaguelands to fight at the Dark Portal against demons who had reactivated the Portal at the beginning of the Burning Crusade. Thanks to the timely arrival of countless Azerothian Heroes, the tide of demons were pushed back after days of battling at the Portal and the way to Draenor was reopened. With the arrival next of forces of the Horde and Grand Alliance, the units of the Dawn were pulled back to the Plaguelands to continue their continued struggle against the Undead Scourge.

While the Bulwark was away in the south, their iron strong defense of the Verthill Valley was destroyed, Scarlet Crusaders entered the valley, slaughtering hundreds, even thousands of civilians and those who survived fled to an area called The Refuge, a High Elven mountain refuge east of the valley that enjoyed a good trade with the Verthill Valley inhabitants.

Back to the Plaguelands!

With the Alliance and Horde fighting the forces of the Fel Horde, Burning Legion and each other in Draenor, the Bulwark were pulled back to the Plaguelands, continuing their struggle against the Scourge. It was during this time that the Bulwark was sent out on a mission to the now ruined village of Verthill. Here they discovered a horrific site, expecting corpses of the citizens or piles of burned corpses they instead found banners of the Scourge over destroyed banners of the Scarlet Crusade. They encountered stiff resistance against the forces of the Scourge and were able to drive them out, if only briefly, before pushing forward to the Refuge to ensure the citizens who had escaped were safe. After ensuring their safety, the Bulwark pushed back into the valley and fought a series of battles before finally pulling out of the valley to Light's Hope Chapel, where the Bulwark was based. For now, the Scourge had taken the valley thanks to the efforts of the Scarlet Crusade.

Having spoken to many of the civilians left, the Bulwark had figured out generally who were the Crusaders who had taken part in the destruction of the town. After licking their wounds from their engagements with the Scourge they set out to find these Scarlets, over the next few weeks the Bulwark battled in a hit and run operation against the Scourge while searching for these missing Crusaders. Unfortunately they were never able to find them and any original Bulwark members alive to this day are still haunted by the events in Verthill.

Over the next few months, the Bulwark became more secretive like the rest of the Argent Dawn and engaged in a hit and run war against the Scourge, fighting hard and enduring against the neverending enemy. 

Merging of Dawn and Silver Hand

The Battle of Northdale

While the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel happened to the south, the Bulwark who were still under the command of Niel, were locked in a horrible battle with the Undead Scourge, led by the Death Knight Belric Legost in the ruins of Northdale. For hours, forces of the Bulwark fought against the Scourge, neither side gaining or losing ground, both sides were evenly matched and didn't give an inch of ground.

Following the conclusion of the Battle for Light's Hope, reinforcements from the south arrived and quickly turned the tide of battle. It was here that the Bulwark soldiers first met, who at this time was only a captain, Charles Reynolds, Commander of B-Company.

To Northrend! (Again!)

The Bulwark followed much of the Crusade to Northrend to help fight against the Scourge and bring the fight to Arthas. In Northrend the Bulwark fought initially in Campaign for Zul'Drak, earning a reputation along the front and with other Crusader Companies for being a near ruthless company, doing whatever it took to defeat the forces of the Scourge. This was mainly because in the Argent Dawn most companies barely even knew others existed as rank structures and true numbers were known by a few overall commandes.

The Battle of Tempestus Valley

Getting close to the end of the campaign in Northrend the Bulwark and a force of Crusaders and Mercenaries were locked in a bitter struggle in an area known as Tempestus Valley. After months of fighting with 85% casualty reports, the Crusaders and Mercs won the valley, leading to the settlement of the valley in the form of Gavin's Fall.

Change of Command

This is something I do not know I want, but I know this is something I must do, not for me, but for the Bulwark and for the Argent Crusade.

– Lantos Swiftsong

With the War in Northrend finished, the Bulwark returned back to the Plaguelands to work with the rest of the Crusade in returning it to it's pre-plagued state.


Months after the Bulwark returned from Northrend following the Cataclysm, the Bulwark was almost destroyed as it was escorting a group of civilian pilgrims from the north east section of the Eastern Plaguelands to Hearthglen, having recently been taken by the Argent Crusade. During their journey the Bulwark was ambushed and destroyed, with many of its members being raised as undead by the forces of death knight Belric Legost, who had survived, hidden in the Plaguelands and now free of Scourge control, though he fought for the Cult of the Damned still. Luckily for the Bulwark, it seemed, Lantos Swiftsong was not with them, recovering in Light's Hope Chapel from a wound he took in the field. 

New Command.

Days after Lantos receieved news of what had happened he learned that only six in total survived, they onlly survived though becaue they were wounded and were in Hearthglen or Light's Hope, gathering these men together it was decided by them and later confirmed by High Command that Lantos was to take charge of the Bulwark, making him the forth Lord Commander of the Argent Bulwark. Traveling south Lantos began recruiting new blood from Stormwind City to help him rebuild the Bulwark and make it an elite fighting force once again.

The Plaguelands (December 2012)

The First Campaign with Lantos Swiftsong in command of the Bulwark, it was a week long mission which resulted in a force of Scourge sieging the Bulwark witihn the ruins of Verthill. The Argents, at this point only numbering half a dozen, left from Light's Hope Chapel on December 9th and traveled north, within the first evening they hit the ruins of Verthill and made camp there. On the morning of the 10th the Bulwark set out from the ruins and north into the Plaguelands Interior, hitting only minor resistance throughout the day. By nightfall they had returned back to the village of Verthill and made camp once more. By Midday of the 11th the Bulwark were attacked by Scourge in the Village, pushing them back and holding them off for a few hours. With the numbers of the Bulwark so few they retreated into one of the smallest houses still standing and held from there, fighting off Scourge attacks every few hours and sleeping in shifts in between. On the evening of the 14th, the Bulwark, battered and bruised they struck out at the Scourge forces who had surrounded the village which resulted in a ferocious duel between the command of the Scourge Forces, a Death Knight by the name of Belric Legost and Lantos Swiftsong. Only by pure luck did Lantos survive the duel, when the Death Knight was closing in on his prey and close to killing the man, already heavily wounding him, Argent Crusade reinforcements arrived on the scene and chased the Scourge back. Under heavy escort, the wounded half dozen members of the Bulwark were brought back to Light's Hope Chapel to recover and lick their wounds.

Tanaris (January 2013)

After weeks of waiting the Bulwark recieved news that the Cult of the Damned, under the death knight previously mentioned, had traveled to Tanaris in the hopes of raising trolls, silithid and dragons, the bones of which covered the deserts of Tanaris. The Bulwark arrived after a few day long boat trip, during which a storm forced them to crash land on the shoreline. The Bulwark quickly recovered and traveled inland, taking a small bandit waterwell and using it as their base of operation. 

As the Bulwark worked their way inland, they began a long protracted fight against forces of the Cult of the Damned and Silithid. As the Argents investigated the cultists, it was discovered they had been working on raising various creatures from the sands of Tanaris. It was through this investigation that caused the Argents to discover that the Cult of the Damned was actually causing a rise in Silithid activity in the region. By raising undead, the Cult upset the balance of the region, causing a spike in Silithid attacks on local settlements.

The Argents worked hard to eliminate the Cult's presence in the region, attacking multiple camps and even holding a raid on a Silithid hive to cull their numbers. Eventually, the Argents discovered the true mission of the Cult, to ressurect a long dead dragon. As the Argents raised to hunt down the last cultists, they arrived too late at the edge of the Tanari desert. At the desert's edge, overlooking Un'goru Crater, the Argents watched as a cult death knight raised a massive Bronze Dragon. As it roared to life once more, it took the death knight on its back and flew into the crater. 

The Crusader's gave chase, and as they followed it into the crater they were quickly joined by dragon's of the Bronze Dragonflight, arriving to aid the Argents. With some Argents mounting up and others staying on the ground, a huge battle ensued between the forces of good, and that of evil. It took almost everything out of them, with Lantos, Scarlet and Dulondael taking heavy hits. However, the Argents eventually succeeded and brought the dragon down. The dead bronze dragon crashing into the crater floor near a Silithid hive. 

Northrend (February 2013)

Attacking New Hearthglen

With the help of Arcanist Dulondael Talraenal of the Kirin Tor, the Bulwark teleported to New Hearthglen within Dragonblight.

Draenor (March 2013)

It was eventually discovered that the Arcanist, now self proclaimed Archmage Dulondael Talraenal had been tampering with the various magical forces in the world, trying to mix together moon well and water smuggled away from the Sunwell to become more powerful than any one person should become.

In Draenor

Fenris Keep and the Plaguelands (April 2013 - June 2013)

For a few months, the Bulwark attempted to resettle and rebuild the area of Fenris Keep, eventually pulling out of there for fear of starting hostility with the Scourge. While based in Fenris though they made many strikes against Scourge forces in the lower Western Plaguelands that were based in the fortress of Scholomance.

