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The Ashen Coast of Gilneas
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The Ashen Coast


Duchy of the Ashen Coast:


Southern Gilneas


The Grand Alliance
The Blades of Greymane (Duchy)
Kingdom of Gilneas

Prominent Locations

The March of the Bite (Grayblade):
Earldom of the Howling Woods

Earldom of Am Ardùn (Avernus)

Viscounty of Graston (Cobalstant)

Barony of the Hartwood (Hartvale)
Barony of Beau's Tooth (Delcarn)
Isle of Quel'Shala
Hollow Hill
Isles of Galarach

The March of the Range (Gregor):
Earldom of Gryphon's Roost

Earldom of Westmarch (Chesterhill)

Barony of Fang's Grip (Houndsbane)
Barony of Fyron's Dale (Fairfax)
Baronetcy of Kentington (Adler)
The Grand Fields

The March of the Reach (Greyfield):
Earldom of the Tip

  • Viscounty of Brandon's Claim
  • Barony of the Roost (Woodcourt)

Earldom of the Gale (Darkoak)

Viscounty of the Oak (Lockewood)
Earldom of the Frost (Crithe)

  • Viscounty of Shiverwreath
  • Baronetcy of Cleftridge (Frostoak)

Baronetcy of Vaydan's Fall (Lancewroth)
The Pale Grounds

Several other smaller villages.

The March of Rignweald (Graveshire)
Earldom of Storm's Crag

  • Viscounty of Greymoon Isle
  • Viscounty of the Misty Hollow (Seabrook)
    • Baronetcy of Crescent Landing
    • Baronetcy of Lucant
    • Baronetcy of Forsthold (Haven)

Earldom of Taenia (Grimwold)

  • Viscounty of Ashstorm (Ralerton)
  • Barony of the Kollwreathe

The Rediron Gates

The Fallow Crest
Earldom of Iscia's Cove (Nathair)



The Ashen Coast is a large section of land located in the southern reaches of the Kingdom of Gilneas. The region is notably comprised of three main sections, the Bite, the Reach and the Range. The region is also home to a duchy of the same name, Duchy of the Ashen Coast lorded over by Lord Berenal Grayblade, who is also lord marcher of the Bite. The duchy itself comprises a significant portion of the region.



During Strom's colonization of the peninsula known as Gilneas, two families by the names of Cobal and Stanton had established themselves and their followers in the northern most regions of the Ashen Coast, the Cobals establishing Cobal's Hold and the Stantons establishing Karnsburg. Rivalry for land and power in the area caused a vicious blood feud to break out amongst the two families that waged on for generations, spanning over 1000 years.

The War of Thorns

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While Gilneas was slowly colonized by the Empire of Arathor, the pagan natives of the land began to flock towards southern Gilneas. Centralizing towards The Blackwald and Wickenden, these natives met a mix of mistreatment or indifference from the arriving Arathorians. While some preferred to be left alone in their regions and did not bother with the natives, others such as the Cobals and Stantons involved them. Through cunning or deals, both families began to draft the natives to fight their feud for them.

Over time, this began to wear on the pagans. Gathering together under the banners of the Wickers, they rebelled against Gilneas. Enslaving what few families existed in the Ashen Coast at the time, the War of Thorns wracked over the Ashen Coast and eventually most of Gilneas.

Unwilling to lose a piece of the Empire, Emperor Thorin the Second sent out one of the commanders of the Arathorian Legion, Commander Demeric Jaxon. Marching with the legion, the Arathorians clashed with the druidic wickers across the borders of Gilneas. After several battles with the Wickers, Commander Demeric realized that the Wicker armies were primarily made up of slaves that had been taken, and through subterfuge Jaxon was able to contact the heads of the Cobal and Stanton family back in the Ashen Coast. As a mockery, the two families were made to serve the Wicker King as his personal slaves, and as such had access to the king that others did not. In a bloody uprising, the slave armies of the Wickers rebelled and attempted to murder the king. The king was mortally wounded by the Cobals and Stantons and was believed to have perished somewhere within the Northgate Woods. It was not until two months later, an amalgamation of thorns, roots and man had returned. Atop his head where there once sat a gnarled crown, the thorns now stretched into his arms and legs, the thorns weaving through his body. This creature was revealed to be the Wicker King, who had survived by way of some unknown magic that turned his body half thorns and half man. As time went on, many stated the thorns seemed to dominate his body, making it near impossible to tell he was even part man.

The wickers continued to lose ground against the Arathorians until the capture of Commander Jaxon. Brought before the cliffs of the Reach, Commander Jaxon was impaled through the back by a large spiked root before being sent into the waters below. His armies continued to fight in his name and his son, a lieutenant, eventually led a charge that broke through the Wicker's lines and captured their king. Locking himself within a barrier of roots, the Wicker King mocked his captors as they were unable to get through to execute him. Ultimately, the barrier was set ablaze and the Wicker King was burnt along with it, screaming within a cage of his own making. Following the king's death, the Wickers retreated back into Wickenden, which was ordered to be subjugated as well. Unfortunately for the legion, the city was never found within the many woods of Gilneas and was ultimately dismissed.

The Beginnings of Modern Ashen Coast

In the aftermath of the War of Thorns, an animosity grew between the pagan people of Gilneas and the Arathorian settlers. Over time this was healed, though within the Ashen Coast the families of Cobal and Stanton were fond of enslaving the native pagans to fight in their renewed blood feud. Wickenden was never found and the Wickers' movement slowly died back down into a bloody chapter of Gilneas' history. After both families were nearly wiped out, a fragile truce was made between the families, through the marriage of a child from each of the families.

Within the primary sight of the Cobal and Stanton blood feud, the Blood Fields, the city of Bannhurst was established around 20 U.A.R. and experienced a very lucky start. Shortly after colonization of the area, a large gold mine filled with rich precious minerals was discovered. The discovery of the mine revived the coffers of both families and caused Bannhurst to prosper. The discovery of the mine and the rich natural resources of the Ashen Coast also attracted a large amount of attention, drawing in many families to settle in the Ashen Coast as well, establishing towns and the what would become the three marches, the Range, the Reach and the Bite.

Bannhurst continued to prosper under the Cobals and Stantons as the Ashen Coast became the center of commerce in the area. The area's population boomed as a result of the incoming amount of wealth to the area, leading to a rapid growth and expansion of Bannhurst's borders. Unfortunately, the rapid growth of Bannhurst also caused a strain on the two families as tensions rose over control of Bannhurst, each family trying to establish themselves as the head family.

When the call went out across Gilneas for succession from Arathor, the families' truce was starting to wane, as old hatreds for who should have the most power over the bustling Bannhurst began to grow. In order to stave off this inevitable war, the families united under one name, Cobalstant. This was done in order to brand those that went to war with one another as kin-slayer, a great dishonor in their society that would forever destroy the repute of those with its brand. A risky gambit that succeeded would lead the Cobalstants to the forefront of Gilnean nobility as one of the largest families in Gilneas, establishing Cobalstant Manor in the town of Bannhurst. As a sign of their prestige, the Cobalstants all carried black Hearthstones with brown runes, made by their kinsmen.

