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Alliance 32.png Grand Army of the Light
Army of the Light 7.3.jpg

Main Leaders:

IconSmall Turalyon.gif High Exarch Turalyon
IconSmall Alleria.gif Lady Alleria Windrunner
IconSmall Naaru.gif Xe'ra(formerly)

Secondary Leaders:

IconSmall Lothraxion.gif Lothraxion
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Captain Fareeya


IconSmall Naaru.gif Naaru
IconSmall Broken Male.gif Krokul
IconSmall High Elf Male.gif IconSmall High Elf Female.gif Quel'dorei
IconSmall Dreadlord.gif Purified Nathrezim
IconSmall Draenei Male.gifIconSmall Draenei Female.gif Draenei
IconSmall Human Male1.gifIconSmall Human Female1.gif Human
IconSmall Ethereal.gif Ethereal




Alliance.png Grand Alliance



The Grand Army of the Light, also called the Golden Army, the Army of Light, and the Lightforged, is a faction of enlightened races that the Naaru said would one day combat the ravages of the Burning Legion. After the fall of Argus, the Draenei's finest warriors followed the prime naaru Xe'ra across the cosmos in an eternal war to bring about the Legion's end. Since then, other survivors of the Burning Crusade have joined the ranks of the Lightforged.

After finally achieving victory on Argus, High Exarch Turalyon believed that it was time to take up arms alongside their brothers and sisters of the Alliance and pledged their forces to High King Anduin Wrynn.



The Grand Army of the Light was established by High Exarch Turalyon and Lady Alleria Windrunner, and rallied numerous survivors from several worlds that were taken and broken by the Burning Legion. The Draenei of Argus had survived their world's downfall from the Legion and would join the Grand Army of the Light to avenge their fallen, and end the Legion's conquest to rule the entire universe.

Prophet's Lesson

For more than a millennia, many Draenei have not forgotten about the Golden Army that was slowly arising to put a end to the Legion. Prophet Velen knew about the Golden Army since he experienced numerous visions of a grand coalition of living and undead races that would soon unite together. Many of the Draenei were foretold that they were part of this grand faction while many of the surviving Naaru were a part of it to stand against the darkness. Along with an innumerable amount of dragons and naaru, the leader of the great coalition was known to be High Exarch Turalyon, however, Velen was unclear who the person was when the vision ended.


  • Draenei members of the Army of the Light have golden eyes. Up until the death of Xe'ra, Turalyon had golden eyes as well.
  • Few draenei among the army wield "true magic" anymore after seeing what tempted their brethren.
  • The Army of the Light's elekk mounts were introduced to them by Alleria and Turalyon, who had spent time on the elekk homeworld, Draenor.