Tanaris (August 2013)

The Second Tanaris Expedition by the Bulwark was considered a failure. The soldiers of the Bulwark landed in southern Tanaris and from there moved to strike at Silithid Hives in the area, only one was successfully destroyed, a minor one at that, by the work of Alerey McOwen and his protodrake companion who with a Bulwark demolition team glassed the entire area, destroying the entirety of the Silithid Hive. It was considered a failure though because of insufficient troop support even though the Bulwark at the time had the numbers to support a sizeable campaign against the Aqir in the area. 

Within two weeks the Bulwark had left to be redeployed back to the Plaguelands after two weeks of fighting against bandits, and silithid in the southern deserts of Tanaris.

The Plaguelands [Terrordale] (Mid-September 2013 - November)

(Work in Progress)


Northrend Again! (January 2014 - July 2014)


Following a week and a half long journey across the Sea, with near no problems (besides sea-sickness) the Bulwark made landfall at Valgarde Keep. After a few hours of unloading the various equipment they had packed with them, the Bulwark settled down for the night. The next day, the Argents and their allies set out on a minor scouting mission. For the duration of the mission the Bulwark split into two groups, one going to Halgrind and the second to the Ember Clutch.

The Ember Clutch group encountered scattered groups of vrykul resistance and after a few minor attacks during their mission they were successful in retrieving multiple Proto-Drake Eggs to take back to their Plague Doctor Zorid to test how the environmental conditions have effected the eggs.


The Halgrind Group, led by Captain Alerey McOwen, used specialized Hazardous Material Suits (Created by the Plague Doctor previously mentioned) and went in to collect samples of the Forsaken Plague, vrykul tissue and animal tissue for studying. The group encountered scattered resistance like the first party, only few vrykuls, wildlife and slimes.

Returning back to Valgarde for the evening, both groups were incredibly successful and brought in many samples to be studied by the Plague Doctor. Overall from the first two evenings (Landing + Scouting Missions) the Bulwark had few, if any, wounded. The Mission overall went around three and a half hours, short and sweat.

Battle of Skorn and Siege of Gjalerbron

For over a week, the Bulwark fought within the settlement of Skorn, eventually capturing it and destroying the Scourge presence within the town, moving northwards they put the fortress of Gjalerbron under siege, and after a time eventually stormed the fortress over the span of a few days.

Siege of Maraxilan

See Siege of Maraxilan Over the course of March of 624 K.C. members of the Bulwark assaulted and captured a Scourge necropolis floating over the eastern portions of the Dragonblight. With its capture, the Bulwark planted explosives throughout the fortress, destroying it and sending it to the ground.

The Schism

Following difficulties arising between the officers of the Bulwark and the Lord Commander, a split happened, with many members of the Bulwark believing the Lord Commander to be a corrupt man who tortured prisoners with no evidence on it besides hearsay. Those who followed the former officers of the Bulwark created the Argent Onslaught. This happened during the end of April of 624 K.C.

Wounded and sitting in one of the siege camps of Brittle Bone

The Second Battle of Tempestus Valley (June - July 2014)

See Second Battle of Tempestus Valley

Return and the Hunt for Dulondael

With Tempestus Valley recaptured, the Bulwark returned back to the Plaguelands, making their base in Light's Hope Chapel, they restarted recruitment efforts, hoping to expand all sectors of the Bulwark and restore it to its former strength.

Nearly two months following the battle of Tempestus Valley, the Bulwark's strength is starting to recover and get back to recommended levels. But it was discovered by the Arcanist Andisarth that the Bulwark's old enemy had survived the encounter in Outlands, with that Lantos charged the Arcanist with bringing an end to Dulondael Talraenal. Following months of tracking and attempting to locate where the fel-tainted magi is the Arcanist was able to find traces of him, or at least the drones (slaves he puts under his contract) in the Arathi Highlands

Retaking of Verthill

Moving forward, Lantos set to have the Bulwark's birthplace restored, with the help of B-Company of the Argent Crusader under Major Charles Reynolds, they pushed into the Verthill Valley, where instead of seeing Scourge like they expected they found the village controlled by demons.

On investigation it was discovered the Cult of the Damned had summoned the demons and lost controlled of them. It was soon discovered a Dreadlord by the name of Uzshadradin controlled the demon garrison. After weeks of fighting in and around the village they were able to push the demons out, Lantos, Xal and Andisarth Eldre'thar finishing the Dreadlord off and sending him back to his homeworld.

Demons in Desolace

Requested by the Cenarian Circle to aid their forces in the Desolace region, the Bulwark was deployed to assist the Cenarians with the demons of the Mannaroc Coven. After arriving and being given supplies by the druids of the Circle, the Argents set out with their guide, a tauren named Howah. After a long trek through the wastelands they arrived at a suitable location for their camp, a hill a ways away from the Coven.

From initial scouting by the Bulwark members it was discovered that the Dreadlord Uzshadradin was back, leading the demons in the Coven, planning revenge against the Crusade. Before any action could be taken though, the Crusaders were pulled away from Desolace.


With the invasion of the Iron Horde, the Argent Bulwark was redeployed out of Desolace. After arriving by portal to Stormwind, Lantos set a message up to command where he redeployed troops preparing for an expedition to Outlands to track Dulondael to the Harborage in the Swamp of Sorrow.

Once the Outlands Expedition was redeployed to the Harborage, patrols began being sent out to discover if the Iron Horde had made a foothold into the Swamp. The Bulwark and the Crusader force didn't assist with the main attacks, choosing instead to ensure the Iron Horde didn't break out of the Blasted Lands.

When the Alliance and Horde forces rushed into the Alternate Draenor in November of 624 K.C. the Outlands Expedition and Bulwark was sent into Draenor with the Alliance and Horde, joining the fight and escaping to Shadowmoon Valley where under Lord Commander Lantos Swiftsong, Thane Alastaere Talraenal, Andisarth Eldre'thar they began planning how best to move against the Iron Horde.

The Alternate Draenor

With the war in Draenor starting, the Bulwark sent an expeditionary force led by Archmage Andisarth and Alastaere Talraenal established a forward base of operations as the Bulwark continued recruitment on Azeroth. During the early weeks of January, Commander Swiftsong brought two new officers into his ranks, Grand Crusader Altairon Dawnseeker and Darehilde as Infantry Commander and Quartermaster respectively. 

By January 24th, 625 K.C, with work well underway in the town of Verthill, the forces of the Bulwark continued to grow and plan their next action. Every week patrols were sent out by them, clearing out the Verthill Valley of more and more undead, getting them closer to reclaiming their original home. In the evening, Lantos Swiftsong, with the help of Xalcla, accepted an alliance with the Shado-Pan Offensive, a group of Pandaren that were sent out beyond Pandaria to help protect the world. It was during the next months of February and March, disillusioned with Grand Crusader Dawnseeker's work, or in this case lack there! That Lord Commander Swiftsong had him stripped of rank and removed him from command and from the Argent Bulwark, these events were done by letter mostly as by this point Lantos was already in Tanaris or going across the sea.

Desert Campaign (February 2015)

The following will be posted straight from my event summaries on the Argent Bulwark Enjin site, eventually they will be reworded to provide more of a narrative.




The Journey Across the Sea

Meeting up at seven bells past noon, forces of the Argent Bulwark assembled in Light's Hope Chapel where a semi-open discussion was had on what was going to go down on the next few months. Following around twenty minutes of waiting and talking, the Bulwark headed south to Faldir's Cove in the Arathi Highland's where Xal's ship was already docked and waiting to go. After a near hour and a half march across the Plaguelands, Hillsbrad Foothills and the Arathi Highlands, the Bulwark was briefed on rules and regulations by Xal before being let aboard.

As the ship, named the Roseblud by Xal, began undocking and leaving the small port, Chrolarn the Draenei who had joined the Bulwark only a few days previous gave a speech to raise the moral of the Bulwark. With the speech done within a few minutes the ship began it's journey across open seas.



With the Bulwark on open seas now, it would take a few more days before they arrived at their destination: Uldum.

The two masked caravel was constructed for Xal with funds granted by the Argent Bulwark, specifically Archmage Andisarth Eldre'star, the Bulwark's Magical Head who is currently stuck on Draenor with Huntress Claws, Thane Talraenal and the Thane's outriders.


The Journey / Landfall Part 2

Being deployed from the Roseblud in the Vir'naar River Delta the Argent Bulwark advanced at night towards the city of Ramkahen with only the supplies they carried on them. The rest of the Argent Task Force arrived days before, securing the area and fighting off advancing Aqir attacks from every direction while protecting their hundreds of camels.


As the Bulwark advanced inland, wading across a deep part of the Vir'naar River, they met up with Sylindra Fadeleaf who had arrived on her own terms to Uldum, very much coated in gear suited for the desert. As they stopped to speak to her, Zak'onn moved forward to commune with the spirits of the land, finding it to be clouded from him. What was known was that something followed them and they moved in large groups. With Syl joining up with them they continued onward, slowly progressing forward as they traveled on side of the river. Though it looked otherwise, the DM stated it was night time and so it was night time. As they traveled they were ambushed by bandits, fifteen of them attacked the Bulwark and nearly five minutes after the attack began, it ended. With the Bulwark victorious and barely wounded they pushed on into the cool night.