Second War of Thorns

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Though the Wickers had united as a part of Gilneas during the War of Aderic and the subsequent War of Silverpine during the kingdom's founding, the pagans once more found themselves facing a decline in their society. With overwhelming amount of Light worship and the now rising accepted "Gilnean Culture", a mix of their own and the Arathorian, taking over, they faced inevitable extinction. While treated well under king Aderic I, the pagans began to find themselves the target of persecution during the reign of Baelic I as the new king focused less on ensuring their rights. As a result, within the Ashen Coast the pagans were seen as little more than slaves, eventually causing yet another uprising. Rising up under the old banner of the Wickers, the pagans of Wickenden once more rallied those who would listen under their banner.

Wickenden had remained unconquered or found by the various peoples of Gilneas. It was said only King Aderic knew of its location, and Aderic was sworn to take the secret to his grave, which he did. Unfortunately, this allowed the Wickers a great deal of freedom to plot against his son Baelic. Five years after Aderic's death, the pagans struck out, conquering the Ashen Coasts with their magic once more and using the various masons to construct a large keep within the central Reach, on the border of the Dark Woods. Named Ironwood Keep, the Wickers were led by a second Wicker King, who crowned himself using the first king's gnarled thorn crown that had been recovered from his charred corpse. The crown had mysteriously survived the fire, and when the second king crowned himself he was engulfed by thorns as the first king had been. Where a formerly idealistic man once sat, a sadistic ruler took his place once the crown sat upon his head. Taking up their old ways of slavery, the wickers enslaved the conquered Duchy of the Ashen Coasts and made war with Baelic and the rest of Gilneas.

Through careful planning, the Wickers conquered the Fallow Crest and invaded central Gilneas, where Baelic resided. Fending off the Wicker Invasion, Baelic led a group of warriors into the heart of the Ashen Coasts to free whomever would be willing to serve Gilneas once again from the Wickers. They found that the House of Cobalstant had been resisting the Wickers since their conquering of the Ashen Coasts and had rallied within the Cobal's Hold where the Wickers were unable to take. Unwilling to risk their last bastion falling, the Cobalstants only offered token support to the king, though wickers by the name of the Darkoaks answered the call with greater fervor. Despite their shared blood, the Darkoaks had no love for their kin. Explained to be from the Elder Blood clan, the Oakenborn, the Darkoaks split away from their people after seeing the tremendous cruelty brought about by the second Wicker King after he donned the crown. With many of the Oakenborn now being persecuted as a result, the Darkoaks and those who followed them aided the crown.

Along with the Darkoaks came the Greyfields, the most prominent family within the region. The aged Brandon Greyfield had placed his men under Baelic the instant he arrived within their lands and had rebelled against the Wickers at his king's command. Unfortunately, Brandon did not live to see his people freed as he eventually passed in his sleep mid way through the war. His son, Galin, continued his father's goals in his stead. As such, the Greyfields and the Darkoaks helped King Baelic invade and conquer Ironwood Keep. There the Second Wicker king, now an amalgamation of thorns and roots, was put to the flame as the first one had been and the war was ended as the Wickers retreated back into their forests or bent the knee to the new king.

In the aftermath, the Darkoaks would become nobility alongside several of their fellow clansmen (creating other noble houses in the northern Reach). Despite their unity during the Second War of Thorns, the Darkoaks and Greyfields eventually became rivals in the Reach; both vying for control.

Seat of a Kingdom

The Kingdom of the Ashen Coast Crest

Just before 300 F.A., the reigning lord of the House of Cobalstant and Duke of the Ashen Coast, Beauforth Cobalstant II, had noticed a considerable lack of interest in the management of the Ashen Coast region by the House of Greymane. Seizing the opportunity, Beauforth began to amass a large standing army within the region. After word had reached King Greymane of the alarming amount of armed men, Beauforth merely put it off as being a precautionary measure against roaming hordes of bandits that had sprung up due to a lack of centralized guard forces; yet even then the king remained suspicious as the amount of men rallied was far more than what would be necessary to quell bandit problems. On the eve of 300 F.A., Beauforth declared himself King of the Ashen Coast, invading the Fallow Crest and occupying lands that belonged to various families such as the House of Grayblade and a few others. Behind him were the local families of the House of Greyfield and House of Gregor, the two most prominent families in the region. With the exception of the Wickers, who were later enslaved, the Cobalstants declared themselves separate. Conquering the Fallow Crest quite easily, the new born kingdom caused a rift in Gilneas for years as they attempted to take more and more land as they stretched towards the eastern regions of Gilneas, absorbing almost the entire south and eastern shores.

Refusing to allow an upstart to destroy what his ancestors had created, King Greymane rallied an army of faithful with him to begin liberating and laying siege to the Ashen Coast. Initial battles were disastrous for the Greymane host, as the choke point of the river that separated the Ashen Coast from the rest of Gilneas was heavily defended, and the Fallow Crest still hosted a large portion of the military amongst the various settlements that dotted the region. After several years of war, it appeared that the Ashen Coast would become a separate kingdom on their own right, as Greymane was unable to dislodge them or capture their leadership. It was not until Greymane received contact from the ruling lord of House Gregor that the King had a shot at dismantling this new threat. Displeased with the war mongering of King Cobalstant and the lack to make good on his promises made of prosperity (in truth, the Ashen Coast had suffered as the farms were left unattended due to the sheer amount of levies that were raised for the King's armies.) and the King's refusal to marry his youngest son to one of the Gregor's daughters, Lord Gregor approached King Greymane with a proposition. By the graveyard of Aderic's Repose, which was treated by both sides as neutral ground, the Gregors proposed a passageway that led from Gilneas City to the Range. Disguised as Gregor men returning from the front, King Greymane would have been given permission to rampage across the Ashen Coast under the rule that those in Lord Gregor's protection would remain untouched.

The deal was made and Greymane's host was unleashed onto the Ashen Coast. Rather than pillage or ransack the area, Greymane occupied the city of Bannhurst and captured King Cobalstant in his own home. Bringing him to Gilneas City to answer for his crimes of treason, the King was executed and the kingdom disbanded 10 years after its forming. Though his son was allowed to succeed him as Lord of the house, as punishment the House of Cobalstant's previous title as lords of the Duchy of the Ashen Coast was dismissed, breaking the Ashen Coast into the March of the Bite, and the Range and Reach as separate counties outside of the Cobalstant's jurisdiction. Granted the title of Marcher Lord to prevent any potential uprisings as a result of this split, the Cobalstant family suffered an enormous blow to their prestige.

Holy War in the Ashen Coast

As time went on, the regions began to have a mix of religions within them. After the Second War of Thorns, the Wicker clans had scattered and the Old Ways began to pick up around the Ashen Coast. The Bite was full of strong worshipers of the Holy Light, while the northern portion of the Range and the Reach, which were mostly agrarian, were strong supporters of the Old Ways and refused to worship the light. To add further religious confusion, worship of the god Dreayus was adopted the southern portions of the Range and the Reach. With Bannhurst caught in the center, religious tension broke out within the area. As the strongest family in the area, the Cobalstants believed that Bannhurst should be kept to Light worship, seeking to oust Old Ways worship and especially worship of the god Dreayus who they believed an extreme affront to their ways and a foreign god with no right to the region.

By 600 F.A., Light worship began to cull most of the beliefs within the Bite. Fervent to see their religion become dominant, the Cobalstants began to use under handed methods of removing Dreayus worship from the Ashen Coast.

In retaliation, an alliance was formed between the southern Range and Reach by the name of the Ashen Coast Coalition, and rather than pushing for stealthy methods, a direct siege on Bannhurst was preformed in order to severely hurt the Cobalstant's wealth. The assault attracted a large amount of attention to the Ashen Coast by the rest of Gilneas, with other houses silently supporting the Dreayus worshipers with hopes of displacing the wealthy Cobalstants and establishing some hold in the area for their own gain.

