Argent Crusade Chaplain Corps


"Promote the spiritual and moral growth of the Argent Crusade and its members through Holy servitude."


Maxwell Tyrosus


Holy Light


Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands


Argent Dawn Chaplain Corps


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Important Individuals

Maxwell Tyrosus · Tirion Fordring · Eligor Dawnbringer · Nicholas Zverenhoff · Eitrigg · Dilan Ravenshield · Lantos Swiftsong · Rease Stoneheart · Orwell Alexis Corett · Mirchea Kul'Therin-Soltair

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The Argent Crusade Chaplain Corps is a secular institution of Chaplains serving and ensuring the welfare of the members of the Argent Crusade and its lands. It also acts as one of the primary liaisons between the Crusade and the Church of the Holy Light.

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