Eventually the Bulwark reached the Akhenet Fields where they met an advanced scout from Charles Reynolds' soldiers. As they passed through the fields they were met by only a few field workers and guards at this time in the night, most offering only a small nod. With their journey going on they hit a large patch of desert before moving back into the fertile lands of the Vir'naar River. They slowly came upon a cliff and after climbing down and another river crossing, came upon Ramkahen. 



After meeting the Argents in Ramkahen as they took a break to prepare for the journey to Tanaris. During this time, Lantos met and discussed the next phase of action with Charles Reynolds and Shylah Elvia, the two commanders of the other companies. As they left with four hundred Argents and two hundred camels with supplies they met little resistance leaving Ramkahen though as they left a camel's leg broke and supplies had to be moved about. As they left Uldum and entered Tanaris they were struck by a sandstorm, lasting twenty minutes. Some would argue that this wasn't a natural sandstorm as they trudged through the dunes of Tanaris the earth shook underneath them for nearly the entire thing, with clicking and screeching being heard. Occasionally a scream was heard and an Argent disappeared without a trace under the sands. Finally they struck. The Silithid came fast and nearly two hundred of them attacked the Bulwark and their allies, killing indiscriminately.  


The battle was a tough and long one, with nearly fifty to sixty Argents being lost, along with two dozen camels and their supplies. Finally, after what seemed to be hours, the bugs retreated, taking many soldiers and severely wounded many like Constantine, Falrad and more. With many wounded, Lantos Swiftsong and Chrolarn, both still in decent shape, got the Bulwark moving after seeing to the wounded and with thirty men of B-Company left behind to guard them they met up with the main Argent Force in building the camp and making it defendable.

The Patrol (Contains two points of view)

Lantos' Point of View

Leaving promptly at around ten minutes past eight, Lantos' group was meant to head north and check out the Noxious Lair to check for any signs of a hive mother or servants of the Old Gods. As they moved north they encountered little. Though before long bandits overtook the Argents, as they advanced through a long sandstorm. Quickly though the Argents, Lantos, Xalcla, Falstad, Tirion, Gunerin, Modicus and Nuadorine were able to defeat them, pressing on-wards to the Hive!



Eventually coming onto a bluff that overlooked the area they took the time to wait out the sandstorm. As it eventually died away they were able to see over the hive, thousands of smaller silithid drones traveled across it without a care in the world, besides obeying the hive-mind. Spending nearly fifteen minutes there the Argents pressed north still, coming to the conclusion that no Silithid of sufficient size were there that would be counted as a brood mother. Included with that, they say no sign of any servants of the Old Gods. As they hit the north end of the Hive they were overtaken by a large group of around two dozen Silithid. The Argents fought exceptionally well, if you didn't see the sand getting into Lantos' eye later that night you'd think he shed a tear over how well those men like Falrad, Tirion and Modicus did. In the end though, the Argents took out the creatures, with Falrad and Modicus becoming very heavily wounded. 


As the Bulwark members worked towards helping the wounded and getting everything moving, a comm message was heard from Chrolarn and his group, calling for aid. Acting fast, Lantos sent most of those who weren't wounded - Vartheland, Xalcla, Tirion and Nua - to go assist them. With Lantos and Gunerin being the only two not heavily wounded they slowly hobbled back to camp where Modicus and Falrad were quickly brought to medics to be healed.

Chrolarn's Point of View

Tanaris was a calm basin of sand, the blazing sun was just under the horizon as the gathered group of Argents, horded toward the Lord-commander. Lantos Swiftsong looked as stood directly in front of the setting sun, he seemed unphased by it and looked to even be absorbing the heat intentionally. Chrolarn figured he would, the man was after all half-elf, he thought most elves were too proud to show their conflicted selves. Then again, Lantos wasn’t like most Elves, and as the heat waves continued to blister around him the Lord-Commander spoke to the Argents about the upcoming mission.

Chrolarn stood in position with the rest of his fellow Aspirants, he was sweating underneath his clothing. His armor as light as it was, was still metal, this gave the man quite the build-up of heat. As Chrolarn radiated heat like the sun itself, Lantos called out his name. To the Draenei’s surprise, he was to be leading a patrol around The Gaping Chasm, taking only the assembled Argent Bulwark members. There were to be two patrols and Lantos was leading the other, Chrolarn was assigned Viva, Zakonn, Raxlarol, Kereith, Cynaline, Miginleif, and finally Zindralin. Half of the faces he was seeing were new to the Harbinger, and although that was the case the man would see through to the mission and lead the patrol around the hive.

The sun had gone completely below the horizon of the desert when the patrol had left camp. Chrolarn had advised everyone to grab a camel if they could, and while some people remained heeded the advice, many more remained to walk rather than ride. Zakonn had taken to “flying” keeping himself above the sands on a zen energy, while Zindralin had used his own mount, a fierce winged and feathery beast by the name of Foren. Finally Cynaline brought her Elekk along the journey, it made the Harbinger smile deep down inside seeing a Draenei with their Elekk. Chrolarn led the pack of Crusaders close enough to The Gaping Chasm that they could see the rising amalgamations of flesh rising over the pit itself. Just before they could reach it however, Silithid sprung from the sands itself, the group had walked over a nest of sorts! Chrolarn drew his weapon, giving no specified orders, the Argents did battle with the beasts.

Before the ambush, many notable Argents had sensed trouble awaited them in the sands. Because of their senses being so acute, the Silithid workers were quickly pushed back. Zakonn and Cynaline most notably using their attacks to weaken and hinder the enemies, so as to make easier for the others to finish. Chrolarn being attacked by a worker, was saved by Raxlarol with his stave being thrown from a great distance. The Silithid were so greatly decimated that even with a few remaining, they retreated into the sands. After the battle, the Harbinger believed the groups coordination and skill was without question and pushed the Argents further on as many of them were not even injured.

They were now at the hive, Chrolarn looking down at the edge of the pit, he refused to take the group into the hive itself. However a storm was approaching, a sandstorm. Vivia, expressed her concerns about continuing the patrol with such a storm approaching, however Chrolarn would not hear of it and he took the group into the very heart of the storm itself. Vivia however left, leaving the Argents one less person in the group. If only Chrolarn had listened, then things may not have gotten out of hand as they did.
Those who were left followed Chrolarn into the storm, the sands and the dusts blinding the Draenei’s very senses. He could barely see, talking gave him a mouthful of sand, all he could hear was the winds picking up in the storm, and he felt the rugged and hard sand getting in between his flesh and armor. However even with all this Chrolarn saw humanoid figures in the distance, the storm making it impossible to tell what he was looking at. Confusing the shadows for possibly people stranded, the Draenei approached without caution. Zindralin shouted behind him just before reaching the humanoid, Chrolarn looked back confused but when he looked forward he realized his mistake. The Shadows were Aqir Gladiators, armored to the teeth with chitin armor all over their bodies. Their hands…no claws, were sharp enough to act as a metal forged blade. Before Chrolarn could react he was attacked and sent flying into the storm, which soon revealed more humanoids behind the woman Chrolarn was confronted. The Argents were forced to do battle with an enemy hidden within the sands.

The Aqir warriors took advantage of the storm, striking where they were the strongest. Chrolarn while on the ground recuperating from the attack earlier could barely just hear the sounds of battle in the storm. As the Draenei got himself composed the storm faded revealing the startling horror, there was twenty-nine Aqir Gladiators in total and only a handful of themselves. The Aqir had already started to wound the members of the Bulwark, Cynaline receiving a wound in her arm while Raxlarol was on the ground, being towered over by one of the Gladiators. Without the storm though the tides turned, and from Chrolarn could see, his fellow comrades gained a second wind.

Raxlarol who was one moment on the ground, had overtaken the gladiator before him and had killed another that was aiming to impale the grounded Harbiner. Cynaline had also killed another two gladiators, wielding her mace as if her arm was never injured at all. Zindralin and Miginleif had also severely did damage to the ranks of the gladiators, and Chrolarn did want to join them in their battle. Getting up, the man would make himself visible to allies and enemies, and one such enemy indeed took notice. Throwing a piece of its sharp chitin like a throwing blade, it flew in the direction of Chrolarn. In an attempt to block the vicious throw, the Draenei lost his right hand, with the blade jutting out of his shoulder. Now injured and unable to defend himself the Harbinger watched as the Aqir turned to the aggressive offensive, pushing the members into a circle around the Draenei surrounding them. Only Cynaline and Kereith seemed to fight back strongly enough to avoid being surrounded.