Fearing for their people, who were being caught in the middle of it all, the northern Reach and Range banded together in an alliance of their own named the Rose Pact, laying siege to Bannhurst in order to displace both the Cobalstants and the Ashen Coast Coalition. The three way war in the city led to a severe decline of Bannhurst's prosperity, with the Cathedral's construction site destroyed and the great gold mine of Bannhurst being left unmanned. Unable to reap the benefits of the Ashen Coast, the armies of Greymane marched into the region, occupying the wreckage of Bannhurst and effectively ending the war. By the end of the strife, the worshipers of Dreayus had been wiped out.

The Cobalstants funded the rebuilding of these two regions, establishing chapels of the Light, while the followers of the Old Ways in the northern Reach, even as the Holy Light began to spread. However, in Gregor's Crossing, fearing for their safety, a large amount of the followers of the Old Ways departed from the region. Led by a knightly house under the House of Gregor by the name of House Darkwater, the Old Ways followers departed into the Dusk Thicket.

As a result, the majority of the Range converted to Light worship over time. As the generations went on, many began to forget their pagan roots and the region's Dreayus worshipers went into hiding.

Marsh's Uprising

Cobalstant Hearthstone

For centuries after the destruction of Brandon's Stead and its rebuilding, the lords of the southern Reach, House Greyfield, plotted against the Cobalstants. In 943 F.A., with the Ashen Coast Coalition's failure echoing in their history for hundreds of years and the family having been degraded among the three great families, the Greyfields hired Alteraci assassins to destroy House Cobalstant. For the most part, it was successful, being a large house and its members spread wide, Cobalstants began turning up dead for months following the contract given. Fearing for their lives, most of the Cobalstants attempted to flee to Bannhurst to Cobalstant Manor, where Marcher Lord Hendrick Cobalstant ruled over the town.

Unable to house the influx of his relatives, Hendrick sent them away from Bannhurst, giving them refuge on small holds and minor farms, the majority of them setting up in the Barony of Graston and the Barony of Shorfall. Though those in Shorfall fared horribly, those within Graston were able to do well under the leadership of Jackson Cobalstant and his guard. However, despite this, the assassins eventually made their way through his defenses and slaughtered Jackson's kin before approaching the man himself. Promising the men wealth beyond their reason if they aided him, the Alteraci mercenaries discarded their Greyfield banners and went under Jackson's employ. Feigning his demise, Jackson took on the persona of Harrison Marsh, who wooed and married Elisa Greyfield, the daughter of the lord of the House of Greyfield. With their charming new son in law, the Greyfields believed this a turn for their luck. In the night, Jackson had each Greyfield aside from his wife slain.

Infuriated with his kin for having turned his family away and in his eyes leading to their deaths, Jackson led his band into Bannhurst under the guise of marauding bandits of unknown origin. After sacking half of the town, Jackson and Hendrick faced off in single combat, where Marsh was beheaded and House Greyfield was made nearly defunct with the murder of Elisa. Jackson's son, Kendrick Greyfield (given his mother's surname to hide Harrison's true origins), was adopted by the Cobalstants and later groomed to be their puppet as the effectively gained control over most of the Ashen Coast.

During this time, a large amount of Cobalstant Hearthstones were destroyed, and the secrets of how to make them were lost to time, becoming an extremely rare object and the sign of a true Cobalstant. Though it went unheard of for many years, Marsh's true identity was later revealed following the destruction of the House of Cobalstant some hundreds of years later; within journals found in their archives.

Demise of House Cobalstant

Following Marsh's Uprising, Bannhurst was left mostly untouched. While believed for a time to be perfect for Bannhurst's resurgence, a string of incompetent leaders stunted its growth. From the years of the Uprising onward, House Cobalstant's care for its towns waned and by the time of the First War, Bannhurst was a husk of the city it was once in history.

By the time the Second War began near 1120 F.A., the Cobalstants had all but left the area to rot, having imposed overly high taxes and demands of the people that left most families starving. Led by Galen Hallowfield, the citizens of Bannhurst stormed Cobalstant Manor in a rage, slaughtering the lord Balferd Cobalstant and his family. With no Cobalstants remaining, House Grayblade, a Fallow Crest family, was found to have Cobalstant blood. The then lord, Haverin Grayblade, was found to have a Cobalstant mother. As a result, he was the closest line to inherit. Having already married another lord's daughter of the region, Lady Erleia Darkoak, the man was perfect to take the seat.

Haverin had been a loyal servant of the crown, as had the rest of his family, for generations, and his economic and politically savy ways secured crucial contracts for the Bite and its holdings. Focusing Graston as the military center, and Shorfall as the agrarian and export center, the two stayed out of competition with each other, allowing both baronies to flourish, while Bannhurst, within the Viscounty of the Fang resumed its position as commerce capital of the Ashen Coast, having been industrialized to maintain a large holding of factories and shops. The city was brought to the forefront by clever workings of contracts with specialists in the area, such as contracting the people of Rosefield to work in Karnsburg with their agrarian and druidic knowledge, while the hearty people of Brandon's Stead were contracted to work the plentiful mines within Bannhurst.

Following Bannhurst's example, Gregor's Crossing industrialized and a coalition was formed between the three Great Families. Known as the Triumvirate of the Ashen Coast, Haverin Grayblade, Cail Greyfield, and Xavier Gregor centralized leadership of the entire region.

Under Lord Grayblade, Bannhurst was revitalized in a short amount of years, the Cobalstant's name erased off many landmarks. As a gift, Galen Hallowfield gave the Lord Grayblade the last remaining Cobalstant Hearthstone, the signet of the ruler of Bannhurst, as a show of good faith from the people to their new leader.

Arrival of the Seventh Skull

The Seventh Skull Legion

Following the end of the Second War and the closing off of Gilneas from the rest of Azeroth, a group of Lordaeronian deserters turned bandits became trapped behind the wall. Originally just harassing small hamlets, the Seventh Skull sought to grip Gilneas' economy under its fist. Laying siege to several towns across the Ashen Coast, such as Rosefield and Mistvale, the Seventh Skull gripped the small time Ashen Coast economy. Seeking to gain full control over the Ashen Coast, the Skull's leader, Sven Lanyda, sent out missives to the Lord Grayblade, telling him to forfeit half of Bannhurst's profits to the Skull as tribute. Denying the man out right, Sven's men infiltrated Grayblade Manor later on in the evening.

In a vicious battle between Lord Haverin and Lady Erleia against their assassins, the Grayblades were slain, having fended off a fair amount of their attackers; though were unable to flee due to injuries. Through a stroke of luck, the Grayblade children, Berenal Grayblade and Ereden Grayblade had snuck out of the house moments before the assassins arrived. They were whisked away to safety by a family friend by the name of James Lanworth.

The blazing manor acted as a signal as the Seventh Skull ravaged the city, attacking guardsmen in the street and destroying the city's central barracks. Rallying the people of Bannhurst together in the town square James sent the children of Bannhurst away by carriage to other regions. While several carriages did not survive the escape, nor did the children within, most were able to flee. Rather than submitting to the Skull as the outlaws planned, the people of Bannhurst took up arms against the marauders, leading to a bloodbath that would eventually kill both forces almost completely. Of the thousands that lived in Bannhurst, the only survivors were scattered to the winds while those who drove the carriages were led by the town's Runemaster, Elderic.

