Arthur Tennerly



Year of Birth

11 L.C.

Place of Birth

Castle Bencaster, Arathi Highlands


Sergeant Major (Stormwind Guard)
Knight of the Silver Hand
Lord of Bencaster


Airborne trooper
Stormwind City Guard NCO
Knight-errant (former)


Kingdom of Stormwind
Order of the Silver Hand
27th Regiment (Stormwind Army)


Church of the Holy Light


Lucas Tennerly (father)
Myrtle Tennerly (nee Kelsey) (mother)
Jane Tennerly (sister; deceased)
Dana Tennerly (sister)
Alice Tennerly (sister)
Oliver Tennerly (brother)
Katrin Tennerly (aunt)


Lawful Good



Very much a WIP.

A Paladin, Knight-Lieutenant, and impoverished nobleman of mixed Stromic and Lordaeronian ancestry, currently in the service of the Kingdom of Stormwind.

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His civilian clothes are tailor-fit, well-made, and appropriate for a man of his birth, but somewhat shabby from being laundered and mended rather than replaced as the years go by. He wears a bloused shirt of white linen under a sleeveless buff coat, with tall riding boots of sturdy leather, finely-woven woolen trousers, and a green woolen cloak pinned at the lapels. His cloak-pins are engraved with the sigil of his House, with one bear reversed so that they snarl at each other across his chest.

==Arms & Armor==

He has two sets of armor, of wildly different quality: His standard-issue Stormwind Guard plate and his personal suit of mail that has served him for most of his career.

The plate, generally speaking, identical to any other standard-issue set; adjustments to the fit, non-standard pieces, and other minor alterations are paid for out-of-pocket.

The mail would be familiar to anyone that has seen a Knight of Bencaster in action, distinguished by a knee-length hauberk, full gorget, a sallet helm with a nose guard worn over a mail coif and ventail.

His signature weapon is Firebrand, an arming-sword passed down in his family since their history was passed down orally without the benefit of written records. It was once enchanted to blaze with fire when wielded in anger, but it has been a long time since the Tennerlies could afford the reagents to keep the enchantment charged. These days, it has barely enough mana remaining to maintain its protections against normal wear-and-tear. An inscription is carved into the fuller: [i]Ride Out And Meet Them[/i], surrounded by runes of strength and victory and religious iconography invoking Tyr.

However, like any professional, he uses the best tool for the task: A lance in the saddle and a halberd or poleaxe afoot. Against the undead, his blessed Paladin warhammer. If he is using Firebrand alone and expecting combat, it is invariably paired with a shield.

If he is wearing any weapon at all, he also wears a misericorde - a long, thin dagger designed to exploit gaps in armor - as a back-up weapon or for use in a grapple... or to deliver its namesake mercy-stroke to the fatally wounded.

He rarely wears them, but he does own a pair of flintlock pistols. He primarily uses them for duels or when fighting from the saddle, as a ranged option and to soften up the enemy line during a charge.


He moved with his mother to Northshire after the Scourge destroyed Lordaeron; the Lady Myrtle feared that they would go south, and knew Bencaster would stand no chance if they did. Soon after becoming guests of the Abbey, he began service as a page, training to become a paladin like his father. 

Tall for his age and fairly talented at arms, he became a squire fairly young, at age thirteen. At age fourteen, he left to become a 'squire-errant,' joined by four of his closest childhood friends: Squires and twin brothers Roland and Waylon, Anna, the acolyte priestess, and Alkelion the aspiring mage. They enjoyed some initial success, but a Defias ambush later that year ended their adventurers together. Anna died of her wounds after healing the others; Roland lost an eye and would never regain full use of his leg, ending his knightly career before it began. They mutually agreed to go their separate ways.

He serves as a Knight-Lieutenant 27th Regiment of the Stormwind Army, specifically the airborne unit nicknamed "Malrek's Wolves" under Knight-Captain Aerin Sarkannas.

Prior to his assignment to the 27th, he served as the Sergant Major of the 42nd Regiment of the Stormwind City Guard. As a result, he has a secondary designation as a military police officer, and is sometimes lent to the City Guard when rotated out of combat duties.

He inherited the barony of Bencaster from his father when the latter died at the Battle of Mount Hyjal. As Bencaster was in ruins and the whole of Stromgarde contested, Arthur spent his childhood in Northshire, and is as much a man of Stormwind as of Arathor. However, with Stromgarde reclaimed, there is some question whether he will formally claim his birthright - Certainly, there is significant resistance from his kin that have spent the last twenty years fighting bitterly to reclaim their homeland.

He was inducted as a knight of the Order of the Silver Hand after a period of adventuring as a 'squire-errant' following service as a page at Northshire Abbey.


Arthur is a devout follower of the Holy Light, despite sometimes clashing with religious authorities on finer matters of orthodoxy and where he believes the letter of the law has deviated from its spirit. More privately, he also shares some of the unorthodox beliefs historically held by the Tennerlies and their local clergy.


He was recruited into the 42nd by then-Lieutenant Aerin Sarkannas, and served under her again when both were transferred to the 27th. While it is unsure whether Sarkannas feels the same way, Arthur considers her a good friend, as well as holding a high opinion of her as an officer. He may be ribbing her when he says 'O Captain, My Captain' - she hates it and he knows it - but the sentiment is sincere.

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