Chrolarn’s patrol had taken a turn for the worst, they were outnumbered, outgunned, and all alone in the desolate wasteland of Tanaris. Receiving healing Zindralin had paid a heavy price, getting slashed in the back as he made efforts to close Chrolarn’s wounds. Along with Chrolarn and Zindralin, Raxlarol and Miginleif had also been trapped, surrounded by Aqir on all sides. Kereith had made a Valiant attempt to save his allies however even with his powers he was unable to break the attacking Aqir. If this continued all was doomed, and therefore Chrolarn had taken his comm out and called for reinforcements. The gladiators successfully kept the Argents pinned, their onslaught not waning and just when all was thought to be lost, the reinforcements requested were sent, Xal leading the charge into the fray, off the bat killing two Aqir Gladiators.

Xal was accompanied by others, people from Lantos’s patrol. These people included Tirion, Varthe, Nuadorine, and her companion beast Zemar. Thanks to the efforts made by these individuals, from Varthe and Nuadorine’s sharpshooting, Xal’s mastery of the blade, and Tirions combined healing and Light empowered attacks, The Eastern Patrol led by Chrolarn was saved by a untimely demise. Unlike the Silithid Workers, the Aqir Gladiator’s refused to retreat when their numbers dwindled. Thus they were slaughtered to the last one, Varthe getting the final kill.

With the encounter of the Aqir Gladiators, the patrol was cut short. The Eastern Patrol was too injured to go on, and if they encountered another group of either Silithid or Aqir they would be unable to survive the attack. Chrolarn felt he had failed the mission and paid a heavy price for that failure, the others however were happy to be alive. Returning to the base camp, everyone was free to retire and Chrolarn himself was shut into the med bay, not welcoming of any visitors.

The Gaping Chasm (February 21st 2015)

Assembled in their camp in Tanaris, the Bulwark moved out sharply at around half past seven bells on Saturday the 21st of February, the Argents were divided into three groups, the Bulwark who would lead the assault on the inner hive, B Company and D Company, the two groups dedicated to holding the area open for the Argents.
As they hit the main hive, Zak'onn moved ahead with the other Argent companies, using his powers of shamanism and mastery of Chi in an amazing combination and display attracted what seemed to be thousands of Silithid out of the hive and towards the column of Argents under the command of Charles Reynolds and Shylah Elvia.
With a horde of Silithid closing in on these Argents, Zak once more used his shamanistic powers to draw up two walls of pure earth to draw the Silithid into a choke point where Argent spear-men were able to quickly decimate them. Zak continued to help them for close to fifteen minutes and it was during this time that the Bulwark, staying back, broke into a run and entered the Hive.
Entering through the first entrance they saw the Bulwark was presented with a large empty chamber. Morale going down from this turn of events, they were saved once more by Zak'onn who used his powers to open a tunnel for them to head into the main hive. As they pushed on through this tunnel they were swarmed by dozens of Silithid combat drones. Fighting long and hard, the Bulwark was successful in destroying the Silithid that had attacked them and move on-wards.
As they pushed into the main chamber of the Hive, with Argent sappers moving with them and setting up explosives, they were faced by an impressive creature, a larger silithid that could have been assumed to be a brood mother (though do to the logs of various night elves present during the War of the Shifting Sand, we're not exactly sure what it actually was.)
Charging forward though the Argents brought battle to it, and in the massive egg chamber many silithid were summoned to help this beast. Though they were hard pressed, the Argents were quickly able to destroy the attacking silithid and focus on the brood mother as she, or it, descended from the ceiling of the chamber. Within minutes of the attack starting, the brood mother was considerably damaged, losing a third of her health points. The Bulwark was deep in battle as more silithid flooded into the chamber at the sounds of the brood mother being wounded, and many turned their attention from the mother to the hatchlings that swarmed in at overwhelming numbers.
Many silithid were killed as the Argents continued their two fronted battle and finally, Sylindra got the finishing blow on the Brood mother, destroying the creature. With the broodmother destroyed, it sent the rest of the swarm into a frenzy and the Bulwark quickly retreated out of their with their Argent sappers and as the last of the Argents escaped from the hive, the explosives were detonated, dozens of firebombs going off and incinerating the entire hive.
Slowly retreating back to base, the Bulwark was relieved to know only around a dozen had been killed in the distraction caused by B and D Company and only around thirty seven were wounded thanks to the tactics used by the Argents and Zak.

Camp Attack (February 22nd 2015)


As the Bulwark enjoyed a very boring evening off within their camp in Southern Tanaris, the other companies of Argents spent the time building up barricades on the edge of camp. As the clock struck seven bells past noon though and the sun descended far below the horizon, a large sandstorm began pounding their camp relentlessly and from the furthest reaches of the desert they could hear clicking


and skittering underneath the ground. As the sandstorm hit at half after seven pm, they were quickly beset by hundreds of silithid drones who attacked the camp, pulling Argent defenders under the sand all around them. Moving into battle quickly, the Bulwark pushed forward fast and hard against the silithid, the drones fell quickly and fast and the Bulwark members each took out anywhere from five to ten of the fifty silithid drones they were beset by. Though as they fought and destroyed the last of the drones, a group of Silithid Wasps. 

Another long fight ensured and before long, the Bulwark and other Argents had reclaimed the edges of the camp and had pushed the silithid out, by this time the sandstorm died and they were given a break, for ten minutes they were able to sit, Kereith, Lantos, Xal, Fal, Pat and Gunerin were able to lick their wounds, but in the distance, another storm gathered.

Moving faster than even the last storm, they were quick to figure out that this one was alive and before long they were covered with hundreds, no thousands, of small Silithid bugs. Using whatever means necessary, and in Xal's case his teeth, they fought against them. The three Paladins though quickly worked together, combining their powers of the Light together to create a shield over them, and throughout the camp, the other Argent groups did the same. With the shield up, Lantos and Rax (who had joined the fray at this point) quickly used what they had, Rax with his magic, and Lantos with a vial of Liquid Fire, released it and destroyed the swarm, incinerating thousands upon thousands of smaller Silithid.


With no time to rest, they were once more attacked. This time by a Silithid Reaver. It was a massive creature, and rivaled the length of even the largest Silithid constructs. Thanks to the quick work of the Bulwark though, it was destroyed with little to no issue, as each of them were able to score blows onto the creature and killed it, forcing it back down into the hole it had created to enter combat.

The Noxious Lair (February 26th 2015)

The Artifact Grab (February 28th 2015)

Gathered around a fire, four Argent crusaders conversed about the on-goings of their day. Tanaris’s night sky blanketed them in Darkness, the source of their heat dwindling as the temperatures dropped below freezing. Falrad, Raxlarol, Gunerin, and Modicus were victims to the elements this night, and it affected them accordingly. However tonight would not give them any rest as it had plans for them. Just before they could go about any plans they had for the rest of their day, a grizzly Argent, both in stature, features, and voice, approached them. Behind him a female Kaldorei followed who was herself meek, measly, a walking mess and one who looked like they walked out of a thunderstorm. The man spoke up to the Argents, giving them their mission of the night: To go into the Noxious Lair, and clear of it Silithid while protecting the female Kaldorei, who was later named Mapleleaf.


Thus their mission began, Mapleleaf leading the wary bunch back into the Noxious Lair, where her objective was very much different from their own. While heading out, the group encountered Darehilde who joined the argents on their way to the Hive. Entering the Hive was relatively easy, as the group encountered no resistance, other than the weather. However leaving it was a different story, as the group was put at risk by Mapleleaf’s actions. The first thing the Argents approached was a room with an artifact of mysterious origins, shaped like an oval and black as obsidian. The Kaldorei archeologist wanted to inspect the item, and upon coming close to it activated a trap which ensnared her in the specific location of the artifact. The Hive then came to life, as defenders of the artifact, Silithid, swarmed the untrapped remaining group of Crusaders. The Silithid came from several tunnels in the Hive, and they were diverse and numerous. There were tanks, swamers, scarabs, wasps, and workers and they attacked indiscriminately, pushing all the Argents to the defensive as they surrounded Mapleleaf to defend her, she herself attempting to break out of the trap.


Though the Silithid were defeated and the artifact secured, the group had managed to suffer heavy damages. Though not everyone was truly injured severely, an earlier swarm attack made directed toward Modicus, had left the poor lad chewed on like a milk bone. Never the less there troubles were not over, as outside the Noxious Lair, a new foe awaited. The battle over, but Modicus himself ragged and haggard from the battle. The rest of the Crusaders fared better to say the least, especially Mapleleaf, who wasn’t even fighting or a Crusader. As the group left the Hive, they heard a vicious noise. Regardless they had to leave Falrad and Gunerin leading the group out of the Hive and toward the camp. The artifact well in hand and secured.


Once the group was in the outskirts of the Hive, they noticed a figure in the distance and at first could not make out what they were seeing. Regardless of its meaning, the group had to head into its general direction as it was in the way of the Crusaders from returning to the camp. When they drew near, the object took shape and showed itself to be a statue, of Obsidian, out of place in the desolate night of Tanaris’s desert lands. The Crusaders would press on, walking pass the monstrosity if they could.