In the aftermath of the attack, Bannhurst was left completely ruined and the Ashen Coast in disarray. Shorfall was given to House Darkoak of Rosefield, and Graston to House Cloverfield. As a result, the Bite threatened to fall apart. In a stroke of mysterious luck, the Cloverfields were all killed in an accident as they made their way to their new seat. For years after Bannhurst's destruction, none dared to attempt rebuilding the city, allowing it to wear away down to little more than a ruined husk, and the unity of the Ashen Coast wore away over the years.

In the years that followed, House Gregor and House Greyfield became extremely wary of the Darkoaks. With the Greyfield's ancestral rivalry with the northern Reach family, they refused to work with them. At the same time, the Gregors felt alienated as the Old Ways worshiping family began to spread their religion through the Bite and let the Grayblade's progresss fall to squalor.

Death of the Darkoaks and the Worgen

Bannhurst before its destruction.

During a meeting in Gilneas City, Balaforth Darkoak, the leader of the House of Darkoak, was slaughtered alongside his lone heir, Galin Darkoak. Though initially found to be a shock, it was revealed that none other than the heir of Haverin, Berenal Grayblade was the culprit. Investigation found that the would be marcher lord was framed for the murder, and that the Lord of Darkoak had gone to investigate the validity of his nephew's supposed survival. Though many felt the meeting would never end in Berenal's inheritance, the death of the family and the later release of the Grayblade heir found him inheriting more than just The Bite's march. Inheriting the Darkoak lands of Rosefield and beyond; Berenal suddenly expanded the holdings of his family far beyond what they originally had. As a result, the Bite found its self at under a Grayblade again; though even this was short lived. Disillusioned with the death of his cousin, who had become a dear friend, and his uncle; Berenal forsook his titles and entered into a militant life.

While the young lord sought out a new path, he left other lords to run the towns in his stead. Through an arrangement with the aged Cail, Berenal was to marry Sieglinde Greyfield, his daughter, while his sons watched over the young Marcher's lands. Without a second thought to the arrangement, Berenal agreed with little intention of returning home to fulfill his end of the bargain. While the Ashen Coast was mostly unaffected, Bannhurst became the site of hunting parties, seeking out the wolfmen in the ruins. After a large pack of Worgen were found in the ruins, and Gilneas City had been lost, Xavier Gregor destroyed the bridge that connected the Ashen Coast to the rest of Gilneas and the region turned inward.

Arrival of the Horde

The final blow to the Ashen Coast was struck by the hands of the Orcish Horde that had arrived near the end of the first invason of Gilneas. While the Fallow Crest had been ravaged by the Undead, the people of the Ashen Coast were left mostly unmolested as they could not effectively cross the river. This would not last, as a southern Orcish war fleet eventually stormed the shores of the Bite.

Unable to stop the unexpected Orcish onslaught, the Reach and Bite quickly fell, while the Range was able to hold fast until ships from the Night elves had arrived at the southern shore. Deciding it best to flee, Xavier Gregor ordered the majority of the Ashen Coast onto the boats, while he and a returned (now worgen) Lord Grayblade rushed to save what remained of the House of Greyfield. Ultimately at the end, the Greyfield family was nearly wiped out aside from a bastard child of Cail Greyfield (later known as Derrik Greyfield) and Sieglinde Greyfield. Lord Gregor was crippled in the final push to save the last known Greyfields and eventually pledged what remained of his forces to Lord Grayblade's order, the Blades of Greymane.

With the young lord having inherited the order and its storied past, Xavier was essential to funding it with Gregor's Crossing's silver mines. With the Ashen Coast in dysfunction, it would continue to stagnate until the eventual return of the now High Commander, Berenal Grayblade.


Under Lord Grayblade, the Blades liberated a large portion of the now ruined Bite and sought out the various families that had been scattered to the winds. Though Earl Xavier was unable to see it, poisoned during the Battle of the Bite, his son, Adrian Gregor alongside Sieglinde Greyfield, reformed the Triumvirate of the Ashen Coast. Through perseverance, the three lords and the various nobility they were able to salvage reformed the lands and eventually caused the recreation of the ancient Duchy of the Ashen Coast. United under one leader, the Ashen Coast eventually was able to redeem its place as a center of Gilnean pride.

With the rest of the kingdom still rebuilding, the Ashen Coast stands as one of the few fully redeemed areas of Gilneas, representing the best of their people's future.


The Ashen Coast's regions.

Within the Ashen Coast lay three key regions, the Bite, which lies in the north, the Reach, which lies in the west, and the Range in the east. In older times, the Ashen Coast were led by the leader of the March of the Bite as Duke, though this title was revoked following the establishment of the Kingdom of the Ashen Coast under the House of Cobalstant. Following the disbandment of the duchy into three separate regions, the Earldoms of the Range and the Reach, and the March of the Bite, the Ashen Coast became mostly separated from one another due to conflicting interests and the lack of a sole leader.

The Bite

Located in the northern portion of the Ashen Coast is the Bite, where the House of Cobalstant made their home for generations. The ancestral seat of power in the region is the city of Bannhurst, typically described as a bustling city throughout history, that was established on a massive gold mine. The land of the Bite is extremely mineral rich and of the various regions hosts one of the larger forested areas of the Ashen Coast, allowing for a diverse amount of work to be found in the region. Following the destruction of the House of Cobalstant, a northern Ashen Coast family with distant blood relation to the Cobalstants, the House of Grayblade, replaced the longstanding family as Marcher Lords of the Bite. Under Lord Haverin Grayblade, they succeeded in reunifying the Ashen Coast under a ruling body known as the Triumvirate of the Ashen Coast, led by fellow lords Xavier Gregor and Cail Greyfield, Earls of the Range and Reach respectively. Following the destruction of Bannhurst following the Second War, the Bite was led by the House of Cloverfield briefly and later the House of Darkoak, a Reach born family that had held almost as much power as the Triumvirate lords.

The region was restored to House Grayblade when Haverin's heir, Berenal Grayblade, was revealed to be alive and after the death of the Darkoak family. Lord Grayblade currently leads the Bite and has also re-instated the Duchy of the Ashen Coast, allowing for consolidated unity.

The Reach

Located in the western portion of the Ashen Coast is the Reach, ancestrally lorded over by the House of Greyfield. Perhaps the most mountainous region of the Ashen Coast, the Reach men are known to be a hearty folk who have made their life by mining out the various caves, mountains and clefts that dot the land of the Reach. As a result, aside from the region of Ironsea, the area hosts no ports due to the high cliffs preventing settlement along the coast. Due to the druids of Rosefield, descendants of the natives of Gilneas, the region is also known for producing most of the food in the Ashen Coast. From their seat of Brandon's Stead, the Greyfield family has ruled the region for generations undeterred as one of the oldest Ashen Coast families, and the iron mine the city was established on supplies the Reach with a steady amount of work.

The region has been known to be the cause of several wars throughout the Ashen Coast, specifically due to Greyfield ambition, and was known to be at odds with the Bite under the lordship of House Cobalstant as the two squared off for dominance of the region. The Reach hosts a diverse culture compared to the other three regions, hosting three separate sub-cultures within by way of the Great Mountain, the druids of Rosefield and the Reachmen miners that make up the majority. Despite their house's strength, House Greyfield has suffered severe losses after the Invasion of Gilneas, including the death of all true born sons and daughters of Earl Cail Greyfield, leaving the sole survivor of the family the thirteen year old legitimized bastard, Derrik Greyfield. As such, the region was to be regented by lady Lilurah Lockewood, Viscountess of Oakwood, until Derrik comes of age. She has since been replaced by Lerren Darkoak, Earl of the Gale.

