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The Ashen Tree


Manix Ebonfire



The Ashen Tree University was a college of witchcraft and wizardry that was based in Nethergarde Keep. Its headmaster was Archmage Manix Ebonfire. After the Cataclysm and subsequent invasion of Nethergarde by the New Horde, the Academy transplanted itself to Theramore Isle. Tragically, the majority of the Ashen Tree students and professors who remained in Theramore were killed when Theramore was destroyed by a mana-bomb dropped by a Goblin zeppelin.

House Factions and Awards

The student body of the Ashen Tree was divided into four competitive houses; House Moonstorm, House Vintner, House Runecaster, and House Winslow. Each house had its own dormitory on campus. There were occasional events in which the two houses competed with one another. Each house was charged with obtaining points over each semester. The winning House awarded each member three bonus credits at the end of each semester.

If a student wished to switch houses they were required to find a member of the opposite house at the same grade level who was willing to switch.


On the first Monday evening of every month there were advancement ceremonies in which each member was promoted based on their credits.

Ceremonial Awards

The House Cup – Awarded to House with the most points, which has earned the most collective credits. 3 credit points per House member were awarded to the victors.

Ashen Tree Medal of Honor – Awarded to those who selflessly risked their life to protect campus.

Mage-Cap of the Ashen Tree – Nominated by the Headmasters. Given to an outstanding faculty member.


Ashen Tree Alma Mater

We wear our scars as memories of puerility,

Hold dear the lessons from legends of the past.

Our only hope is that within our humility.

It’s in our blunder where our knowledge is steadfast.

Look to the tree and thank her for her gift. (Her gift is true.)

She gives you shade and parchment for your note. (Her gift is you.)

She brings us life, through fire she shall lift (And be renewed.)

The Ashen Tree is the message we will tote.

The Ashen Tree is the message we will tote.



Imagery and information taken from the Ashen Tree Website.