The monstrosity in the flesh…in the stone actually…metal? What is Obsidian? It’s called Obsidian Statue maybe its stone…hmm….we got a mystery on our hands Scoobs. To which the Bulwark did not have the luxury. The statue became animated, floating toward the Crusaders as they went around it. Empowered by dark forces, the statue also fired energies of destruction from far distances at the group. Given the choice of fight or flight, the Crusaders decided running was for the best. However the Obsidian Statue was more than mobile enough to give chase. Having the speed and the firepower, the Bulwark would’ve lost members that day…if not for the statues failure to avoid the carcass remains of the giant skeleton in the sands. Having been stopped for now, the Crusaders took advantage of their respite for the moment. Injured to their breaking points mentally and physically, the group headed to camp certain that their attacker was not following. That was until the statue broke out of its Obsidian cage, and revealed itself to the Argents for what it was. 

A Destroyer, an upgrade from a stationary stone block that it was moments ago. Yet the Crusaders were close, close enough to make a break for it to the camp. Yet even with the distance between them, the Destroyer caught up just enough to sever the robotic leg of Raxlarol, after his daring save to protect Gunerin.


The beast would get no more, as the camp was alerted of its presence and fired all their artillery (magic, guns, bows and arrows, possibly mortars) at the construct. It was enough to drive the Destroyer back, but not kill it. With the threat pushed, the Argents were taken to medical treatment for their sustained injuries, those who needed it at least. The artifact was also secured safely, but it’s origins and purpose remained a mystery.

March to Un'goro (March 1st 2015)

On the evening of March 1st, the Bulwark assembled in their camp in the deserts of Tanaris. Lantos explained the situation to the men and women of the Bulwark. Around them the camp was deserted aside from some Alliance and around forty Argents of D Company, having left a few hours before hand, the majority of B and D had left the camp and started forward to Un'goro Crater. While many were lost in the days before during the attack on the Noxious Lair they still were well prepared for their mission ahead.


Leaving at half past seven, the Argents marched forward from their camp, through the deserts of Tanaris at night as the sand whipped at their faces. The Argents pushed onward through large tracts of desert, making excellent time, all things considered. Within two hours though they saw the outline of the pass into Un'goro and descended down it, leaving the hot desert behind for the heat and damp crater. As they pushed onwards they faced no outstanding threat, though rain did start to damper their spirits and turn the ground around them to mush, reducing the speed they went at. Though as they began getting into the interior, a rider was seen by them, wearing the colors of the Crusade. Blasting a horn as he caught sight of them, the rider sped off towards their camp, Marshal's Stand, alerting the Argents already there of the Bulwark's arrival. Arriving in camp nearly three and a half hours after they set out, the Bulwark arrived at Marshal's Stand, where they began resting, licking their wounds and planning their next action against the Silithid and their Old God masters.


Eldre'Thalas Expedition


((OOC note: This is a short event held 4/6/15 that was regarding some artifacts and a side story regarding Teolon's sword. Those who attended, thank you!))

Before the heroes left Silithus completely, they had one more job to do. Specifically, an artifact grab. Recently,some strange information had been revealed to Teolon regarding the nature of his sword. It was thought to be Highborne in origin and, with the Lord Commander's approval, he lead a small task force in to the abandoned city of Eldre'thalas, better known by it's name of "Dire Maul".

At around 8 o' clock at night, the force of 5 began their approach to the city. It was eerily silent, save for a few roars and birds. The slow approach was halted by two massive ogres guarding the entrance. Luckily, however, the group was able to sneak by to avoid detection. At this point, the Argents couldn't help but feel a bit of disease... it felt as if something dark lie within the dead buildings. Nevertheless, they carried on.

They were beset by two ogres shortly after, these ones totally awake and considerably angered that the intruders had made it this far. Falrad was quickly disabled, being lifted by the leg like a plaything. However, using a light spell, Teolon was able to slice the oversized maul the second ogre held and it's stomach, causing enough confusion to drop Falrad. Meanwhile, Kereithsol took a hard kick at the first ogre in the stomach. After Jacora took a dashing slice at the first ogre, Nubu came in for the kill against the ogre that once held Falrad, slicing it's stomach and ending the creature.


All that was left was the obviously angry ogre, who had achieved some battle rage seeing his brother fall in combat. An excellent tag team assault was performed by Falrad, Kereithsol, and Jacora. Falrad distracted the ogre and opened to assault, allowing Jacora to land several hard attacks to it's kidneys. Kereithsol proceeded to impale the ogre's head on his sword, quickly ending the buffoon.

The Argents, still unharmed (save for Falrad who had achieved some nasty bruises), made their way to the gardens. They were met with a strange arcane ward, guarded by a few spirits guarding it. They noticed, however, that the ward did not affect them. Instead, it felt as if it's power was directed further within the city. Disturbed by this, they made their way to the entrance of the next area.

Guarding it, however, was a corrupted ancient. Knowing that without a fire mage they would die, Teolon unsheathed his tome. Falrad was able to distract the creature and stab it's hand, heavily weakening it's attacks. Kereithsol, using the knowledge of fire from the exorcism spell, burnt the ancient at it's core, heavily damaging it. Jacora attempted to aid in this, but was batted aside by the ancient. Using his tome, Teolon was able to use an extremely powerful incantation to call fire from the sky, destroying the ancient and putting it at peace.

Awaiting them inside was a demon unlike any other... a void terror. This is what the wards were guarding, and besides their ultimate goal, the Argents knew that they had to destroy this monster, or else it could destroy all of Feralas. Quickly, they assaulted the wards, allowing them access to the demon. They would kill it here, or die trying.


After destroying the wards, the demon was loosed upon the summoners that had held it in check for so many years, before turning it's hungry eyes to the Argents. Kereithsol, still confident about his victory against the ogres, was quickly damaged by the demon's fel breath, sending him to the ground. Teolon took a hard slice at the demon's leg, allowing Falrad to slide under the demon's stomach, slicing it open and spilling some of it's guts. Nubu is able to take a hard slash at all of it's legs at once.

However, their efforts prove almost useless, as the creature uses a cauterizing flame to heal itself! The Argents press the attack against the massive creature. Falrad, although confident, pays the price as he is swooped up by one head and chewed by the creature. Teolon throws a ball of light at the rightmost head, causing an explosion that sends Falrad flying from the creature's maw. Jacora is then able to pull off a maneuver with Nabu, causing it's front legs to give out and one of it's eyes to be stabbed.

The demon, now fighting like a cornered animal, attacks with extreme ferocity. Falrad, able to blind the creature's remaining eye, allows Jacora to take his mace to the creature's head, coating it in demon brains. The day was won!

Their job still wasn't over. The Argents made their way to the library, opposite of the creature's chamber. The library was stacked with books, but there was one problem; all of them were in the Highborne tongue! Disheartened but still hopeful, the brigade pocketed many books, including a book theorized to regard Teolon's sword, and a book that was sealed by very strong magics.

Welcomed warmly by the portal mages at the Tower of Estulan, the team was teleported back to Stormwind for well deserved drink and rest. However, the mysteries of the books and of the sword still continue...

Vigil to the Fallen

WoWScrnShot 041215 213056.jpg

On the night of April 12th, the Bulwark assembled in Light's Hope Chapel along with soldiers of the Brother's in Death, House of Ravenshield and more, led by Bishop Niklos Adamant they were led in prayer to remember the souls of hundreds of Argents who had lost their lives only weeks before. 

Rebuilding and Into the Plaguewood

Over the past few weeks dozens of patrols from Plaguewood Tower into the Plaguewood have been disappearing, the same goes for supply caravans going to the tower. Because of this, High Command has begun shipping supplies in via gryphon to keep the tower well supplied. As another patrol is sent into the Plaguewood on the afternoon of the 21st, someone from high up, a Major Jackson Sanderson decided to send three companies into the Plaguewood to discover what was happening to these patrols. These companies were the mixed race F Company, and the two all gnomish companies of G and C Company, all from the 25th Plagueland Battalion. As these companies moved deeper into the Plaguewood large black clouds of ash and plague covered the sky over them, blocking out the Light that remained for them and before they knew it they were attacked from all sides by hundreds! From all the patrols and supply caravans lost in recent weeks to a large mass of newly raised zombies, the three companies were destroyed in a matter of hours, luckily for them though the task force commander a C. Fizzlehammer blasted into his horn as much as he could. His horn blasts were sent off in spouts of three, signaling a large mass of Scourge forces were attacking them.

As luck would have it, the Argent Bulwark was patrolling the region along with their new allies, the Silver Steel Passage. Hearing these horn blasts they moved as fast as they could into the Plaguewood only to be beset in complete darkness by waves and waves of undead. What started as one gnome attacking the Draenei Chrolarn turned into hundreds of gnomes attacking and overwhelming the Argents. Thanks to quick actions by Lantos Swiftsong forces under the command of Dilan Ravenshield and Ashton Ironblood were able to come to their aid, though not soon enough. Calling for a general retreat, the Argents and their allies who were heavily bruised and wounded, retreated from the Plaguewood. The forces under Dilan’s Command, the Everlast Accord, were successful in holding back the tide of hundreds of recently raised gnomes for a short time to allow their allies to escape. 