After the re-establishment of the Duchy of the Ashen Coast, the Reach was raised to the status of a March, thus making them Marcher Lords.

The Range

Located in the eastern portion of the Ashen Coast is the Range, ancestrally lorded over by the House of Gregor. Within the range one can find large amounts of flat land and hosts a sizable amount of farms. Despite this, the region has been noted to keep most of its settlements near the sea. Keeping true to this is the seat of House Gregor, Gregor's Crossing, a sizable port city that was established on a large silver mine. As such, fishing and mining typically make up most of the lands' profits. Perhaps one of the most peaceful regions, the Range has remained out of most of the wars involving the Ashen Coast, opting to stay uninvolved in the constant conflicts between the Bite and the Reach. Notably, the Range was instrumental to the downfall of the Kingdom of the Ashen Coast as they allowed the Greymane host to march through the Range towards the Bite to seize the Ashen King following House Gregor being slighted by House Cobalstant. Due to this incident, it was known that there was a large amount of distrust between House Cobalstant and House Gregor, and the Gregors were all too eager to put another family in charge of the Bite once the Cobalstants had been displaced. The region is currently led by Lord Ryan Gregor, son of the famed Earl Xavier Gregor.

After the re-establishment of the Duchy of the Ashen Coast, the Range was raised to the status of a March, thus making them Marcher Lords.

Lesser Regions

Dark Woods

Within the center of the Ashen Coast is an extremely large sprawling forest known as the Dark Woods. Filled with eternal mists, the region was once home to an extremely large amount of pagan druid clans that made the Ashen Coast their home. Following the arrival of the House of Cobalstant and the later colonization of the Ashen Coast and formation of the Kingdom of Gilneas, these druids slowly died out in number as they moved on to the region of the Blackwald near Stormglen Village or were killed by fervent light worshipers who believed the druids to be heretics. Some one hundred years following the establishment of the Kingdom of Gilneas, over 90% of the pagan population disappeared and dense mists began to flow into the forest. Over time, the forest became unsafe to travel, hideous spiders known as Dread Lurkers became dominant in the region, as well as all sorts of mystical occurrences began to be reported. Due to this, the Woods are subject of a large amount of folklore and stories, and the region was later abandoned near completely save for small outcroppings. The largest remaining clan of druids left for the Reach, founding the town of Rosefield where they practiced the Old Ways unmolested. The second largest outcropping intermingled with the people of The Bite, later forming the town of Blackfall Reach on the outskirts of the Woods, noted as the only settlement within the forest's borders. Within the forest also lies the Monastery of the Silent Crow, a dilapidated old monastery that houses an order of shadow priests known as Raven Priests. These priests have been observed as devout light worshipers that believe the shadow can be manipulated to do the light's bidding, and practice a strange form of shadow magic known as Ravenry.

Until recently, it was believed most of the stories within the woods were simple tales and that the Dread Lurkers were all that need to be feared from the woods, however an excursion to build a road through the woods revealed the existence of a dark god-like creature known as Kil'zoth. Kil'zoth was later defeated by the Blades of Greymane with heavy losses, but his existence alone caused many to re-analyze ancient lore instead of shoving it off as fairy tales; as a large handful of creatures described in these tales were found to be real. The Dark Woods is still rather unsafe to travel, though following the demise of Kil'zoth and the construction of a heavily guarded road that connects the main three cities, they have become safer and merchants have begun to brave the woods to make their profits.


Formerly one of the key marches of the Ashen Coast, Rignweald was a late addition formed from the merging of the Earldom of Storm's Crag and the Earldom of Taenia. It was the least developed of the four marches. A region of predominantly Old Ways worship, the area still holds some Holy Light support as well. Known for dense mists that drench the area and its heavy focus on coastal market and spread out focuses depending on area's strength. It is lorded over by the House of Graveshire, off the coast on Greymoon Isle.

Rignweald is not a part of the mainland Ashen Coast, rather, it was once a western stretch of the Fallow Crest. This has since changed; however, and the region is considered separated from the rest of the Fallow Crest due to a small mountainous range.

The people of Rignweald are diverse and spread among the area, though it is known for having a roving band of spellcasters known as the Mistmancers, whom worship a figure known as the Crone. The Galuyn population of the area is scarce, and what does exist has mostly assimilated into the regional culture.

Formerly one of the primary regions of the Ashen Coast, it was left to management under the crown as too many steps had been taken against it in terms of management. Though still part of the Ashen Coast, they are no longer responsible of running it.

The Grip

The Grip was once a sprawling example of peace and unity for the people of Gilneas, a part of the United Marches of the Plains, the majority of the Plains sunk into the ocean during the Cataclysm. Home to the warrior family of the Callans and their descendants, the McCallans, the region housed the family up until the destruction of the Plains. Investigation into the region later showed that a single habitable landmass yet remained of the area, just barely housing the extremely shattered remains of Karth and some of the famed plains.

The resulting upheaval has otherwise left the Grip in a poor state in comparison to its historical one. The upheaval and smashing of land masses against one another has left the Grip as a solitary island with mountains raised in various regions that were once plains. As a result, the terrain of the region has changed drastically. The terrain was changed further when the Gnarled Confederation broke away part of the landmass, creating the Warrior Isles from the shattered islands that were pushed out to sea with a mix of shamanic magic and the power of the countless souls released by the destruction of the Sould Engine of the Burning Legion vessel, the Spear of Decimation.


The Ashen Coast houses many noble families, though it is unknown how many still survive following the Invasion of Gilneas.

The Bite

The House of Grayblade


One of the three Great Families, the ruling house of the Ashen Coast and Marcher Lords of the Bite, House Grayblade stands as leaders of the war torn people of the Ashen Coast and of Gilneas. Despite the house's short presence in the region compared to the other families, the House has exerted a large amount of ambition and strength through the two lords that have ruled under it's banner. As Marcher Lords of the Bite as well as the Duke, the Bite enjoys a special presence in the Duchy. The family's extreme immediate lands are that of the Viscounty of the Fang, where they alone hold power. They are currently led by Lord Berenal Grayblade, who rules from his seat in Wolfstone Castle within Bannhurst.

The House of Avernus


Lords of Mistvale and earls of Am Ardùn, the northern most region of the Bite, House Avernus has been within the Ashen Coast as long as the Great Families. Ancestrally vassals of House Cobalstant, the House lorded over an obscure barony in the northern reaches, mining iron and biding their time as they were unable to oppose their over lords. When the House of Cobalstant was displaced, House Avernus quickly swore it's self to House Grayblade to gain favor, and was later able to build its self up far past where it had once been. Unfortunately, the growth was stifled when House Grayblade was nearly killed off, and they later suffered heavy losses under the Orcish invasion. Since this however, Lady Aya Avernus has continued on her family name, and under her, the family has risen to the position of an Earldom and is seen as the right hand of House Grayblade when it comes to affairs of the Bite. As stated, they are led by Lady Aya Avernus.