Pulling out of the Plaguewood, Lantos (heavily wounded mind you) was able to witness Dilan and the Everlast forces pull out, and the last thing they saw from the Plaguewood was the mass of gnomes, who had by this point formed themselves into a weird flesh giant massive gnome, laughing as they retreated and slowly they faded back into darkness. Returning then to Northpass Tower, they licked their wounds and thanks to quick actions by the Death Knight Daltone, Sylindra Fadeleaf, Vindicator Teolon and <some paladin in Dilan’s guild who’s name I can’t remember> helped heal the horrendous wounds of Lantos, Falrad Trant, Xal, and many others.

Discussing the situation with Dilan, Lantos had figured out by this time that that mass of fresh undead was the now destroyed, F, C and G Companies. Though Lantos passed out from Sylindra’s healing they weren’t finished yet. Arriving now later as usual, Davos Reynolds and thirty other Brotherhood of the Light soldiers arrived, passing on messages to Dilan, Davos discovered that it was the Major Sanderson who had signed the orders for these three companies to be sent to the slaughter. 

Naval Expansion and Hope's Bay


(Taken from the Bulwark's event summaries.)

The Defense of Camp Fordring

Hope's Bay, night time. Situated within the unfixed sector lies the portal that all the Argents had likely heard about, the portal to Heaven. Ranks upon ranks of Argents and seige weaponry sat idle near the entrance to the portal, waiting in silent anticipation of an assault. A whole army, ready to go through a portal the size of a small gateway. It would be one hell of a fight if demons did indeed enter Azeroth.


Gathering only meters from the portal were champions of the Bulwark. Led by the Lord Commander, the task force was to enter the planet and do the first reconnaissance. The men and women of the Bulwark were briefed on the situation by Lantos and Teolon.

The first opening of the portal was planned to be a quiet event, but it wasn't. Demons had quickly swarmed the portal and entered Azeroth, whilst the brave men of the Bulwark and the first defenders of Hope's Bay assaulted these invaders. Zolthar, the cultist, was lost in the fighting, last seen within the portal heading south. However, a small building and fighting force was sent in to the portal to create the fist line of defense against the demons.

Stepping through the Portal

Lantos proceeded to brief the Argents on the troop situation. We had around 10 companies going in to the portal, and an indeterminate amount of support and heavy weaponry teams. With that, they moved in to the portal for the very first time.

Within the portal lay a total hellscape. As they stepped out of the twisted, stone wrought portal, there lay spikes and spires upon the cliffs. At their feet was twisted, black soil, dotted with Fel energies. The cliffs were a broken and dusty brown, and the sky above them was a blood red. Stars only barely poked through the sky.

As the Argents chose the only path they could, forward, they felt watched from the cliffs. Something quickly moved out of sight to the east ridge, and groans could be heard. Scattering the ground were broken swords and boards, alongside deceased Argents and demons that littered the soil. As they were examining this destruction, a scream broke the piercing silence of the abandoned portal camp. A cart shortly followed, crashing down near the edge of the camp.

As the Argents approached the edge of the camp, trails of green sickly blood covered the ground, as corpses were more common. Near the exit to the valley lay a Pit Lord! Within it's body stuck ballistae bolts and swords from it's fight with the Argents. It was obviously very injured. The creature screamed at them for "defiling Axaar". With that, the Pit Lord attacked.


Teolon and Andrew both took the good idea of using spears, but in different ways. Andrew used a lighting spell to shock the tip of a ballista spear, whilst the Vindicator shot a spear in to it's gullet using Light magic. Lantos took a hobbling strike at the creature, whilst Zak'onn and Cael used magics to assault the creature's mind and body.

Roaring in pain, the creature continued it's assault. Andrew's next spell fizzles out, while Cael continues to assault it's mind. Zak uses more lighting to assault the creature, whilst Teolon, Gunerin, and Lantos all attack the creature using their blades. The creature wasn't going down without a fight, even in it's heavily injured state.

In response to these heavy attacks, the Pit Lord slammed it's fist in to the ground, causing the earth to rupture. This caused Teolon, Andrew, and Cael to lose their footing and slip. Zak was able to assault the demon with elemental fury, whilst Gunerin and Lantos both assaulted the Pit Lord with their blades. The Pit Lord was becoming weaker by the moment!


The creature was getting battered on all fronts. Another strike by Lantos was able to give Teolon an advantage to cut off one of the Demon's tusks. Gunerin used an arc of Light to give even more pain to the demon, and Zak burned it even more with the power of the elements. Finally, the last blow was struck by Andrew, burning the creature in to a bunch of Fel bacon.


There was little time for celebration over the Demon's death. Echoing from outside the canyon were the screams of demons, likely having noticed their master had fallen. Over the communicator system, the Argents received a cryptic message: the build team and soldiers were located at a place known as Camp Fordring.

They didn't have any other choice than to head through the tunnel dead ahead and see if they could meet up with the Argents at Camp Fordring. Beyond the mountain range was a cracked red hellscape, known as the Cracked Plains. This was a stark contrast to the Door to Heaven, as it was a rolling and burning area filled with demons. Although they didn't encounter much resistance to their approach at Camp Fordring, they found a rude welcome party.

Camp Fordring, seen from the north

To the south of the camp was a massive array of demons. A whole company of fel guards, felhounds, and assorted horrors of the nether stood bombarding the camp. Luckily, due to the small army's position, the champions were able to enter the camp relativley undetected. Meeting with the Captain, they explained the situation: G company, the special forces and assault squadron, had been wiped out or captured in the initial assault. Although the commander kept speaking, they were assaulted by the fel cannons.

Using magic and general avoidance, most of the Crusaders were unharmed. Zak was thrown about 9 feet to the right, but the Captain was hit by some fel slag. This would take him out of commission, and possibly killing the man. Instead, the Argents devised a strange yet effective plan. Andrew went to enchant the Balistae, whilst Zak charged a massive attack to sunder the demons. The rest of the task force would mount themselves on the wall and prevent any demons from entering the holdout.

Atop the walls, the Argents begun their assault. Andrew's ballistae were shockingly effective as Gunerin and Asha tore a swathe through the enemy demons as if they were paper. It was an impressive display. Cael, Amare, and Teolon all assaulted the creatures with the power of the Light. Within the keep, Zak continued to channel the spell.

The assault marched on with another barage from Andrew, effectivley killing many demons. Asha and Gunerin continued their assault with the powers of light and dark, whilst the trio on the walls went on with their attack. Without warning, however, Zak'onn's attack hit.


It started simple. Large cracks on the ground and rumbling. Great cracks created a circle around the remaining 130 demons. It was too late for the demons to retreat, but the leader ordered one as the assault hit. The ground rose in a great circle, but crashed back down and slammed in to the earth. It consumed all the demons that were in it's path as if a great whale devouring krill.

This left total desolation of the demon army. The result was a safe Argent foothold on Axaar, and a massive crater filled with suffering and dying demons. The company cheered on this fantastic event, as the remaining demons fell back. The day was won, and Camp Fordring was safe.


243 Argent Crusaders. Complete destruction / capturing of G company.

231 Demons. Death of one Pit Lord and destruction of a small army.


"What is it, Mol'rag?" The creature spoke in a venemous tongue, every word smooth and terrible. The Gan'arg at her feet knelt in prayer, either for himself, or for anything else.

"M'lady, we have had some... complications with the mortals." It spoke softly, with fear.

"Complications?" She rose from where she was and begun to walk to a window near her throne. "What sort."

"The company you sent to destroy their foothold was utterly destroyed." It breathed no more with a flick of the woman's wrist, erupting the Gan'arg in green fire. It writhed on her carpet as she positioned herself on the ledge.

Lady Ulaana, a red Eredar, looked out upon the black plains of her kingdom. Fel Reavers marching, demons creating, but to the southeast there was unmistakable smoke. A great rumbling also shook the fortress, causing unease in the workers. With a wry smile, Lady Ulaana spoke to herself, as the only one who could was burning.

"Welcome to Axaar, mortals."

The Storm

With a whole bunch of new soldiers in tow, all recently recruited, Lantos Swiftsong went on patrol with these men and women. Their mission was to scout out the Broken Plains on Axaar. Taking Northlae, Jorgen Bellic, Sildar, Amare Suncrest, Valtre and Andrew Storme they pushed out through the Broken Plains, encountering nothing for many miles. The climate was arid as they trudged across the scorched red landscape and the only close to welcome relief for them was the horizon spanning black ocean to the south.

As the Bulwark men and women pushed on they finally encountered something different. As they crossed over a metalic bridge over a large ravine, the Bulwark members saw a large dust storm in the distance. But for whatever reason, it didn't seem to be a normal dust storm. No in this storm they could hear a large roaring noise and small dots of azure blue in the storm.


As the Bulwark saw the storm racing towards them they quickly made for cover under the bridge. The storm quickly got to them and the roaring only got louder but it seemed to be from the top of the storm. Whatever this roaring came from it became louder as it moved from the top of the dust storm to the bridge, landing on it and then it was gone along with the storm.

Waiting in silence, the men and women of the Crusade began hearing odd alien voices, talking to each other. Seeing the need to find out what this threat was, Lantos sent North up above to check out this threat. As she moved herself to the bridge she would see them, five figures clad in metallic full body armor with large rifles. North was able to figure out that the blue dots from the storm were their eyes. Though she remained hidden for a few minutes it wasn't long lasted. The metallic men saw her and quickly raised their rifles at her, with one of them stepping forward to start talking to her. Something strange happened as this soldier spoke though, slowly his voice translated from the alien language to common, though a low form of common that would be more used by someone still learning the language.

With the threat of North being captured though, Lantos sent Valtre, Andrew and Sildar around the ravine to flank these soldiers. Taking Bellic with him, Lantos attacked after a few more minutes of waiting for the others to get into position. Blasting into his horn the Argents attacked the beings, it took a lot of work, but they were all successful in killing four of the five soldiers they saw, with one of them (mostly wounded) escaping into the large metallic machine they arrived in. No one was majorly injured, Valtre and Sildar took an energy bolt to the shoulder but besides that it was a successful mission.

With the help of Andrew he teleported the bodies back to Camp Fordring where they were to be analyzed by the Argent Medical Chief on base.

A Chance Encounter - The Vek

Axaar 8.png

Axaar. Still on the broken plains after their initial assault and entry of the planet, Camp Fordring stood as a stoic junk heap. The buildings were filled with holes and generally worse for wear, whilst the only undamaged area was the Tavern. Argent banners, tattered and singed, flew high on the larger buildings and some of the smaller flagposts already snapped and in the red dust.

Across the camp was the general sense of unease and general discomfort. It seemed even the land was unsettling to the Argents. Near the center of the camp was an uncorrupted stone, and the Argent Bulwark's main task force. Kereithsol, Sildar, Northlae, Teolon, Lantos, and others stood at the ready to enter the Plains on their first scouting mission.

The Bulwark's mission on this night was to enter the Broken Plains and patrol the perimeter. The secondary mission, although not directly stated, was to discover if there were any local inhabitants, with the added target of Legion camps. The briefing was a short event, but the Bulwark was quickly on their way as swiftly as they had come.

The march begun with silence. The only sound that permeated the plains were a few rumbles and a harsh wind that kicked up the crimson dust. In the distance over the mountains was a large black cloud, not unlike the ones that decimated the scout groups. As soon as they saw it, however, it appeared to veer to the north. They would be safe, for now.

Axaar 9.png

As they approached a small outcropping of rocks, the sound of battle could be heard. The sound of clanging blades and low grunts were apparent, but there was something else amongst the struggle. It was the sound of chittering insects. Although disturbing, it didn't seem to phase the Argents too much. Instead, they kept trudging onward.

As they hit the canyon, the battle was seen. Standing over around 15 demons was a group of insectoid humanoids. Seeing this event, the Bulwark team ran behind a small outcropping of rocks to their right as to hide. As they looked to the insects, debating what their next move should be, they were rudely interrupted by a team of 8 of these insects.

The creatures begun to spoke to the Crusaders in a strange guttural language. Mixed in with the clicks and whirrs of the insects were short and incomprehensible words. One of the strangest aspects of them were small blueish-silver devices on their mandibles. As the Bulwark began to speak to them, the devices begun to whirr and click.

The Vek Commander - Wings not spread (Source -

They continued to utilize diplomacy on the creatures. As they did, they begun to speak a low form of common with broken sentence fragments. These creatures, although strange, appeared to not desire conflict. The Bulwark continued to speak, until the insects sheathed their weapons and spoke in a more casual tone.

These things called themselves the 'Vek'. The commander, a lieutenant, called itself 'Tyu'lkk'. Their species had been fighting demons, and inquired on what the Argents (labeled as Outsiders) were doing on the Planet. We explained that we were also there to destroy demons, which they looked to the battlefield and laughed at. The Vek then looked to the skies, and spoke about a place called 'The Glades'. They urged the crusaders to come there, before spreading their wings and flying to the southwest.

They picked up their weapons and begun to make for the southwest, in pursuit of the Vek. Soon after they begun their pursuit in the canyon, they entered a patch of white rocks and outcroppings like hives. This appeared to be an insectoid base, likely long abandoned... or something below the surface. The Bulwark approached a mountain range, before they noticed something strange: dark pieces of metal strewn by a rock outcropping.

Just as they begun to wonder what it was, a mighty Fel Reaver rose from behind the small hill and gripped it, cracking the peak. Seeing the might of this abomination of Fel and steel, the Bulwark elected that running was the best choice. Seeing this action, the Reaver burst through the mountain in pursuit like a pissed off dog through bushes.

The Bulwark proved to be a bit too quick on their mounts, and outran the Fel Reaver. As they escaped it's sight, it let out a horn of frustration before slowly walking to parts unknown.

Axaar 11.jpg

The Argents returned to their camp to meet Darehilde, the Quartermaster. After a short briefing, the Bulwark was dismissed for the night. Come the next, they would face this Fel Reaver head on.

Casualties: None.

Discoveries: Fel Reaver and native insectoid species.

The Reaver of Souls

The Locust

The Glades

Return of the Legion

Plaguelands (January 2016)

The Battle of Falkirk

Isonian Isles, Journey to a Forgotten Land (September 2016 - January 2017)

Isonian Isles, The Dewmar (June - August 2017)

Plagueland Patrols (August 2017 - Present Day)

The Bulwark, following finishing up their assignments on the Isonian Isles, eventually returned back to the Plaguelands where they began a long period of rest and recovery. Since the Scourging the Bulwark had been on active duty, always on the front in some capacity, now began a period to start rebuilding and preparing for the future.

As the leadership of the Bulwark focused on recruitment and reorganization of the Bulwark, the Argents enjoyed a long period of rest. The most they did during this time period was Plaguelands Patrols, only occasionally spending longer deployments deep within the Plaguewood where they had been fighting a near continous battle against the Scourge.

In the meantime, Lantos and the Argent High Command began planning their next offensive: Operation Reclaimation. The operation would be ambitious, involving nearly five hundred Argent Crusaders and would see the Argents going on a major offensive against active Scourge operations in the region. The Reclaimation of Lordaeron would be one of the largest offensives the Bulwark had participated in since the War against the Lich King, years before.

The Journey North

Strange reports have been finding their way to the desks of Argent Commanders from their outposts and holds in the frozen wastes of Northrend. One of these reports reached the desk of Lantos Swiftsong, of the Argent Bulwark. This report from a small outpost in Dragonblight detailed massive geologic movement in the region, and the discovery of a new necropolis floating over an old Alliance hold.

As soon as he received the report, Lantos took Xal and Kereith Sol with him up north through a mage's portal, as they were the only Bulwark members available at the time. The mage's portal brought them to a small outpost in northern Dragonblight. It was so small, it didn't even have a name! The camp had only a dozen or so Argents and some heavily insulted tents and shelters built into the ground. It also had multiple bonfires scattered around the perimeter of the camp.

Entering the camp, the three Bulwark members were greated by a gruff unnamed Argent Crusader. He reported the object was simply sitting over an old hold the Alliance had built during the War against the Lich King. Soon after they departed, trudging through deep snows to get to a point where it could be seen. The Argents traveled for miles before reaching a cliff overlooking the fort. It was an old fort, with collapsing walls and destroyed buildings. Since it was night time, there was no light coming from the fort and no Scourge minions could be seen. Sitting over the fort was the necropolis. The massive necropolis was similar in size to Naxxramas, and was similar in design to the old necrpolis of Maraxilan

Observing the necropolis for sometime, the Argents eventually began to depart, and as they started heading north to the outpost, they watched in horror as the necropolis started to move south. To where, only time would tell.

Aggressive Neutrality

Round Table Discussion

The Argent Crusade Roundtable occurred shortly after the Alliance's Siege of Lorderan. Members of two separate divisions within the Argent Crusade met to align themselves to a single purpose and determine what the Crusade's direction should be during the ongoing hostilities between the Horde and Alliance. The meeting was opened not only to the commanding officers of each factions, but to any soldier aligned with the Argent Crusade.

It was during this meeting that all factions present determined that to fulfill the purpose of the Crusade and remain neutral, conflict with both the Alliance and Horde would be unavoidable. With full knowledge of the implications with this decision, the Crusade factions present made it their solemn duty to aid the innocent, the downtrodden, and any who sought refuge from the war from tyranny; even if it meant direct conflict with Alliance and Horde soldiers.

Events Leading to the Roundtable

The Roundtable was organized and facilitated by Ser Mordraine Gaerhart and Ser Wallace Arguile. The two had met during the Siege of Lorderan, where both had been assigned by members of High Command to observe the event as neutral agents and report back to their commanding officers respectively.

What both had observed during that siege shook them to their very core, as it was made clear that both the Alliance and Horde would do anything necessary to defeat the other. With that fact in mind, both reached the same inevitable conclusion: that individuals in both factions would use this war to slaughter refugees of the opposing faction for personal gain or sport, and use the war as excuse for their actions.