The House of Enderlain: Scioned by the House of Dragonsblade


Former Barons of Ebonhollow and current Lords of Lunargrove, the House of Enderlain is an ancient house that comes from the Bite, said to be as old as any other Great House. The family is known to revere the Old Ways, holding many blood ties to the Wicker clans of the Ashen Coast, even descending from the Everflame themselves. Coming into power after a successful rebellion against their Ebonhollow overlords, the Enderlain’s are one of the few Baronet families that can trace their line back to a consistent region for several generations. Currently led by Leria Woodcourt, the family has risen beyond their ancestral Baronet status to become Viscounts, overseeing the entirety of Lunargrove.

The area is led by their scion Knightly house, the House of Dragonsblade, whom took over following Lady Woodcourt's retirement. As a result, while she handles limited matters of the family, her brother and Jayden Dragonsblade handle the majority of the representation of the region.

The House of Cobalstant


Former Dukes of the Ashen Coast, Kings of the Kingdom of the Ashen Coast and lastly Marcher Lords of the Bite, the House of Cobalstant was one of the oldest and most powerful houses in the entire kingdom at the height of their authority. Formed as a result of the merge of the two feuding families of Cobal and Stanton just as the Kingdom of Gilneas was in its formation period, the House of Cobalstant made its mark in Gilneas by claiming dominion over the Ashen Coast. Granted the land as a Duchy, the House was split into three branches, the Cobalstants of Graston who mainly held to the Cobal bloodline, the Cobalstants of Shorfall who mainly held to the Stanton bloodline, and the Cobalstants of the Fang who held to the unified pact between the families. In time, the House of Cobalstant came to refer to the main branch of Bannhurst, which became the wealthiest and most affluent branch of the family. With countless achievements and honors to their name, the family's consistent ruthless measure (something echoed in their family motto, Strength above all) has been their most notable trait. The last vestige of the family was murdered within their manor in Bannhurst during the Second War after mismanagement caused a revolt. They were replaced by the House of Grayblade, which had served the crown loyally and held a minor blood tie to the Cobalstants through a wayward member of the family who had fled from their lands to evade an arranged marriage. The Cobalstants were later raised into undeath and are currently led by Hendrick Cobalstant, who has cast his lot in with the Legion of Vengeance.

A living branch of the family exists by way of the former Warden of Graston, Maribell Cobalstant. Once believed to be a simple soldier, Maribell's line was found to be a bastard one of the Cobalstants through chance. Legitimized, she revived the once Great House with the stipulation that all claims were forfeit. In exchange, she was made a full peer of Graston and retained all titles there.

The House of Savastera

Barons of the Gull, the House of Savastera is a newly elevated family that were granted the Gull as reward for their service to the Blades of Greymane. They are lorded over by Lady Annetuella Savastera.

The House of Delcarn


Barons of Beau's Tooth, the House of Delcarn has low born roots and has replaced the House of Cloverfield as lords of the island. Lorded over by Highlord Cedrec Delcarn, the House is a native Ashen Coast born family rewarded for their service to the Blades of Greymane. Highlord Delcarn has already made strives in the region, revitalizing the lands that once belonged to House Cloverfield and establishing new trade within the island. Having found a large mine of moonstone, a vital ingredient in Moonsteel, the island was raised to the status of a barony. Under Lord Cedrec, the family has also taken a leadership role in the Order of the Onyx Knights, allowing the branch of the Silver Hand to make its home within their seat of Light's Hand. They are currently led by Highlord Cedrec Delcarn.

The House of Hartvale


Barons of the Hartwood and several other holdings, the Hartvales are one of the oldest families in the Bite. Deriving from a bastard line of the House of Cobalstant, the Hartvales embody their progenitor line's virtues and beliefs. Due to significant in fighting throughout the years, the Hartvales have been unable to ever rise past Baronet. Split into three branches, the family has now completely separated their beliefs amongst two of the three branches.

The Hartvales of the Hart, the main branch led by Abner Hartvale, was resistant to the Duchy's rule but begrudgingly accepted it. Along with the knightly Hartvales of Dragon's Tooth, led by Thurman Hartvale, the two branches are opposed to the last branch of their house. The Hartvales of Ashwood, led by Abner's son Brutus Hartvale, have cast their lot in with the Duchy fully and have even accused the leaders of the two branches of murdering the House of Ashery. With having done this, Brutus has been seen as a traitor to his family. Brutus has joined the duke's Wolf's Guard and has continued to be the face of Hartvales that support the duchy.

Ultimately, Abner betrayed the Duchy and was eventually slain for his treason, leading to Lord Brutus Hartvale becoming the head of the family and his branch rising to that of Baron with a merger of the lands of Ashwood and the Hart.

The House of Ashery: Defunct

Baronets of the Black Forest, the House of Ashery was a minor noble family that ruled their region from their seat of Ashwood. They were rendered defunct in the Invasion of Gilneas when Ashwood was destroyed. Although at first it was believed that the Asherys perished during the Orcish attack, later developments revealed that they were actually murdered by members of the House of Hartvale led by Herman Hartvale.

The House of Cloverfield: Defunct


The House of Cloverfield was an extremely minor noble family that managed the island of Beau's Tooth. Unremarkable and rumored to have purchased nobility due to their mercantile roots, the family married into the House of Grayblade during a period where the family was just as unremarkable as they. Though it later paid off as the cousin house was able to gain minor advisory roles in the Ashen Coast, their best boon came upon the affiliated house's perceived destruction. Elevated by blood right to Marcher Lord after the apparent destruction of House Grayblade, the Cloverfields enjoyed a brief amount of power before an accident abruptly cut their joy short, killing the small family off and leaving the House of Darkoak in power.

The House of Blackmist: Defunct


Barons of the Crooked Hollow seated within Blackfall Reach and a deeply secluded house, House Blackmist is an enigma to most of the Ashen Coast families. Descendants of the ancient druids that once inhabited the Ashen Coast and settlers of the region, House Blackmist's blood can be traced back to both heritages of the region. Known for having established a township within the Dark Woods, the house and town remain mostly to themselves within the woods, having sworn to House Grayblade only out of desire to remain undisturbed. Due to their reclusive nature, their history is either largely uneventful or unknown and up until recently they were content to keep it that way. Under lady Karin Blackmist, the house and their lands became somewhat more proactive under the banner of the Blades, aiding in the excursion through the woods. Though they still remain very secluded and somewhat wary of the other Ashen Coast families, their cooperation has benefited the region greatly as Blackfall Reach is now treated as an important trade stop by merchants that travel through the woods.

Lady Blackmist eventually disappeared without a trace, and after months of no word, was replaced by her cousin. Lord Hendric Blackbriar is a stark contrast to his cousin, who was a known practitioner of dark arts. Hendric is a devout worshipper of the Light, going as far as to adorn himself in Exarch's armor from Draenor. He later abdicated in favor of a war council position for the duke, leading to the Blackmists becoming defunct in all senses politically; replaced by the Winbrooks.

The House of Winbrook: Defunct


Barons of the Crooked Hollow seated within Blackfall Reach, the Winbrooks were a Bite borne noble house that were once Baronets landed in a different section of the Bite. Landed within Weston, a region just west of Graston, they lost their lands when it was annexed into the barony and converted into farmland when they had not returned in time to claim them. As a result, the lady of the house, Taschanna Winbrook, sought out to prove her self to the duchy in order to gain a new seat for her family. Eventually succeeding, the Winbrooks replaced the House of Blackmist as lords of the Crooked Hollow, a rather important province. Relatively new to their position, the Winbrooks have thus far served loyally. They were led by Lady Taschanna Winbrook.

The House of DeWitt: Knightly House


The House of DeWitt has a long and rich history that is intertwined with the House of Grayblade. Starting from the foundation of Gilneas, the DeWitts have assumed the role of servants and troops to the Grayblades, standing by them as stalwart companions and advisers through their lords' growth.

Dame Fleur DeWitt last lead the House following her return, though she later disappeared.

The Reach

The House of Greyfield


The House of Greyfield is one of the longest standing houses within the Ashen Coast. Though throughout Ashen Coast history they have instigated or partaken in a significant amount of bloodshed, the family's name is one of the most well respected and they are seen as the three great families of the Ashen Coast. Leaders of the Reach and lords of the great city of Brandon's Stead, the Greyfields are a proud lineage that has faced near utter destruction several times, only to bounce back stronger than ever. They are currently led by Lord Derrik Greyfield, a bastard born son of the late Cail Greyfield who was legitimized following the disappearance of the last true born heir, Sieglinde Greyfield. Though Sieglinde has returned, she has refused to take control of the Reach again, opting instead to act as an adviser and as the heir of Greyfield.

The House of Darkoak


The House of Darkoak was one of the longest lived families in Ashen Coast history. Seen as the "Fourth Great Family" of the Ashen Coast, the Darkoaks found their roots within the pagan natives that once dominated Gilneas. Famed for their lands of Rosefield and its fertile lush plains, the Darkoaks used their druidic roots to extreme success economically and militarily, resisting subjugation by the de facto leaders of the Reach, the Greyfields. Seen as a substantial part of the Coastlander history, the family's cousin branches eventually began to die out or removed themselves from the family name as they left the Ashen Coast region. Having married into the House of Grayblade through Erleia Darkoak, the family was placed as Marcher Lords of the Bite following the apparent demise of the House. The house met its end at the resurfacing of Lord Berenal Grayblade, where the resurgent lord apparently murdered the lord and his only heir, thus putting an end to the blood line. Though the charges were later dropped upon evidence of framing, the family has been made defunct by the incident and are survived by their former cadet branch, the House of Dayne. The sole survivor of the house, Lerren Dayne, later petitioned to use his blood to revive the name Darkoak and begin the lineage anew, without the stain of betrayal that was the House of Dayne. It was approved, thus reviving the House under Lerren and ending the Dayne family.

The House of Woodcourt


The House of Woodcourt is a relatively new family that finds its roots in the Reach. Originally a family of craftsmen, the Woodcourts were elevated unto hereditary knighthood under Sir Bashel Woodcourt, Alastar Woodcourt's (the current lord) father. Elevated for his service in the army and heroism during the Second War, the Woodcourts found themselves slowly making their way through the ranks of the Reachmen knights until they were one of the more trusted guardsmen of the House of Greyfield. Alongside the Lancewroths, the Woodcourts guarded the Greyfield lords. Sir Bashel died during the Invasion of Gilneas, though his children lived on and continued their family name. Eventually granted command of the Arbor Wardens and the land of Highroost, the Woodcourts were elevated to barons by way of Sir Alastar Woodcourt due to his repeated excellence in service. Now lords of the Barony of the Roost, the Woodcourts retain their loyal and devoted nature. The family holds a deep reverence for the Old Ways, with wicker connection through their bloodline.

The House of Lockewood


The House of Lockewood is a new house formed in the Ashen Coast that was formed under Lady Lilurah Lockewood following her exemplary service in the blades and as steward to Lady Sieglinde Greyfield. Appointed as barons of the Oak following the demise of the House of Oakenhale, the House of Lockewood has achieved varying successes in the woods that share the name of the township. Now under Lady Briana Lockewood, the House continues to manage the region through the troubling times that have befallen the Oak, including the destruction of Oakwood and the transference of the region's main township to Cedarfall.

The House of Darkwatcher


The House of Darkwatcher is a new family to the region borne through the efforts of Khloros Darkwatcher, former captain of the Iron Guard. Having come from humble roots, Lord Darkwatcher answered the call of the then rising Lord Lerren Dayne and became his most trusted ally within the Reach. Staunchly loyal to his position, Khloros was eventually raised into knighthood by Lord Dayne and when Lerren was elevated to earl and onto the house of Darkoak, Khloros once again rose with him. Elevated to Baron of Ironwood, the House of Darkwatcher was born. They rule from the former Dayne seat of Ironwood Keep and Khloros has begun the lineage by marrying Clarisa Thornwind of the Thornwind Clan.

The House of Marshoak


An older family that was one of House Dayne's original bannermen, they were the only house to survive fully through the two rebellions that wracked the Ashen Coast. Stemming from bastard blood of the House of Darkoak as well, though far more removed, the Marshoaks were loyal to Dayne for generations and were known to hold the only port in the Reach, Seaward. After the elevation of Lerren onto Earl, the Marshoaks were granted a barony by the name of Ironsea and made barons as well. After the death of the former lord, Damien Marshoak, during the Second Range Rebellion, the house is now led by his son, Zale Marshoak.

The House of Crithe

Viscounts of Shiverwreath and former member of the coalition known as the Baronetcies of the Frost, the Crithes were once part of the Viscounty of the Frost, ruling from their seat of Winterdown. They rebelled alongside their Frostvine lords when they joined the Wickers during the Second War of Thorns. Despite having no obligations to the Frostvines, the family kept a close tie to one another and they answered only to them.

Unlike their sister baronetcies, the Crithes under Lady Natalie Crithe did not join the Frostvines when they betrayed the Ashen Coast during the Discord and the Wicker Uprising, and were rewarded for their loyalty with the former lands of the Iomaires as well as being elevated to the status of Viscounts.

The House of Frostoak

Baronets of Cleftridge, the Frostoaks are a new family that were founded by Lord Lerren Darkoak after he placed his son Balaforth, at first as head of the Baronetcy of the Frost, but after the reorganizing of the Frost was redelegated to the Baronetcy of Cleftridge.

The House of Delmontt: Defunct

Delmontt Crest

The House of Delmontt is a reasonably old family, formerly the vassals of the House of Darkoak. The former lord, Ardreck Delmontt, conspired against Lord Darkoak during the First Range Rebellion, and took arms against him during the second. It was temporarily destroyed afterwards, its lands given to the House of Velanaris, though Remegis was later removed from the peerage by the duke (stating he was no statesman and better fit as a knight).

The House of Frostvine: Defunct


Barons of the Frost and leader of the coalition known as the Baronetcies of the Frost, the Frostvines were once the rulers of the Viscounty of the Frost. Extremely close in heritage to their wicker ancestors, the Frostvines rebelled alongside the Wickers during the Second War of Thorns, capturing the lords of Darkoak and Greyfield. After brutally murdering the Darkoak heir through castration, crucifixion, then freezing them to death, animosity grew between the rest of the Reach towards them. After the Second War of Thorns, the Greyfields took vengeance on the Frostvines. Executing most of the extended family alongside the lord of Frostvine, the central and northern Reach were united in disdain for the family. The animosity carried out throughout history, refusing to answer Reachmen calls to arms outside of pure necessity. During the Second Range Rebellion, the Frostvines allowed Simeon Houndsbane's forces to capture part of the Eastern Reach. Following this, Houndsbane's forces betrayed the Frostvines and captured most of their men to be used as sacrifices. The Frostvines then earned their freedom by rebelling from within Hound's Ward, which allowed the Duke's forces to invade Hound's Ward easier. Though this was not done for loyalty's sake, the Frostvines were pardoned and their involvement kept secret from all but the Duke, the Marcher Lord and the Regent.