Unable to sit idly by, the two petitioned their superiors for the authorization to act. Ser Wallace Arguile was given command of a new taskforce within the Crusade, known as the Argent Templari. Ser Mordraine Gaerhart was promoted to Infantry Commander, and would lead the Argent Bulwark's armies.

With their new positions granted, the Roundtable was organized as an opportunity to combine two forces for the greater good, and set both on a single path.

The Meeting

With the Argent Bulwark and the Argent Templari meeting at Light's Hope Chapel, the Templari Commander, Ser Wallace Arguile, and the Bulwark's infantry commander, Ser Mordraine Gaerhart, took the stage. Both factions were informed of the current position of the Crusade and the events that have transpired thus far. The meeting was prefaced by the general aim both wished to achieve, but opened the floor to the soldiers of the Crusade to better explore how to achieve that goal.

Tensions ebbed and flowed, as some believed the Argent Crusade should avoid conflict if at all possible for true neutrality, and others believed that aggressive neutrality was the better option to continue to embody the ideals of the Argent Crusade. Conflicts within and without flared but eventually subsided as most present decided that the Crusade must go where the innocents are to protect them.

Many points were addressed and solutions presented to potential issues, namely the weakened state of the Crusade. The strengthening of the Argent Navy to transport and defend refugees, calling upon old alliances and treaties and fostering new ones, and establishing a solid network of communication all came across the table. It was also agreed upon that the Crusade must not only continue to heal the Plaguelands, but exercise their right to claim lands for the Argent Crusade in order to provide safe haven and protect the innocents affected by the war.

With this direction established, and many departing to pursue these solutions, the meeting concluded unceremoniously as each respective faction moved to begin their work immediately.

The Blight's Call

The Blight's Call (Part One) was a gathering and meeting of members of the Argent Bulwark with the men who'll be incharge of this volunteer and secret mission being overseen by Lantos Swiftsong. The Argents met Ranger Captain Ereb Faroth of the Silver Shield Company, along with Sir Ibar Hartzer of the Ten Swords Company. Both are mercenary groups that have worked within the Bulwark in some form.

The Meeting

Gathering late in the evening of October 10th, 628 K.C. (2018), Argent Bulwark members prepared for the evening, though none of them knew what was to be discussed or done that night, all some knew was that it was for a mission called The Blight's Call. The Bulwark members present were, Lillian Hedgecrest, Dath'ilar Windsinger, Maoshi the Pandaren, Crisana Swiftsong, and later they were joined by Quinelle Dawnblade. As they assembled in the square they were joined by Ereb Faroth a ranger captain and leader of the Silver Shield Company.

After waiting sometime he led them to the local Mage Tower in Hearthglen, stating some comment about the Keep being unavailable as there was a trial of some sort happening for members of the Argent Onslaught. Leading them up the long winding steps, the Argents, Faroth and his bear Cuddles began to conspire. Ereb explained that this mission came from Argent Crusade High Command and was designed to strike the Forsaken's Blight stores in the city of Havenport, Tirisfal Glades.

This mission was, however, completely voluntary and secret, so before even starting he gave the Argents a chance to leave. None of them took it. The ranger continued to speak, telling them that their mission was twofold, to strike the city of Havenport and destroy the Blight stores, which were rumored to represent around 60-75% of the Forsaken's Blight, and to capture the sixty or so apothocarians that were present in the city to ensure they didn't have the expertise readily available.

As they continued to discuss their upcoming mission, the Argents were joined by five individuals. Four humans and one dwarf. The leader of the bunch was a tall and old knight by the name of Sir Ibar Hartzer, a man who's seen every war and then some since the days of the First War. The others men were nondescript, except for the dwarf. The dwarf, by the name of Dukegs Battleboots, was a grizzled old dwarf, with wrinkles covering his face and an eyepatch covering an eye.

Unexpected Guests

Ereb soon gave the floor to his guests who introduced themselves and told the assembled Argents about their background. 

Ibar Hartzer
Dukegs Battleboots


List of Lord Commanders

Lord Commander Rovax Leth the Founder

Originally founded the Bulwark within the village of Verthill in 600 K.C.

Lord Commander Jayce Sanore the Ironhide

Commanded the Bulwark following the death of Rovax Leth.

Lord Commander Gilmer Niel the Shield

Took over command of the Argent Bulwark following the death of Jayce Sanore, he was eventually killed, along with almost all of the Bulwark following an ambush led by Belric Legost in the Plaguelands after the Cataclysm.

Lord Commander Lantos Swiftsong

Is the current Lord Commander of the Argent Bulwark, having taken over command of the Company of Argents following the death of Lord Commander Gilmer Niel after soldiers under the command of Death Knight Belric Legost ambushed and slaughtered most of the Bulwark's forces.


This is a list of conflicts the Bulwark has seen action at.

Battle for the Plaguelands (Post Third War Period)

Argent Battle at the Dark Portal (B.C. Launch)

Battle for the Plaguelands (B.C.)

Battle of Northdale (Pre-WotLK)

War against the Lich King (WotLK)

Crusade Campaign in Zul'drak (WotLK)

Siege of Camp Epsilon (WotLK)

First Battle of Tempestus Valley (WotLK)

Ambush in the Plaguelands (Mid-Cataclysm)

Third Bulwark Expedition to Northrend (Mid-Cataclysm)

Bulwark Expedition to Southern Kalimdor (Mid-Cataclysm)

Bulwark Expedition to Outland (Cataclysm - Alliance and Horde Pandaria Conflict)

Fourth Bulwark Expedition to Northrend (Post Siege of Orgrimmar)

Siege of Maraxilan (Post Siege of Orgrimmar)

Second Battle of Tempestus Valley (Post Siege of Orgrimmar)

Hunt for Dulondael (Ongoing) (Cataclysm - Present)

Retaking of Verthill (Post Siege of Orgrimmar)

Third Bulwark Expedition to Kalimdor (Post Siege of Orgrimmar)

Redeployment to Swamp of Sorrow (Beginning of the Iron War)

Iron War (Iron War)

Forth Bulwark Expedition to Kalimdor (Iron War)

First Plaguewood Offensive (Iron War)

Argent Expedition to Axaar (Iron War)

Second Bulwark Expedition to the Plaguelands (Legion Invasion)

Bulwark Expedition to the Isonian Isles (Legion Invasion)

Divisions/Ranking Structure


This is all horribly out of date, ignore this

The Bulwark is divided into a variety of divisions as necessary, each division holds a variety of characters within it, all according to their skills.


Head - Filled

Drill Sergeant - Vacant

The infantry is the most numerous division within the Bulwark, outnumbered all others (As expected) almost five to one in some cases. The infantry as a whole is led by no one, who is assisted by a Senior Drill Sergeant and a number of Sub-Drill Sergeants if the need for them arises. Filled with warriors, paladins, druids and more, the Infantry of the Bulwark are an incredibly important division.


Head - Vacant

The Ranger Division within the Bulwark is the least numerous with it led by the Captain <Vacant>. Besides providing ranged support to the Bulwark in battle these men and women also are tasked with ensuring the road ahead of the Bulwark and their flanks are always secured when traveling en masse. Along with that they are also tasked with scouting and leading patrols around the camp or keeps where the Bulwark is currently making base.


Head - Vacant

Sub Head - Vacant

Almost as empty as the Rangers, the Magic division of the Bulwark is tasked with providing tactical support to the Bulwark on and off the battlefield in the fields of magic. Sometimes enemies pop up that cannot be dealt with by sword or bow, and thus it falls to these magical few to vanquish these enemies so the Bulwark can ensure their mission is a success. With Archmage Andisarth currently fighting on Draenor with the forces of Thane Talraenal, Commander Swiftsong has added a subhead position in to this division so it can be run smoothly while the Archmage is away.

Clergy / Medical

Clergy Head - Vacant

Medical Head - Filled

The Clergy and Medical Divisions of the Bulwark are filled with many expertly and novice priests, paladins and more who dedicate their lives to ensuring on and off the battlefield the Bulwark's soldiers are fit for duty and are able to perform at their best. The (small) Clergy of the Bulwark's job is to also ensure that the spiritual needs of the Bulwark are always filled. The Clerics are headed by <Vacant>, and the Medical Division Head is currently vacant, making the duties of the Medical Head fall to the Clerical Head. When both positions are filled those two heads work together towards making sure the Bulwark is always fit for duty.

Research and Development

Head - Plague Doctor Zorid

Created when Lantos Swiftsong took command of the Bulwark, those in the R&D Department could jointly be included in other combat or non-combat sections of the Bulwark. The purpose of the Research and Development Department is to continue the advancement of the Argent Bulwark and jointly the Argent Crusade's Technology. Currently the Department is headed by Plague Doctor Zorid, an eccentric Gnome trusted by Swiftsong to advance the Bulwark's Tech. The Department prides itself in its development of Anti-Plague Equipment.

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