The Frostvines later betrayed the Ashen Coast, revealing their true loyalties to be that of the Wickers. Attacking a Reach meeting, they almost slew Alaster Woodcourt and Derrik Greyfield. Lord Jeffery Frostvine then led his bannermen to Wickenden, where they took on the name of the Chillborn, an elder blood clan of their origin. Jeffery took the position as the High Keeper of Hod, remaining loyal to his king until his death even then. He later met his end at the hands of those he betrayed, when the Blades of Greymane entered Wickenden.

The House of Iomaire: Defunct

Baronets of Cleftridge and member of the coalition known as the Baronetcies of the Frost, the Iomaires were once part of the Viscounty of the Frost, ruling from their seat of Frostbreak. They rebelled alongside their Frostvine lords when they joined the Wickers during the Second War of Thorns. Despite having no obligations to the Frostvines, the family kept a close tie to one another and they answered only to them.

The Iomaires under Lord Colin Iomaire later joined the Frostvines when they betrayed the Ashen Coast during the Discord and the Wicker Uprising, following them to Wickenden.

The House of Dayne: Defunct


The House of Dayne is a longstanding Ashen Coast house that traces its bloodline back to a bastard of the House of Darkoak. Originally seen as a cadet branch of the Darkoaks and protectors of their farther reaches during Rosefield's time as a viscounty, the house of Dayne was exiled during an incident known as the Dayne Rebellion, where they attempted to over through the rule of the House of Greymane. A colossal failure on many parts, the house was disenfranchised and its last member, the heir Lerren Dayne, was taken as a captive to be raised under less treasonous influence. Through an unknown mishap, those who were slated to raise the young Dayne were slain and he escaped. Through one way or the other, Lerren managed to work his way into the Blades of Greymane, where he continues to serve valiantly in the name of their kingdom. For his efforts, he was named Baron of Rosefield and has worked to revitalize and restore his tarnished family name. He later petitioned to use his blood to revive the name Darkoak and begin the lineage anew, without the stain of betrayal that was the House of Dayne. It was approved, thus reviving the House under Lerren and ending the Dayne family.

The House of Oakenhale: Defunct

The House of Oakenhale was a long lived family within the Ashen Coast that saw little to no real importance at any point. Born of a cousin branch of the House of Greyfield, the Oakenhales managed the small barony of the Oak for the majority of their existence. The family was characterized by its distinct lack of ambition and drive, and upon the invasion of Gilneas was almost completely obliterated. The family met its complete end when the last Oakenhale, who had been harbored in Theramore was slain upon the mana bomb detonation. They were replaced by the much more ambitious House of Lockewood which had already done more for the region shortly after appointment than the Oakenhales had in their entire existence.

The House of Shaftoe: Defunct

Baronets of Ridgebane, the House of Shaftoe was a new noble family installed by Lord Darkoak. After Theodore Shaftoe was prosecuted following controversy that arose during the Shadows of Ashenvale Conflict and the Siege of Tirisfal, he was placed under house arrest and his titles were revoked.

The Range

The House of Gregor


One of the three Great Families, the House of Gregor is one of the oldest families in the Ashen Coast. Ruling over the March of the Range, the Gregors have long since been a principle family that have embraced change that has come with Gilneas' evolution. Loyal to a fault and staunch worshipers of the Light, the Gregor family exemplifies modern Gilnean themes. A vast family, they are led by Xavier Gregor's third eldest son, Ryan Gregor, who leads in stately manners as his elder brother, Adrian Gregor, now deals with the church.

The House of Houndsbane


Lords of Fang's Grip and former viscounts, the House of Houndsbane is a long standing Range family. One of the few nobles who were established in the Range, due to the lack of centralization in the region, the Houndsbanes were characteristically loyal to the House of Gregor. This trend was broken by Lord Simeon Houndsbane who set off the chain of events for the First and Second Range Rebellions. Rather than completely be disbanded, Lady Liara Houndsbane salvaged the family name by siding with the Duchy during the second rebellion against her brother. By the end of the rebellion, Liara was named the new lady of the House of Houndsbane. They rule from their castle within Fang's Grip, Hound's Ward.

The House of Haven


Lords of the Dusk Thicket, the House of Haven is a relatively new noble family, created upon the elevation of Idrya Haven to lordship. Created due to their consistent and dependable service as well as the fact that the House of Darkwater had been made defunct, the House of Haven helps to represent the changing times in the region of the Dusk Thicket.

The House of Chesterhill


Lords of Westmarch and the descendants of the House of Chester, the Chesterhills have been granted their forebears lands and titles after the extensive work of Aeliren Chesterhill in the Blades of Greymane and beyond. Placed in the hands of one of the most loyal members of their order, Aeliren restored the barony of Edenford and its respective holdings in the name of the Range. The family has chosen to adopt the colors of their ancestors rather than replace them, having updated the crest to more modern appearances. The family was later elevated to earls during the Blood War to fill the missing position in the Range.

The House of Fairfax


Lords of the lands of Fyron's Dale to the east, the House of Fairfax is a newer installment granted to Alistaire Fairfax and his family after their service to the Blades. Having become more active in recent times, the Fairfaxes represent not only their house and the eastern Range, but are also staunch supporters of the Blades and the Onyx Knights.

The House of Adler

Baronets of Kentington, the House of Adler is a newer installment granted to Samuel Adler after the disappearance of the House of Shieldsong.

The House of Chester: Defunct


Lords of the Barony of Edenford, the House of Chester has been defunct for many generations. Following the destruction of Edenford, the family's legacy has been mostly lost to time. They are survived by the Chesterhill family, who is in service to the Blades of Greymane.

The House of Darkwater: Defunct


Lords of the Dusk Thicket, the House of Darkwater was one of the older families of the Range. Originating as simple knights sworn to the House of Gregor back when the family revered the Old Ways, the Darkwaters set off into the Dusk Thicket towards the apex of the War in the Ashen Coast. Seeking religious freedom, they established the town of Darkhaven within the Dusk Thicket. They later resurfaced, pledging loyalty to the House of Gregor a few years after the end of the war. The family was believed wiped out during the Invasion of Gilneas when the lord and his sons were killed defending Xavier Gregor, but a splinter branch of the family was found. This splinter branch, led by Mari Darkwater ultimately ended up failing as well, as Mari did very little outside of the restoration of the town. After her divorce from Lord Adrian Gregor, Mari was slain during a riot a few months later, thus bringing an end to the line. Rather than allow his son, Jeran, to take his mother's name, Adrian set an end to the Darkwater line and began the rule of the House of Haven in the region.

The House of Kolreen: Defunct


Lords of the Sheer, the House of Kolreen was a newer family to the nobility of the Range. While the house has been known to be within the Range for generations, they remained as a military family up until recently. Rewarded for her family's constant dedication to the Range and the House of Gregor, Lady Melissa Kolreen ruled the region. Having replaced the House of Whitefang after their departure into Draenor, the Kolreens were seen as a force of military strength for the March until their self-removal from the Duchy.

Notable Ashen Coast Families

Delhomme Family

Though not of Gilneas, the Delhomme Family has become incorporated with the region through the settlement of Stormbrook within the Barony of the Sheer. Sir Renat Delhomme, a Westfall-born paladin, has affiliated with the Order of the Onyx Knights and the Blades of Greymane and was more than willing to take up position of a landed knight to offer the starving and homeless people of Westfall a new place within Gilneas. As his settlement is within the Range, he is affiliated mainly with that region.